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  1. Sighting in Antioch
  2. Fender plug
  3. Black wagon, gold rims, morretts? 101 south bout230am?
  4. 1wrx2go
  5. Red WRX sighting
  6. ne one watching the raiders
  7. Does anyone know anyone who wants a Used 2.5 RS/02?
  8. any interest in another UCD meet?
  9. FS: WRX Stuff + Other Goodies
  10. attn: owlboogie #2
  11. fairfield in&out meet friday
  12. Boycot Pyramid Brewery on Gilman Street!
  13. the movie some of us BAIC have been waiting for...
  14. Giants still in... A's OUT!
  15. Giants still in... A's OUT!
  16. Need NEW Parts??
  17. Attention: angryasiangirl
  18. FS: wrx stock head unit 6 cd changer
  19. Great night's drive.
  20. Underworld ticket for sale, Oct. 20 show
  21. Where is the Cheapest Place to Buy a Helmet?
  22. Possible to switch from synthetic back to dino oil?
  23. Elk Grove sighting... who was it?
  24. FS: Whiteline Spring on Stock Strut
  25. ATTN:bongman
  26. Better than Viagra
  27. rs sighted on HISTORY channel?
  28. FS: Viper 600esp alarm w/ extras
  29. Initial D arcade machines in Nor Cal
  30. get out of a ticket!!!!
  31. Help!!!
  32. FS: Brand New Car Cover for '02 Impreza Wagon
  33. Silver WRX on highway 4 sat night 10/5
  34. < Dublin/Imax Meet - Thursday October 10, 2002 >
  35. Attention: sxyangryasianbeyotch
  36. How is everyone doing?
  37. computer for sale
  38. g
  39. sac meet..anyone want to watch "The transporter"?
  40. FS Locally : Goodridge Brake Lines
  41. Sighting by CSUS
  42. South Sac Mini Meet
  43. Giants Win! Giants Win!
  44. pismo beach sighting
  45. Auto-x Oct 19 Santa Rosa Airport
  46. ricer vidz
  47. Help with my Greddy turbo timer
  48. wanted: 02 silver passenger side mirror
  49. Looking for used 2002 suby wrx
  50. FS: Cusco Oil Catch Can
  51. I-Speed released my car back to me tonight
  52. Where to install my new GFB pulley kits?
  53. AT&T GSM - Oct 8!!!
  54. TODAY: Oakland Lunch Meet
  55. Couple of pics from Intall Meet
  56. Flare nut question....
  57. How Many Ludepseed Kits in The Bay Area?
  58. Scooby Luv
  59. sighting: 19th and Holloway at 8am BLK WRX WAGON
  60. sighting: white rs at UCSC
  61. OT: quick, if you have a MAXIM mag next to you...
  62. For Rent: Condo $1,850/month
  63. Here's a good reference for all the vehicle laws in CA..
  64. Woah!! Check out this FAST Honda!!!
  65. manual boost controller
  66. Some very shocking news. . .
  67. Selling My Modded Headlights-Bay area
  68. What kind of Asian are you?? (joke)
  69. FS: Airsoft Gun and Gear(SMG MP5)
  70. I get my car back...I get my car back!
  71. sighting at dvc
  72. Another sad street racing story night before last!!
  73. ATTN: KK guys........myself and wackie need a favor from you!?!?
  74. sighting on Florin road.
  75. Attn: I-SPEED
  76. Attn UCD peoples...
  77. Who's Betty Davis and whats up with her eyes?
  78. Would you pay 12.50 for 15min at Speedring?
  79. Shop recommendations for 15K service?
  80. rice tickit - whered the url go?
  81. Roseville Sighting: Silver sedan w/ nutty driver (who showed me how slow my car is)
  82. Post here if you have rear differential noises
  83. piaa vs silverstars
  84. Hey Baldy!
  85. FS: wrx wagon cross bar kit
  86. FS: wrx wagon cross bar kit
  87. save this sunday for...
  88. Any dealers have a used WRX wagon in Bay Area?
  89. sighting: Bay St. Coffee
  90. Im A Friggin Specialist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  91. Im A Friggin Specialist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  92. Im A Friggin Specialist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  93. Im A Friggin Specialist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  94. Im A Friggin Specialist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  95. Im A Friggin Specialist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  96. Im A Friggin Specialist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  97. Im A Friggin Specialist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  98. Im A Friggin Specialist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  99. Im A Friggin Specialist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  100. Im A Friggin Specialist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  101. Im A Friggin Specialist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  102. Where to buy Mintex brake pads?
  103. FS: 4 wrx rims
  104. 18" Rims on a Wagon
  105. Cheap OBD II scanner?
  106. Who'd i talk to today on rivera?
  107. FS local: Titanium STi shift knob, "piston" type
  108. Initial D Milpitas Golfland
  109. local stuff for sale... rims&tires and hks evc
  110. BLUE Brake Caliper Paint for sale
  111. Running on Fish Oil
  112. URGENT: Need help with wires on the HKS turbo timer type 1
  113. 2 sightings in sac
  114. FS? 2002 WRX SRP Wagon
  115. Alignment Shop
  116. Help Doing Intake Silencer Removal
  117. Impreza Magazine vol. 16 (2 copies left at J-town)
  118. Go Giants!
  119. Sighting, "FULISH1", "FOOLSH1" or "FOLISH1"?
  120. &*@!*$ got a ticket!
  121. which one equals A 1/4 mile??
