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  1. Almost done with this years upgrades....
  2. TurboXS TMIC on an 06 STi
  3. I just finished cutting....
  4. Considering an 06 Legacy
  5. 05 Sti
  6. Subaru 8.7% owned by Toyota now
  7. Unable to find API Sevice SL oil.
  8. Who wears gloves to drive?
  9. fellow tuner help
  10. Stock intake box
  11. G-Games?
  12. Subies swing both ways
  13. Where's the '06 'regular' WRX sedan inventory stock?
  14. hks bov piece broken
  15. Subaru AWD capability
  16. Hot Wheels Formula Fuelers
  17. Another stage 2 rex complete
  18. Do you Know a Barber Shop where they speak English?
  19. Moving to Japan (Jap Spec WRX?)
  20. tires causing clank
  21. so I drove in to dealership with FMIC and 18G
  22. Calling all Aspen White WRXs
  23. carfax
  24. hail hail on my wrx
  25. All Wheeling
  26. Online loan agencies vs. local banks
  27. What to do????
  28. WRX STi japan communitie
  29. Need Subaru Videos for Compilation!
  30. New Here: Need present ideas for my dads Legacy
  31. Legacy Outback rear end problem, $1000's down the drain to ensue I'm sure
  32. Is there a list of vendors that accept Suby bucks?
  33. Do fire extinguishers become useless when subjected to cold temps?
  34. Icey road bang up ...
  35. Anyone seen any 06 WRX videos?
  36. Interesting Oil Article - Read, Learn Something, Comment
  37. Japanese car calendar...
  38. 5th Gear's Octance Test
  39. Can anyone list all the countries that are RHD???
  40. Do People still ask you what kind of car you have.
  41. warranty haha
  42. Trade 05 WRX for 04 FXT?
  43. Picked up a Cobb AP for my '06 WRX today...
  44. Shipping Cars - Who's done it??
  45. was i crazy to ever go with scoobysport??
  46. jacking up a lowered car
  47. Rear-Ended Today!
  48. Things I will never understand about the Subie Community...
  49. 6 to 12 inches of snow tonight...
  50. Will a 2002 WRX Wagon fit...
  51. can't post attachments
  52. Trunk monkey
  53. Another wrecked WRX, insurance questions
  54. 95 legacy L 226k miles
  55. Newbie here from across the pond in England
  56. Test drove a USDM WRX (wow)
  57. Road and Track on 06' STI vs. Evo IX MR
  58. ...Random Forum Calendar Features...
  59. is there a 02 2.5l turbo wrx???
  60. We have a tv star in our presence
  61. world rally blue question
  62. Road and Track: STi vs. EVO (Video)...
  63. Modifying vs. Warranty
  64. They killed my flippin' car.
  65. The first year in review...
  66. Add yourself to the Frappr Map!
  67. Users from Kentucky
  68. We've Got Some Media Attention
  69. "Find a Need and Fill it"
  70. cost of wrx seats
  71. How much do the stock rims on the 05 wrx weigh?
  72. Stupid Hondarrrrrrr
  73. Kartboy Kandy
  74. Show some love
  75. Car Insurance
  76. thinking about buying an impreza 01
  77. Spend my money(sorta)
  78. Rant of the Day
  79. AWD Burnout
  80. '05 STi springs on '05 WRX w/ Koni shocks
  81. CT: Lowering spring help
  82. Craftsman Powder coater
  83. What Octane fuel do you have in the US?
  84. Lusting after a bug(eye), any suggestions?
  85. What kind of Subie should I get?
  86. How many posts before i can post pics?
  87. angle griner
  88. AP Question
  89. Books on flat-4 engine performance
  90. Prices on used 04-05's going up?
  91. Subaru Incentives and Rebates for Decemeber?
  92. Most wanted garage tool thread
  93. Wireless Forum Error
  94. Short Video of my Subaru's life
  95. Do you live on a dirt road?
  96. 06 Impreza Security Vehicle!
  97. Remind me what the limited ed. WRX was called
  98. Rattle behind pass side airbag cover?
  99. Need some input on filters!! intake silencer delete and boost controller!!
  100. SCCA Runoffs on Speedvision 5 pm EST
  101. seized
  102. what the hell is this thing (twin loop muffler?)
  103. Has anyone gone from a rwd car to an awd car?
  104. wait for paypal or reverse CC?
  105. Should i Trade?? Newb ?
  106. Dealerships,, you cant live with them, cant live without them ( or can we ).
  107. Did anyone notice they changed the wagon's cubic feet of trunk space?
  108. oem turbo heat shield
  109. Why the hell is oil so hard to find?
  110. snowboarding is starting soon....
  111. Need a VIN Check Please
  112. how important is wheel weight?
  113. 02 + motor swap
  114. Plastic Engine Brakets on the 2006 STI?
  115. My Defi BF boost gauge and V2 controller come tomorrow......BUT
  116. What do you think Scam ?
  117. Christmas HELP!!
  118. 90 psi?
  119. My first experience with SOA/service
  120. dead battery after only 3 months
  121. brand new 04 rs... should i get this?
