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  1. Got the Car tuned today
  2. Any recommendations for a good alignment shop in Houston?
  3. Countdown to 2003 sedans new home!
  4. Down with Connecticut
  5. What is local going rate for '03 WRX?
  6. Camping Sites in Austin?
  7. Anyone play Golden Tee?
  8. Supra event in Houston?
  9. best twisty roads in austin for spirited driving
  10. FS: Cusco v.II front chassis brace (WRX)
  11. Super Sweet Stuff For Sale Rally etc.
  12. pca autocross tomorrow @ GGP houston
  13. My Dallas Auto Show Pics
  14. Camber Plates
  15. Possible summer road trip :)
  16. What happened to the HiVisibility @ Target thread?
  17. STi short shifter for $175
  18. Greetings...From Germany
  19. WRX Rolled during Autocross
  20. Hello from Africa
  21. hello from china
  22. hello from san diego
  23. Hello from Austin
  24. EVO Sighting
  25. I thinkmy car is cursed!!!
  26. Coming back in force...
  27. glilly's car featured on VividRacing's site
  28. FS:4 Stock WRX Rims w/Sumitomo HTR-4 tires
  29. Those that have traded in WRX, a question
  30. looking to resurface your rotors (houston)?
  31. Blue Sedan on louis henna today (monday)
  32. HOU: Workers needed to help on Friday Nat. Tour
  33. National tour April 5-6
  34. April Fools discovered on the Nasioc...
  35. fun road from downtown san antonio to austin area?
  36. Good driving roads in China?
  37. You people are bored. teh
  38. Good paint/body shop in Austin
  39. Anyone interested in buying a TXS Unichip local?
  40. So, will I see you at Numbers on teh 8th?
  41. Winamp + SaveCast + CD Writer + 1 night's sleep =
  42. FS: 4 225/45/16 Kumho Ecsta 712 (used)
  43. exhaust preference (blitz / HKS)
  44. for IT guys....
  45. Best RC Car
  46. I no longer work for CITY GARAGE!!!
  47. evo rapage not so bad
  48. how would YOU paint my car???
  49. downpipe question and possible buy
  50. STi Wheels
  51. I think I've got some fuel problems or ECU is screwed up. Maybe a bad sensor too(MAF)
  52. Scooby's kick butt at Spokes last Saturday
  53. Going to investigate in a few minutes
  54. What would you do?
  55. Kartzone in April
  56. HP Combo Drive for sale!
  57. Does anyone want to watch or join me for the dyno runs at tomorrow?
  58. Chalak gear set finally shipped today!
  59. Look what I got!
  60. interesting testing with ram air setup
  61. Hou. Natl Autox Tour Maps Up
  62. shops in houston?
  63. OT- But local, re-blood donations for service members
  64. interesting recent SRT-4 dyno results
  65. Looking For A Job In Austin!
  66. Car Still for sale 18k
  67. Friday night?
  68. National tour run work order?
  69. Dirt Roads?
  70. Tranny Failed Broken Second Gear
  71. sti injector almost gone to hell, need help!
  72. Import Expo - Dallas - May 3rd
  73. Fess up! How was
  74. austin hh
  75. Any Amps For Sale In Dallas?
  76. FS: Carbon fiber hood W STI scoop
  77. I forgot my birthday is coming up this month. What to get?
  78. Sunday / Dallas SpeedZone Get-Together
  79. Its a Boy
  80. SpeedVentures at Texas World Speedway 4/12-4/13 $150!
  81. Still for Sale
  82. Attn: Austinites
  83. Bad experience at "Tint-n-Tunes" in Richardson, Tx Please read and comment
  84. Saturday - Grand Opening - MacArthur & 635
  85. NOOOO!!! They killed it!!!
  86. Article on WRXTC
  87. anyone and everyone with vf30
  88. Front-Mount For Sale.
  89. Lime Creek Today
  90. Wrecked My Car Again......
  91. So who else got hailed on?
  92. Fry's sale guys!
  93. whos silver wrx...
  94. who did I just see coming back from the dragstrip tonight?
  95. All My OEM Exhaust Parts For Sale!!
  96. Stock wheels for sale.
  97. ATX sightings : white nospoiler exhaust on mopac sat night 5:25 AM
  98. Houston HH: wednesday, BW3's
  99. Stainless Pipe and Tig Welding
  100. Congrats Steve!!
  101. Nick's Place Thursday and to look at Chalak Gears?
  102. Best Places in Houston for: Dent pulling, Tint
  103. Bad Combination - Update
  104. Best Subaru dealer in Houston?
  105. My WRX is for sale
  106. Hail in Se Houston
  107. Pics from Alief meet
  108. ProSolo@TMS
  109. Subarus in Oklahoma`
  110. For Sale: 2.5RS GOODIES
  111. Ok, since the tranny, clutch, and flywheel are taken care of...Now time for internals
  112. Emissions Testing on OBDII cars
  113. asphalt dynamat-like acoustic sheets, free to good home in austin
  114. Austin HH
  115. FS - WRB Wings west wing 02+ WRX
  116. Selling my hood....
  117. Anyone used this intercooler company
  118. insurance question
  119. Found my next car...
  120. Looking for a junkyard in Houston area with a WRX
  121. Anybody know..
  122. Good Place for Brakes in Austin?
  123. where can I pick up a Valentine 1 locally?
  124. Sighting - WRB WRX at the JPMorganChase run last night
  125. HKS turbo timer harness
  126. Sighting - Blue WRX corner of N.Gessner and Beltway
  127. DFW area: Plano...Anyone Done a Turbo Timer and wanna help me?
  128. Nick's Place tonight?
  129. anybody in texas need some autox numbers/magnets?
