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  1. Bush fumbling his words at the debate
  2. Is there an expiration to the Patriot Act?
  3. Cheney is owning Edwards...
  4. Cheney or Edwards...
  5. Israel to Soothe Battle Trauma with Marijuana
  6. The Climate of Fear
  7. Bush: "Don't forget about Poland"
  8. Iraq inspectors prepare to report
  9. Breaking news: Cheney lied on Zarqawi
  11. remember last night?
  12. Is this one of Saddam Hussein's mobile bio-weaons labs?
  13. Edwards: "Iraq is the Most Serious and Imminent Threat"
  14. U.S. Report Finds No Evidence of Iraq WMD
  15. Republicans are for less gov't in our lives??
  16. Iraqi President condemns US air assaults
  17. The thread where we wish death on politicians we don't like
  18. The Siege
  19. Michigan GOP asks Michael Moore be charged with violating Michigan's election law.
  20. Bush promised military endorsements. Where are they?
  21. Did I miss something? Are Americans really that stupid?
  22. Mr. Kerry's Diplomacy
  23. Kerry/Edwards and Taxes
  24. Israel now in range of Iran
  25. Why DeLay Any Longer?
  26. when the president is re-elected
  27. Not only is it, but they don't back up Cheney on Hallburton anyway!
  28. The Ultimate John Kerry Ad (John Kerry agrees with you!)
  29. Kerry admits France & Germany won't send troops
  30. I know Im a bit late here, but....
  31. News Flash! War supporter != NeoConservative
  32. Wow, Kerry just unleashed the hounds!
  33. How many Neocons here?
  34. blame CANADA!
  35. The End of the Cold War & the Disintregration of the USSR... pros & cons?
  36. Disturbing Video from Israel
  37. crazy sister, help. long read
  38. Arts funding OK'd for artist working in velveeta
  39. Bush/Cheney finally admit it!
  40. Spinners... can't take anymore
  41. anti-bush cd's at fred meyer?
  42. Terrorists Targeting Our Schools?
  43. "I Approve This Message"
  44. The Iconoclast (bush's home town paper)
  45. Investigation uncovers racism and voter intimidation
  46. Political Compass
  47. Tonight's debate...
  48. Lies, Damned Lies, and Bush's Iraq Statistics
  49. The Other Debates, 3rd Party
  50. Electoral Prediction........
  51. "Uncovered" Documentary - Questions
  52. Badnarik: "I will debate or be arrested"
  53. I approve this message.
  54. More than one internet?
  55. Who won the 2nd presidential debate?
  56. where's the poll on
  57. right to the source ....
  58. "Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders.."
