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  1. Dixie BBQ Lunch- Friday 4/10
  2. Any pilots around here? I just found a more expensive hobby than my car..
  3. I'm broke down on 26 off corneliaus pass:(
  4. Hello There
  5. tires-easy
  6. Put my new to me springs on
  7. Another confusing exhaust question
  8. CEL and Cruse Light flashes
  9. Its kinda late but anyone want to get together around 10PM
  10. Alright, who knows a bit about POWDER COATING???
  11. Saturday May 9th - Seattle Cruise To Seaside
  12. BAM! Did my headlights...
  13. How NOT to you use your Subaru
  14. Tacoma/dupont meet up this wknd?
  15. Misting Nozzles in PDX?
  16. Oregon trail rally who wants to go?
  17. Angled front license plate frame?
  18. Hotmail out?
  19. anyone from pdx going to the olympus rally?
  20. Subie owners at CWU want to start a club?
  21. for the tuners up here...question.
  22. Kent station violates 1st amendment
  23. New project / build
  24. Free Summit at Snoqualmie ticket vouchers
  25. OT: Roofer recommendations
  26. Part time Jobs anyone?
  27. problems with ebc rear pads
  28. Thanks to some friends with extra stuff laying around a few DIY Budget upgrades.
  29. If not for my cat like reflexes....
  30. Any local sources for Mobil 1 15w-50?
  31. Question About Front Licenes Plate Delete
  32. Im back!!!
  33. Anyone else track their car?
  34. Another car totalled
  35. Seaside Subaru Cruise #2! August 1st, 2009
  36. Best Investment?
  37. To the black STi on 100th in Juanita
  38. The perfect Subaru lover's shirt
  39. WRX sti by the BCC exit last night
  40. Oh Noez! "Going outta business" says Joe's
  41. 02 wrx - removing ac compressor
  42. April 24th test n tune at PIR
  43. My car is sold.
  44. One more suby down for the count
  45. Added a new member to the family
  46. In search of rear differential
  47. Who all managed to dyno today @ English Racings new dyno today?
  48. What's going on tonight?
  49. need something to do in portland tonight, (saturday 4-11)
  50. Wooty woot! Mad props for Bel-Kirk auto body!
  51. Anyone try this site for wheels???
  52. Just a quick question... how much
  53. Pacific Raceway aka SIR
  54. Best Place to Get Body Kit Painted?
  55. April 12th (Today) SRP Hang out night
  56. You're invited! 7pm April 12th, 2009
  57. Happy Easter!
  58. Bored on Easter.
  59. Last minute: Maltby Cafe~~~1:00pm
  60. Need to borrow Tactrix cables
  61. gah. i'm pissed
  62. + New Project Car. Got to love them coupes!
  63. Olympus Rally this weekend in Olympia, WA
  64. STI Intake Manifold
  65. Fun stuff to do with your 3 yr old child?
  66. Wooo hooo!! Top Scoob Final Round! GC Love FTW!
  67. Broke the wagons offroad cherry
  68. M's Opening Day.....who's going???
  69. Fast n Furious 5 in the works
  70. What do you think?
  71. Dane Cook at Key Arena June 5th
  72. Travis, Ken and Dave Mirra in Seattle, THIS THURSDAY
  73. Anyone going to watch the Olympus Rally?
  74. run a carfax report?
  75. Subaru back in the World Rally Championship?!?!?!?!?
  76. I Googled Directions to Palmer, WA...
  77. Need to find a subaru shop/tuner in NW Montana/Idaho
  78. Yargh! Emissions and a standalone - Round 2!
  79. my car getting looked at by an adjuster
  80. Supercross This Weekend!
  81. Usdm Ej205, Jdm Ej207, Usdm Ej255, Ej257.... I Can't Decide!
  82. Auburn Meet 4/19/09
  83. Montana Rust..
  84. looking for a job? full time sales positions in auburn!
  85. Microsoft FTW!!
  86. Now playing on DSTV: Oregon Trail 2007
  87. Looking for a sales position in the Wireless industry???
  88. Cenex And 94 Octane Future Unsure In Tacoma
  89. :( am i the only one....
  90. wideband 02 sensor needed
  91. Local Decal Makers?
  92. Thursday Late Night 9pm Burien area Get Together....
  93. 06 sti parking lights
  94. Passed subaru rally cars on freeway!!!!PICS
  95. HUGE fire under ballard bridge in seattle
  96. Good exhaust shops around Bellevue?
  97. *Spokane County Raceway* Possible Group Friday At The Track
  98. The fleet expands!!!
  99. Taco Del Mar
  100. BOV question ?!?
  101. Tonight on DSTV Live: H.A.R. Racing (EVO X USRC team)
  102. Olympus Rally Meet Thread
  103. Bake Tail Lights?
  104. PORTLAND: Meet this Saturday 4/18/09
  105. +1 Subarutex at SpeedySigns
  106. I Got Salt!!!
  107. I Got Salt!!!
  108. +1 for Group2 Motorsports in Seattle!
  109. Look what I found on Craigslist today!!!!
  110. who traded this car in?
  111. omgHI I is special now!!!
  112. Final Tune Complete!!!
  113. Wedding Pictures
  114. New addition to the family!
  115. How much for Sti?
  116. help with fmic
  117. Want to help me do a brake job? make some extra cash?!?!
  118. Friday Lunch 4/17
  119. May 3rd meet *Spokane/CDA*
  120. The Evilness Of Bank Of America
  121. Came across this Turbo listing.. pretty useful
  122. Swap #2 Tuned at Kito today!!!
  123. Anyone want to offer some help this weekend
  124. "VIC" Track Day @ Mission Raceway Park
  125. kidney stones and vacations: i see a pattern
  126. Fair Parking
  127. Selling my BOV.
  128. Where to buy lug nuts in PDX?
  129. Online Drivng Record Check
  130. Idaho 91 Octane anyone?
  131. Xion XB over easy please
  132. NWIC Photographers - Photo Assignment #35 - Thin Depth of Field
  133. looks like it could be fun
  134. Lugnut pattern help
  135. Cruefest!!!!!
  136. Seattle to Olympia traffic Q
  137. driving from seattle to oakland, ca - any chp hot spots?
