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  1. This should be interesting (Rummy's 9-11-01 notes released)
  2. Neat political quiz
  3. Can someone please explain the logic of this?
  4. Curfew extended to stem revenge attacks
  5. Saudis thwart oil refinery attack
  6. A whole new meaning to Poop Chute...
  7. PATRIOT Act Mission Creep
  8. Who coulda possibly saw this coming?
  9. True? is this possible?
  10. 1300 iraqis killed in the last week of violence..
  11. The Contrarian View on China
  12. Bush's take on the polls.
  13. Conservatives breeding their way to power?
  14. President Bush losing Congress?
  15. 72% of US troops want out of iraq
  16. Another ignorant Bush response !!!
  17. Am I the only one who sees the brilliance in Bush backing the Port deal?
  18. How cute, they are "cleansing" now..
  19. Third of returning US Soliders seek out head Shrinks
  20. Mid Term Elections - Is there a site
  21. Gonzales Seeks to Clarify Testimony on Spying
  22. 80% of US Troops wanted out of Iwo Jima! And the Phillipines! And Okinawa!
  23. No thread on Bush's nuclear deal with India?
  24. Democrats Vow Not To Give Up Hopelessness
  25. Oops...caught on tape
  26. Ginsberg Falls Asleep on Job
  27. Patriot Act signed with glee by Congress
  28. Micheal Totten
  29. If you live in Minnisota, beware
  30. Bush & Outsourcing
  31. Another good, honest Republican...
  32. Bush U-turn on Iran pipeline
  33. Hugo Chavez refers to Bush as...
  34. Pat Tillman: case not so closed...
  35. Well, we've cast our die in one conflict we should keep out of
  36. Attn mods
  37. What constitutes an "activist judge"
  38. so unkadave got banned? finally?
  39. Paying off debt? Not unless DHS says so!
  40. what happened to seperation of church and gov?
  41. Just saw on the news....
  42. Would Iranian Nukes Kill Only Jews?
  43. More of Iran
  44. Uh oh...
  45. faith based homeland security
  46. suppresion of anti-Isreal views?
  47. Dude, Where's My Civil War?
  48. Dubai Ports World
  49. Profiling alive and well
  50. Holy crap, you mean we were........ right?
  51. Food warning labels
  52. Loose Change - conspiracy?
  53. Bye Bye Dubai!
  54. Blacks, not Bush, to blame for Katrina (says this columnist)
  55. Army recruiting by telemarketing now?
  56. Cheney Quotes Anti-Semite in AIPAC Speech
  57. The Independent: Guantanamo to be closed
  58. Forget the beef, where's the history?
  59. Deep Cover CIA Agent? Not So Much
  60. Is Bush going all Lyndon Johnson on us?
  61. More Katrina news
  62. Tunnels Used by Ancient Palestinians Discovered
  63. Iran parts used in IEDs - Whats going on here
  64. MEMO: We now love the French.
  65. I am above the law!.. or.. bush signs wrong copy of budget into law.
  66. Republicans Happier than Democrats - Pew Research Center
  67. Why do the people that think Bush is dumb also think he "schemes"?
  68. 48% of voters, 3 senators(so far) favor censure of Bush over wiretapping
  69. Bush is "incompetent," followed by "good," "idiot" and "liar." - Pew Research Center
  70. THis Land is YOUR land..this land is my land..
  71. Total rant to the "right"
  72. Fresh from
  73. Who here is awaiting the Rapture?
  74. US debt: At least it's not $1 zillion
  75. Todays Paris protests escalating
  76. How I Learned to Love the Wall
  77. New Torture Revelations
  78. Finally ... the truth about unkdave revealed!
  79. Operation What?
  80. It's been well over a year since the terror alert level changed...
  81. On the road to freedom
  82. V for Vendetta Political Views
  83. You can't make irony like this up - US denounces Belarus election results
  84. 17 Iraqi police officers killed in attack
  85. Presidential news conference - what the hell?
  86. “Just War Theory” vs. American Self-Defense
  87. Lab Animal Research?
  88. And the corruption contunues
  89. National Budget Simulation
  90. Death penalty
  91. Socialized medicine....
  92. boink
  93. Border, Hillary and Jesus
  94. George Bush
  95. Am I alone in my suspicions...
  96. War on Easter
  97. I have a nubulous idea that perhaps PP can help round out and define
  98. Can someone learn me on why the FCC is still needed?
  99. 2 Hotels Bombed in Bolivia...
