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  1. OT: Where can I buy......
  2. Pat Richard Tall Pines Rally ***choose your own angle*** camera!!!
  3. B&B is code for what?
  4. OT: where to rent a STi?
  5. Weird lights on dash after wash
  6. OT: Random chat???
  7. OT: Chinese national coming to Vancouver
  8. Bye Bye Subaru!
  9. Where do people sell their cars
  10. Special Edition STI 5900
  11. WTF iTunes????
  12. Honda Makes planes?
  13. The "Hobby" thread
  14. What is your new astrological sign??
  15. Best Reply Evar!
  16. where can i get mud flaps for 05 WRX?
  17. DIY Seat Belt belt?
  18. Best Android phone with Telus
  19. Need help with Brakes
  20. Fast Cars!
  21. Hospice in your back yard ?
  22. Local turbo shops?
  23. Subaru remote key
  24. Turn off your ****ing highbeams!
  25. Any thought on the RWD Subaru??
  26. Recommend a good body shop? (front end damage)
  27. Street racers Ferrari up for auction
  28. My new ride
  29. someone buy this engine QUICK!!!
  30. Looking to rent a wide angle lens for Canon DSLR
  31. Exhaust leak ?
  32. We are doomed
  33. OT: "Blue Beauty"
  34. OT: Laptop Battery
  35. OT: Anyone a home theater McDaddy?
  36. Hemlock Rallycross Jan 30th
  37. pic request. gc zero sport side skirt. thanks
  38. OT: Anyone here on iRacing?
  39. Searching for a 2.5TS
  40. Happy Birthday Thread
  41. Damaged window tint
  42. possible good deal
  43. Motul Gear 300?
  44. Playstation3 help?
  45. Does this sound like a scammer?
  46. OT: Your internet is at risk!
  47. Overpaying for Natural Gas
  48. OT: Outdoor Adventures Whistler
  49. Getting stuff shipped from Craigslist.
  50. OT: PC games
  51. Vancouver Island Poker Run 2011 - 2nd Annual Charity Event
  52. ICBC - Contest
  53. OT: Garage Tuner video(s)
  54. Free Photo shoot???
  55. The Big Northwest Subaru Meet: July 9, 2011 - Tickets on sale now!
  56. Like Gymkana vids? Well then, you might like this too.
  57. I'm back?
  58. Anyone want to go half-ers on this?
  59. OT: strange violation parking ticket
  60. Deals on Forrester XT
  61. The Ferd F-teenthousand
  62. Seattle Groupon for DirtFish Rally
  63. Painting my dash... any tips/suggestions?
  64. Anyone seen this before?
  65. Anyone here??
  66. U.S finds no defect in Toyota's electronic throttles
  67. Question about local dealership
  68. New Endeavor
  69. HELP! 97 Outback Sport CEL scan needed!
  70. VIC joining the Revscene Spring Meet 2011 Sunday March 20th @ spanish banks
  71. 98 Forester - Air Bag light
  72. OT: Valentine's Day 2011
  73. Head Gasket Leak
  74. Custom exhaust build?
  75. Replacement value from ICBC for stock 2007 STI
  76. Potentially Cheap AP on Ebay
  77. Where can I get these bulbs?
  78. where can i get this?
  79. Can canyone tell me how to post pictures please?
  80. Subaru Thumb Drive
  81. Subie Specialists?
  82. New guy! :D
  83. Significant damage? EEK!
  84. new to BC!
  85. +1 For Jason at Dale's ......... Age
  86. GAUGING INTEREST-Bilstein Dampers for '08+STI
  87. 2011 Forester commercial
  88. Gambled wrong =( Changed to summers too early...
  89. Hellaflush Lol!!!!!!!!!
  90. Big Thanks to 5-Zigen!
  91. Fil's '97 OBS "Build" Journal...
  92. RCubed's Celica GT-Four Photoshoot.[now with some subie content!]
  93. Spoiler Adhesives
  94. New Subaru guy
  95. Subwoofer - Amp Purchasing
  96. When is the next auto cross in Victoria?
  97. Can someone help me disable a cel? opensource needed! :)
  98. brakes for 93 jdm wrx
  99. Painted tails - Fastrack +1
  100. Ride to Squamish
  101. Buying Legacy 2.5GT. Advice?
  102. Can't beat a Civic... argh
  103. Sharing: Worst Mod ever on any 2011 STI
  104. Buy a Forester, or finish my truck?
  105. 24,000 KMs. Maintenance time?
  106. Kelowna scene?
  107. I think there is something in my oil....
  108. Am I doing this right?
  109. I think my transmission is cursed
  110. Sumo damaged Forester sold!
  111. Coilover Suspension Top Hats
  112. Be careful out there!
  113. Playing in the snow thread
  114. Looking for new suspensions
  115. OT: Build a Jeep in 2 minutes?
  116. flip or part
  117. Big sale over at
  118. the VIC custom parts and fabrication thread
  119. Need Help With Survey for School Project!!!
  120. MAF G/s on '09 STi
  121. JDM Cars
  122. No more new Evos
  123. which auto body shop do the best paint job in Van??
  124. Gran Turismo 5
  125. 2011 Subaru STI Convertible???
