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  1. Pics from 3/21 Autox - 56k warning
  2. Anyone Willing to Take a look at
  3. Shop Near Dallas That Will Tune a UNICHIP??
  4. Fog Light Stolen....
  5. Re badging
  6. Austin sighting
  7. Bwahaha! My insurance rates suck, for now!
  8. Anything going on in Houston this weekend?
  9. FS: Set of WRX rims
  10. Autocross at Pennington tomorrow?
  11. Bov
  12. Mazda Rev It Up
  13. Need a grill emblem
  14. FS: STi V7 Takeoffs, Eibach Pro-Kit and Cusco Camber Plates
  15. STi hood scoop for a $1?
  16. GMK Intercooler Hose Free To Good Home
  17. The Silvia is on Ebay...
  18. FS: OEM Parts
  19. 02 WRX OEM Intercooler, FREE..
  20. Anyone have an extra laptop for tuning?
  21. Spotted in Plano - Black/Gold wingless STi
  22. Saturn chasing the SRT-4?
  23. Help on Music system on my STI
  24. Need Hookup! Access to flatbed trailer or CHEAP flatbed tow truck service.
  25. My pictures from SCCA AutoX #1, March 21
  26. How much for?
  27. Maroon 00 2.5RS at auditorium shores - ATX
  28. free oem catback wrx
  29. Searchscout = most irritating pop-up
  30. Best Places to Camp In/Around Texas?
  31. Moving to Texas!
  32. Auto competition May 1st
  33. Another black WRX in Spring it you?
  34. FS: Kartboy Short Shifter
  35. speakers and amp for sale
  36. Austin Dell Employees? Please chime in...
  37. Cusco front bar FS
  38. 4 sale: cusco strut bar
  39. Black WRX @ MSR ?
  40. Thank god I only have one more year to put up with this!
  41. WTB: Main Dash Panel
  42. Cool Video - Nike
  43. So I may be coming house hunting next weekend...
  44. Can't get fuel filter out
  45. For sale in dallas.
  46. Clear Lake Hooters: Wednesday or Thursday?
  47. 02-03 STi Hood Scoops
  48. I still think the Evo is aesteticly too much....
  49. Looking for a company near San Antonio to install a VF34
  50. Spam!!!
  51. I just found out!!!
  52. Thursday North Dallas Lunch
  53. Austin HH
  54. Badd arse special effects
  55. Anyone want a stock Sti muffler?
  56. Greddy remote switching system
  57. Post your Bandwidth.
  58. where to get stereo installed in houston, and where to put amps in wagon?
  59. Anyone Done Unichip Resistor Mod ???
  60. Who's white RS in Buda?
  61. ROFL!!!! this is some f-d up stuff
  62. WT*???? Hotsubaru,SOD
  63. Check engine light on?
  64. FS: up-pipe and sti motor and tranny mounts
  65. crazy insurance stuff
  66. Quick estimate on 1993 240sx
  67. BRP GC8 RS @ Matheson Tri-gas ?
  68. I got taken
  69. Fs: Aem Cai $75
  70. Looking for good muffler shop in or around Houston
  71. BW3s tonight anyone?!
  72. Question about coilovers, rear & front sway bars?
  73. Wave goodbye to TEKNIQ (probably)
  74. a little help with compression checking
  75. Just thought this was funny...
  76. No love sighting..........
  77. Lunch in Round Rock Today... about 12
  78. Install Help
  79. A litte love
  80. Anyone sellin' ???
  81. the decisions...
  82. Some Crummy Night Pics
  83. someone shot my car with BB
  84. FS: help a brutha out
  85. Pictures of SoD's FXT
  86. This gave me a good laugh
  87. New Batmobile
  88. I was driving down 45N from Galveston and.....
  89. ATX: Let's get our Subys washed this weekend!
  90. Austin HH 2.0 (the non-hijacked version)
  91. Mavericks - Kings Game Tomorrow
  92. jameswhinewhine7
  93. new wagon owner in Austin
  94. TXIC (SATX) phone registry
  95. Fort Worth Spring Rally April 24 - Free Concert & Car Show
  96. computer lab WTLWs... ugh.
  97. Specific financing question
  98. Afternoon Drive
  99. Come Get Your Chance to Oil Wrestle W/Bikini Clad Women!
  100. Fo translating websites fo understanin
  101. Twin Turbo 2.0l on e-bay
  102. Justin962
  103. Computer for [local] Sale
  104. Lawyer needed
  105. Looking for a Rex
  106. For Austin Peeps....
  107. help finding a good shop with a AWD dyno
  109. Just Noticed.......
  110. NASIOC is hacked!
  111. FS: Stock Rims and tires
  112. Why are we the Texas Corolla Club Forum -- TXIC
  113. I love my YUGO!
  114. Here is a better one...Subaru is being acquired by KIA!
  115. Cat's (MissDanz) Birthday Blowout...
  116. sighting In clear lake
  117. anyone a zookeeper in here?
  118. Photography in Houston...
  119. GC8 Guys- Stupid Question
  120. texas corolla club forum :rofl:
  121. Laptop Buying advice
  122. Possible Houston Trade....
  123. Hooter Girls & Subbies - Nice Clear Lake Meet 3/31
  124. is [email protected] too.
