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  1. recycling place in galeria area?
  2. ***k SoD
  3. Jet Pack anyone?
  4. Building so parts for Angela's car
  5. Any TXIC Architects? Help design and build out teh Guru's new pad!
  6. what is this...
  7. TXIC PS3 Online Handles
  8. XBOX 360 Live handles in TXIC???
  9. anyone know anyone who needs help
  10. which Texas Subaru dealers allow some modding, and how much??
  11. Just curious
  12. Need Thoughts: Upcoming Subaru of Plano GTG/Dinner
  13. I need a photoshop tutorial
  14. PC Hardware gurus! please help!
  15. It's just after 3am and I just finished installing the TiC rear diff race bushings
  16. ATHF people respond about the advertisement.
  17. Newest TXIC'er
  18. San Antonio, here I come...
  19. Tuned at EngineLogics last weekend! Pics and Plots!
  20. Help with locating an Sti in the Houston / Dallas area
  21. Have you seen me?
  22. Anyone want a couple of free monitors?
  23. Car Won't Start!! Plz Help!
  24. I had 1000 of these made, free to TXIC of course.
  25. Plano bar/live music
  26. whats a good toyota dealer in dallas or houston?
  27. Lots of wrx's at ACC Pinnacle.
  28. New computer is finally buttoned up... (pics)
  29. Anyone in Houston running Enginuity Open-Source Tuning?
  30. Track21 today, 2/3/07
  31. Does the Houston area need another Subie shop?
  32. New venture from the company I work for
  33. UFC 67 : all or nothing
  34. Someone threw a brick threw my window and stole my V1...(also insurance question)
  35. What Can I Do?
  36. spotted: wrb bugeye wrx w/ black stockers...
  37. Looking For UTEC Tuner
  38. Speciality meat / butcher in Houston...
  39. Progress to my Mini
  40. Im Almost there!
  41. How Can I Get Out of....
  42. Coke's "Black History Month" commercial...
  43. Garage Day : Saturday, 2007-02-10 : North Austin/Pflugerville
  44. Go Colts!
  45. Killeen 17th and 18th install days?
  46. Moderators need to inforce their own rules...
  47. Clutch say byebye
  48. March 4th Autocross...Who's there?
  49. champ car test day..
  50. Houston Area ATV-ers. Where do you ride?
  51. HPD truck driver fails at life
  52. DFW. Some one with Rays/Volk lugnuts contact me please
  53. UFC 69 @ Toyota Center: Tickets on sale today?
  54. DFW - stoplight cameras - locations
  55. Post up good reputable paint & body shops in Houston.
  56. Drink Pepsi, pimp a Subaru
  57. Inspection around Spring/Houston?
  58. Anyone in the TXIC, running 245/45/17 on stock suspension?
  59. Austin HH, 2/7
  60. Sirius reception in Austin
  61. where to get UP installed
  62. Who has an Engine Logics clutch?
  63. Towing help question
  64. I got Engine Management...
  65. New exhaust, thanks MZM
  66. Who all works or lives in the Woodlands area...
  67. AFR's in Texas
  68. So I'm listening to linkin park when the doorbell rings...
  69. So I'm listening to Cyndi Lauper when the boss comes by...
  70. Any bike junkyards in the DFW area?
  71. Lisa Nowak: Astronaut-Felon
  72. My conservative EL tune
  73. Need help bad....
  74. need a stock lug nut
  75. Texas Evo / Suby meet????
  76. So uh...Do you guys meet up during the week or what?
  77. Tired of your RS? Drink Pepsi.
  78. Need Advice
  79. Looking for tatoo shop in DFW
  80. Apex runs the 1.3 @ MSRC!
  81. Spotted at tropioca!
  82. Just joined the club!
  83. Quick Ticket question
  84. Anyone local still awake? I have an urgent accessport question.
  85. Circuit City audio techs are idiots
  86. Space WAPCE
  87. anyone
  88. Just bought an 02' WRX, need an alarm
  89. just did my nice thing for the day
  90. woo hoo found me a exhaust
  91. oh yeah... so "like," I got engaged.... lol..
  92. Texas Spokes Austin Autocross News
  93. which one should i get?
  94. PDX Tuning - March 2-6 Schedule - FINAL SCHEDULE POSTED
  95. Corpus Christi HH !!!
  96. i need some tires?
  97. First Upgrade!
  98. SA spotting: wrb 02 wagon w/ TXIC
  99. Local retailers with Hella Supertones...
  100. 2002 WRB Wagon Chassis - Free to a good home
  101. TXIC Wii code thread / Animal Crossing DS
  102. Human Race FTL
  103. trade catback for straight pipe?
  104. Need someone local with an impact wrench to help me
  105. help advice on camera needed ASAP
  106. I have the toughest concrete on the planet in my garage
  107. Houston Raceway Park 2/23
  108. Roffles! Davenow is teh Famous!
  109. Has anyone seen the new Nasioc home page ??
  110. I got my car back from the shop today. *flips the bird*
  111. Cowboys going with Wade Phillips....
  112. How much Spam do you recieve a day
  113. I need your stock STi flywheel -Houston
  114. Adam's Car Care Sample Pack
  115. Degreaser?
  116. Anna Nicole Smith Dies
  117. 20% off
  118. spotted TXICer. 45north/ and who has the dead silver sti at...
  119. Get teh superAIDs from your grocery store shopping cart.
  120. glilly's old STi is going to Sweden!
  121. SA Crew: Who owns a Vette?
  122. Teh Cobbs...(pics)
  123. Judging Interest-Clark Turner Tuning in DFW or Houston
  124. Spotted...
  125. Spotted WRB Blue Sti @ 24 hour fitness
  126. they have started to arrive
  127. clutch???
