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  1. rydin' on doughnuts
  2. Houston: I Want To Drive On Your Beaches
  3. legal question about credit. apt or vehicle?
  4. 60,000 miles servicing for an Mitsubishi Diamante
  5. Ok so I lied a little about my christmas and I feel a little bad
  6. Has anyone heard of this new wheel
  7. Wanted: Aluminum Welder
  8. alternator belt tensioner broke
  9. Car and Driver event followup
  10. 05 black sti @ service king park place???
  11. dp and headers??
  12. Timing belt change at 60k due to Texas (Austin) heat?
  13. Any quality independent Subaru mechanics in Austin
  14. PDXTuning/Jarrad at EL in Houston - February
  15. Nintendo Wiis in stock at local Targets - BE QUICK!
  16. Jan 6th
  17. Who owned this car before SOD?
  18. Price Quote?
  19. So I traded my 2003 WRX in...
  20. Before you go to the local car wash... watch for this
  21. I wish I had alot more garage space.
  22. Samagon = Dr. Venture
  23. Are white wheels making a comeback?
  24. In Honor of Guru......(who is in Colorado just like me)
  25. Can I borrow someone's AP init connect for 05 WRX?
  26. So my rims arrive today!
  27. Breakfast in downtown Austin
  28. so i found you guys...
  29. Employment in Houston
  30. If you like beer (dot dot dot)
  31. pic from 12/31 Garden Oaks meet
  32. Corpus Christi car show on Jan. 27th
  33. IFO 1/21 Declares Scoob Class
  34. ATTN: Houston area beer drinkers
  35. My Apology to TXIC
  36. N. Dallas Thursday Lunch - 1/11/07 IT'S BACK!!
  37. Ok so you win the Texas Lotto: What car would you do up for a project?
  38. Anyone on here in Austin skateboard?
  39. trunk question
  40. How many rallies.....
  41. What I have been up to the last day or two...
  42. I give them a :C: for effort
  43. Thank You Madspecvman!!
  44. Anyone Else working today?
  45. I Got A New One For Ya
  46. Messed Around by MZM
  47. Can anyone recommend a place to get State Inspection near Sherman, TX?
  48. interested in group buy
  49. yep i ****** up
  50. Corpus Christi Meets???
  51. Just got back from the dyno
  52. IMPORT FACE-OFF: 1/21/07 - Houston, TX
  53. Houston Auto Show
  54. What's with my heater?
  55. Cracker Barrel, Amarillo FTW!!
  56. New Subie Owner Alert! (Fort Worth)
  57. Disc Golf
  58. Amsoil reps?
  59. my 2.5i parts list? (write up)
  60. thinkin bout 20's on the GC
  61. Baby Boom!
  62. OT-New pics of the Cobra
  63. 100 Acre Wood Rally
  64. what to do with junker?
  65. Dead birds prompt Austin downtown shutdown
  66. Feburary 4th Houston SCCA Autocross - Who's in?
  67. Anybody know anything about new Ford Superduties
  68. OT: Can anyone recommend a plumber in houston?
  69. Alright.... What did you guys do..?
  70. ot - anyone in houston experience this?
  71. yep i ****** up
  72. Brain Freeze !! Team Turd Assemble !!
  73. Providence Village, Paloma Creek, Savahna
  74. for bike people
  75. What to do with my 04 sti?
  76. brake fluid
  77. Telge to 290 towards town: Anyone take this route....
  78. OT rims to wide?
  79. OT warning: Gators 41, Ohio St.-14.
  80. New STi vs. Evo guys
  81. Where to find pre-net exhaust pipe in Houston
  82. OT: law enforcement question
  83. Houston Grand Prix: April 20-22 2007
  84. CHL question
  85. Any Colts fans in Dallas, TX or surrounding areas?
  86. 2007-01-10 Austin HH
  87. Tow Truck Drivers Are Dumb As They Come
  88. have a gas leak when it gets cold...anyone know how to fix?
  89. Thoughts on Subaru of Dallas Needed
  90. I just ran a half of a marathon!
  91. R there any Texas or County First Time Home Buyer deals
  92. Need a new matress
  93. stock intake vs CAI vs short ram intake
  94. STi sighting in Fort Worth
  95. BEST MILK YOU EVER HAD!!! (real milk)
  96. MSF in Houston
  97. The New IPHONE is coming out
  98. Finally Guys!!
  99. Help me find a mechanic please. (v. 2)
  100. skidpad in Texas
  101. Grand Turismo HD FTW!
  102. well first speeding ticket
  103. Subaru Specialist in N Dallas?
  104. PDX Tuning - March 2-4 - Space is limited
  105. New Austin member with a question about local speed shops
  106. Houston Anodizing
  107. Farewell Austin: I'm moving again.
  108. Dallas Dyno & Tune Day - Early Feb
  109. Where to find out the maximum legal limits for traffic charges?
  110. extended warranty
  111. nos in houston
  112. DFW A-14 spotted
  113. Whacky Video (Fett's vette)
  114. Suggestions please new hood should eyelids go or stay?
  115. Borla Hush...
  116. TX state inspection
  117. Friday (1/12) HRP
  118. Sully..OMG...say it ain't so...
  119. Sighting: XXeR1979
  120. Hou: Saturday 1/13 - Morning Gun Range Meet
  121. The walmart experience
  122. yay, new wheels came in.