  125. 'bout to get my car back
  126. FS: (DFW local) stock W R X wheels w/RE92s
  127. Anyone in Texas interested?
  128. North Dallas Sighting
  129. At the Dyno...
  130. Need Body Repair Work in Houston
  131. got the wagon
  132. Sack Kings eat it again
  133. Impreza Car Bra
  134. Newbie
  135. Stock flywheel
  136. FS: wrx car bra
  137. piaa lights
  138. lunch today 4-2-04
  139. So apparently, my car is repairable
  140. Turbo Inlet Install, ATX
  141. Ignorance and an import racer!
  142. USA movie, about cars, oh my!
  143. FS: Stock WRX Struts/Springs/Top Hats
  144. SA and Austin 1st and 4th drunkest cities in America
  145. Anyone have an RS?
  146. FS: Factory 02 WRX Mid & Down pipe
  147. Friday Night in Arlington!
  148. Who's going.........
  149. HOU: astros tonight 2-4-04 2 tix
  150. Arlington Wingstop Tonight
  151. Back from Jersey - '99 OBS Converted [56k death]
  152. White STi onUniversity and Camp Bowie
  153. Anyone meets this weekend?
  154. Can someone bring a recording device to the Dyno day?
  155. WRX parts coming soon!!!
  156. Boost gauge install
  157. fuel pump
  158. Blue WRX at the auto show
  159. Trunk Swap/Parts search (post for friend)
  160. Have anyone installed Cusco Shift Linkage Bush?
  161. WTT: RFL Bov
  162. Bad Ass meet of Houston?
  163. anyone down tonight...
  164. DFW: Bored tonight?
  165. Random pic.
  166. Hellboy, Hella waste of time
  167. Cusco Front Bar Fs
  168. FS: K&N Filter panel for WRX
  169. Drift Showoff @ Gulf Greyhound Park
  170. Planning to attend Rally Japan
  171. Need a upper radiator hose
  172. Does anyone want a STI spare tire... Sti trunk mat, tool kit, or stock downpipe?
  173. Car Show Myth Busters
  174. WTB exhaust
  175. Austin HH
  176. houston wheel repair
  177. Gauging interest:2004 WRB WRX
  178. FS: HPI Super Nitro Rally R/C
  179. texas autocrossers, i may be joining you in STX for a while
  180. Clear Lake Hooters: Round 4
  181. Pooh I want my wheels back!
  182. WTB Gaskets, best place?
  183. 2004 rear sway bar mounts
  184. tiptronic subaru??
  185. Wax, polish, clay bar: what do you guys use and how often?
  186. Good use of a Baja
  187. subaru challenge texas...
  188. Buffalo Wild Wings Westheimer on 4/6/04
  189. i need a track
  190. DFW Meetings
  191. Traxion or Drift Showoff
  192. PDR in Austin
  193. Suggestion for change of NASIOC
  194. North Dallas Lunch (4/8)
  195. SoD/ Invite you to "The Rally to the Race"
  196. My lawyer rocks!!!
  197. Austin Dyno Day
  198. Silver WRX Siting
  199. North Texas autocrossing?
  200. got my new wheels in
  201. Lookin for a car
  202. For the local guys
  203. Question for S.o.D. (a little long)
  204. Ticket Help
  205. 11 lbs?
  206. wanted 98 gc impreza ... will be my first impreza
  207. Wanna ride?
  208. WTB: front and rear strut tops
  209. *ATTN* San Antonio Peeps
  210. Get Fuzzy
  211. Kinda cool from early this morning
  212. For all you cat lovers
  213. What's wrong with the Rockets?
  214. UG / Nick's neon sign
  215. Good Friday
  216. almost 60K, time for a timing belt
  217. Austin WRX owners
  218. Ticket help in Waco
  219. Looking to Meet other Subi Drivers !!!
  220. another ticket question
  221. Free to a good gome! PC parts
  222. I got tickets!
  223. FS: Nikon N70 Camera and 28-200mm lens on Ebay
  224. FS: 120 Gallon Oceanic Tank w/Cabinet plumbing, etc.
  225. Lost ym Job Monday... so it's up to you to help me out now...
  226. FS: N. Dallas Tein S-techs and Perrin SS
  227. petition for front plate law
  228. chrisF huh?
  229. Fighting Insurance
  230. how is wassabi staying in buisness?
  231. FS:Perrin SS, harness and pillar lower price
  232. anyone ever gotten out of an apartment lease?
  233. I think this car may have belonged to someone on this board
  234. FMIC...hood scoop not needed?
  235. Helix
  236. happy easter early TXIC
  237. WTB: axle/catback austin area
  238. Some pics from the Hou Natl tour. 56k death
  239. ATX: TEKNIQ Help needed!
  240. very nice sti pic...
  241. Looking for an old school GF/GC/GM Intake silencer
  242. VF34 + inj +pump, will I be wearing my pistons as a necklace?
  243. TXS MBC question...
  244. Who wants their car to be on our website?
  245. No austin HH tonite?
  246. So I go to Texas Stardom in Frisco to have a drink and eat, and...
  247. 4/9/04 Wingstop Arlington
  248. Drift Show Houston
  249. In Plano for the Holiday, couple ?'s
  250. austin folks