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  1. Welcome new logo! Oh how we praise you!
  2. Sway bar install - Wish me luck
  3. New TXIC and NASIOC log?
  4. Wednesday, May 3rd GTG
  5. Teh Bull & Bear HH napkin
  6. New speed record on 2222
  7. Happy birthday stripperluvva's wife!!
  8. Tires Rubbing...
  9. SI-Drive
  10. Possibly first to post decal pics of new logo?
  11. Where to get/mount Toyo RA1s in Houston?
  12. Crazy RC Cars drifting
  13. This should buff right out
  14. Where to buy Torco in Austin???
  15. Is this dealership nuts?!
  16. NorthSide meet#2-car toys in the woodlands
  17. i NEED TO fIND The GUY THAT wants MY rearend
  18. UG BBQ PIX (everybody post up)
  19. got a new car (still kepted 2.5rs)
  20. Last Minute Request!
  21. Austin HH, May 3rd
  22. Pimp my gold plate edition, or get a econo-box?
  23. Where to break in new brake pads in Dallas?
  24. Big thanks to Danz, Strider98, and DrJing for wrenching.
  25. Stupid Firefox ahhh
  26. 0hH noEs
  27. How are Volkswagon TDIs?
  28. Battle of the Jarhead Wagons!
  29. Uh-oh...Mold
  30. DFW: Tool Request | Table Disk/Belt Sander
  31. Ran into a Scubie at the Post Office
  32. Final update of the chiropracter!
  33. Miss UzzBekhistan - Maybe NWS
  34. Check out my goods!!!!
  35. Rear Ended Rex x 2
  36. Spotted Beaumont A Subaru HUH!
  37. Track 21 Day - May 20th
  38. All you need...
  39. Call out to all DFW WRX auto crossers!!!
  40. TRAA: Video from Arkansas/Oklahoma drive...
  41. HOU-SCCA May 7 Course up
  42. Question re: 05+ Saleen
  43. So I met a really, really, hot girl yesterday but...
  44. I need Tool tickets to McFarlin May 8
  45. This Friday, Cinco de Mayo. Really want TXIC's support on this one.
  46. Blinker Fluid & Heavy Duty Clutch Belt
  47. Predictions on PDX/EL dyno tuning day?
  48. The Pyramid of Speed
  49. It Job
  50. Hooters @ NASA & 45 TONIGHT
  51. Hail In SA
  52. Where to buy 3" exhaust gasket in Dallas?
  53. Dent guy that was at UG BBQ meet?
  54. N.FTW Dinner (5/4)
  55. Rodeo Ford
  56. I've gotta make a decision but I'm torn...
  57. Non Subbie Power Allowed?
  58. N.FtW/Watauga: Sighting on Beach and Western Center: 06 silver WRX, no wing
  59. Flat Coax
  60. Question I want to Clean my engine Bay
  61. Who has keen eyes in the TXIC?
  62. Another ghey sighting thread: Katy - Black Eyed Pea on Mason rd
  63. OMG hahahahahaha!!!! quickquote
  64. Any 06s going to the PDX dyno day Friday?
  65. where to by bearing assembly
  66. a couple of beers...
  67. Fender rolling?
  68. I was street racing in a School Zone today FTW
  69. First thread Glilly gets to lock?
  70. Hot NUDE photos and a street racing Vid!!!!
  71. just whoring through
  72. just whoring through
  73. New Rookie
  74. Looking for Receptionist
  75. i cant find a home charger for my phone...
  76. SUCKS!
  77. Underground Graphics 75%off sale
  78. I couldent think of what to do with this...
  79. Another defection.... Me :(
  80. phooey said to...
  81. Stolen WRB foglight covers
  82. Found this on another site
  83. Moving to Texas
  84. who is siked about X-Men 3 and Superman
  85. Rear ended rex x3 !!!!
  86. Calling H.K. Phooey
  87. Shooting video at SCCA on the 7th
  88. This song has a sound just like my turbo in it
  89. glilly sucks!
  90. Anyone need a job?
  91. DFW Casting Call: Aspen White Subies Needed!
  92. LOL at teh club!!!
  93. saw this accident today
  94. Got me some IDP followed up by some Freebird's
  95. Getting tuned by Clark Turner in 2-3 weeks
  96. Who will win
  97. Methanol gas and mileage?
  98. Car work in houston
  99. San Antonio and surrounding areas! 5/14/06
  100. STi at Children's Medical Dallas
  101. Paint job
  102. TXIC opinions on clutch replacement
  103. looking for a club
  104. Anyone Trading in an 04+ STi
  105. cheapest place to get rotors turned in austin?
  106. Two more thumbs up for Greg and Underground!!!!!
  107. Professional photos from MSR-Houston events
  108. 22b on motorweek
  109. Who says we don't need no stinkin' badges?
  110. PDX Tuning Dyno Day - Jarrad's Here
  111. What oil does everyone use in the summer?
  112. Texas Rally?
  113. DFW Alignment Questions
  114. Spring Install....Say-Town
  115. 07 STi... stock sleeper?
  116. Nasa Event at MSR Houston
  117. Are we not b0rk3d anymore?
  118. teaser camera phone pic of new mod!!
