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  1. American Foreign Legion?
  2. Truce!
  3. How come it seems our soldiers never get shot?
  4. My Virginia Democrat Forum
  5. Proposed budget makes deep cuts to farm subsidies
  6. My first post in the OT PP so it has to be good. (long article with Cliff notes)
  7. Deep Throat
  8. Iran Rhetoric Heating Up? Speculation, etc.
  9. what to do about SS?
  10. Ann Coulter is off her rocker . . .
  11. What of Rove?
  12. The GOP's contract with america is now NULL and void
  13. So I watched "Control Room" tonight....
  14. New 05 Frontline - House of Saud
  15. Iraq : Not Quite a Theocracy
  16. Bush explains Social Security
  17. The 25 Most Inappropriate Things An Objectivist Can Say During Sex
  18. Does the Social Securty Trust Fund exist?
  19. Bush is trying to implement FDR's vision for SS
  20. Constitution 101
  21. Bored...anyone up for a P.P. chat?
  22. A Democratic platform that I could tolerate, maybe even embrace!
  23. Clarke to Rice Memo
  24. The moronic use of NeoConZ continues
  25. US Has Been Flying Unmanned Drones from Iraq over Iran for last year
  26. All Politics Aside
  27. Move toward one world communist government?
  28. Assassination in Beirut
  29. Debunking the 9/11 myths
  30. personal retirement accounts?
  31. US recalls ambassador from Syria.
  32. What should be done about sweatshops?
  33. Farmed Robbery
  34. I've had it with democrats
  35. Reinstating the Draft- In a new way
  36. Spineless Liberal Tree Huggers
  37. Explosion near Iranian Nuclear Facility
  38. Bush May Raise Taxes
  39. NEWS: Iran Will Know How to Build Bomb in 6 Months
  40. Gannon/Guckert ridiculousness
  41. China - CIA: China buildup tilting balance
  42. Homeland Security Department budget
  43. Would you vote for a "libertarian light" party
  44. In the event of a tie, Ayatollah Sistani to decide Iraqi PM
  45. Racist
  46. Wind power could cause climate change
  47. Rumsfeld refuses to estimate size of insurgency in Iraq
  48. Army Destroyed Mock Execution Pictures
  49. U.S. Third world status?
  50. A New Idea for Social Security
  51. Uh-Oh
  52. North Korea sets conditions for talks
  53. How quickly Bush turns on the idiots that supported him!
  54. So, who do you all think Bush and the neo-cons are going to want to bomb next?
  55. Australians involved in Hariri killing...
  56. Hilary moving center to right?
  57. Bush tapes prove marijuana use, says Wead
  58. Caught "Persona Non Grata" on HBO the other day
  59. The SS plan - something to think about
  60. Israel
  61. More in CIA "renditions"
  62. We are forcing Iran to build bombs and deny inspectors...
  63. Hunter S Thompson is dead @ 67
  64. Is there a place for normal thinking?
  65. Eminent domain being applied too liberally
  66. In the news today.....
  67. This is how it starts...
  68. ZMan's real name revealed
  69. Gun control, revisited
  70. Gun control, revisited (THIS ONE)
  71. Science vs Administration
  72. **** Bush
  73. So where's the thread on Bush's trip to Europe?
  74. Is Peak Oil Here?
  75. Anyone Catch Frontline Last Night?
  76. Bush-Putin Press conference
  77. US and Euro companies doing business with Iran
  78. CATO bashes AARP on Socialist Insecurity
  79. Another gun control poll
  80. Questionable, but noteworthy: US mole in Iranian Gov't
  81. vampires are real....
