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  1. Let's see the bike and car pics!
  2. Crappy Tire full synthetic oil on sale - $16.99
  3. VIC group ride
  4. my new car after the subaru!
  5. Looking for autoshops
  6. Oil pressure
  7. Need opinions with new clutch
  8. My review of the D-wolf clutch kit
  9. For the people here with FMIC's
  10. Getting a new car...what should I get?
  11. Cruise ships is r dope
  12. OT: Bought new Watch
  13. OT: funny Nasioc Thread Burn 445 post's in 24hrs record
  14. GRiD Demo is on Xbox Live
  15. Edge of the Rock RallyX June 1 Mt Washington
  16. Happy Birthday TheToby!!!
  17. cheapest way to ship something over from the states?
  18. Sunday June 8th: Cascade Loop Run 2008!!!!
  19. is it hard to find a 5spd GC wagon???
  20. Fender Rolling
  21. flashing engine light :(
  22. is "moonshine" illegal here?
  23. OT: Juke box print
  24. special thanks to the wife, and JikJak.
  25. Got ripped off at Point Roberts border
  26. test drove 08 M3
  27. Happy birthday Shawmacs!
  28. F.n.s.l. 5-16-08
  29. Anyone got some spare touch-up paint?
  30. Brendan_mac's North Shore News Column Thread
  31. Ogden point sunset minimeet photo sesh
  32. OT: Need help :(
  33. OT: please come in, LEGACY OWNERS
  34. Group Buy: Cigarette Lighter Rechargeable Flashlight
  35. Where to buy EBC brake stuff locally?
  36. PDC at mission
  37. Anyone know this car?
  38. Looking for Brakes Service
  39. +1 for loomin !
  40. Where to buy ATE SuperBlue brake fluid locally?
  41. Sexy new Subaru forester ad
  42. my summer setup
  43. Don Dock Garage Sale
  44. VIC Mountain Bike Thread
  45. Peanut-Eye Richmond Pre-meet
  46. Peanut-Eye BBY/CQM Pre-meet
  47. spotted: white legacy B4 wagon
  48. bad gas?
  49. 2008 VIC (04/05) Peanut-Eye meet Photo Thread
  50. night shot (first attempt)
  51. Went to the drags yesterday!
  52. Aloha from Saskatoon
  53. engine work
  54. Where is the Love?
  55. 2008 Subaru Impreza WRC Unveils in 8 Days
  56. 10% off SGP for Memorial weekend.
  57. Goodbye Ohlins. Hello Tarmac II's.
  58. window tints
  59. Violated last night!
  60. Gas thieves - siphoning out of tanks
  61. Mini meet: Cigarette Lighter Rechargeable Flashlight
  62. Poland legalizes street racing...
  63. The official call-out of bad drivers thread
  64. holes in my rim
  65. Road Trip! Vancouver -> L.A. and back again
  66. Subaru Legacy STI S402 released in Japan
  67. Tires for 07 Legacy Wagon - Rare?
  68. 24hrs of nurburgring on now
  69. Pat wins Rocky on first run of the new car
  70. hid retrofitting
  71. scammer, please read. all others, please enjoy the show.
  72. This is why I'm ashamed to have a wrx sometimes
  73. Is TSB Shipping Open on Holidays?
  74. holy ****, car chase in Maple Ridge!
  75. OT: Aston Martin Asia cup @ shanghai F1 circuit
  76. Spokane Driving Schools
  77. wiring diagram question
  78. Import Invasion - Mission Raceway
  79. C63 take a look :)
  80. ot:new duck tales theme
  81. DTP: whos entering? Whos going to check it out?
  82. BBQ T-Shirt Sizing Question from last year
  83. Runduce GRB vs Jun Evo X
  84. Can anyone find a link to any of the Spence Diamonds radio ads?
  85. Advise Needed: How is your WOT ?
  86. Bought some Azenis, mounting them on my BBSs
  87. - anyone know the Impreza dealer invoice costs?
  88. specs of a sub?
  89. Doh!!!
  90. Weird...
  91. R.I.P. Luc Bourdon
  92. +1 for 5 Zigen
  93. Project 1 Snowman's STi LTD
  94. Officially in "fuel economy mode"
  95. pics from a B&B-DTP meet (56k need not apply)
  96. OT: Cellphone technical advise
  97. UBC Sport Car Club CACC Regional #2
  98. Attn: Linkseal
  99. DTP Pictures Thread
  100. DIY Oil Cooler
  101. Well, my drag racing career is over
  102. OT: where'd revscene go?
  103. Where can i get Mocal Oil Cooler in vancouver ?
  104. just moved back to vancouver...need somewhere to keep a project car
  105. new SWRT WRC car doesn't suck
  106. Calling computer geeks: torrents
  107. So my Wii fit age is...
  108. OT: Favorite YouTube Video's
  109. Up pipe advise, thinking about the RR up pipe.
  110. Words that sound the same but have different meanings
  111. attn dansowman, your PM box is full.
  112. Impreza Coupe in 2010!
  113. I want an RA roof vent.
  114. 2008 Richmond Night Market
  115. OT: where does VICer's get there computer parts
  116. ICBC sold my car!
  117. Looking for a place in Vancouver for long term rent
  118. Michelin's not Subaru AWD friendly
  119. OT: Gaming advice needed. xBOX360
  120. Tint Window
  121. calling all computer geeks: file extraction.
