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  1. Insurance time: ICBC or Private
  2. Where to go for a V.I.?
  3. looking to sell my car soon, how much?
  4. New Wheel Teaser
  5. Past Due Notice from ICBC
  6. Vancouver hoods
  7. Boost Guage Mounting Suggestion
  8. wthell?
  9. Is B & B dead??
  10. bachelor party in Vancouver, help!
  11. CodeMasters does it again! - GRID trailer
  12. fog light bulb replacement
  13. goin downtown
  14. Optical Illusion or ghost in the car???
  15. interesting read about gas
  16. The new GT-R is freakin sweet.
  17. Summer AutoX is here
  18. question on used cars from dealerships/dvd players
  19. Are you Aware of riot in tibet,china? Are you fooled by BBC,CBC,CNN??
  20. buying a new legacy
  21. anyone have account for carfax or somthing
  22. Advice Needed:245/40-18 A/S on 18x8.5 = Rear Fender Rolled ?
  23. Vancouver International Auto Show: March 29th - April 6th
  24. Anyone fitted an STI rear window vane?
  25. new wheels on the whip!
  26. cell phone crew
  27. anyone getting anything painted wrb?
  28. city of vancouver parking ticket
  29. Funny motorcycle ad on Craigslist
  30. how long does it take to install a v-limited lip on 06-07
  31. found this in craigslist
  32. Lower Is Better!
  33. would ya?
  34. Where to go in Vancouver
  35. Installing lock nuts question
  36. are oem oil filters more expensive now?
  37. OT: how much time does it take for the Canada custom to review parcels?
  38. Where tires in states?
  39. Does 07 sti suspension fit a GC?
  40. Coquitlam Scooby owners take precaution!
  41. couple of maintenance questions
  42. pot holes suck
  43. subies = road hazard?
  44. before I get a tune done
  45. How long should my exhuast last?
  46. OT: Who's been to L.A? Things to do?
  47. Anybody ordering anything from SGP?
  48. Subaruman5s Jan/Feb/Mar 08 Update Pics of Vancouver Island, Hachi-Roku, Subaru Mods
  49. BMW sinister 6
  50. Muffler Bearings?
  51. For all you hockey fans...
  52. OT: ways to get yourself focused/concentrated
  53. Fifth Gear: 08 WRX STi
  54. Plastic rubber strip
  55. Flash...boom!
  56. Where to buy...
  57. Nasioc never looked so good!
  58. what do you think of the JDM RA-R roof vent?
  59. looking for JDM bugeyes.
  60. Car dealer sues manufacturers over price discrepancy
  61. Vancouver this weekend (March 29/30)
  62. Anyone have experience with P0325 Knock Sensor?
  63. B-Mac's Vanc. Auto Show Preview Pics Thread
  64. OT: DMX on Obama
  65. Sweepstakes scam?
  66. Vancouver Autoshow Preview
  67. OT - New from Lululemon? (Probably not work safe)
  68. exhaust fitment problem.
  69. What oil do you use?
  70. Canadian Rally Championships on TV
  71. something to make you laugh
  72. OT: New purchase
  73. Seymoure on Sunday?
  74. attn: those looking at aggressive offset wheels
  75. Washing cars with pressure washer?
  76. Ot: Missing 22 Year Old
  77. Need to Borrow Cobb AP DB9 Serial Port
  78. Driving schools in vancouver
  79. My first pic whore 255's with advan rs
  80. OT: I love the Brits...they don't hold back
  81. Tata to buy Subaru!!
  82. I'
  83. for all those with coilovers
  84. G-REX05 is no more!
  85. pm not working again??
  86. OT: Convertible STi
  87. OT: OMG! April Fool !
  88. Spotted This in the Member's Gallery!
  89. Help, trying to scam a scammer
  90. OT: Gold's Gym and Subarus
  91. LIP on
  92. WoW
  93. Toyota buying more of Subaru
  94. For all 08 WRX/STI owners that don't venture outside of VIC.
  95. anyone have a walbro fuel pump I can borrow
  96. VMSC April 12 AutoX Western Speedway
  97. Looking For Witness For Car Accident On Sw Marine Dr and Cambie
  98. Anyone know where i can get a WRC style hood vent?
  99. OT: California: Police Raid Car Enthusiast Gathering, Generate Revenue
  100. Cherry blossom photo meet?
  101. Moving to Vancouver
  102. Help plz, paints on wheels
  103. Amarpauld banned?
  104. Factory Tour
  105. muddy STI, clean pickup
  106. I am the First for the 08
  107. First time posting
  108. Vicers if you have the right, Whom would you Vote for our New Moderator?
  109. 30% restocking fee?!
  110. GC/GM Meet Photos 04.05.08
  111. rally car = sold
  112. Stuck CD in deck
  113. BodyShop supplies in Vancouver?
  114. OT: I know the VIC never leaves the VIC so...
  115. Sort of OT: Road Rage
  116. OT: for all the interview pros out there...
  117. Advice Needed: A LSD Differential Gear Oil Change ?
  118. know any good bodyshop ?
  119. RSB question
  120. ATTN: non-white nasioc'rs
  121. my civic vs stump.
  122. disaster strikes
  123. Where to buy your Skyline GT-R
  124. Anyone have a 2001-2002 Wrx Reflash Connector?
  125. asphalt, WHAT?!?!
  126. Heatshield - don't have on one my car. Should I get one?
  127. A Photo Story of my Second Impreza
  128. An old ad
  129. Wiper Blades
  130. Aircare Time!
  131. ATTN: Multiple Usernames
  132. OT: Oasis Airlines Bankrupt
  133. anyone get raped by UPS ?
