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  1. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) SC: 02 impreza outback wagon 5 speed 149xxx $2000!
  2. FS: (For Sale) (NC)18x7.5 Rota Subzero's
  3. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) Ksport coilovers
  4. FS: (For Sale) GA, Gramlight 57-Pro 5x100 18x8
  5. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) Yellow DW injectors 4 topfeed DW
  6. FS: (For Sale) wrx 3 inch catback cheap
  7. FS: (For Sale) FL: 03 WRX + misc from garage
  8. FS: (For Sale) Work CR Kai 17x9 +44 Concave 5x100 w/ tires
  9. WTB: (Want to Buy) delete post
  10. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) sold
  11. WTB: (Want to Buy) VF40 LGT Turbo
  12. WTB: (Want to Buy) Stock intake manifold
  13. FS: (For Sale) BPM GT axle back exhaust
  14. FS: (For Sale) 2012 sedan wrx stock exhaust
  15. FS: (For Sale) GT Spec F&R, APS 65mm CAI, Rally Armor Basic
  16. FS: (For Sale) 1997 BMW M3 Coupe
  17. WTB: (Want to Buy) 02-07 Wagon 5k or less
  18. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) 06 WRX Transmission (NC) SOLD
  19. Enkei Nto3+m 18x9.5 +40 5x100
  20. FS: (For Sale) JDM Fog lights multi color
  21. FS: (For Sale) !SOLD! 2007 STI OEM Downpipe & Heat Shield
  22. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) BNIB Perrin Intercooler piping and APS 65mm intake(Orlando)
  23. FS: (For Sale) Rear rotors and pads for 06/07 wrx and misc parts (Orlando)
  24. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) 05 Wrx Complete Interior
  25. FS: (For Sale) Blouch 16gxt
  26. FS: (For Sale) NC: 04 sti stock catback
  27. FS: (For Sale) SOLD! Maddad 3 Whisper CBE with OE donut flange (02-07)
  28. FS: (For Sale) tn
  29. FS: (For Sale) 04 heated wrx seats!
  30. FS: (For Sale) TN; 04 sti, 16,500
  31. FS: (For Sale) HKS SSQV BOV (with top mount adapter)
  32. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) GA: 18x8 Privat Reserv wheels no tires
  33. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) ssr type c 17x7.5 5x100
  34. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) Florida - 2005 Saab 9-2x Aero/Impreza WRX
  35. FS: (For Sale) chargespeed replica and real lip kits 06-07 sti
  36. FS: (For Sale) Greddy 60mm Temp Gauge $35 (NC)
  37. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) 2006 WRX TR stock exhaust
  38. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) NC: cheap!!! 93 subaru wagon
  39. FS: (For Sale) Turbo parts!!
  40. FS: (For Sale) almost brand new stock exhaust manifold
  41. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) 02 WRX Powerstop front brake pads New
  42. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) 08-10 WRX/STI Megan Racing Coilovers FS/FT
  43. FS: (For Sale) NC: 04 Spec Tanabe GF210 for WRX
  44. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) few oem/aftermarket parts from my bugeye
  45. FS: (For Sale) NC - '11 WRX/STI front bumper cover WRB
  46. WTT: (Want to Trade) My cobb ap-sub-003 for your sti calipers
  47. FS: (For Sale) Garage Cleanout -- Pistons, Rods, Injectors, More Random Goodies
  48. WTB: (Want to Buy) Need sti tranny
  49. FS: (For Sale) NC: 02-04 WRX Wheels w/ Tires, RallyArmor Skidplate, TXS Up-pipe, Yakima Roof Rack
  50. FS: (For Sale) 2006 2007 wrx 5speed manual for sale $1800
  51. FS: (For Sale) Cobb A/P
  52. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) FL: Rota Boost in Gunmetal 17x8 with 14mm Spacers/5x100 conversion
  53. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) 2005 WRB Subaru WRX 300WHP