  122. rental car
  123. The Initial D Challenge thread.
  124. Leather Seat Install
  125. Great People & Inspiration
  126. SightinG on 92-w towards half moon bay
  127. powdercoating rims
  128. Sightings! UCSC
  129. BAIC shirts...
  130. New here
  131. bay bridge wrx wagon sighting (lic # suby doo)
  132. attn: BADWRX! :)
  133. Sighting~!! New RED Wagon~!!
  134. Sighting on 880S. in Fremont: "EJ20GDA"
  135. Wheel repair shops.
  136. gauging future interest in Golfland Roseville (sp?) meet
  137. Where to buy Purolater Oil Filters?
  138. FS: Vishnu unichip
  139. Rally Event this Sat,Oct 12 In San Jose
  140. I'm looking for a good interior auto detailer in the San Jose, Ca. area.
  141. Attention Dorifto Or Any Uc Davis Students
  142. Does anyone have a Prodrive Leather Jacket?
  143. FS: possible a Dawes Devices MBC
  144. We're going to War soon...
  145. want used tein wagons?
  146. WTB OEM Mitsubishi parts in Bay Area
  147. Speedring Report
  148. help please
  149. Just got back from Paris, saw new WRX/STi with my own eyes
  150. (Roseville WRX sighting)
  151. Who is this with the white 02 WRX sedan around 19th & Taraval?
  152. Just had a 12 round fight with an oil filter
  153. Fs Bpm Mkiii
  154. FS SX Fuel Pressure Regulator
  155. FS Weight Lifting Equipment.
  156. BAIC Car Meets are DANGEROUS
  157. 300mph Doughnuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  158. Sighting: Silver debadged WRX parked at pier 39
  159. Visited BOZZ today
  160. WRX killer
  161. WOOHOO! got my BOV and t-timer!
  162. FS: HKS SQV BOV kit for MY02 WRX
  163. FS: Stromung DP w/ cat and 3rd pipe
  164. [FS] JL Audio CS310R-W0 enc. w/3 10's
  165. FS: new MRT turbo-back
  166. Sac Sighting
  167. FS: Used Car Stereo Equipment Must Go!
  168. Peace on Bernardo Ave?
  169. I-club discount on parts at local dealer
  170. does anyone own a HKS T-Timer type 1?
  171. Need help on removing silencer
  172. Will be Buying WRX soon...Where to go?
  173. Stevens Creek- $2500 off msrp on '02s
  174. Where to get Timer harness?
  175. sighting today topcover!
  176. Driver or Navigator needed for Rallye Oct. 20
  177. Any Sac Interest in an Installfest on 10/19 or 10/20?
  178. HKS SS bov
  179. (SPIDERMAN) who would like a copy?
  180. First to post after I-Club gets back up
  181. brucelee, you suck!
  182. UCKK; Tuesday; 8pm
  183. Ok who's got the black debadged wrx in Davis?
  184. Hmm why is it only the sac folks are on now?
  185. ATTEN: everyone w/ a BOV
  186. FS: RS stock front brake rotors
  187. I got my Impreza shirt in the mail today...
  188. Can somebody help me with my CEL?
  189. attn subyenthused (sp??)
  190. Audio advice needed for new 03 WRX
  191. FS: Used Car Stereo Equipment Has To Go!
  192. enquiring minds want to know....UCD meet Frid Oct18?
  193. How many posts did you lose?
  194. I fried my clutch
  195. Silver WRX at Golden Gate Fields
  196. The Oakland Raiders are getting Worked
  197. pics of UCD meet (10/11)
  198. AutoX GRIN factor
  199. Logitech meet in Fremont...
  200. Santiago is the MAN!!!
  201. Sighting: Denny's
  202. WRX Limo?
  203. WRX Limo?
  204. Ckevin's 2 week vacation
  205. yo ratboy
  206. WTB: STI/MRT Up-pipe
  207. WTB: stromung rear center pipe
  208. STi Mesh Rock protector! wooooo!
  209. Headlight bulb question
  210. 1 more point for Santa Cruz Subaru
  211. some people....
  212. where to place the jack
  213. Just ordered a silver 2003 wagon.....
  214. FS: Locally. Defi Gauges Ver 1
  215. firebird, corvette, and a wrx
  216. "Hey! Rev yer engine!"
  217. Silver wagon at Sears Point this past weekend?
  218. Best rice story !
  219. Where to get oil changed in S.F.?
  220. Hone and Bore? Need a shop please!
  221. employment in december
  222. Sunday Sunday Sunday....speedring
  223. who was at the giants game lastnight?
  224. WRX Rubber Floormatts
  226. OT: creative when you're bored?
  227. FS locally : 2002 2.5RS
  228. For sale ASAP....99 RS wheels
  229. Giants Win!!!!!!!!
  230. Yes!!!!!!
  231. Giants are going to the World Series!!!!!!!!!
  233. Posts in Regionals no longer count in your post count
  234. sighting: Geary and Park Presidio WHITE WRX
  235. where is MPJ
  236. Fremont car meet pics
  237. Round 2 Results posted
  238. fake feet and car doors
  239. Bees! Beeeeees!!
  240. Dumbass chokes on his own Rice!
  241. Anyone help install F&B endlinks at UCKK?
  242. Giants WIN!!! Too Bad they won't win the Big One hahaha
  243. FS: Polk Audio Home Speakers
  244. 10/12 picts posted
  245. So who has a runway in their backyard?
  246. wanted: bike tuning
  247. Oakland Chinatown Lunch Meet - Today noon
  249. FS: JL W7 10" Sub w/box
  250. WHAT should I do??help