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  1. Mini club needs an idea for a cruise meet
  2. any good places for re-uphostering seats??
  3. Video: Best Motoring March 2008
  4. Travis hits a deer in his rally car
  5. someone tried to hack my account?!?!
  6. Did Greg Try To Hack His Own Account?
  7. Best local/Canadian resources for parts/services
  8. Taillight Tint
  9. OT: Preventing rust on muffler
  10. 2008 WRX sticker price???
  11. My EXs'
  12. Help! Bumper removal.
  13. CEL fix anyone???
  14. Those who purchased 2008 STi....
  15. what color should i paint my rims
  16. what color should i paint my stockers?
  17. help ! Anyone in NANAIMO ?? or can be by 445pm ?
  18. What do you call a man whos been thrown through aluminum?
  19. Got Keyyyyyed
  20. Going to court soon for speeding ticket..
  21. Supercharge Subie
  22. What happened to my gas mileage?
  23. Wrc2008
  24. 2008 WRX Hitch install!
  25. an UNDERCOVER car u won't believe!
  26. Impreza Driving Performance in the Snow
  27. Where to buy beer kegs?
  28. What do you think of modifying in stages?
  29. Super Bowl XLII: NY Giants Win!
  30. A Subbie Noob
  31. Hit and run
  32. VIC members, what colour are your wheels?
  33. New to VIC
  34. Need a place to stay in Van
  35. Today was a good day
  36. Need help on cobb accessport
  37. Who has 08 STI aero kits in the Lower mainland?
  38. Where to buy H7 HID replacement bulbs???
  39. Video of your Subaru for YNoTWs
  40. The Radar Trap Location Thread
  41. Happy Birthday Aspect!
  42. Free magazine subscriptions?
  43. Sad day for Rally Justy...
  44. ideas 4 plasma cut grills
  45. Romraider is back online!!!
  46. Road & Track: 08STI VS EVO X
  47. OT: why is USPS tracking so TERRIBLE?
  48. Are you dishing it out or are you taking it in?
  49. Minimum break-in mileage for engine?
  50. Meet?
  51. 3 year warranty about to expire, what should i do?
  52. My late Christmas presents!
  53. Need: Spring Swap
  54. The Official 3rd Annual VIC BBQ thread
  55. Need help with AP V2 guys!
  56. I'm Moving ...
  57. installing a carputer/nav
  58. Question about TSB shipping in Pt. Roberts
  59. OT: can someone give me LOOMIN'S SHOP website!
  60. WRX getting direct competitor from Mitsu now too...
  61. Anyone see this dolphin boat on news last nite.
  62. Need to borrow a microphone for Feb.17
  63. spring projects 08
  64. who has this transformer?
  65. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Sportback
  66. OT: Subaru underpinnings... the new celica
  67. OT: Hot Wheels Radar Gun $10 @ Toys 'r Us
  68. Victoria Motor Sports Club Winter Series 2 Feb 16
  69. OT: anybody dealt with
  70. Car Audio installers in Burnaby area - Ramos Proaudio?
  71. Road Rage
  72. Looking for a shop to do an engine rebuild
  73. INGS N-Spec body kit
  74. Barnes Lake Ice Race this Sunday, who's leaving when?
  75. Anybody Going to Rocket Rally This Week?
  76. White Sti in Pitt Meadows
  77. 2008 Impreza Hatch Thread
  78. RR protune
  79. OT: Want to play with VIC Xbox Live people
  80. GC STI Swap
  81. 03 wrx foglight troubles
  82. going to vancouver, couple qs
  83. 08 Sti vs 08 Evo
  84. OT: TIPS on Cell Phone Plans
  85. OT: Rotary Tool
  86. My First year of Subie Ownership
  87. Best craiglist ad ever!
  88. Help! Hit Road Debris
  89. OT: Torx T-70 Bit
  90. **** the search button
  91. Question about cat. converter/o2 sensor for 01 Impreza RS
  92. Doing the Brakes, should I paint up the calipers?
  93. Help me choose a new Car....
  94. Pics from Western Speedway Autox Feb16
  95. oem wheel weights on the inside?
  96. opinion on local dealerships.
  97. silly ricer...
  98. Anyone watching Knight Rider right now?
  99. exhaust leak
  100. What Kind Of Bov Should I Get?!?!?!?!
  101. "Linkseal @ Oakridge" DC Photoshoot
  102. OT: this guy speaks better chinese than me!
  103. Should I learn Cantonese or Mandarin?
  104. Impressions : 08STI w/ Cobb Accessport and RR catless DP.
  105. OT: best way to get to Seattle...
  106. Carbon Tax, 1.50 gas by July...
  107. i hope this guy is not in nasioc
  108. de-badged!
  109. Anyone catch the lunar eclipse tonight?
  110. is this badass?
  111. Advise Needed: How to Mod a 08 FXT as STi Model?
  112. OT: Stay away from TopRacing HK people..
  113. Courtesy of UPS and Option Import
  114. The Wheels are IN! (Powdercoated and Wrapped) FRESH
  115. Rev Speed Hyper Meet 2006 (Evo & Impreza)
  116. anyone interested ina group buy?
  117. so i heard the gas price is going to sky rocket!
  118. Five minutes in Kyiv
  119. Power steering fluid, manual tranny fluid, and rear diff fluid
  120. 335i + sti = nice day for a shoot
  121. My very first police ticket today!
  122. subaru should have done this in the first place
  123. Mod of the day
  124. Mini Decal's Club on 23-02-2008 (pics)
  125. Looks like the EVO has arrived eh?
  126. Fog light wiring
  127. 2008 WRX BOV Poll?