  82. from iraqi War to kurdish war
  83. Pic of Bush speaking @ Bratislava
  84. Has this happened to you or any of your Muslim friends?
  85. CNN: Starting to pander to Fox. clientel??
  86. Why is it 'Good' to Buy American?
  88. An Open Letter to the People of Iraq (ARI)
  89. Another bad day in Iraq
  90. Another good day in Lebanon
  91. Looks like the Bush admin must respect the rights of its citizens
  92. Supreme Court Should Uphold Rights, Not Majority Sentiment (ARI)
  93. Aw, Condi's mad at us.
  94. Liberals Want Bush Dead!
  95. Caffine=sleepy?
  96. The Photo That Started It all
  97. Kiev Airport + Uranium = ????
  98. Great article about
  99. Anger Management Theater!
  100. Quick - read this before Wagon changes it!
  101. If there were no Subaru's
  102. 'But as an American . . .'
  103. Changing Quotes
  104. National "consumption tax" (read national sales tax)
  105. Govt. influence. Big Brother OR Internet has set us free
  106. Govt. influence. Big Brother OR Internet has set us free
  107. Cheer Up, government sponsored religion - we almost there!
  108. An interview with Sen. Chuck Hagel on his new climate bills
  109. US Companies Face More Global-warming Proxy Votes
  110. Schwarzenegger returns with new, revamped solar initiative
  111. Bill would expand hybrid tax credits
  112. AAA calls for EPA to do 'real-world' mileage tests
  113. 250 miles per gallon fuel economy?
  114. Ford Sniffs Out New Power Source
  115. US Signs Multilateral Agreement for Nuclear Energy Development
  116. US troops fire at freed hostage
  117. Report: Afghan opium a 'threat to world stability'
  118. US next step
  119. If you could change one thing..
  120. Bush at his best
  121. Any Angelenos voting tomorrow?
  122. Why people need to be armed from the gov
  123. Beijing lays down law over Taiwan
  124. OMG Al Qaeda planned to kidnap Russell Crowe!!
  125. Flat-tax movement stirs Europe
  126. A Neo-Conservative's Caution
  127. Wind Power Continues Global Expansion
  128. US infrastructure crumbling
  129. Kofi Annan Proposes Treaty Outlawing Terrorism
  130. Faith-based promisory notes fall again
  131. Behold! Verily I say unto thee, I have seen the future (and it sucks).
  132. 100,000th Political Playground Post
  133. Can I have 500,000 :rolleyes: please?
  134. Why Johnny Can't Save for Retirement
  135. Did anyone else hear the Bush stump speech selling his SS plan where...
  136. US withdraws from diplomat access to foreign prisoners convention
  137. Spanish Muslims Issue Fatwa Against Bin Laden
  138. Next UN ambassador makes O'Reilly look like a bleeding heart
  139. EPA Puts a New Cap on Pollution
  140. The decline is here.
  141. Pedophilia goes all the way to the top!
  142. Court Rules Against California Ban on Gay Marriage
  143. WorldCom's Ebbers guilty on all counts
  144. "Fake News Gets White House OK"
  145. 33% of CA's energy to be from renewables by 2020
  146. Family of protester killed suing Caterpiller
  147. History of US politics
  148. Bush: Wolfowitz to Be 'Strong' World Bank Chief
  149. Italians pulling out of Iraq
  150. Robert Reich Explains The Budget Deficit.
  151. Texas to Hit Renewable Energy Goal Early
  152. U.S. DoE Announces $62.4M in Clean Coal Research and Development Awards
  153. Congress and Baseball
  154. Federal Proposal Would Extend PTC for Five Years
  155. Proof we live in bizarro world!
  156. Cruise missile row rocks Ukraine - smuggled to Iran
  157. FDA won't approve OTC morning after pill for theological reasons
  158. Never thought about this but who do you think would win ?
  159. The Bible vs the Volcano
  160. US Lied to Asian Countries about NK Nuke Exports
  161. Democrats are the new Vichy
  162. For those bearish on the dollar
  163. Marijuana and Legalization
  164. Three New Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Bill Introduced to the US Legislature
  165. doh!