  122. Missing manual pages
  123. Method of buying Japanese cars and parts cheap!
  124. Muscle car muffler/resonator
  125. Help finding someone needed
  126. One question about my Defi BF boost gauge;
  127. you'll get a good laugh out of this (ebay)
  128. SWRT gear
  129. EGT Gauge Question
  130. Weirdness. Horn stopped working, then worked again....
  131. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone
  132. All of a sudden.. no boost?
  133. What Toyota intends to do with FHI!
  134. Weight of impreza trailer hitch?
  135. Just wanted to say....
  136. Thinking about buying an STi for my son
  137. 0-60 in less than 5 sec SUV?
  138. Who is the biggest and Best Engine and Transmission Supplier in North America?
  139. 02 Legacy 2.5 gt help
  140. Windshield Pisser Problems
  141. COBB EXHAUST CRIMP? quick help, mid installation...
  142. 2006 JDM Tail Lights on Baseline Impreza
  143. 05 wagon prices
  144. Where to place jack stands?
  145. lookin for a subaru shop
  146. Baffled Oil Pans?
  147. BOV noise??
  148. My exhaust silencer rattles...
  149. Importing Legacy GT-B (bg5)
  150. Maybe Subaru Changed Their Mind About The New Grille
  151. parents getting me sti, got some questionz
  152. need help quick question
  153. turboxs number needed
  154. First time poster long time reader
  155. F Xt or 06 WRX?
  156. time for some more upgrades...need some input:)
  157. 06 WRX optional BBS Rims Questions
  158. Sad: Yet Another 17-year-old Wraps His WRX Around a Pole
  159. Sell 2.5RS back to dealership or try a private buyer?
  160. Richard burns has passed away
  161. Is AWD really that invincible :p
  162. ticket question in CA
  163. Where did you buy your Hella SuperTones??
  164. Help me choose an Impreza
  165. low life vandals....
  166. Beginner's Tools Suggestions?
  167. Cheapest Volk CE28n's????
  168. Shipping company advise needed!
  169. failed emissions today
  170. Are Toyota and Subaru in cahoots?
  171. Im Undecided...need some experienced info
  172. Recaro Toddler Seat
  173. Well just got my new 2006
  174. First time using a torque wrench to reinstall lugnuts :(
  175. money back from getting bad gas?
  176. long trips with turbo back
  177. Recomendations on Portland, OR Mechanics?
  178. stock wrx shift lever
  179. Bad Gas
  180. Help! - Convince parents on a WRX
  181. Seatbelt Beep / can I get rid of it???
  182. Get Sponsored!!!
  183. WHat are you buying your car for Christmas :-)
  184. 450 to 500 HP STI
  185. Anyone have Subaru VIP card they want to give away
  186. Am I the last to know about Richard Burns?
  187. Abs Tsb
  188. too much anti-freeze/coolant
  189. Why now??
  190. Suby on ESPN 2 now
  191. How do you post pics on a post
  192. Saw a Legacy spec B today, two actually.
  193. Umm.. Just wanted to say hi.. another noob
  194. Anyone remember December 04 incentives
  195. subarugeniuneparts = xmas sale or permanent low prices? holy crap!
  196. Broquet (??)
  197. gear shift lockup on 03 forester
  198. Blah! The day started Terrible
  199. perrin big maf
  200. different version of invidia DP, which is the best.
  201. Car wont start, even with battery full
  202. Yet another Scam!
  203. Interest in a GB on RocketRally quick steering racks?
  204. Where can I get Motul 300V 5w-40
  205. Brake up grade
  206. WRX Price in Canada = ~28K USD?!?!
  207. basic vacuum leak question
  208. Is this a fair price?
  209. Buying a car from a used car lot
  210. Engine revving in neutral, no throttle
  211. 2006 WRX undercoat!! a waste of money?
  212. Window
  213. Anyone know this drunken WRX driver?
  214. I Got My Friggin Car Back!
  215. Need pictures of decals and badges
  216. Is the Subaru Factory Warranties transferrable if you sell?
  217. pls help!!!
  218. 2006 STI rev limit - ECU and user set?
  219. Winter Casualty
  220. Need some advice.
  221. what should i get for christmas?
  222. Who all still have a trunk monkey in their car at this moment?
  223. Selling a car on ebay... thoughts?
  224. G-Tech Pro Performance Meter
  225. 2002 wrx problem - salvage -
  226. JUICEBOX "performace module" ...???
  227. Winter driving - let's be careful out there
  228. 1993 Svx
  229. For Those with Paint chips Problems in Canada
  230. Boost Controller W/downpipe To Handle Higher Egt?
  231. it's gone?
  232. REMINDER: Suby on ESPN 2 tonight
  233. Am I Finished Modding?
  234. Cost effective Heat Shielding alternative:)
  235. My 05 Black STi was stolen tonight
  236. All I can say is wow
  237. where to get STI fog light stickers...
  238. boeing Subaru connection
  239. Acceptable Payment for Used Car
  240. lives!
  241. Is posting in the General forum as fun as OT?
  242. Finally got some snow to play in =)
  243. Best Website to Dump Pictures
  244. 06 wrx anyone have one and at what price?
  245. Price of dent repairs from dealer.
  246. Racing Video- DVD
  247. top speed of 05 wrx
  248. Trunk Monkey Questions
  249. HELP! My car is crapping out on me
  250. gettin my cobb tomorrow