  119. Steven Shultz and the Houston Grand Prix
  120. new begening
  121. So, due to continued tranny problems, I am no longer a suby owner
  122. If you are at the tune sat
  123. worlds fastest SMART car
  124. Houston Dynamo vs FC Dallas - May 6, 2006
  125. Track 21 Run - May 20th CANCELLED, However.....
  126. Is it just me....
  127. the thunderchicken was copied!!
  128. Welcome Maxim05 to TXIC!!!
  129. What a sick owner!
  130. Computer/network question (printer related)
  131. De La Hoya KO's Mayorga in 6th
  132. Adding Pictures?
  133. G-35 exhaust note: Good or Bad?
  134. Sighting in Seabrook
  135. White STi near Hooks Airport
  136. Austin HH
  137. HouSCCA May 7 Results are up.
  138. waste of gas
  139. the scoop
  140. after tunning
  141. OT: Fear the diesel :)
  142. Anyone interested in getting the video footage of their car?
  143. Is FIS still doing May 22nd and June 5th dyno day?
  144. force field
  145. aaarrrggghhh!!!!
  146. Does anyone know this car (Austin)?
  147. Who wants to see me in a Kilt
  148. Mom needs a fence
  149. June 4th SCCA Solo2 Autocross who is going
  150. Houston-KYB Adjustables
  151. they don't know what they are getting into!
  152. Who is going to Grand prix?
  153. Julie Stepan working it
  154. subiesport comes through again.
  155. WorldKarts
  156. First autocross event.
  157. 3" Exhaust bending in Houston
  158. Miyako's anyone?
  159. N. Dallas Dinner (5-9)
  160. On the new Top Gear, they review the new koenigsegg, which can run on ethanol
  161. TXIC List: Grand Prix of Houston.
  162. Bicycle Accodent Video :)
  163. HOU: Anybody up for watching MI-3 tonight.
  164. 5/11 FTW dinner
  165. Moonroof installers
  166. nice vid I got from another forum
  167. Why are 05 FXTs so cheap?
  168. DFW IT/Helpdesk position(s)
  169. Vendor suggestions?
  170. OEM rear lip
  171. Cross Country Driving
  172. 06 wrb w/ gold rims sighting today
  173. ding dong the witch is dead!
  174. more emails about gas savings...
  175. Are No-Haggle prices really set?
  176. 2004 Silver WRX STI at U of H yesterday...
  177. Anyone live near that Tornado North of Dallas
  178. Stoptech VS Brembo rotors....
  179. Thinking about getting a G35
  180. Spotted: blue wrx with female driver on Stemmons Fwy.
  181. Maybe this is why oil execs get paid so much?
  182. SCCA ProSolo - Mineral Wells, TX May 20-21
  183. My New Boss
  184. One Free VIP parking pass to Grand Prix of Houston to 1st TXIC to stop by
  185. Harris County Tint Laws?
  186. free water injection?
  187. SE side help: is my car broekeded and/or am I addicted?
  188. STi windshield wiper fluid.....
  189. New Wheels!
  190. Whatzup S.A.
  191. I finally got GT4!
  192. Congrats to gjhsu!
  193. Since most people probably don't go over to teh MWIC...
  194. Any trillian users having problems?
  195. PS3 going to be 500 hundred dollors
  196. Kingpin Dallas Grand Opening
  197. My Latest SRT4 experience
  198. Mineral Wells Marque Club Challenge May 20-21
  199. Need help with front speaker install and V1 wire-in...
  200. Looking for a Good Dyno place in the Clear Lake Area
  201. camo wagon
  202. I have half a tank of gas to burn tonight
  203. running at 10 psi
  204. anyone want 2 FREE tix to Gran Prix tonight?
  205. finally took pics of the sti
  206. Help me plan my Mammarial Day Weekend!
  207. N. Dallas Tuesday Dinner (5/16) - BONE DADDY'S!!
  208. Alms
  209. Houston Grand Prix pics here.
  210. N. Fort Worth Dinner 05/18/06
  211. sighted: salaki @ mug & mouse :)
  212. Check out the RS in this preview
  213. Beat the BMWs
  214. NW Houston Lunch 5/12
  215. Results are up from the May 7th event at TMS!
  216. Power steering Bleeding
  217. FtW Dinner 05/25
  218. RA gear assembly
  219. finally some pix of the STi
  220. Will this buff out?
  221. Lug Nut for Rota Tarmac II
  222. SOD Alignment, Want My Steering Wheel Straight
  223. Paintball! Memorial Day weekend
  224. New McRee Vinyl on Robson Car
  225. Knob fittment
  226. What would you do?
  227. im RUNK
  228. computer parts
  229. Disc Golf in houston??
  230. My Review on the Tribeca
  231. cutie + black bugeye wagon = ?
  232. NDRGND, Lexified!
  233. Good exhaust shop in Austin, anyone?
  234. I'm drunk...
  235. Happy Mothers Day!
  236. **it happens, v. Anyone know a good window replacement place?
  237. 5-18-06 Thursday Night GTG
  238. moved to dallas for the summer
  239. Happy Mother's Day you Mothas!
  240. Austin HH
  241. Teh dragon ugliness......
  242. Cheap alignment options in Dallas?
  243. Opinions on Rotors
  244. numerous sightings across houston this weekend
  245. Any one going to the UH meet?
  246. Review of the 2006 Grand Prix of Houston by Fred P. Phillips
  247. DFW: Dyno Day at Autoscope in Plano May 20th
  248. what should this go on??
  249. Who's Wagon WAS this?
  250. Sar 5/17