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  1. Just took some pics
  2. Gas...I Know This Has Been Beaten To Death But...
  3. Ooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
  4. JDM websites
  5. Autox: Sept 16 at La Grave Field (DFW)
  6. New Shoes / Resurrected Wheels
  7. Pics of car with newly painted rims
  8. Track Day At MSR H Sat Sept 29th
  9. New Setup...
  10. who was it? (apartment info)
  11. where to get a rear seat
  12. Sunday Pictures (ScoobyWRX84 & Thaddy)
  13. mzm, yet another thread
  14. Hou: anyone know anything about this FXT?
  15. Happy Birthday Rancid!
  16. N Dallas: Shop to aim headlights?
  17. Getting a new Suby!
  18. Smashed rear driver's door glass
  19. Good to be home TXIC...back from Ireland
  20. Possible Roomate Needed in North Dallas
  21. hmm i think they looked better off the car than on it...
  22. why is it that every time...
  23. ATX/SA BBQ Run
  24. DFW Painted light housings
  25. EM/tune questions?
  26. Home Brewers in Houston / Dixie Cup Competition in early October
  27. Strandbeests...kinetic sculputers in Holland...very interesting
  28. 9-11... a quick essay from 2006
  29. e85 compatability
  30. Wed 9/19. Little Woodrows. Beers, fried food.
  31. anyone want to help?
  32. Anyone coming from houston to DFW/Sherman/OK? in the next few weeks?
  33. Anyone have one of the Ebay SR*S exhausts?
  34. APS Turbo Inlet Pipe
  35. Associated 18R big discount.
  36. Suspension install in Plano?
  37. killeen/ft hood meet friday night?
  38. $76,000 VF39 on ebay....
  39. DFW Windshield Replacement Referral
  40. DFW Windshield Replacement Referral
  41. looking for new home for my dog ^_^
  42. Sat Night @ Tony's Pizza 1-year Anniversary Extravaganza 9-15-07
  43. FP TD06S-20G 8cm
  44. TD #9 - Buy innertube stock ASAP!
  45. Thermal Intake Gaskets
  46. San Angelo anyone?
  47. Warning: Virus being passed through MSn msgr
  48. any one ever own an SVX?
  49. Austin Meet and Munch 9/12
  50. Plano Thursday Lunch 9/13/07
  51. Window Tinting N of 635 (I searched)
  52. Grandsport Speedway in Houston
  53. Break out the Canoes
  54. <insert cuss word. cross threaded exhaust bolts
  55. Need help looking up a Houston speeding ticket online
  56. Texas Subaru Challenge....
  57. Selling a item on Craigslist, have a question...
  58. Tire width?
  59. Clutch kits
  60. Date Night in Austin
  61. Exhaust?
  62. Fort Worth - who's got a red IV Supra with single exhaust
  63. Happy Birthday Steveo!
  64. Anyone have Amsoil Series 3000 5w30
  65. Open Source Enginuity tuners in tx?
  66. anyone know what the las vegas equivalent to the houston press is?
  67. DH's SA Tech day 07
  68. TPMS and aftermarket wheel compatability issues?
  69. Happy Birthday ratt_finkel!
  70. Guy from Richardson makes 2 creepy little boy robots
  71. Another 10sec MZM car this week
  72. install day...halfway there!
  73. Which Wheels???
  74. Does anyone have one of these laying around???
  75. Econocuts Ruined my yard !!!
  76. bmw m3 challenge
  77. Blocking
  78. Houston shops that sell cutouts?
  79. Craigslist P3wnage
  80. The sign says "No Solicitation", learn to read
  81. Know of anyone looking for an '04 STi?
  82. ACL Fire!
  83. Star Trek Dorks click here!
  84. JDM STi wagon?
  85. Hannah Montana Tickets/ Houston on Sale 10:00am Sat. I will pay you double same day
  86. In dire need to RANT!
  87. Oct 13th, Open source tuning Austin
  88. 2 Free tickets to Queens of the Stone Age
  89. Ft Worth BBQ?
  90. McRae: One of the best, gone at 39?
  91. so much for subaru!
  92. Computer guru needed...
  93. Davenow (or other UTEC gurus)....I need help
  94. 2006 sti traded in at austin subaru
  95. My trip to Italy: Maranello/Ferrari, Lamborghini Factory Tour
  96. Gillman Subaru Shop Day February 2, 2008...
  97. Austin Tennis
  98. Anyone making a Dallas to Houston run?
  99. Thankyou ROBSON TUNING
  100. DFW: Anyone have a Wideband I could borrow?
  101. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Blinky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  102. Dallas Tuning Session - Clark Turner
  103. Tyrannosullyrex has been pwned
  104. Name the texas car that is aways trying to race your wrx
  105. So whats new in the Texas Scooby world?
  106. anyone know the name of the subdivision built arounda race track south of DFW?
  107. El Paso Subies???
  108. Looking for a good bodyshop in the North Dallas Area
  109. Tuning Shop in Austin?
  110. not one to sit idly by, I need a legacy GT and
  111. 2006 STI at Challenger Park
  112. dallas camera stores?
  113. Where to Get Tires Mounted/Balanced
  114. Italian CarFest
  115. What Season Premieres will TXIC watch?
  116. extinction in SA
  117. Home Alarm Repair
  118. doug stanhope coming to texas
  119. Nortel Subies
  120. Looking for a good san antonio A/C repair shop
  121. Car r back in shop
  122. awesome traffic lawyer needed OCT.
  123. corfirming 2 things before i attempt it.