  123. N. Dallas Thursday Lunch 2007-01-18
  124. San Antonio: WRB bug-eye on 1604 vs. A4
  125. need your opinion, it's new wheel time...
  126. Finally...
  127. Question For Samagon
  128. Houston EM Help
  129. New to Texas & need some pointers.
  130. Austin Linux guru's.. Like beer? Want to earn some?
  131. ot
  132. white cool looking wrx at pluckers austin
  133. Antone Watch The Office?
  134. Leaving Dfw
  135. Pinks All Out 3/17/06 HRP?
  136. Props to SoP
  137. Congrats to Barry...
  138. LOOK!! What McRee Subaru went and did, teh famous
  139. does anyone know why
  140. The Good thing about having 2 Cars is...
  141. Progressive insurance
  142. Dallas/Fort Worth Construction workers
  143. Been on the Board 1 year now
  144. Skydiving
  145. Can you pass inspection...
  146. New AWD Dyno in San Antonio / New Braunfels Area
  147. I just shaved and waxed (pics inside)
  148. Who's else is scared to open Thaddy's thread titled, "I just shaved and waxed"?
  149. need opinions
  150. DFW Drive Your Dream
  151. my site y0!
  152. spark plug
  153. Out of the 3K plus girls that work there they Bust the 10 Ugliest.
  154. Think you've had a bad blind date?
  155. Might be moving to San Antonio...
  156. FREE Money! Props to a member
  157. MZM upgrades
  158. Machine shops in houston?
  159. Austin Auto-x @ Berger
  160. yay! engine building starts today!
  161. omg ice!
  162. Spotted: Whos red "SAABIE" saabaru
  163. more movie trivia.... Rocky Balboa
  164. Fort Worth is Silly.
  165. What's hapnin in Hou-town tonight?
  166. Subaru Dealership Questions.
  167. Latest on my EL motor build
  168. When's the next houston suby meet?
  169. Houston Brain Freeze Scavenger Hunt PHOTOS HERE 2007
  170. New picts w/ new intake
  171. Question: Totally no punch below 3k rpm
  172. Flame on the wall FTW
  173. seems like my brother found his *fast*
  174. What gas do you use ?
  175. Met the UK rep of EDO in Japan today, told him to tell the Austin guys hello for me
  176. after months of waiting......
  177. Ipod, Experts
  178. Whats wrong?
  179. Reputable alignment shops in Houston.
  180. This weather has poor timing
  181. Tuners in DFW - Cobb Stage 2
  182. 5/100 to 5/114.3 hub conversion
  183. Sighted you know who you are
  184. Going to tint the car need advice
  185. I really wish they would take that off
  186. south fort worth spotted
  187. Did Someone lose a cell phone at the Scav.Hunt?
  188. someone stole my radio
  189. Crazy night...
  190. I like beer....
  191. Got to work early...
  192. This is how I started my morning... 27 degrees
  193. Verizon online chat personel are retarded!
  194. Federal Holidays, ...why?
  195. Dear Texas winter...
  196. I got a problem...
  197. Going home early from work...
  198. Spotted PSM 04 wrx san marcos area
  199. stench of gas?
  200. Seriously.... closing down at 3PM
  201. Any TXICers play FEAR or Quake 4?
  202. New wheels
  203. so my tranny just assploded on the dyno...
  204. Ms150
  205. YAY!!!! Just got my Wii!
  206. The ICE is coming!!! The ICE is coming !!!
  207. Goodyear sucks
  208. Subaru Challenge 2007?
  209. The Parking Lot Thread
  210. where's the best pic of your suby in texas thread?
  211. Hou: Urgent favor for strider98
  212. Slipping clutch - where to replace? Dallas...
  213. 8" wide wheels for the RS...anybody tried it?
  214. Spotted: WRX wagon in SA
  215. Who else works outside?
  216. thank the maker for awd!
  217. WRX on the News
  218. Houston guys...wanna help with clutch install? I'll by lunch and beer...
  219. Mister winter ice storm pwns jury duty assignment
  220. Austin Ice Meet
  221. Caddy 1, WRX 0
  222. Is this a good deal?
  223. Why TXIC is Better Than My Non TXIC Friends.
  224. I think my online thermometer is broken
  225. Houston, Good salvage yard for a dead car?
  226. Anyone doing the BMW event this weekend?
  227. Spotting In Houston
  228. apv.2 with street tuner v.1??
  229. Having FUN in the Suby...
  230. Ice in Houston...NOOOOO!!
  231. Sighting south on 360
  232. Austin HH
  233. PICS: The adventures of ablank and Guru in Colorado
  234. Almost went To JAIL!
  235. Ice'd up G ride
  236. Need Subie homies
  237. Just thought this was neat
  238. paranoid or responsible?
  239. Snow???
  240. Ice Storm In Houston
  241. SUV Drivers: "I'm stuck... this is gonna need a lot of floorin!"
  242. Ice
  243. Remember Guys.....
  244. NW Houston Lunch...
  245. Another clutch install
  246. spotted on fox...
  247. Bout to trek through the frozen tundra of central texas
  248. Today, I get my new tyres (<-- because I just got back from England)
  249. Can we get another ice thread going?
  250. Yet Another ICE thread...