  54. WTB: (Want to Buy) 04-05 Center Diff!
  55. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) WRX parts
  56. FS: (For Sale) 2004 STi Subaru Performance Intake
  57. FS: (For Sale) FL: 2005 AW STi w/ built motor!
  58. WTT: (Want to Trade) 5x100 - MY 18x8 Prodrives for 17x9's Enkei RPF1/Mach V Awesome/Whatever
  59. WTB: (Want to Buy) WRX 04-05 Wagon Interior
  60. FS: (For Sale) PS Vita (Wi-Fi), Alienware M11x (Non-Subaru Stuff)
  61. FS: (For Sale) TN - EWG (Tial 44mm & GS Up-Pipe) - SOLD!
  62. WTB: (Want to Buy) Turbo
  63. FS: (For Sale) 2002 Subaru WRX
  64. WTB: (Want to Buy) Stock STi turbo
  65. FS: (For Sale) K&n intake system
  66. FS: (For Sale) 06-07 sti headlights for trade for wrx
  67. 07sti BBS
  68. FS: (For Sale) Jdm Gc8 V5/6 Wrx-sti Type-ra Seats! Rare!
  69. WTB: (Want to Buy) WTB: FL: 09-10 WRX Stock/OEM Struts
  70. FS: (For Sale) 2000 Subaru Outback Limited (Mechanic's Special) - $2000obo
  71. FS: (For Sale) AutoPower Roll Cage for MY02/07 WRX/STi & more...
  72. FS: (For Sale) FL : 04 WRX, 102K, clean, mods, $10.5K
  73. FS: (For Sale) Work Emotion XD9 18x9 +22 5x100
  74. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) 2003.5 Mazdaspeed Protege
  75. FS: (For Sale) EIBACH 5.81260K Camber Bolts
  76. FS: (For Sale) 2002 Wrb Wrx
  77. WTB: (Want to Buy) Sti in fair cond looking to spend 9k-12k
  78. AEM Short Ram for your oem airbox
  79. WTB: (Want to Buy) Quiet-ish CBE
  80. WTB: (Want to Buy) DW1100cc / F-O1200cc SF Injectors
  81. 04 WRX interior for 04 STi interior
  82. WTT: (Want to Trade) Please Delete
  83. WTT: (Want to Trade) Please Delete
  84. WTB: (Want to Buy) Pensacola, FL: WRB STI front bumper cover
  85. WTB: (Want to Buy) 04-05 sti hood sccop wrb
  86. WTB: (Want to Buy) Carpet - RS/WRX
  87. FS: (For Sale) GF210 Springs
  88. FS: (For Sale) Garage Sale (Tampa): Rota, PDE, OEM Subaru
  89. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) Please Delete
  90. WTB: (Want to Buy) WRB Sti front bumper w/fog covers, etc
  91. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) GA: 02-07 APS catted turbo-back exhaust - $200
  92. FS: (For Sale) 06 wrc blue sti-
  93. FS: (For Sale) 2010 Kia Forte SX
  94. FS: (For Sale) 2011 Mini Cooper Hardtop (Interchange Yellow)
  95. WTB: (Want to Buy) COBB AP for 05 WRX; AP-SUB-001
  96. FS: (For Sale) 2009 WRX Hatch SPT Catback
  97. FS: (For Sale) NC: 2011 Subaru WRX Premium Edition F/S
  98. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) WRX & STi parts, garage sale
  99. WTB: (Want to Buy) 04-05 WRX or STi headlight cover/lens, left side only
  100. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) LA/TX: 2002 Subaru Forester S Premium NEEDS A GOOD HOME
  101. WTB: (Want to Buy) 04/05 wrx front body parts
  102. FS: (For Sale) SOLD TN: 08-10 STi Aspen white Front Bumper and more
  103. FS: (For Sale) 2004 Wrx w/vf39 for sale Pics!!!
  104. FS: (For Sale) entertainment center
  105. Anyone in Tampa, FL area know a good shop or want to install springs?
  106. FS: (For Sale) 5X100 04 STi Gold BBS
  107. WTB: (Want to Buy) 17x8 17x9 Wheels with tires
  108. FS: (For Sale) 04 jbp sti wing
  109. FS: (For Sale) WRB STi trunk w/torsion bars
  110. FS: (For Sale) Greddy Evo 2 Catback
  111. FS: (For Sale) 175/65/14 Falken Sincera All seasons like new
  112. FS: (For Sale) Tampa, FL: Bugeye Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood w/ Suction Cups $150
  113. FS: (For Sale) Tampa, FL: Bugeye Radio Trim Piece $20 shipped anywhere CONUS
  114. FS: (For Sale) Tampa, FL: 2002 Wrx OEM Side Skirts $100
  115. FS: (For Sale) Bugeye Underhood Fire Guard
  116. WTB: (Want to Buy) '02 - '05 WRX 5-speed Transmission
  117. FS: (For Sale) FL: Megan Lowering Springs. 02-07 WRX.
  118. WTB: (Want to Buy) 02-05 WRX left intake cam gear (metal one)
  119. FS: (For Sale) Cobb AP SUB-001
  120. FS: (For Sale) FL: 2003 wrx SONIC YELLOW sedan Complete part
  121. FS: (For Sale) (NC) random 04 sti stuff
  122. WTB: (Want to Buy) 04 or 05 STi six speed...
  123. FS: (For Sale) LOTS OF STUFF, AP, invidia catted DP, vband exhaust, txs, up pipe, vf39, SWAG.
  124. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) OZ Racing Superleggera 5x100 17x7 ONLY 15.5 LBS!