  128. Clark Turner Tuning @ Alamo-Feb 24th 1 Day Only!
  129. 2 mavs tickets for tonight against houston rockets
  130. Not sure how stupid of a question this is but...
  131. Roger Beasly Mazda fux0rd me
  132. I'm the Father of Anna Nicole's baby!
  133. thought this was pretty cool
  134. yepppie yup
  135. Hey, can I get a sticky???
  136. spotted @ HRP
  137. 400 GB hard drive...
  138. spotted a wrx wagon and silver and black sedan
  139. where is a good place to buy tires?
  140. Anyone doing anything this saterdaynight?
  141. I Don't Know What You're Watching
  142. Hello Txic
  143. TXIC team mascot?
  144. Unlocking a nokia cell phone in Houston?
  145. Spotted Kroger West Little York / N Eldridge
  146. Best bodyshop in Houston for Acuras?
  147. HOU: St. Arnolds Pub Crawl - Feb 16th - Heights
  148. Fort Hood area forum
  149. Hello white sti on 1960
  150. Austin HH, poll for date...
  151. I know there are other threads about this but too bad:)
  152. State Meet
  153. Texas road course
  154. Best Sunday breakfast buffet in Dallas?
  155. Hou: getting to Hearthstone from downtown after work
  156. i love being sick!
  157. TOOL concert. OKC
  158. Job available in Austin, TX - Systems Architect
  159. newb question
  160. anyone w/ invidia exhaust??
  161. Houston IT guys
  162. Spotted @ Los Cucos in Katy
  163. Spotted driving like an Donkey-hole
  164. saw my car at Carmax
  165. Wiper linkage / Houston area part outs?
  166. Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!
  167. Dallas Inspection?
  168. TONIGHT! Feb 12 - Watch Stunt Junkies on Discovery Channel!
  169. Anyone know how to use Autodesk Viz 2006?
  170. Subaru Rally Car Distance Jumping
  171. How many TXIC'ers does it take?
  172. I'm gonna take my points like a man.
  173. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!
  174. Turbo help
  175. Hard to find a GC Impreza near houston
  176. Pwnd3d by the search button...
  177. Heroes
  178. Do I need my jury summons for jury duty?
  179. paint
  180. WRX broken into last night
  181. SIGHTING OMGLOLFTW... at Slick Willies on Murphy Rd.
  182. Oh, I spotted someone too!
  183. Oklahoman members?
  184. anywhere in texas for ej207 wiring into 95 impreza L
  185. Got owned by credit card fraud
  186. Spotted another one.
  187. Spotting: Black Outback Wagon
  188. more parts have shown up at my door.
  189. Crucial Thermostat Issues?
  190. SA Sunday
  191. Spotted Htown 24Hr Fitness
  192. Spotted 06 Blue WRX HWY 6 @ Richmond
  193. '05 STI spotted on the road
  194. Spotted...Chango (aka Drift Monkey) & sidekick
  195. Stop with all the spoted threads
  196. Spotted: Jo MOMMA!!!
  197. Drifting
  198. The George's take Aruba!!!
  199. 94.5 The Buzz - Mile of Meat
  200. So my little brother replaced his car
  201. Anyone do The Drivers Edge?
  202. Hit and run in Katy
  203. Brake Pads?
  204. so i was listening to the radio today....
  205. Gauging interest.. N. Texas occasional/weekly Meet?
  206. Hittin’ ya wit a Q bout tires!
  207. James, Will and I have this GRM Challenge thing all wrong.
  208. AutoX : Mineral Wells
  209. Needed in Houston: Ele Engineer, Ele Tech, Mech Tech
  210. SPOKES RALLYCROSS in Austin
  211. how bout a get together (houston area)
  212. OT: Decent online jewelry stores
  213. Hou: Chipotle News
  214. "professionaL" TXIC help on tranny prob.
  215. So, I won this auction on eBay...and not really sure why?
  216. WRB STi w/ roof scoop
  217. Help quick
  218. silver 04 trunk lid
  219. I should be paying attention to my girlfreind, but instead I am posting on Nasioc!
  220. I should be paying attention to my clubwrx, but instead I'm posting on Nasioc
  221. best beer
  222. Hybrid cars: clean, efficient, deadly.
  223. Kart Racing in Katy this Weekend
  224. like this wouldn't increase the chances of your car getting broken into
  225. Fadi Got A ???
  226. I'm afraid there's some bad news...
  227. what to do?
  228. Good place to sell Server Hardware
  229. Guru's esquela de carreras virtuales
  230. These people are pissing me off!!!!
  231. Red 04/05 WRX w/ gold wheels on Ft. Hood
  232. Saw a Red Light Camera at Work.....Chimney Rock/59....Interesting.....
  233. Autocross - 2/18 in Austin...
  234. Looking for a good new home Inspector in Houston
  235. Mark your calendars, Underground GTG/BBQ/Meet - March 31st
  236. Ok this guy sold them to me but i need some advice and referral
  237. Beerfest, anybody going to go?
  238. Where To Get V7 STI Wheels Painted In Dallas
  239. FIC gets hit again!!!!!! Part 6
  240. PSA: Take off your license plate frames!!
  241. getting retuned...
  242. STi + Guardrail = FTL
  243. You CAN safety shop for auto and home loans
  244. local salvage yard with suby parts
  245. Opinions: Amd or Intel
  246. Texas Lighting Laws
  247. just wrecked my sti
  248. Looking for an inspection location in the Clear Lake Area
  249. Happy Birthday Kim Jong Il!
  250. good gas? bad gas?