  138. Please Help
  139. Leftover 08 STI's
  140. $1 Million dollar update to Spokane County Raceway
  141. WTB 3" catless catback ASAP!!
  142. Best Place to get a "Buyers Inspection" on a used Subaru - ASAP!!
  143. Place to mix spray can for autos in PDX?
  144. Pix request of silver car with Tint by VTR
  145. Anyone hitting up PIR track tonight?
  146. Wear Sunscreen!
  147. Autocross, Sat & Sun, in Ilwaco
  148. SOIC 2009 'Spring Casino Drive'
  149. In Renton, lunch anyone?
  150. I need some help with front end software
  151. 7:00 saturday night (tonight) tacoma area cruise to dicks
  152. Anyone have an extra turbo-downpipe gasket near Everett/Mill Creek????
  153. 09 STI Checkin in (Tacoma)
  154. Yakima River Canyon Cruise Pics Thread
  155. O2 Sensor Questions
  156. Someone Jacked My Iphone, Need To Buy Iphone Asap!!!!!
  157. Someone Jacked My Iphone. Need To Buy Iphone Asap!!!!!!
  158. Sti's first trip to the strip
  159. DrnknZag's Mad Props Thread
  160. Local Tuner recommendation
  161. Detail wanted, 96 legacy out back, cheap :)
  162. Wingdome in Kent
  163. Final Tune Complete Ii....the Rs Strikes Back.
  164. Anyone have issues with their warranty with Carter's or Chaplin's?
  165. Olympus Rally Pics
  167. Olympus 2009 results
  168. ATTN: Brandon with Red WRX
  169. im so sick of carlos silva
  170. New STi Tires on the Wagon.. might need Dunkin!
  171. Sammamish Breakfast Meet 05-02-09
  172. Clutch help.
  173. Don't wait till its too late!
  174. Where's Val?
  175. Looking for local bumper
  176. Is this a reputable shop?
  177. Is this guy serious?
  178. Help, dealership run-around for money owed to me
  179. Post your Verizon FIOS speeds & experiences here
  180. What's a goodplace I can take a car in to get fully inspect the MOTOR/FRAME in PDX.
  181. Thanks to Dphoenix!!
  182. Ahem... Th return of the Trac [tion]
  183. Ellensburg swap and AWD conversion
  184. Anyone near stanwood/burlington wanna go golfing?
  185. Anyone near Lynnwood Have a Power Supply for V1 AP?
  186. Got my car tuned...
  187. Dyno results are in....
  188. Anyone Know a Good Body Shop to.....
  189. Onramp DO have speed limits, advice on a speeding ticket?
  190. Anyone interested?
  191. Exhaust leak type sound
  192. Did I get screwed over?(new car purchase)
  193. WCRA 2009 Novice TSD Rally Series
  194. Where to buy helmets for AutoX?
  195. Sad story..
  196. Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry's - April 21st
  197. Oregon Trail Rally: May 15-17 Hood River, Oregon
  198. Auction for 99 Outback - (Not sure where else to post this)
  199. Armin's Automotive Photography Seminar, Session #3 -- Ideas?
  200. Death Cab for Birthday
  201. brake concerns on new STI
  202. Blue Scholars free concert in tacoma
  203. ACM (Airbag Control Module) Download?
  204. best place to get injectors flow tested n cleaned
  205. laser radar in washington?
  206. General road conditions?
  207. Only in Ballard, WA... Take a look...
  208. Hillsboro Sonic Meet Friday 4/24/09 ANYONE!?
  209. wtf...Really dude??
  210. Anybody in Seattle area have a spare turbo-DP gasket?
  211. damn this looks fun
  212. Evo 16g turbo?
  213. anyone else been feelin like this?
  214. Ksport Kontrol Pro Coilovers
  215. Injectors...???
  216. custom sti cbe?
  217. flashing oil temp indicator
  218. Local machine shops
  219. PSI - New speed shop in Hillsboro, OR
  220. Cascade Sports Car Club HPDE tomorrow
  221. New to NWIC
  222. April SCCA Regional Pictures at PIR
  223. Who was a marshall at the Olympus rally?
  224. Oregon Garden Brewfest
  225. Possible new Meet Spot
  226. Noobie question
  227. Help me find my STI? story inside.
  228. Long overdue William Somtoa pictures
  229. Any Trekkies out there?
  230. So the clutch on my beater went out last night
  231. Any North Benders?
  232. William Forever Boards
  233. Tri Cities Sonic Meet SUNDAY 3PM
  234. I am sure these guys wont mind the $627 tickets
  235. spokane autocross this weekend
  236. Who wants to do a meet in Vancouver tonight?
  237. No Alibi Rally
  238. E85 for the emissions win!!!
  239. Out with the RS. In with with the Legacy LTD
  240. Olympus Rally Video - Short
  241. TWO THUMBS and TWO BIG TOES UP!!! RalliTek
  242. 2.2 into my beat up L
  243. Thanks Kito!!!!
  244. Seattle area shops help!
  245. NSR: Seattle yelp! (stolen bike content)
  246. Downpipe support bracket
  247. Seattle Seahawks Draft Day Thread
  248. Local boy wins Round 1 at VIR for the VW TDI Cup 2009
  249. new toy
  250. anyone know where I can get...