  125. FS: (For Sale) FL: 04 Wrx Jbp, 102k, $10k Obo Clean Price Drop Need Sold!
  126. FS: (For Sale) Invidia g200 catback for wrx/sti
  127. FS: (For Sale) 08 STi BBS silvers
  128. WTT: (Want to Trade) '11 STi Silver Enkei wheels and tires for GOLD set up
  129. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) 2005 Sti Parts
  130. FS: (For Sale) Prototype 2 for PS3
  131. WTT: (Want to Trade) Stock 07 sedan tails for 04/05 sedan tails
  132. FS: (For Sale) NC: Candy Teal 7 spokes with REO70's
  133. FS: (For Sale) NC: Vibrant dual tip muffler
  134. WTB/WTT: (Want to Buy or Trade) Looking for a WRX wagon
  135. FS: (For Sale) 04 Heated WRX F Seats
  136. FEELER: White VOLK TE37
  137. Wingless for STI
  138. FS: (For Sale) IPR short shifter and Cobb Bushings
  139. psm sti trunk for wingless
  140. FS: (For Sale) stock 6cd head unit
  141. FS: (For Sale) GA: HSD Coilovers
  142. Black 17in Enkei EDR9
  143. Motegi dv5's w/ tires
  144. FS: (For Sale) Enkei NT03-M 17x9.5 5x114 +44 in silver
  145. WTB: (Want to Buy) FL:Looking for aftermarket up-pipe and downpipe or TBE 4 wrx
  146. FS: (For Sale) Garage Clean Out
  147. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) CFL: 2000 nissan sentra 4DR, 5MT, A/C, 30MPG good daily/commute
  148. FS: (For Sale) 02-07 wrx full 3in Godspeed stainless cat-back exhaust.
  149. FS: (For Sale) Wood and working tools, Orlando
  150. FS: (For Sale) OBP STi Trunk w/ Wing
  151. FS: (For Sale) Zerosports Thermostat
  152. WTB: (Want to Buy) Exhaust for my 98 OBS
  153. FS: (For Sale) SPT STB off 2008 Sedan. $100 obo.
  154. GA: 5 BBS RKs with tires.
  155. FS: (For Sale) 07 Subaru Impresa 2.5i $7500 bucks
  156. FS: (For Sale) AR:STi Limited Trunk
  157. FS: (For Sale) OEM 05 STi axleback
  158. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) carbon fiber hood 07 sti
  159. 07 wrx tail lights and wing
  160. FS: (For Sale) (nc) 2003 Wrx Fs
  161. FS: (For Sale) FL-JAX- 5x100 STI Slotted rotors & 2010 WRX rear sway
  162. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) input and pinion shaft with shredded 2nd gear
  163. FS: (For Sale) NC: 2001 f150 4x4 super crew cab
  164. FS: (For Sale) TN: 02 WRX Factory Up Pipe
  165. WTB: (Want to Buy) 02-05 wrx rolling shell with clean title!!
  166. FS: (For Sale) OEM Wrx rims and tires set of 4
  167. FS: (For Sale) STi Wing Black
  168. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) Yakima bike tray (FL)