  134. ATTENTION: Coquitlam SubieS
  135. Please help with offset!!
  136. Oil-Changing tip for 2.5i's
  137. Oversea Auto FTW!
  138. Troubles buying a US FXT
  139. noob Q regarding tires/rims
  140. The Tool thread
  141. MRP this Friday!!! Who wants to go?
  142. anyone have subaru 2 pot brakes on GC8
  143. Stolen : 04 AW STi :(
  144. Dear KVR,
  145. 2008 IMPREZA's (Base, WRX, STI) - PAINT CHIP ISSUE! Call SCI.
  146. Help my team and help you win a car!
  147. New sti ad
  148. OT Funny Pics sorta NWS
  149. Rumour: New Canucks logo already???
  150. A Photo Story of My First Bike
  151. OT: Has anyone seen this (Kobe Bryant + Aston Martin Video)
  152. Stop Sale on 2.5t
  153. Installation: 2004-07 STi SYMS Carbon Rear Spoiler/Wing
  154. OT: What the heck does semaj do anyways?
  155. Anybody have Sparco evo or Recaro Pole Position I could sit in?
  156. Bored, here's some 255s on 9.5" with +38
  157. 3rd, and hopefully last engine to go into the RSTi
  158. A busy Saturday with photos
  159. 2008 impreza wrx - where to buy cheapest?
  160. Call out to K-Town
  161. WikiNASIOC?!?!
  162. Krispy Kreme Meet? Free Dozen Original Glazed doughnuts coupon inside
  163. V-limited style lip for GC's (sorta)
  164. Mini i-club Shoot
  165. Source for blue Alcantara in Vancouver!
  166. OT: OL Mcdonald had a farm
  167. OT: lease/finance/1-time-payments
  168. OT: 72hr Filmmaker Showdown (Whistler)
  169. Anybody know if Saskatoon Has 94 Octane?
  170. Where to get a HUGE sombrero
  171. OT: for a laugh... this thread is ridiculous
  172. Too much fun in a Subaru (it involves a ski Alberta)
  173. Happy Birthday Spy! aka Wojtek
  174. someone try this and let us know
  175. GT5 prologue...who's got it?
  176. Submit your Subaru Picture
  177. OT: funny video(sound clip) - why mechanics love women
  178. Saturday May 17th - Cruise to kelowna for the Knox mntn hill climb
  179. Snow - this weekend?
  180. Aftermarket stuff for old GC8 WRX's?
  181. Do you know this Car
  182. Dales alignment and Brake: Thanks for a great job
  183. Alki Beach IV GC8 + AE86 Meet Seattle July 20 (Sun) 11am-1pm + Drive Mt. Rainier
  184. Invitation to ECI Graduation Exhibition
  185. inspired by the mini i-club shoot
  186. Where to buy Prodrive exhaust?
  187. Want some Exhaust Advice
  188. OT: If water rises by 4m...
  189. OT: where can I get rota tarmac3s?
  190. Authorizing up to $70...
  191. Snow: revisited
  192. Black coolant reservoir
  193. hanging out in the sun
  194. I caught the bug
  195. What car should my brother get?
  196. Carfax requests violate NASIOC rule 7(b)
  197. Good clutch, what do you recommend?
  198. Grapplers Inc Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament
  199. Attn: Dalesalignment&brake
  200. OT: Contacted through Flickr?
  201. ECU reset
  202. CACC Regional No. 1 AutoX hosted by VMSC May 25
  203. VMSC May 3 AutoX
  204. Spring mission driver training?
  205. stupid door handle is stuck
  206. stock seat question: 07 US STi vs 05 canadian WRX
  207. Exhaust cleaning..
  208. Got a new toy...
  209. Gotta Love Street Racing Laws....
  210. Found this on youtube- new evo VS new STi
  211. Anyone on here help me?
  212. its a BS or its the truth (about 04-05 impreza)
  213. 08 charge speed bodykit
  214. looking for a carburetor rebuild kit
  215. Dirty engine bay contest...
  216. +100000000000 for Jason in Dale's Alignment
  217. Anyone go to Track Event?
  218. MRP 4-25-08 mini vic meet pix
  219. so my rash of good luck seems to have run out
  220. Solosprint event May 3rd BCDC!
  221. Harold & Kumar from the VIC?
  222. OT: Cost of sushi
  223. After an accident Question
  224. Lordco Rotors?
  225. some pics from the nice weather we had this weekend
  226. Happy Birthday Jockey_Girl!!
  227. Exhaust shop?
  228. Looking for Paint Shop in Van/N. Van
  229. ATTN: mynxi
  230. my stereo...stopped working..????
  231. 2008 VIC (04/05) Peanut-Eye meet
  232. so whos got gta4?
  233. 2008-09 Sti or 05 S2000
  234. So what kind of car i going to get?
  235. OT: Who wants to play GTA4 Xbox360
  236. The official maintenance, detailing, and polishing thread.
  237. Swirl marks removal meet @ Downtown Auto Spa?
  238. Most awesome car of VIC: A photographic competition
  239. "T" fitting to install boost gauge?
  240. Mini-shoot: Under the Overpass
  241. OT: how you guys think of this on a 2.5?
  242. Where to buy spray can auto paint??
  243. Coolant issue
  244. 335 xi
  245. Suggestions on new pads
  246. OT: Where can I buy dry ice in Vancouver?
  247. VIC Track Day @ Mission Raceway Park
  248. GC Spoiler Comparison Pics
  249. Inaccurate Fuel Gauge
  250. Daily rant thread