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  1. Anyone in DFW have a nice paintball gun?
  2. Is UT retarded or what?
  3. Vince Young
  4. National Champs Baby
  5. My X-mas Present finally came in with great results
  6. Been a long time knowin ya
  7. I saw Ron Jeremy
  8. good place to repair tires? (in the atx)
  9. Looking for a Job
  10. DFW: STI Owners, I need a favor!
  11. SA Mod Help - Sat 1-7-05
  12. This has been bothering me, whos the GC8 in DFW with the adjustible CF wing
  13. East Texas area?
  14. Cylinder misfires and things to check?
  15. Southside Ft.Worth Meet?
  16. What does this sticker mean?
  17. Austin Traffic Lawyers
  18. USC VS ?? i know its late....
  19. DFW Carbon Fiber?
  20. Anyone going to Engine Logic tomorrow?
  21. Plano: Spring Creek and Jupiter (Silver WRX)
  22. Anyone got a stock turbo i could borrow/buy for 1 day?
  23. Anyone in Austin
  24. 18th Birthday!!!!!
  25. Does subaru of dallas do Protunes?
  26. spotted new 06 STI
  27. DFW Members
  28. R&T Thunder Road Standing Mile with great videos
  29. Anything going on tonight in the DFW?
  30. Hou Sightning: Yellow Rally Graphics STi in SE side (in da Bario)
  31. Floyd is teh ownd!!1! (not 56K safe)
  32. Any meets in austin this week?
  33. I met Dan from Engine Logics last night.
  34. Stuff
  35. If Iwo Jima Happened Today
  36. any suggestions on a good area to live in dallas?
  37. OT: Is there a such thing as a Firearms Blue book?
  38. How much is TT&L in Dallas?
  39. Vince Young entering draft
  40. SA raceway
  41. Lookin for some financial advice...
  42. So i was involved in s hit & run
  43. So this was my christmas gift
  44. Anyone Hook Me Up With Sirius Radio?
  45. 05 WRB wagon in Arlington
  46. Another Intro
  47. Austin HH 1/11/06
  48. Dual mufflers
  49. Well, that was fun. Didn't know annoying people in OT would get you banned.
  50. Hou-SCCA Jan8 Results are up.
  51. cel fix
  52. Question for the married/engaged guys...
  53. Mardi Gras Party!
  54. Spring installer choices in DFW?
  55. Professing my love.....
  56. Hey Jay!
  57. Lucha Libre: Whoa! Pics of Dad decked out in the 50's
  58. turbo parts fs
  59. Sighting: Sugar Land, wrb wrx @ 24hr, midnight
  60. New AWD Mustand Dyno in DFW
  61. Howdy Texas!
  62. To be or not 2b
  63. Be careful out there on the interweb now...
  64. Project "Houston......Rollllllll your fenders"
  66. Rodeo Houston lineup?
  67. Why McRee Subaru is the BEST!!!
  68. As of today.....
  69. TurboTax, going online January 13th
  70. Anyone knows where this hose goes?
  71. Time to say goodbye....
  72. Holy lawd, cupstacking
  73. New Tire Time
  74. repost for txic help with brake stuff
  75. its tunin time
  76. Anyone going to MSR Houston on the 21-22nd this month?
  77. hello from disney world!
  78. N.FTW Dinner (1/12)
  79. So I went to Walmart
  80. Need dp installed Sat. Ft Worth/ Arlington area
  81. Stuff to do in San Antonio
  82. centex subies
  83. Looking for Good Paint Shop in DFW
  84. Anyone wanna go punch this guy?
  85. Place to Eat in Austin/San Marcos for 20 people
  86. How long does it take to order from
  87. Valet Parking Calif Style?
  88. UURX02, please clean your PMs
  89. Saab tinted tail light inserts - complete!!
  90. Help on Sat if possible
  91. TXIC stickers
  92. GRRR... Quick Trip gas = ping
  93. Some Vids of the New 1.3 Mile MSRC Course
  94. NWS maybe?... check out this set!
  95. places in houston to try out sparco seats?
  96. OT: IS it A scam?
  97. Source for complete EJ?
  98. URGENT: Anyone have a front driveshaft i could buy?
  99. Your favorite burger joint in H-Town?
  100. Pic of a coworkers car
  101. Does anyone know where to get PIAA LED bulbs in Austin?
  102. Teaser #1
  103. Teaser #2
  104. Guru's laptop graphics
  105. Good tranny repair place in AUSTIN.
  106. Question on buying a car out of state and associated sales tax...
  107. I'm official
  108. Kennedale this Sunday 1/15
  109. houston 04 sti worth??
  110. Couple of questions for DFW...
  111. AP Economy map is not fun...
  112. Getting tuned on Monday
  113. Sub Forum!!! :woot:
  114. What is our Society coming too?
  116. Ftw!
  117. My TOP 10 places to hang out:
  118. Fort Worth Tx
  119. spotted black sti clear lake
  120. HELP TXIC, Brakes doesn't work till pulsing.
  121. how do i delete threads?
