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  1. head light adjument
  2. big 3 install help
  3. retro headlight probs
  4. Headlight issue
  5. brake light pro..... i found nothing helpful on a search
  6. Cracked Housing: Low Beam Out
  7. gauge grounds
  8. Anyone else get sporadic warning lights? (fuel, oil)
  9. burnt out bulbs
  10. Prosport performance gauges in ATI pod
  11. 97 Tachometer Problem
  12. lighting help
  13. brightest gauges for STi?
  14. 07 2.5i Electrical
  15. Can i swap 06 wrx sensors on 07 sti trans
  16. Blue tint to the lights
  17. EGT probe for old Defi-D?
  18. wiring issue
  19. 2009 Impreza Real-Time MPG display disabled for USA - can this be re-enabled?
  20. Dash lights and brake lights out
  21. GD wiring in GF headlight question
  22. Fog Light and Cruise switch color change
  23. speedo and cruise control not working 2002 subaru wrx
  24. E-Brake light always on...HELP
  25. Retrofitting 04-07 fogs to hid fogs
  26. Help with fog lights
  27. ELECTRICAL PROBLEM! e-brake light stays up
  28. ABS plastic headlight lens?
  29. cruise control switch and Fog light switch illumination Bulb part #
  30. trailor wiring harness for wrx wagon
  31. weird problem with my headlights..
  32. Horn and cruise control help please!
  33. HID question
  34. Help! My headlights stopped working
  35. Need some help with some wires.
  36. Diabling DRL's on 07 impreza/WRX
  37. boost gauge ?
  38. a/f ratio gauge ?
  39. Check connector...When would you use this?
  40. Window Motor Question.
  41. 06/07 WRX headlight swap for OEM 06/07 STI HID headlights! Plug n play? Melted wires?
  42. headlight align
  43. Bugeye lights: Best options when yours are 100K miles of beat
  44. Needed: Bugeye chassis wireing schmatics
  45. Any body see this?
  46. ABS pump runs with car off!
  47. SK-BT20 the new battery
  48. new bulbs
  49. HVAC lights
  50. Windshield Motor/Blade Wipes Passed Window???
  51. OMORI boost gauge (elect.)
  52. Am I losing my mind?!
  53. Anybody have a pic of a morette with the headlight levelers on them?
  54. Gauge Lighting hookup (Need Help)
  55. 08 brake pedal lights up dash?!
  56. Which wire is high beams? ('02 WRX)
  57. HELP with aftermarket fan wiring
  58. Wiring Diagram Question - What am I reading?!
  59. yellow fog covers
  60. 04 WRX to Bugeye
  61. hks turbo timer install ?
  62. Firewall Question
  63. Radar Detecor Placement, but no auto dimming mirror to tap into
  64. JDM fog lights
  65. 2004 RS Fog Light Problem
  66. accurate boost gauge over 30psi
  67. Windshield wiper de-icer button rebuild
  68. Performance Gauge Pack - in an 07 wrx?
  69. Oil Filter Adapter Plate
  70. Anyone knows if gauge from subaru gauge pack will fit in VMR sport vent gauge pod?
  71. Rockblocker film for 02/03 Impreza headlights
  72. 2000 legacy factory security light blinks whenever engine is off even when not set
  73. Defi display and guages help needed
  74. airbag warning light
  75. Parking Lights question
  76. ABS switch?
  77. Tail Light Problem??
  78. need harness for 06 headlights sti into 02 wrx
  79. funny readings on Boost Gauge...need input
  80. Maybe this helps someone unfixable electrical gremlins probably due to ground issues
  81. Head Light Issue After Wet Sanding
  82. where did you get your HIDS from for 06-07 wrx
  83. Found a new style of hid-kit
  84. Oil pressure gauge stays pegged out at 110 psi. Just started doing this.
  85. HID'S, E-Brake issue
  86. Is my starter dying?
  87. JDM HID w/04+Sti lvl switch and motor???
  88. Greddy Infometer Touch
  89. Power windows don't work when cold
  90. 35w vs 55w hid
  91. need help version 4 sti wiring diagram
  92. SBF #5 Fuse....WTF
  93. Clock Spring
  94. HID help! and headlight wiring help!
  95. JDM Headlight removal help
  96. Where can i find the plugs that go on the fog lights?
  97. Those little Lights inside your switches (cruise, fog lamps, etc.. gc and similar)
  98. Cruise Control Disconnected?
  99. What is the differance in tsx and s2000 projectors?
  100. the mysterios green plug?!?!?!
  101. Trouble shooting a swap
  102. angel eyes in 02 jdm hid headlights
  103. Speedo Cluster Bulb replacement
  104. Help: Car seems to be shorting
  105. Parking Light Bulbs (Color & Make)
  106. Confirmation request and question
  107. how many gauges off one power source?
  108. Greddy EGT gauge going crazy
  109. Help with my headlight!!
  110. autometer a-pillar
  111. 2007 Impreza 2.5 wagon fog lights
  112. Electrical schematics
  113. HID Dual Beam install question
  114. diy fog light mod help!
  115. 2004-05 STI Spoiler Brake Light Removal???