  59. My USA Theory
  60. Factcheck.ORG on the 10/08 debate
  61. Is the President a good public speaker??
  62. Poll: Bush, Kerry tie in 2nd debate
  63. Do you think the country is more socially conservative than it was 4 years ago?
  64. Why is Bob Novak not in jail?
  65. So a Kerry campaign person came to my house today
  66. Afghan Elections
  67. How long has John Kerry been for "Sneak and Peek"?
  68. Execution video of wounded Iraqi by marines
  69. Cheney says report proves we couldn't trust Saddam on WMD
  70. World "far worse off" because of Bush's and Blair's decision to go to war
  71. If Bush was "wired" for the debate . . .
  72. Are there any Green Party folks in PP?
  73. Bush trying to undermine our democracy
  74. Bush's New Lies
  75. Bush Wired for Both Debates?
  76. The most dangerous opinion in the world
  77. I saw F911 this weekend
  78. Bush spending tax dollars to air fake news story
  79. How ironic is it that Soros opposes Bush so vehemently?
  80. Moore's new Book
  81. Anti-Kerry Movie to show in prime time..
  82. The Rich Have Stolen Our Airwaves
  83. Senate OKs Sweeping Corporate Tax Reform
  84. BOSTON GLOBE: Kerry off-shore tax shelter investment revealed...
  85. Iraqi man captured prior to going "Jihad"
  86. US sends military equipment to Georgia - not USA
  87. US seizes independent media sites
  88. Cash for guns in Baghdad.
  89. Rudy Giuliani in 2008!
  90. The Constitution is not a toy.
  91. "Going to war is never easy, but neither is being left behind"
  92. Will Colorado be the next Florida?
  93. I need to do some research
  94. 8 lies or distortions you will hear
  95. Nobel laureate calls for steeper tax cuts in US
  96. Bush supporters: what 3 mistakes would you say Bush made as Prez.
  97. formula for predicting who will win the election:
  98. Iwo Jima, if covered by media today
  99. The American Chamberlain
  100. Kerry against tax cut why?
  101. Missing Iraqi nuke equipment worries IAEA
  102. Should a Senator have signed the objection to Florida's votes in 2000?
  103. Newspapers across America endorse Kerry
  104. Would you vote for Colin Powell if he ran?
  105. National Security Experts Slam Bush
  106. Watcha' gonna do when they come for you...
  107. Judge decides debate for only Kerry and Bush
  108. Has it always been this way against a president?
  109. Last line should be...?
  110. For Undecided Voters
  111. CIA Holds Top Al Qaeda
  112. FEC to extend campaign finance laws to the Internet?
  113. Overused catchphrases i never want to hear again....
  114. 80% of Norwegians don't like Bush either...
  115. Voucher System
  116. Nev. Move to Purge Some Dem Voters Fails
  117. No 'Tonight's Debate...' thread? Slackers!
  118. joke
  119. Interesting video on Kerry's Iraq position(s).
  120. Apparent Republican voter fraud in Nevada
  121. Which of these leaders would best be able to resolve the CURRENT problems facing Iraq
  122. Polling question.....
  123. Bill O'Reilly Sued For Sexual Harrassment
  124. Who will you be voting for?
  125. Undecideds:
  126. Tonights Debate
  127. lesser of two evils
  128. Who won this last debate?
  129. complete non-coverage of badnarik, what is up?!
  130. Tora Bora, OBL & John Kerry
  131. Is America still a free country?
  132. Was my last thread in PP deleted? If so, why?
  133. Wanting specific info on Kerrys Energy independence plan
  134. Lynne Cheney Upset With Kerry...
  135. Help me understand Iraq
  136. John Kerry - religious freak?
  137. Implantable chips in humans get the nod
  138. Anti-Kerry film
  139. The polls are wrong Bob.
  140. interesting, is our press censored/self-censored more than Israeli press?
  141. Israelis: 100, Palestinians: 3
  142. Bush Supporters, Help Me Out Here
  143. 2004 Deficit Hits Record $413 Billion
  144. Shells From Syria Fired at Troops in Iraq
  145. Best summary of the debates
  146. "activist judges" and the role of the courts- a primer
  147. Fearing Kerry win, Republican group shreds Democrats' registration forms
  148. Your PP Experience
  149. Should a President ever admit he was wrong?
  150. Polls Show Worsening of U.S. Reputation
  151. Chirac lashes out against US cultural domination
  152. Who do you like Laura or Teresa
  153. An Edwards Outrage
  154. Air Force General apologizes for helping Bush in 2000
  155. Jon Stewart backs Kerry
  156. More Good News on the Bush Economy
  157. US agrees to Halliburton inquiry
  158. US troops so stretched they want Brits under their command moved to Baghdad
  159. Swift Boat Vet embarrasses himself on Nightline
  160. Are Republicans really for Democracy?
  161. Ketchup against Kerry?
  162. Entire unit refuses to go on mission due to poor equipment
  163. I don’t get "Undecided" voters
  164. Republican National Security Expert Blasts Bush Policies
  165. The Kerrys on Taxes: Rank Hypocrisy
  166. 2000 hypothetical: Whom would you have voted for?