  122. Need help getting in touch with a member
  123. Tokyo Auto Salon
  124. TXIC Subaru Only Autocross / State Meet - March 4, 2006
  125. Hey Y'all, Scottish Scooby signing in!
  127. McRee Shop Day Pics
  128. Hey, can I still get a shirt? "H.K. Phooey"
  129. Anyone near El Paso....
  130. Just got Philips Vision Plus H1 N H3, Help
  131. Original front or rear Subaru emblem?
  132. Andy vs. Pong w/stars Fathead, Danzborin and HK Phooey
  133. TXIC Decide! Post a link to a car on eBay - 5k-10K, must be 99 and up.
  134. Question for Houston Accessport owners
  135. SA Jan. 15 Cruise Pics
  136. Sighting: Southport DR in ATX?
  137. HAHAHA, will my car ever work for more than 2 months
  138. Ideas for a good cheap car for the Wife?
  139. V1+Houston=?
  140. Hood WRXS
  141. Thanks to All
  142. OT: Guildwars Free PvP Preview This Weekend
  143. January 18th Austin HH
  144. 1/17 N. Dallas Tuesday Night Dinner | New Location
  145. anybody want to go karting soon?
  146. Cyclobenzaprine
  147. Free Steak Dinner.
  148. Need a car for $8500 or less, prefer import, anybody know of a nice one in Austin?
  149. Need Mirror Help Now Please!!!!!
  150. DFW all car meet. Info inside.
  151. My car finally flows together
  152. CTC Motorsports coming back to Dallas??
  153. Have y'all seen this??
  154. first speeding ticket
  155. integra may be sold soon!
  156. help me out fellas
  157. I killed it this time...
  158. Subaru Challenge in Houston
  159. Install day 1-22-06
  160. Looks or Power?
  161. Race gas in houston?
  162. P21s Products in DFW... here's the place
  163. Tattoo's around San Antonio...
  164. Engine Logics Dyno Day 1/21/06
  165. My car is back at home, all is well!
  166. Guru's Test Drive?
  167. Wtlw!!!
  168. DFW Subaru's (caravan to Houston this weekend)
  169. turbo timer?
  170. Killeen Tx Subaru sightings.....
  171. props to
  172. Ticket in Hurst
  173. sightings in Oakhill area!
  174. MZMs dyno
  175. A Quick $300 - $500 to me out!!!!
  176. Anybody needs to rent a house across from Dell on Howard Ln.?
  177. NBA All-Star Game '06 HOUSTON!!!
  178. so i have been house shopping!
  179. TXIC Track whores... Give me some info :)
  180. MSR Houston: Track Day - March 9th (Thursday)
  181. My friend cruising at Gilmer Tx - (maybe Guru's new Jeep)
  182. **SE subaru meet next wednesday 9/25**
  183. question about cobb stage 2
  184. Killeen and sorounding areas
  185. Gurus unite, shape of.......
  186. help a friend out
  187. Need opinions on possible car purchase...
  188. where to mount my babies!
  189. Bbq Run 1/29/06
  190. Need some TXIC stickers for my new Jeep ;)
  191. Thanks Tommy @ Autobahn Motorsports
  192. Gmail gave me a funny link today...
  193. So a black wingless GC8 with a FMIC just pulled up
  194. Pics from Teape Subaru meet
  195. Anybody Work around BW8 and 290? If so, Lunch?
  196. Looking to buy several sets of nba all star tickets
  197. Tax season
  198. Kinda OT but thought someone might be interested in free money...
  199. Thanks McRee
  200. I need a favor
  201. 04 STI Trunk Spoiler Swap - Aspen White
  202. Was it possible?
  203. The New Look
  204. Locked Thread
  205. w00t got my txic shirts
  206. gulf greyhound park sunday
  207. Any Subaru/Import bone yards in the DFW area?
  208. Not too often I'm impressed by an online company...
  209. Dyno #'s from EL 1-21-06
  210. Shouldn't have done it....
  211. Help - Left headlight stopped working
  212. The stripes are back!!!!!! Thank you GREG!!!!!
  213. SASCA manana
  214. ATX: Storing stuff?s
  215. Brain Freeze rules/items/post your pictures here!
  216. Project "Houston......Rollllllll your fenders" pics **56K NO**
  217. Holy crap! It's RAINING!!!
  218. so has anyone borked their tranny using this clutch kit?
  219. Some cars in a parking lot...
  220. $324 Chamois dryer
  221. Attn Paul
  222. Import Face-off (link to pics from H-I)
  223. Moving to Dallas, need housing suggestions
  224. atx25rs, danzborin, marty, and david
  225. REALLY need TXIC's input on this one.
  226. new d-town rider
  227. need quality pipe work done ASAP
  228. update from tokyo: who had the blu06 specC in harajukuw/ haribo gummys in pass. seat?
  229. N. FTW Dinner (1/26)
  230. Accident Jan 22 in SA, anyone here?
  231. OT: World Cup 06'.....predictions anyone?
  232. Does aybody know where the guys at Kingpin are???
  233. Austin HH 1/25/06
  234. Hotel idea's for Apex on Sunday
  235. If you like autocrossing...
  236. A funny thing happened on the way to work.....
  237. TXIC official-ness
  238. Rental Laws: Home Buying
  239. Continued education classes in houston?
  240. Houston needs an Driving Trip
  241. Texas Mile Smack Talk - post here please
  242. Where's the sticky?!
  243. I need an opinion on a toyota.
  244. What exhaust is this?
  245. 1/29 TAMSCC Auto-X
  246. MSR Houston report (TDE track day)
  247. sigh, new pontiac solstice GXP giving me thought
  248. Attn: Texas Dog Lovers - 2 wk. old Bassett Hounds/$50
  249. I was hit today
  250. I got this in email... is this the latest phishing sceme?