  126. Info on this 07 STI appreciated!
  127. Random Po302 cel????
  128. Lurching and Bucking GR problem
  129. DD Customer Service Rant
  130. House Cleaning
  131. Some eye candy photos from Car Do Subaru, Mitaka, Japan
  132. What oil ?
  133. Where are you sniper913?
  134. RCubed's EVO VIII Photoshoot (With subie content!)
  135. OT: Help Steve find a career
  136. Need help from my VIC brothers!!
  137. Opinions on this car appreciated
  138. First track day of 2011 March.20
  139. Anyone have an LC-1 they could lend?
  140. OT:Earth Quake in Vancouver! You Ready?
  141. School survey (1min of time!)
  142. come to hand my homework.haha,-pick up the new subie, legacy 3.6r
  143. Langley/Surrey Cruise to RS Meet...
  144. Damn ... someone stole my spare block!
  145. GT5 Weekly Races (Sunday 11pm)
  146. Noob
  147. Iwase Books :(
  148. If anyone ever needs a tow:
  149. Fuel Consumption
  150. North van / west van cruise to revscene meet
  151. All good, thanks!
  152. 2008-2010 Impreza Owner Notification Letter Re:Paint
  153. Experienced shops on the Island to Port a Waste Gate?
  154. Looking for Electrical Engineering Technologists
  155. ot: Where to go for vacation?
  156. need advice on a machine shop...
  157. Brembos in Bangkok
  158. Need Wheels/VIC opinion
  159. Details on a 05 STI
  160. Oops.?? Opinions needed
  161. OT: Help with consumer behaviour project
  162. Info needed on dealer and / or this 2010 WRX
  163. IWE Rear Ends Experiences ?
  164. I need some suggestions, too.
  165. STI Saves Lives
  166. Help me pick my new wheels!!
  167. Umm... Whiteline?
  168. Extra thick 3" Exhaust Gaskets
  169. Custom Exhaust Shops??
  170. Car Wash Metrotown area - Avenue Carwash +1
  171. Help!! Clunking noise question. Yes, ive searched.
  172. Good deals on lowering spring installs? (kelowna/Van)
  173. What's new and exciting for spring/summer with your cars?
  174. OT: New Scouts Canada Uniforms
  175. Let's have a little meet, today..come on is Friday night~!
  176. PS Pump questions.
  177. Bird crap damaged my paint
  178. what type of automatic transmission is this??
  179. "Best" hid bulb
  180. Formula 1 2011 Season
  181. Need some advice on a trade or sell....
  182. I think I have been Scammed, HELP!!
  183. Senna: Beyond The Speed of Sound Documentary
  184. OT: new minimum wage
  185. OT: Vancouver Autoshow deal @ golowdeal
  186. Stereo head unit *help*
  187. Help me pick a short shifter.
  188. Car Wash (interior / exterior) near North Shore?
  189. do you know anything about this... thread
  190. Lug nuts Open/closed racing street stock aftermarket all that
  191. New addition to the Family
  192. New tuner shop: Monkey Nutz racing
  193. (Slightly) OT: Mobile CB/Shortwave/Communications Radios?
  194. Gas rant
  195. UBCSCC "Summer Warm-up" Auto-x
  196. Deal of the day: $15 oil change + car wash at Richmond Subaru
  197. Post your pix of you and Subaru's sumo man!
  198. Good subaru shops in lower mainland
  199. Realtor needed for North Vancouver
  200. how to rid of pesky pecking crows on rooftop
  201. Beer rant
  202. OT: Roommate decided to start making protein shakes this week...
  203. anyone has some some info about this car?
  204. OT: interesting car I saw.
  205. Buying a new car from the US?
  206. Can I get a favor??
  207. Formula 1 online (p1,p3, blacked out races)
  208. Rx-8
  209. 18x10 wheels, ideas and help!
  210. Tires
  211. Tuning results! Dom tuned.
  212. Side marker stolen off car.
  213. OT: Looking for a general contractor
  214. got hit and run again.... wht should i doooo??
  215. Coming to Snoqualmie, WA: Global RallyCross!!! Dave Mirra, Tanner Foust, and more!
  216. OT: a mw2 video
  217. Can you guys tell me what my chassis code is?
  218. VCMC season starter Autocross
  219. Airbag resisor! Anyone have some???
  220. GR STI - ckutch clicking noise?
  221. 2011 Stanley Cup Playoff Thread
  222. Who Speaks Japanese ? Yahoo Japan Auctions
  223. Where to buy "Rota" wheels in vancouver area?
  224. Coolant leak :(
  225. OT: how to watch the playoffs overseas
  226. Wheel Repairs: Repairing Anodized Aluminum
  227. Happy Birthday Studebaker83
  228. TBC Kart Racing April 30th
  229. US OEM keyless fob --> Canadian Impreza model
  230. OT: connect PC speakers to PS3
  231. please help me win so I can donate all to help Japan
  232. Loomin's little helper
  233. Where to buy Hawk pads in Vancouver
  234. Stage 2 and AirCare
  235. 2012 Impreza debut
  236. An Easy 2wd --> AWD conversion for any car!
  237. Info requested on white 2009 WRX Premium at Pacific Honda
  238. 200,000 Km Wrx
  239. Anyone have any Extra-S Gear Oil?
  240. PSA: headlight socket
  241. Where to get my clutch replaced?
  242. WRB Wagon parts car?
  243. Decision time... Need some input!
  244. A good tire pressure gauge?
  245. Local Parts or Online?
  246. New battery time
  247. OT: How did you get your screen name
  248. Helping Hands
  249. Turbo timer
  250. Someone in Squamish have a free couch?