  128. First pics of my Leggy on Nasioc
  129. Just Got my 1st Subie
  130. OT: trying to remember a movie from the 80s
  131. Xtreme Makeover: wheel'n and deal'n
  132. Big ups Pat and Bruce at Rocket Rally
  133. crashed STi? Nasioc member?
  134. help,how can i join the Vancouver Subaru Club
  135. Advise Needed: Which Shop Has Pro Installation On JDM Sidemarkers?
  136. OT: 1st Time I Got Pulled Over Just Because My Car is Subaru!
  137. AWD Decal Picks-Up #2-ish
  138. I'm bored.... where to buy LEDs?
  139. Mod of the Day Thread
  140. Woot RCE at Dale's Alignment
  141. Boyd Coddington Dead at 63 :(
  142. facebook?! vic network?
  143. Drink and drive lose car!
  144. where in Vancouver
  145. James... Miata?? Can you see it?
  146. Revscene spring meet
  147. Summer Tires... YESSS!
  148. why is nasioc so f'ing slow?
  149. Telus = efficient
  150. Paypal disputes
  151. What tires?
  152. OT: Telus LD Access Fee
  153. Vic -> Swic
  154. 08' STI vs Gallardo Superleggera.
  155. Bad day
  156. Where to buy red wheel bolts for Mini Cooper S
  157. Victoria Motor Sports Club Winter Series 3 March 8
  158. Got ticket today
  159. Advice Needed: Which Color of Rays Nuts Should I Pick?
  160. $180 for a hubcap?
  161. About finding body kits
  162. New pic of my Sti
  163. When drunken retards with Acuras attack
  164. Is your Scooby special enough?
  165. OT: Bikers
  166. New building at UVic...
  167. LCD monitor or HDTV?
  168. wheel nuts.
  169. Security For Your Suby
  170. my bugeye
  171. Advice Needed: Which A/S tires, Proxes4 or P-Zero M+S?
  172. Subaru supporter
  173. some pics
  174. I think we all need to have some more respect for others
  175. OT: avoiding traffic hour westbound on highway1
  176. Tips on fixing cars on your own
  177. My new 08' WRX hatchback
  178. Opinions on Tire Sizing...
  179. OT: how to create a recovery disk in vista?
  180. Last Call for AWD Tow Decal pick ups.
  181. parting out and parting with my 87
  182. Wheels question
  183. Local machine shop
  184. 98-01 2.5RS (GC/GM6) Owners, Let your presence Be Know
  185. Radar Jammer
  186. OT: Who needs a movie? *hilarious*
  187. Rally Fans: Need your help with a rally perception survey
  188. is a JDM 92/93 WRX STI worth buying?
  189. ot: anybody wanna ball today?
  190. 1 year anniversary thanks!
  191. Help! power steering is now screwed after installing pullys.
  192. Loud Exhausts?
  193. My car In Rocket Rallys hands now
  194. Am I getting good value this way?
  195. OT: Crack-You-Up Kung-fu Audition Video. Ha-hAAA
  196. GT-R fifth gear
  197. Where to get some Ferodo 2500 pads locally?
  198. satellite Radio
  199. OT: best ad, for a laugh :)
  200. Diesel powered WRX?
  201. OT:Please Help! In need to hire wood work/manufacturer asap.
  202. RSB Settings
  203. Spring Break
  204. what to declare at the border for used used private-sale items
  205. 30% more power for 70 bucks
  206. First STI crashed in JP
  207. Waits at the border
  208. bridgestone re070
  209. New Vendor Classified Forum
  210. The World of Golden Eggs...?
  211. IPod stuff
  212. April 5th, 2008 : 98-01 2.5RS (GC/GM) Meet !!!
  213. I Hate Tow Truck Drivers
  214. Opinions on type of deck to get installed.
  215. Glad i Dont have a Turbo!
  216. Installation: 2005-07 STi JDM Rear Aprons/Spats
  217. Some Crazy chicks
  218. Anyone uses Aftermarket Wheel nuts on stock wheels?
  219. Monsoon East-West
  220. I beat ICBC!
  221. Nearly 400 cars got keyed in silvercity coquitlam
  222. Beware of crazy truck driver on Hwy 91
  223. OT: Dealing with baldness
  224. Subie Club world meet where was vic?
  225. Astro media anti US car campaign?
  226. OT: iPod noob (yes another ipod thread)
  227. Has Anyone tried out the Nitto Invo in Local?
  228. who should i contact for a dyno tune at rocketrally?
  229. my car smells
  230. just got my car back
  231. wtf: cant get into my PM's
  232. More car "keyings" in Vancouver
  233. Road rage on a whole new level
  234. Just ordered an Accessport
  235. F1 2008
  236. OT: Work at Staples or Futureshop?
  237. OMG!!! So pissed of going to school today!
  238. All US to Can shipments delayed (inc. Subiesport)
  239. how fast would you need to be traveling....
  240. Another "which color" thread :P
  241. Need an assist if possible (Shipping help)
  242. Clear Your PM Box Loomin
  243. My friend says I have road rage even when I'm just walking!
  244. Wheels for white Bugeye WRX.
  245. So ugh I have no power in my car, it wont start.
  246. An STi? A chick magnet?!
  247. OT: What happened to spring?
  248. OT: how to pull an all nighter and keep yourself awake
  249. Shockwave traffic jams recreated
  250. Check Engine Light