  169. FS (SC): 2006 Legacy GT SpecB 17/500
  170. FS: (For Sale) STi Shortblock
  171. WTB: (Want to Buy) EJ255 or EJ257 Shortblock and D25 Heads
  172. FS: (For Sale) MS: Shaved Trunk
  173. WTB: (Want to Buy) 04-05 WRB STi side splitters
  174. FS: (For Sale) vf 43
  175. WTB: (Want to Buy) TN: 02 WRX stock BPV
  176. FS: (For Sale) TN $250 set of 16" Oem 05 Wrx Rims & Tires
  177. FS: (For Sale) Exedy Twin Disc Clutch/Flywheel for 6-speed
  178. WTT: (Want to Trade) Please Delete admin
  179. FS: (For Sale) BNIB TBC td05h-20g (7cm^2hotside) 2.4" inlet
  180. FS: (For Sale) 2008-2010 SPT CBE (Hatch)
  181. FS: (For Sale) TurboXS sri
  182. FS: (For Sale) Advan RC2 18x8 Brand New
  183. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) 2005 Wrx
  184. WTB: (Want to Buy) Stock 02-05 WRx turbo
  185. FS: (For Sale) Misc Subaru stuff
  186. FS: (For Sale) Greddy T518z turbo and more..........
  187. WTT: (Want to Trade) WRB STi trunk for...
  188. WTT: (Want to Trade) 05 Gold BBS wheels with 245/45-17 Continential Extreme DWS + spacers
  189. FS: (For Sale) Jdm Sti Aluminum Hood
  190. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) my 04 foglights for your foglight covers
  191. FS: (For Sale) Bumper Beams
  192. FS: (For Sale) FL: 02 WRX Wheels w/ Tires
  193. FS: (For Sale) WNC/Upstate: Rota SDRs, STi Up-pipe
  194. FS: (For Sale) Ej257 block
  195. WTT: (Want to Trade) 02 Lancer OZ
  196. FS: (For Sale) NC 2007 WRB WRX Wagon 6 Speed 18k miles $17k OBO
  197. Rota Attack 17x7.5 For Wrx Trans
  198. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) Stock WRX Wheels GOLD GOOOD TIRES!
  199. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) Please Delete
  200. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) HKS Carbon ti cbe for coilovers
  201. 04 STI rear hubs & Brembos
  202. FS: (For Sale) 58k 06 wrx 5speed mt, and (bnib exedy replacement clutch)
  203. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) 06 taillights for 04-05
  204. FL: stock wrx wheels for aftermarket
  205. WTB: (Want to Buy) 98-02 Forester suspension
  206. FS: (For Sale) TD04 65k, no play. came off 04wrx
  207. WTB: (Want to Buy) Looking for 3" catback and CAI
  208. FS: (For Sale) 2012 STI Shift Knob (OEM)
  209. FS: (For Sale) Mako Predator Pro 90cm Speargun
  210. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) fujitsubo el exhaust manifold
  211. FS: (For Sale) Knock off turbo xs bov
  212. WTB/WTT: (Want to Buy or Trade) Wanted: BBS wheels 5x114.3 (gold or black)
  213. DW 750s for 550s topfeed injectors
  214. FS: (For Sale) STi EJ257 Rods
  215. WTB: (Want to Buy) turbo xs 4'' downpipe
  216. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) bugeye front mount, (jax,fla)
  217. FS: (For Sale) Kenwood Double Din DVD NAV IPOD SIRIUS Bluetooth & Remote
  218. FS: (For Sale) WNC random stock replacement bits
  219. FS: (For Sale) GA: 1991 Camaro Z28 LS1 T56 swap (price drop)
  220. 2011 Wrx Premium Trunk For 11-12 Sti Wing Miami, Fl
  221. FS: (For Sale) Cobb SF intake
  222. FS: (For Sale) Set of 4 COOPER 225/45/18 ZEON SPORT A/S Tires
  223. FS: (For Sale) Wingless Trunk 93-2001 Gc Impreza
  224. WTB: (Want to Buy) NC:04-07 oem sti muffler
  225. FS: (For Sale) ms parting out a 04 sti
  226. FS: (For Sale) 2006 stock downpipe
  227. WTB: (Want to Buy) Pickup of wheels in Soddy Daisy, TN
  228. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) SC: SPT axleback exhaust for N/A Subarus Brand new!!!!
  229. FS: (For Sale) 2004 Subaru Sti low miles
  230. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) Work Emotion CR-KAI 17x8 matte bronze with tires
  231. WTT: (Want to Trade) Silver BBS for Gold BBS
  232. FS: (For Sale) OEM Radiator fans (2 sets): Price dropped!
  233. WTB: (Want to Buy) 15 inch wheels
  234. FS: (For Sale) Blouch 16g XT, 650 Inj, 2.4 Inlet
  235. FS: (For Sale) GMS AftaMAF pipe (BNIB - Black) - SOLD!!
  236. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) wrx/sti parts trade
  237. megan catback up for trade
  238. FS: (For Sale) FL: 04 WRX wheels w/ tires
  239. FS: (For Sale) FL: <SOLD> 2002 WRX, excellent cond, adult owned & well maint, built for autoX track
  240. FS: (For Sale) Gold BBS from 2006 STi - SOLD
  241. FS: (For Sale) COBB AP SUB-002 Ga Area- Sold Please Delete Admin
  242. WTB: (Want to Buy) 225/45/17
  243. FS/FT: (For Sale or Trade) Please Delete
  244. WTT: (Want to Trade) Ugm limited trunk for sti trunk
  245. FS: (For Sale) 2005 Subaru Impreza Wagon (Orlando, FL)
  246. WTB: (Want to Buy) 1998-2001 RS/OBS/L Parts
  247. (NC)18X9.75 XXR 527 Chromium Black
  248. WTT: (Want to Trade) Borla Hush catback exhaust for other aftermarket
  249. FS: (For Sale) God Speed, RJS Racing, wrx etc.. goodies for sale!
  250. FS: (For Sale) 2005 AW STi Trunk/Wing - SOLD!