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  1. Local race tracks CenTex
  2. Another Indoor kard track for Houston
  3. Welding Help
  4. DFW area clear bra application
  5. COBB Tuning Austin - AccessPORT/AccessTUNER Product Tester
  6. Something new to do on Fridays in Round Rock!
  7. DAL to HOU 5/19 + Astros game
  8. Help me out TXIC! Anyone have an extra coolant tank?
  9. need to borrow an engine hoist
  10. Drag Strip?
  11. N. Dallas Cruise - Sun 19th
  12. Anywhere to mount/balance your own tires in Houston?
  13. Reputable fender rollers in the houston area?
  14. scca autoX at TMS tomorrow
  15. Anyone interested in starting a East Houston meet ?
  16. 2012 Wrx Exhaust anyone?
  17. **Video Recap: All Team Bash Houston
  18. Need ECU/Accessport Help in NW Houston (Cypress)
  19. El Paso dyno day!!!
  20. New WRX owner
  21. Any "friendly" inspection stations around north Dallas?
  22. Hoon Kaboom: Anyone going?
  23. DFW beer snob unite June 6th
  24. need to borrow Tactrix DFW
  25. Happy Birthday Flinx12
  26. 2 meets Saturday Buda TX/ Sunday Kyle tx
  27. Moving to Houston and Dallas
  28. Gillman SW helps a Combat Vet out!
  29. Toy model of 08+ WRX
  30. Memorial Day Car show (supporting wounded warrior project)
  31. Amsoil dealer in North Houston?
  32. Looking for auto paint shop in the ATX area
  33. TXIC autocross thread
  34. opensource tune help!!
  35. Need some thoughts on my turbo/engine issue
  36. Meet sunday kyle tx 7:00pm to 9:00
  37. i need a huge favor
  38. ATX meet & cruise, Thursday the 31st
  39. HOU: Lamborghini Wreck
  40. Houston to San Antonio To Three Sisters
  41. Austin: Car meets and Car shops?
  42. continental automotive group austin subaru
  43. happy birthday veblen
  44. New in town!!
  45. Anyone have Swift Sport or RCE Blacks on their car I could test ride in?
  46. New TX member checking in
  47. I need yoar opinions
  48. Good dent repair in Austin??
  49. So I need some collision work done...
  50. Anyone going to Firestone 550 / Rallycross?
  51. Grandsport Speedway thoughts/opinions/advice
  52. Back in the fray
  53. Houston disc golf
  54. Anyone in Houston want to help me out?
  55. Recommend me a hangout in Houston
  56. Global Rallycross?
  57. Where do I get a bung in Houston?
  58. got into a wreck early this morning!!
  59. Delta/CENLA SCCA RallyCross @ SCR, June 17th
  60. Any detailers/paint experts in Houston?
  61. Truck Drivers and Yield Signs
  62. OT: Apartment hunting in Downtown/uptown Dallas
  63. Forest Ln Reunion tonight- car show
  64. Hump day MEET before the MEET, Arlington
  65. "Stranded" - On The Side Of The Road
  66. Foresters in Austin
  67. Aps Sr50 turbo help
  68. JK Subaru in Nederland Texas.
  69. soooo someone keyed my car
  70. The new guy intro
  71. Pics from Last Night's Meet
  72. Clear Blue Sky Rally
  73. Corsicana
  74. Rkc meets! Anyone else go?
  75. Girlfriend wants me to sell my car lol
  76. Lone Star Park Dollar Day June 16/ Subaru Meet
  77. anyone know a place that can do sheet metal flares or widebody?
  78. Trying to start having meets her at JK Subaru
  79. Hail damage!!!
  80. New Car, Third Subaru, In Love
  81. Group Buy Idea
  82. Dynoed my other car.
  83. Who wants to go Clubbing tonight in Houston
  84. Anybody in houston want to help me roll mr fenders
  85. I'm going to F1 Austin, 2012
  86. TXIC BRZ/ FR-S/ FT86 forum
  87. Car care products in Austin? Oh and can anyone lend me a Random orbital polisher?
  88. Two questions ive been debating
  89. Vorshlag needs a GR STi for a wheel fitment test
  90. JK Subaru Got its first BRZ!!!!!
  91. Killeen area meets??
  92. UTI / Ricekillers Block Party!!
  93. Non profit car show in kyle texas
  94. Yes! Tyler is getting a Subaru dealer.
  95. RALLYCROSS June 23 near Austin, TX!!
  96. STI insurance problem
  97. I need help with an engine install in ATX
  98. Help for a top installer
  99. Help Please!!
  100. Subaru Round 2 (great to be back)
  101. Any experience with this shop?
  102. DFW Hospice
  103. Frisco meet.
  104. New Addition to my (car)Family
  105. Used 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STI
  106. New to Texas (Dallas) Summers, heat question about oil/shifting
  107. SA: Where can I get my taillights done?!
  108. Anyone around Houston have a Motive Power Bleeder?
  109. cars & coffee Euless???