  166. Solution to Schiavo case
  167. Was the US an oil exporter in the early 40's?
  168. Firefighting helicopters are in Iraq
  169. Gilgamesh / first story ever told
  170. For or against? Another Terry thread...
  171. IRS recoups $3.2B from abusive shelter
  172. Bush has the power to save Terri Schiavo!!!
  173. Nazi site the kid from the school shooting went to
  174. Bush approves sale of F-16s to terrorist state
  175. Interesting perspective on the trade deficit
  176. China's Next Cultural Revolution
  177. Forget Terri Schiavo. THIS is important!
  178. Death to "Diplomacy" with Iran (ARI op-ed)
  179. Ralph Nader on Schiavo Case
  180. Great political cartoon
  181. Life Pool--when the Dem party gets a pulse
  182. Tom DeLay's family made similar decision as Michael Schiavo
  183. Conservatives and liberals should switch names...
  184. Corruption unchecked in Iraq
  185. OFFICIAL: Who's happy to see "Mr. (Un)Moral" is about to croak...
  186. Virginia to deny illegals benefits
  187. unka...need your opinion
  188. Difference between US and Europe
  189. UN says the world is coming to an end and only the libertarians can save it
  190. Silberman/Robb report: Whitewash or fair analysis?
  191. Report: Iraq intelligence 'dead wrong'
  192. No "Schiavo is dead" thread?
  193. Seriously, things are getting better in Iraq!
  194. Wolfowitz now leads World Bank
  195. stop arguing about schiavo!!
  196. Judge defends separation of powers
  197. Study concludes that parole is ineffective
  198. Bush Appoints Cheney's son-in-law as General Counsel for Homeland Security
  199. Pope refuses medical treatment
  200. Immigration: Who wants what?
  201. Breaking News: Corporate greed kills free encyclopedia!
  202. I bet his parents are proud
  203. ARI comments on Schiavo case
  204. "Al Qaeda is not the most intense threat to your freedom...
  205. White Civil Rights?
  206. What newspapers does the PP read?
  207. Blogs?
  208. Magazines
  209. O'Reilly at work - State of the Media
  210. Survey says Democrats drive Subies... What's Your Party Affiliation?
  211. First he invented the internet, now this!
  212. Report: Human Damage to Earth Worsening Fast
  213. Frist still strying to "nuke" the filibuster
  214. Law Expands Right to Kill in Self-Defense
  215. Ill. Gov takes away pharmacist's moral leway
  216. Greenspan on oil prices
  217. NY Times: Political Groups Paid Two Relatives of House Leader
  218. So, how about those minutemen
  219. looks like there's still upside in energy stocks
  220. Minimum wage?
  221. US may pressure China to revalue the yuan
  222. American Citizens finally try to stop ileagal aliens / Where is the Bush and Cheney?
  223. Sony: Method and system for generating sensory data onto the human neural cortex
  224. Can we put Boxer in a pine box, please?
  225. Should journalists have a code of conduct?
  226. Federal Solar Energy Bill Rewards State Leadership
  227. Peace in Israel? Interesting opinion piece from Ha'Aretz
  228. New World Order
  229. The beginning of the end for DeLay
  230. Bush - pro business, or pro big business?
  231. Found this webpage with Iraqi women getting tortured..
  232. Who killed SS reform?
  233. Taxes? Tell my CPA to hand me my rifle.
  234. How to force lower oil prices?
  235. What did Bush REALLY say about Maale Adumim?
  236. Opinion: Arab states must fund peace
  237. News you WON'T hear on the AP
  238. Fall of Baghdad
  239. So which is it?
  240. "Nuclear Option" duplicity?
  241. States sue over new Mercury Regulations
  242. Ready for the Rapture?
  243. WHAT!? No thread on hunting cats..??
  244. Liberalism is a mental disorder....
  245. Report Clears US in Sgrena Incident
  246. Human Rights, UN Style
  247. Is the Iraqi insurgency spiraling downwards?
  248. relicts of the cold war.
  249. Honest indecency or deceptive news...
  250. Many "Palestinians" would rather live in Israel than under the PA