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  1. job in san antonio or surroundin area
  2. DFW Plumbers!
  3. ATX: need help
  4. Now, with half the subaru goodness...
  5. holy crap i got into a car accident in the morning..
  6. Paris
  7. Older Impreza's
  8. According to KLBJ...
  9. I need help. Insurance. Wreck.
  10. Im a new dad.
  11. Was Enginelogics affected
  12. Finally Got A Shirt Ive Been Lookin' For!
  13. need someone with welder in dfw area
  14. Kick the Kansas guys car.
  15. TRust and Greedy Filed for Bankruptzy
  16. i'm blowing smoke, need help.
  17. How to deal with next door neighbor's drainage issue?
  18. in car video recording
  19. Anyone got an injector for a EJ25D?
  20. Track day at Harris Hill Road Saturday September 27th
  21. DFW running out of gas?
  22. Josh Howard...GTFO!
  23. The "Popped Collar" is alive and well in Napa, CA
  24. Pics from our Napa trip (amatuer photography)
  25. Caterpillars
  26. Sad News
  27. Any DirecTV installers?
  28. sti/evo meet in the ut/austin campus area!!
  29. Inspection Help
  30. Dfw
  32. North Texas Tracks?
  33. Avast! It Ye Be 9/19!
  34. I think i might need a new crankshaft....
  35. Would you buy an 08' STI for 30k?
  36. Texans game Relient Stadium seating: Help me pick seats
  37. Short Notice, but oh well.
  38. Sound system upgrade
  39. New to Texas
  40. at home on a friday night
  41. Uppipe installation in DFW???
  42. stupid ford transmissions. can anyone help figure this out?
  43. anyone know anything about residential standby generators?
  44. wow look at this craigslist post.
  45. Finally got her tuned
  46. Corpus Christi: Help, I can't get my IC back on my 07 STI
  47. ATX: Late night ricer meet.
  48. Recommendations for parts
  49. 1970 nova help!!!
  50. DFW Tire Shop
  51. short notice boredem meet
  52. She's staying
  53. Question about the STI 6mt trans
  54. need some help in DFW: brakes/tail lights no workie (cash, beer, food)
  55. Need some advice on getting out from car payments
  56. Major Cabin Fever!!
  57. Need tire advice.
  58. legahsea
  59. Need help with a possible leak
  60. hey fellow TXIC! need weld+tools
  61. Bunch of 09 WRXs showed up today
  62. Subaru Stop Sale Notice
  63. Anybody else notice this?
  64. ZOMG! this is just sickening
  65. Any other Mac users? I'm having an issue...
  66. Now that the FsXT is dropped, figured some pics are in order
  67. Bye for 10 days!
  68. rent this movie and LOL with me
  69. another ike thread, satelite photos from sept 14
  70. State Fair - October 11th
  71. Greetngs from Italy!!!!
  72. Tunning / build sticker - your opinions.
  73. Need Upholstry Shop recommendation
  74. need some mod opinions!
  75. Pastrana- E-60
  77. Attacked on my bicycle in Houston
  78. Advice on buying a Bike.
  79. Something that threw me off guard
  80. No driving for me for 12 months
  81. The car in question...Beware of this STI
  82. poser's OT pick of the week
  83. HOU: Theories Why Our Traffic is so Freakin Crazy
  84. So who still doesn't have power?
  85. HOU: Where to buy a house?
  86. Need help pulling engine
  88. Hou: EDGE show - (Cancer Foundation for Kids) - Oct. 18th
  89. DFW: Need some help with a trunk swap
  90. shop in austin texas
  91. Picked up a DD....going to have a little fun with it.
  92. TXIC a long time member and friend needs our help
  93. any track events coming up in texas
  94. Tuning shop in texas
  95. Houston Region autox news.
  96. And I Found My Dream Car
  97. How My Neighbor Deals With Our HOA
  98. any good subaru tuners other than mzm
  99. New to area of texas
  100. Attn computer gurus (windows XP)
  101. Taking my CHL class with TJ and Milin
  102. Can anyone help me make a looping DVD?
  103. Rest In Peace Paul Newman
  104. engine light on and bad idle at start up
  105. Denton?
  106. TXIC Fantasy Hockey!!
  107. Something wrong with my idling?
  108. Happy Birthday Shortys1100
  109. Radiator Cracked
  110. Happy Birthday YourMothersLover!
  111. saw nasioc in ATX...
  112. Happy Birthday FriedIceCream!
  113. Who was at motorsportranch this past sat.
  114. local to DFW:Car audio amplifier repair?
  115. Powercoating in ATX - Anyone?
  116. Anyone willing to help me with turbo install for $$$?
  117. Thanks Keith!
  118. Good thing none of the windows in NYC buildings don't open
  119. what is a fair price to ask for my Forester XT?
  120. Anyone recognize this car?
  121. Anybody Recognise this heavily modded 02 WRX?
  122. HTX: Anyone know a worthwhile machine shop?
  123. cv boot
  124. I had a bit of a whoopsie...
  125. Another satisfied Engine Logics Customer
  126. DFW: Traffic lawyers
  127. help with spring install?