  130. Rockets tix up for grabs (Sat. night)
  131. So my exhaust came in a day early...
  132. Impromptu mini shop day
  133. 2002/2003 Wrx Factory Sub???
  134. For all of you big time Matrix fans!!!
  135. FS: Prodrive P7 Anthracite w/ Yoko ES100
  136. FS: Utec
  137. First dibs to dallas locals..
  138. Where Orion goes Clothes Shopping for his new kid.
  139. Laff Stop this weekend
  140. F.I.Systems.
  141. WRX For sale, low price.
  142. TAMSCC AutoX the 13th
  143. Pioneer LCD/Brain
  144. Who's the guy- wrecked his silver turbo RS coupe a while back?
  145. Saw a Mallett...
  146. Red/Orange WRX 2.5RS on North Beach...
  147. 50+ Vipers - Pappas BBQ - Dallas
  148. CF Hood/ Molded Scoop
  149. Well boys it looks like I'm going to Johns Hopkins
  150. How much for an 03 WRX?
  151. Can you tell a difference?
  152. New WRX owner in southwest Fort Worth
  153. Some Silvia pics...
  154. So who was at MSR this weekend?
  155. Where to find taps?
  156. Props to FIS!!!
  157. About time Huffines Service screwed up...
  158. Its official, I have a 2nd vehicle now :)
  159. Sighted: Main St. in Houston
  160. If you strike on a public road, I will run you over.
  161. So who were the other 2 scoobies at IDRC..
  162. WTB: Stock sedan sway bar....
  163. FS: Subarus
  164. who made it out to NOPI / NDRA?
  165. Houston: Crawfish Tonight
  166. Driving Record
  167. New Texas Member
  168. Prey for me, my car, and my tranny
  169. Best cellphone carrier for Dallas area
  170. Did a search but yielded nothing for "windshield replacement"
  171. My friend is going to Japan..
  172. Anyone here in North Houston area????
  173. Got estimate of damage, looking for your old parts
  174. Peas out
  175. TurboXS??????????
  176. 4/15 LUNCH in Woodlands @ 11:00am
  177. Stock OEM Wheels and tires for sale
  178. Hou->Aus SAT Apr 19, Spokes Auto-X
  179. Someone is trying to profit off wcbjr's stuff...
  180. Need ZMWs email addy
  181. Any chance Austin Subaru will fix my clutch shudder given mods?
  182. One last time - STi short shifter for sale
  183. WTB: Sprint PCS phone
  184. There is some kind of protest right below my building
  185. anyone in houston interested in a very cool reat seat protector?
  186. No one is going to believe this about my stock gears...
  187. A Saab WRX?
  188. Car Transport????
  189. Lotus Exige
  190. Getting a new turbo, what do you think about this?
  191. Access ECU
  192. Gumball 3000, 2003
  193. Underground Graphics BBQ - This Sat.
  194. Starbucks on Western Center...
  195. anything going on tonight?
  196. What car to buy in France?
  197. To the guy who called me at Christian Brothers.
  198. The Detroit Red Wings =
  199. Anyone need EBC Greenstuff pads?
  200. Turbo MR2 FS
  201. FS : 2001 Honda Prelude
  202. Is it just me or....
  203. "Invasion" Car & Bike Show - Sunday, April 27, Irving
  204. Sunday Dinner : 04/20/2003 : Per Bankheist
  205. Dallas Pro Solo
  206. Two Stock Impreza Rims For Sale
  207. Question for all you regular speeding offenders
  208. Nick's Place HH - Thursday 7:00
  209. anyone have some fairly lightweight 17X7.5 rims for sale?
  210. FS - DFW - WRB Stock Wing
  211. crosspost
  212. Car show and BBQ
  213. Msr Dvd
  214. 2K3 Dust Off April 26/27 Dallas
  215. Vishnu
  216. Anyone seen the new WRX commercial?
  217. Gears, Flywheel, Clutch, Uppipe are now offically installed.
  218. HRP tonight 4/18 anyone?
  219. fuel upgrades + fp turbo = ?
  220. so i didnt get the job i just interviewed for
  221. 2 x 2002 JDM STi engines and trannies
  222. '04 WRXs spotted at Gillman North
  223. clutch going out, where to fix? (houston)
  224. Where to install? HELP!
  225. What's a good price for Mobil 1?
  226. Camaro drivers
  227. 20 freakin 1
  228. DFW: Whats going on tonight???
  229. Guess whos in the Gumball tourney...
  230. Anyone live or work in Converse?
  231. HELP! WTB re92, used, Austin ASAP
  232. Grrr.... Clutch isn't holding during a 5K launch
  233. Shouts out to Dallas and the rest of y'all
  234. downpipe install help!!!
  235. H-town wheel alignment suggestions?
  236. Takeoff RE92s
  237. Subaru meet this week in Woodlands????
  238. DFW body kit installation?
  239. Who's a hardcore Subaru autocrosser in Houston and Austin?
  240. Dont listen to rap all that much, but....
  241. DFW 3rd Sunday Dinner... err 4th Sunday 4/27
  242. Formula One tint in Houston, good reccomendation
  243. Hou : Crawfish? Mon (today)
  244. Anyone know where to get...
  245. Parts for Sale
  246. My Gumball Experience!
  247. do not speed today in houston
  248. 21Apr Starbucks meet @9 in S. Arlington
  249. just got back from the gumball 3000 stop in houston
  250. Does anybody know Brian W.