  122. Anybody delt with Bishop Sales before?
  123. OT: Youtube - Dyno Pull EVO X VS GRB by Garage419
  124. Gas prices in Point Roberts
  125. Need opinions from my fellow VIC members
  126. Need to know how to remove silicone!
  127. Good places to get a deal on shoes...
  128. OT: BMW GINA Light Visonary
  129. i can has Subaru credit card?
  130. Need advice on tires
  131. Mach V SS brake lines?
  132. Top Gear Season 11
  133. Formula D Round 5 Evergreen Speedway, WA!
  134. Looking for 07 WRX low profile spoiler
  135. Question regarding trading cars
  136. Goodbye Legacy, Hellow Alcyone!
  137. alright guys, I have a really quick question
  138. Bought rotors lately?
  139. Tirekickers
  140. OT: BC Cancer Foundation's Underware Affair
  141. Attn: Yannerd
  142. Could I get a side of fries with my aged Big Mac? Thanks...
  143. Need some advice please. 06 wrx
  144. Where does Money come from?
  145. STI Brake Pads covered under warranty...
  146. Initial-D PS3
  147. Suspension parts - suggestions?
  148. OT: Scan Gauge II
  149. A W D
  150. 2008 STI hmmm should I get one???
  151. a good program to clean the computer
  152. to tuck and not to roll
  153. Lots done this weekend
  154. Paintball meet?
  155. Well, here we go...
  156. Supertone Install?
  157. VIC bike ride II
  158. Godzilla! My Vegas Weekend with the New GT-R
  159. Can I has fans?
  160. Yeah, so the Subaru is sold :(
  161. Dropping fuel economy . . . what else to check?
  162. Opinion on wheels...
  163. Official VIC BBQ t-shirt size thread
  164. internet etiquette - do you have it?
  165. IKEA made me parking spots!
  166. A quick request to all of you, please help
  167. LF: Welders - Welding Ticket not req'd
  168. The Fast and the Furious 4
  169. Where to mount tires?
  170. Godzilla has arrived
  171. Funny Ebay Ad
  172. So I got pulled over today by the PoPo.
  173. Part Number
  174. yes the rumors are true LOL
  175. Carbon Tax Vs Carbon Shift
  176. Motorcycle tire question
  177. good place for maintainence and rotor/pad options
  178. Advice Needed: Which Brand/Model of Sport Seats Should I Pick?
  179. ft. langley
  180. Shaky when Shutting Down
  181. Test drove 2008 STi
  182. August Okanagan Meet
  183. something wrong with my lights... i think
  184. Satin Black 08 WRX Anyone?
  185. Oopsies!
  186. "Tuning a Floyd Rose Bridge" aka "The Bridge to Hell"
  187. Anyone have or want some OEM Subaru Extra-S gear oil?
  188. RIP project up fs soon
  189. got turbo noise?
  190. so my car caught on fire.....
  191. ej22t timing belt install
  192. OT: Snake Bakes a Cake [Metal Gear related]
  193. My brakes fiasco *very long*
  194. where to purchase tires?
  195. Lachute Performance's GC8 race car
  196. Semaj in my paper?
  197. OT: Cheap Old Cars... Too Good to be true?
  198. Loomins Fuel Economy Experiment
  199. Rain Visor part number?
  200. EVO 8/9's allowed in Canada now?
  201. Official Canucks '08/'09 season thread!
  202. Racing License
  203. $100 Climate Action Dividend for B.C.
  204. OT: I think my old neighbours are shagging
  205. Need help buying a car plated in BC, from Quebec
  206. Pass on the deal thread
  207. need help looking for a place to cut, grind or pull a fender
  208. OT: Toyota buys another chunk of FHI
  209. I love proving myself wrong!
  210. Weavin' banman, the Sultan of TankSlap
  211. Road Trip to Saskatchewan, what to do along the way
  212. HELP PLEASE: Know of any fabricators??!
  213. VIC Monthly BBT Mini-Meet !!
  214. Bloody battery terminal
  215. Hey Boys... Need some Hotel help...
  216. Thinking about swapping a GC?
  217. Need Help Finding A Shop In Van
  218. OT: The Canadian Digital Millenium Copyright Act
  219. anyone have brents(bmiranda23)'s phone number....
  220. Price of Temporary Insurance
  221. Happy Canada Day!
  222. made it vancouver!!!
  223. 10 ways to save gas!
  224. YO... Black Enkei
  225. Blinded By My Boost Gauge
  226. This is why i like Subies!
  227. OT: Nasioc Database error?
  228. How much to paint a trunk?
  229. Speeding ticket
  230. BC Lions Felions 08/09 Calendar
  231. there is some major problem with my account!
  232. Evo's have been removed from the list!!!!!
  233. Blacked out the Bug Eyes
  234. Who has a free STI WR type Wing???
  235. Telus/Bell... a new low
  236. ATT:minifreak
  237. limiter on the car...
  238. Karma
  239. OT: Cycle touring the Circle tour.
  240. +1 For Jason @ Dale's Alignment v.123141415
  241. My VIC baby pool!
  242. Alki Beach Pre-Meet
  243. vents on the hood of a GC8
  244. DIY: how to break up with your significant other
  245. Hello guys!
  246. Prego's!!!!!
  247. Rsti's and air care?
  248. Helpppppp
  249. Shameless Plug
  250. Bellingham Alki IV Pre-Meet 8:00am Exit 250 Food Pavilion Parking Lot