  124. Woohoo! The end is in sight!
  125. Austin Body shops
  126. I love it when shes WET!!!!
  127. The Flying Saucer?
  128. so what happened to Seth (aka strider98)
  129. Got the car registered...and now more work to do
  130. A great injustice in Houston!
  131. prodrive springs install
  132. Gasket
  133. Body Shop in Houston
  134. Got pretty, expensive pieces of carbon
  135. Trying to get BACK!
  136. September 29 - Main Event DFW
  137. got bored in a teleconference
  138. It's official.
  139. Espn's version of track editor for Subaru Wrx
  140. DSG Pedals, worth the hype or as lame as an automatic?
  141. arr me mateys!!
  142. any el paso subys
  143. No laughing......has anybody here ever had a 300z or still does
  144. Plano Thursday Lunch
  145. where can i get a downpipe flange from?
  146. Sexest and gender remarks don't count?
  147. Wow
  148. Only if I had 21K
  149. Dear people who got points...
  150. Need some info Dallas peeps
  151. Houston Hot Sauce Festival Sat&Sun Hw6/I-10 Farm and Ranch Club
  152. Boycot Sherlocks Pub
  153. Im Such A Ricer...
  154. New STi hatchback = yes please
  155. So aschen, when are you getting your greyhound?
  156. 2005 STI Reduced Price $21900
  157. Any Carputer (CarPC) folks in the TXIC?
  158. Cleared and painted headlights!!
  159. I'll be back in Dallas December 14-16th - Tuning at Gotham
  160. Moving to Angleton Area...
  161. drift/grip driving on the 23rd
  162. Went for a drive today in Austin
  163. Addison Oktoberfest 2007!!!
  164. Finally Installed the Video Camera Mount
  165. Where our flat four came from!
  166. What's the word on these tires??? ?
  167. Any Musicians out there?
  168. Profiled by a White cop today
  169. EL PASo
  170. Dave Matthews Band Tonite 2 lawn seats $40
  171. VIVA la Bands concert. Dallas
  172. bye bye baby!!!
  173. Wrecked car, Need body shop Pics inside
  174. Adios TXIC...
  176. Solicitors suck
  177. TXIC football
  178. anyone in atx have the phone number for
  179. WTF! with UPS/FedEx/DHL/Delivery companies!
  180. Houston - DISH Network, comcast, AT&T..argghh!!??
  181. Someone stole my debit card number
  182. to keep the sti or sell it
  183. Watch out you scoobastards!!
  184. Rallye de Paris claims another victim
  185. Windshield Replacement recommendations- ATX
  186. Need to borrow an 03 MT ECU in S.A.
  187. Cowboy fans, you can start crying now
  188. New Point and Shoot Camera, what are ideal settings for a photoshoot?
  189. Houston Texans Thread
  190. Well it happend!
  191. Bloc Party concert at H.O.B. in Dallas
  192. What's Top speed in each gear for 06 WRX?
  193. Thank You Txic...
  194. NASA Event, Oct. 27-20, MSR
  195. Scooby GTG this weekend? (Houston)
  196. So whos getting halo 3??
  197. TXIC - does anyone have AT&T U-verse?
  198. Chili's is donating all profits today to St. Jude's (9/24)
  199. whos up for flying saucer in fort worth on 9/26
  200. Facelift, wash, fresh pics
  201. Need someone to flash my newish Subaru
  202. lubbock: uppipe install?
  203. Suby Challenge 07! Hey TXIC, Time to get on it!
  204. wee look my new toy!!!!!
  205. Car Hauler Completed!
  206. anyone have a T70 torx wrench I can bum off of?
  207. HELP!! Car is makin wierd noise at high RPM
  208. Tranny shops DFW Gear installs
  209. The Police did something right
  210. SA Peeps: I need a Favor
  211. A few Pictures of my LGT
  212. Car Hauler Trailer Rental (DFW or NW of here)
  213. Any one recognize this car?
  214. Anybody hiring in the Carrollton,TX Area
  215. Friend Took Some Rally Photos Near Steamboat
  216. Recent problem with my rex.
  217. Austin: Run em on the Weekend?
  218. Should I get rid of my WRX and get a Z?
  219. Halo 3
  220. tuners in dfw
  221. APS turbo inlet pipe install
  222. APS cold air intake
  223. A Few More Spots For Track Day At Msn Houston
  224. Are there any Subaru repair shops in Fort Worth?
  225. Enginuity data logger questions
  226. Plano Lunch 9/27
  227. Subaru shops in Houston TX
  228. 96 Impreza 02 sensor replaced and still getting CEL
  229. 6th Street, ATX, 4th or 5th Oct
  230. Comcast rate hike.. Screw you comcast
  231. i need some youtube help.. have to shrink video size.
  232. Plano (n Dallas) Lunch.... FRIDAY - BONE DADDY's!!!
  233. pdx tuning
  234. RWD Subaru possible?
  235. Need a JL Subwoofer installed in Houston
  236. WRX project or not? help me decide
  237. Don't make your wife jealous...
  238. Texas legislators multi voting caught on tape
  239. Wed. night meet in Clear Lake???? Is it dead AGAIN?
  240. Anyone in Dallas have a Spec C Roof Vent?
  241. Good wheel/tires for track/dirt and whatever may come your way
  242. Messican looking for a yob in dallas...
  243. Visiting next week
  244. Help Me Choose!
  245. 9/28 Import VS domestic shootout
  246. A lil advice for my turbo civic buddy.
  247. Subaru Challenge - Gillman Sponsorship
  248. Thinking about selling my RSTi because of theft concerns
  249. HPDE/ NASA Event, Oct. 27th-28th
  250. dallas: atmosphere