  167. John O'Neill's vendetta explained
  168. Terror fears don't trump Constitution, court rules
  169. Poll: Troops, families question Iraq strategy
  170. Kerry Loosing ground....
  171. Bush worst for the economy according to scholars
  172. Environmental News: The Hockey Stick May Be Wrong
  173. EPA report shows U.S. air cleanest ever since 1970
  174. Bush on the Environment: Rank Hypocrisy
  175. New voters surge....
  176. FOP not for Kerry: News to me.
  177. Putin Supports Bush
  178. Pierre Salinger Loves Bush....Not!!
  179. instincts
  180. Did Abu Ghraib whistle-blower deserve a bronze star?
  181. No wonder dems are frustrated
  182. Now That the Debates Are Over Who are you Voting For?
  183. Sinclair stock value drops.....
  184. I am still Undecided
  185. Why is war-torn Iraq giving $190,000 to Toys R Us?
  186. Bush plans to privatize social security
  187. Raising the minimum wage would be bad
  188. Former Reagan Adviser: Republican Civil War if Bush Wins
  189. U.S. Casualties: About 17,000 Short
  190. Released Gtmo Detainees Rejoin Terror
  191. just a curiosity
  192. Jon Stewart takes over Crossfire!
  193. Received my Ballot today!!
  194. Diff. stages of Driver Lice. in Germany and Japan
  195. I just got spam pitching a DVD touting Bush's faith (only $12.95)
  196. Unfit For Service - The Mystery Of “pti 961” Solved
  197. Motivation and Decision Help
  198. Badnarik - a true alternative!
  199. Voter registration fraud, cheaters!
  200. Why are YOU voting for John Kerry?!
  201. Just more proof that the DEMOCRATS are trying to commit voter fraud
  202. Read this.......
  203. Bush: I would accept Islamic Iraq
  204. Who here votes along party lines regardless of the candidates?
  205. Shouldn't we be off from work on Election Day?
  206. Beslan terrorists were addicted to heroin, morphine and other softer drugs
  207. I've got an idea!
  208. Peres: Sharon Risks Assassination for Gaza Plan
  209. Minn. Newspaper Suspends Two Reporters for attending a "Vote For Change" concert
  210. Nearly 1.7 Million U.S. Vets Lack Health Care -Study
  211. Remains returned to US
  212. Sinclair backpedals....
  213. More Electoral College Fun
  214. Take your pick
  215. John Kerry's prayer has apparently been answered
  216. For Democrates Only: Bush's "Presidential Record"
  217. is it just me...
  218. head of iran's security council endorses bush
  219. Why will you vote for Bush?
  220. Clip of Bush and Gary Busey
  221. Afghanistan, Iraq Veterans Urged to Seek Psychological Help
  222. Did Bush do the job he was hired to do?
  223. Bush certain but wrong: "We're not going to have any casualties."
  224. where is all the money going?
  225. Wake up and smell the fascism
  226. I have a solution.
  227. Kids - Cut through the Crap
  228. Without a doubt - NY Times article
  229. Bush et al plan for the invasion of Iraq...
  230. Some more propaganga...
  231. Pole: Powl: Rename PP
  232. Congress OK on doubling American troops in Colombia
  233. Re-awake the control of govt. theory
  234. Women ejected from Bush rally because t-shirts said "Protect our Civil Liberties"
  235. Information on campaign Bush first worked for
  236. This has been bugging me, but I can't find the answer
  237. "Your agenda of hope has made me [email protected] my pants"
  238. Teresa Heinz bashes teachers....
  239. U.S Preparing Draft Plans of Medical Workers
  240. "All we are doing around here is getting blown up."
  241. Why I won't vote for Bush
  242. British intervention in poll backfires
  243. No flu vaccine shortage is reported outside U.S.
  244. 8 years for Iraqi prisoner abuse?
  245. Foreign Observers See Problems in Election
  246. Terrorist attacks and the election
  247. Arab Affairs: Interesting Anecdote
  248. Vote!!!
  249. Bush loses 1 electoral vote!!
  250. Fahrenheit 911