  110. 911 my CEL
  111. Rear ended
  112. Central San Antonio Car Meet
  113. 02 wrx Free hood and trunk- hail damaged
  114. Club near Fort Hood?
  115. Iraq challenge coins and other
  116. Houston: Help! Have 3 kittens that need a home!
  117. Need to find previous owner
  118. RALLYCROSS July 28 at Texas World Speedway!
  119. newbie! just picked up an 03 legacy gt
  120. Houston Subaru Mechanics (Downtown/Galleria/Medical Center area)?
  121. Austin, anyone who can help me install some bushings and mounts?
  122. Powder Coated Pain
  123. Paint matching, help?
  124. Oh no he's back!
  125. san Antonio to Austin cupcaking to Dallas for cup cake meet #14
  126. Is Meld still the go-to guy for maintenance in the Austin, TX area?
  127. Looking for College Station Import Car Club!
  128. WRX respray opinions / recommends Pflugerville
  129. Anyone going to drag and brag tomorrow?
  130. gauges
  131. Cupcake meet 14 in DFW!
  132. Open-source tuners in the Central/West Texas area?
  133. 06 STi at Roger Beasley Georgetown
  134. Road courses in DFW.
  135. Where to get an emissions test in Fort Worth
  136. Dallas area (new) car meets.
  137. Don't Hate Me, I got a Mazda2 B-Spec car.
  138. DFW - Paint and Body shop
  139. Looking to trade trunks!!!
  140. xbox live
  141. Blast To The Past After Hours Part III 8-11-12
  142. any one in south austin or further south goin to the cup cake meet in dallas
  143. Thank you Hail Damage/ Insurance:)
  144. Rally results!
  145. Best Tint Shop in DFW?
  146. 3 Sisters - Planning Begins
  147. Midland basin subaru
  148. scoobies for boobies Cruise to ccm14 from buccees exit 196
  149. New Member Introduction!
  150. Roommate wanted-Beltway/Monroe area
  151. AMF - Moving to the Land of Oz
  152. New Texas License Plate
  153. Sat. Oct 13 Dallas: 1st Annual Tuner's Challenge Poker Run
  154. Best Car Wash in DFW area?
  155. GLobal time attack- Texas round
  156. Texas Invitational Oct 2012 Dallas Cado mills
  157. Window Tint Questions
  158. New (to me) 2.5 RS w/ 100k, reputal shop for maintenance?
  159. Austin content.. FunFunFunFest 7 lineup is out.
  160. New kid on the block
  161. Summer Slaughter Tour 2012
  162. Friday night drags
  163. Typical Noob Introductory Thread
  164. Austin Powder Coating?
  165. Dr12
  166. Hydra question
  167. Houston: Need to borrow some non tinted bugeye WAGON tail lights!!
  168. NTEC/Don Herring MSR Track Day Sat. 9/22/2012
  169. SOP recommendation for service?
  170. Anyone making a Dallas to Houston run?
  171. DFW Map Rally - August 25, 2012
  172. Attention those who are awesome on Illustrator and Photoshop
  173. Stolen Trailer
  174. Anyone want to help install a TBE in S. Austin?
  175. Hey Houston! - Smart Car Leads Texas Police On Police Chase
  176. Oh how me what's it!!
  177. Does anyone know of any good part shops in the area?
  178. Quakecon 2012
  179. new guy
  180. catless inspection friendly in Austin area
  181. Looking for a place that will rent lift time in Houston
  182. Powder Coating Intercooler Piping in Houston
  183. Lonestar Motorsports Park
  184. Houston: Paint/Body Shop
  185. Houston Coffee and Cars tomorrow
  186. Houston tint shop
  187. need help ASAP!
  188. 2 ladies broken down HELP NEEDED in Mathis, TX
  189. rent/borrow car trailer ?
  190. STI in Oklahoma
  191. Holidays Generosity
  192. Body Shop recommendations
  193. San Angelo, where to get diagnostics for rattle/knock
  194. Engine assembly help
  195. E-check on a decatted STi in Dallas
  196. cool places for photo shoot in austin
  197. Who has this shop with all the rally subarus??
  198. TXU free nights...let's leave all the lights on!
  199. I need a trailing arm + bracket for Sunday!
  200. Visiting Dallas, where are the meets?
  201. Carrollton - FXT Part Out
  202. cook out
  203. lost a great man yesterday.
  204. Tail lights professionally painted
  205. Good Shop & Good Road for Pulls - Austin
  206. Ccm 15
  207. the Hardparker STI is no more... Part Out is up in TXIC FS section
  208. Clutch job in Austin
  209. Rusty's Central Houston Meets
  210. Gulf Coast Classic Sept 22nd and 23rd
  211. oh boy
  212. Noob here
  213. Need advice on how to handle my first Houston speeding ticket...
  214. My New Toy "Speed6"
  215. what should i get next?
  216. Ceramic window tint
  217. autoX at TMS 8-18
  218. Tuner from Boost Logic is in Town!
  219. RALLYCROSS TIME!! Austin, TX Saturday Aug 25
  220. Drycell batteries?
  221. lookin for Subaru parts yard
  222. Hill Country Cruise?
  223. Traffic sticky
  224. Just a question for built shortblock/engine people
  225. Houston Area ECU Reflash
  226. Hot Import Nights - Xtreme Drift Circuit FINALS DFW Sept 22
  227. Farmers Branch PD and Dallas PD is on the prowl...
  228. Question/Opinion on tuning
  229. Timing belt service quote, need opinions
  230. TXICs thoughts on a new car...
  231. Radiator went to crap, recommend me one for this Texas heat.
  232. Global Time Attack/XDC Drift/HIN Sept 21-22
  233. photos and cruise?
  234. Anyone know this guy?
  235. Ricekillers / Universal Technical Instutute Car Show!!
  236. Any really cool places to visit in Austin area?
  237. Shocks/Coilover rebuild service in Houston?
  238. who does custom driveshafts near DFW?
  239. !@!#!@ Intake Manifold
  240. Austin BBQ drive, anyone?
  241. ATX appartment for rent.
  242. powdercoating...
  243. Big Event 4 with Dave Mirra & Bucky Lasek - Oct. 13 - presented by Gillman Subaru SW
  244. Big Event 4: Shop Day Registration
  245. Big Event 4: Car Show registration and info
  246. Hello from San Marcos!
  247. i have a SUBARU!!!
  248. Carpooling to UH from SW Houston
  249. Recommended alignment shop in Fort Worth.
  250. kinda new but not new to txic