  116. Clarity Ultra wiring
  117. not gettin power at all to my fuel pump relay
  118. Need Reccomendations on a Gauge Set
  119. 2008 Impreza LED Conversion
  120. Headlights stopped working, but everything else does
  121. Custom Headlight Wiring, will this work. . .
  122. Any Input on Autometer Nexus Gauges??
  123. heated seats and auto dim mirror not working
  124. Fog Light help
  125. HVAC/Radio brightness
  126. Joining different gauge wires
  127. Master Kill Switch for a Road Racecar
  128. Recommended Turbo Timers?
  129. LEDs for HVAC?
  130. change needles color
  131. Power splitting hub?
  132. What's the difference here?
  133. Is there a 12v constant wire in the 06 STi clock harness?
  134. 06 Wrx Halogen Projectors
  135. 2006 impreza/wrx not STi wiring harness relay upgrade
  136. Torubleshoot: Battery is providing current when car is off
  137. Oh GOD! Now WTF?!
  138. LC-1 Wideband replacing factory o2
  139. Help! My headlights stopped working
  140. Engine Loom. Please help
  141. Replacing stock cluster bulbs with LEDs
  142. Parking-Lights out
  143. Fog Lights Won't Come On
  144. E-brake and Battery light
  145. Parking lights dont work due to....
  146. Single light
  147. factory boost wiring harness to radio
  148. Electrical Issue
  149. 02-03 WRX owners with STI alternators, post your voltage
  150. parking lights don't turn on
  151. Defi Guage - How to Mute Oil Press Warning?
  152. How to aim high beams on blob eye?
  153. NEED HELP!!!!! pp6 in 98L
  154. n00b wiring in a switch. questions of course
  155. How does one pull or remove harness pins?
  156. Possible to adapt LAMCO Oil Temp to use 1/8 npt sender?
  157. 7 Dedicated 20amp Fused Circuits install - PICS
  158. Headlights flickering when using turn signals
  159. 2004 sti engine harness
  160. Bad battery?
  161. Wiring in a secondary input for dash light question
  162. Lighting problem...
  163. Yellow Headlights Maybe?
  164. HID harness
  165. hella supertone help!?
  166. 2004 WRX Headlight bulb replacement
  167. Keep losing my driver's side bulb
  168. who makes a low key looking boost gauge?
  169. shaky rpm needle
  170. wiring diagram
  171. Haveing a problem with my battery going dead.
  172. Problems with older style Greddy Boost Gauge
  173. ebrake & low battery lights flicker after hybrid swap, need help
  174. Engine wiring...
  175. help with bulb covers
  176. Intermittent Batt and Brake light and no clock.
  177. Door Harness on 05 wrx
  178. JDM bugeye headlights
  179. 2008 WRX bulb size?
  180. tsx hid color mod question
  181. My AP v2 switch, oem-like swagger
  182. Wideband O2 sensor location
  183. Help with opening up my bugeye projectors
  184. Jeff Perrin's SEMA Wideband Clock Mod?
  185. stri dsd boost gauge peak/recall/warning help
  186. 2003 Baja 2.5 N/A Side marker Solid: help?
  187. get rid of "AIRBAG" light
  188. anyone use 100/80watt headlight bulbs?
  189. STI wing light
  190. dimmer question, i always want it on but how?
  191. Oil Change -> Oil Temp and Oil Pressure gauge malfunction???
  192. Looking for some more info
  193. ARG... 2002 Impreza Ignition Key Won't Turn
  194. ProSport Premium Boost Gauge install, take a look..
  195. are morettes made for RHD?
  196. 02 wrx foglights
  197. Perrin EBCS Wiring Diagram?
  198. 02 WRX foglight alignment screw
  199. HID fog lights 09 sti
  200. What to do with fog light harness
  201. Rear Differential Temp Gauge?
  202. WRX owners with STi Gauge Clusters, I have a question.
  203. double-din problem
  204. running lights on, ALL THE TIME. . .
  205. Is the Defi Control unit required?
  206. lights not working
  207. Bugeye dual relay harness problems
  208. manual switched fuel pump
  209. weird request.. momentary fast-blinking hazards.. need help!
  210. Pic request Steering wheel & airbag
  211. Which Connector is the 137 on ECU
  212. Busted Fog Lamp - 07
  213. Good place to buy projectors for a retrofit
  214. DRL Wiring
  215. Broken oil pressure sensor. Please advise
  216. help prosport fuel gauge
  217. stri boost gauge, weird behavior, but now works??
  218. Spyder Auto Projectors - any more info on them?
  219. Help?
  220. Oil Pressure gauge problem
  221. Maddad Ultra Clarity Amperage Draw?
  222. cruise control stopped working
  223. DO they make Projectors that fit 02MORETTES?
  224. O2 sensor delete?
  225. Lights no longer flash when alarm activates
  226. help wiring windshield sprayer button to the ic sprayer button
  227. 2004 Forester XT 2.5 VSS
  228. Generic harness plugs, where?
  229. DIY: Custom 2-Light Bar for 2007 STi
  230. how can i get my gps to display gauges
  231. What is this for and why is it disconnected? ('05 STi)
  232. Anyone taken apart their DEFI controller ?
  233. 05 STi Speedo goes haywire after carwash
  234. Which wire does what?
  235. EDFC Wiring Install
  236. Gauge Install
  237. Is there a common ground for the entire passenger side of the car?
  238. HOW TO: v7 STi Cluster Kph to Mph conversion.
  239. cluster off, power windows and sun roof dont work!! help!! read!!
  240. Headlight problems
  241. . How i clean 2006 Impreza Fog light glass ( from inside ) ?! any help!!
  242. defi extended meter wire
  243. Bugeye JDM headlights
  244. Blowing Fuse everytime i shift in Reverse! please read
  245. blower motor does not work. found unplugged plug. pic inside!
  246. Foglight swapping
  247. 05 impreza WRX headlights vs 05 impreza outback headlights
  248. HELP! OBD1 CEL electrical problem!
  249. Has Anyone Actually Ever Seen a White STRi X-Line Gauge?
  250. turn signal problem