  128. hin dallas oct 11
  129. Why not Pontiac?
  130. Need help/advise
  131. DFW: RIP meridian room ... cd world
  132. 2008 GRM UTCC - 36th Place!
  133. Needin Some advice and such for Exhaust problems
  134. Premium Gas around downtown Houston
  135. Some people
  136. Rallye de Paris
  137. Broken wheel stud =( Anyone know how to fix?
  138. Motohouston blood drive
  139. Huge Thank You to RallyDave
  140. I have a switch cover for someone...
  141. Can someone check out a car for me?
  142. Any body want to go to Coffee and Cars? This sat!
  143. I need a link to that aerial photo of High Island surrounded by water
  144. XBOX Live! Dead again!
  145. GC spoiler on 02-03 ?
  146. Triwerks Grand Opening Oct 12 2008 @ 1pm
  147. Engagement Photos
  148. Suck it, STiAggie is a guru!
  149. Halloween Party!
  150. Need help!!!
  151. blood, b00bs, & b00ze tomorrow night
  152. Too much smoke out of bugeye..
  153. any other txic forester guys interested?
  154. List of bad gas stations
  155. ALMS on Speed right now
  156. Look what I found.....
  157. Someone Stole My Car Cover
  158. How do you know who's legit?
  159. close tuners?!?!?!
  160. HTX: yellow roush mustang / Palin debate hate thread
  161. Happy Birthday afpdl
  162. Things to do in Austin this weekend?
  163. 4 door Lambo
  164. Hello TXIC and Houston
  165. Houston Texans Adult Football Clinic Tuesday, Dec. 9
  166. atx, where to buy in-car camera mount for subaru or s2k
  167. Recycle Radiator?
  168. Who's the Go to Guy in Dallas/Fort Worth?
  169. I need cheap .40 ammo
  170. lowering springs
  171. Want To See Something Creepy?
  172. Where to get inspected?
  173. Kimbo Slice 3-1
  174. Subaru Plug-In STELLA
  175. wow, the texans are really bad
  176. Later TXIC
  177. HUB Removal Help
  178. Favorite golf course in Houston?
  179. On the News
  180. Who welds Stainless in HTX?
  181. Need a good alignment shop in ATX.
  182. Fort Worth area: where to buy handgun?
  183. Corpus Christi: Alignment shop?
  184. Saab 9-2X Aero
  185. DFW-Haunted House Meet?
  186. 30K mile service
  187. ATX: Ride Night at Applebees La Fronterra tonight!
  188. DFW: Charity Texas Hold’em w/ 2009 WSOP Seats As Prizes
  189. ATX: Plastics?
  190. Galveston taking it to Backe
  191. I didn't know a Fox would try to bite you
  192. I would like to make this Trip around Texas
  193. I know plenty of texas women that could use this.....
  194. hey houston
  195. where to race?
  196. anyone heard of the company AMCI?
  197. Searched Classic Google Index...
  198. Bad experience at a certain dealership in Spring
  199. TX BIKE CREW: MS150 Registration opens 10/15/08
  200. local members, please help, diff question
  201. ATX: Detailing
  202. Heat shields on stock U/P
  203. Should I Install a Front License Plate
  204. TXIC Who has your VOTE!!!
  205. transmission guru's and turbo experts, HELP
  206. East Houston Boom
  207. I hate Clear Lake roads with a passion!!!!
  208. Richard Hammond, not just for Top Gear
  209. clutch swap
  210. Please tell me WhyTF..........
  211. Houston photographers: A call to FOR TOP SCOOB ENTRY!
  212. need help finding a good houston shop
  213. Road rage
  214. I know it's difficult to follow the laws and such...
  215. Travis Pastrana at the Texas State Fair
  216. are there any subarus in texas!!!
  217. dog in heat wheat
  218. Who can clean my seats and carpet?
  219. can you put a motor back together
  220. Any Att Tilt, Kaiser, Xda gurus out there?
  221. Gillman Subaru next shop day
  222. Anyone in ATX that wants to play Bluebonnet (or similiar) next Saturday afternoon lmk
  223. Longhorns FTW!
  224. Hou:Single Dudes, I know it is last minute!
  225. do you know were i can find a jdm engine swap
  226. [DFW] Night Rally!
  227. new kicks for the car!!!
  228. Where does everyone meet up at??
  229. Haunted Houses
  230. Rant
  231. Need a Place to stay in South Houston area
  232. Jags gold club
  233. Legal advice/WWTXICD?
  234. Someone in Houston needs an ass whipping
  235. moving t TX for work.
  236. Thanks Gillman Subaru Southwest
  237. Need to barrow tactrix cord in houston!
  238. exhaust question
  239. Pistons and Paint car show anyone? denton?
  240. Speaker Mount Inserts....where to get them?
  241. Car storage around downtown Houston
  242. Local Energy providers for TXIC?
  243. Free: Single Stars Ticket for Wed Oct 15
  244. New GM at Gillman Subaru
  245. Pass Time on Speed
  246. college station suby's!!!!!!
  247. Part-time Jobs Around Plano?
  248. Warranty Issues
  249. Halloween with Rob & Cat.
  250. piano tuning in atx