  100. Full Coverage?
  101. Charlie Sheen - 9/11 Conspiracy Theory
  102. The Christian right not only hates homosexuals, they hate heterosexuals as well.
  103. Generalizations
  104. Gay marriage
  105. How do u make a poll?
  106. Gay marriage
  107. Gay Marriage
  108. Interesting Article
  109. Body Armor
  110. IMMIGRATION: Theodore Roosevelt's Immigration Speach -- Right on Target
  111. Immigration: AMNESTY - Yay or Nay
  112. George Bush
  113. Moussaoui: Too dumb to fly 5th jet
  114. Bush Blair War Memo
  115. US House Bill HR4437
  116. CIA hires Kanye West
  117. Francis Fukuyama: An intelligent apology from an original neocon.
  118. jill carroll released, uberwilhelm disappointed
  119. Peaceful Baghdad seemed just a little too peaceful...
  120. Patriots, Then and Now - Peggy Noonan
  121. So this is how the world will end...
  122. Any thoughts on Peru's upcoming election?
  123. At the United Nations, December 11, 1964
  124. Jury Reaches Verdict In Moussaoui Punishment Trial
  125. Ex Centcom commander Zinni on Hardball
  126. Tom DeLay retiring
  127. War with Iran Impending?
  128. Why does the Democratic Party exist?
  129. the NAACP is useless
  130. DHS is very concerned about your kids
  131. What's more derogatory:
  132. Your opinion on flags?
  133. The real reason we are in Afghanistan, Iraq, and soon Iran?
  134. The connection between subjectivism and religious dogmatism
  135. Now it gets interesting
  136. Interesting BBC article about some Iraqis and their daily lives
  137. Commentary on NPR's Marketplace show hits nail on the head...
  138. What of Baghdad?
  139. Sy Hersh - WH is Considering a Nuclear First-Strike Option Against Iran
  140. The Culture of Corruption Continues
  141. 9/11 Lawsuits
  142. Military Plays Up Role of Zarqawi - Propaganda Extends to US Media
  143. Fundament Design Flaw in NO Levees Caused Breach
  144. Of leaks and liars...
  145. GOP phone-jamming of DNC
  146. From, perhaps, the Greatest American President..
  147. White men rape black woman?
  148. FIFA is NOT a political organisation!!1!11
  149. Body count
  150. Students protesting military recruiters disrupt UCSC job fair
  151. History Lesson from WWII, parallels to present day.
  152. So are all these guys crazy -
  153. Secure our borders!
  154. Iran gots some balls....
  155. "Voting machines are easy to hack!"*
  156. From Hollywood to Hilla: a Tale of Hedonism and Jihad
  157. Liberty, Equality, Mediocrity (French yearn for a life of mediocrity)
  158. The GOP, evangelism, and the oil industry...
  159. Well, since this place is dead today....
  160. Whose fault are all the problems these day?
  161. The real reason gasoline prices are high
  162. Government officials pressure private company to rehire illegals
  163. Scott McClellan resigns; Rove retasks
  164. All your research are belong to us!
  165. The reason all Bush's appointees are jumping ship...
  166. The Largest Embassy Evar.
  167. The Great Wall of ... America. Why can't we do it?
  168. Interesting comment....Iran in 2009
  170. I'm tired of all the Bush hating
  171. Three Reasons Not to Bomb Iran—Yet
  172. May 1st, Mexican-American Strike?
  173. Why is Hydrogen the fuel of the future instead of Ethenol?
  174. I would be willing to pay $5gallon oil to boycott countries like this
  175. Good article on remittances - counterpoint to usual PP immigrant bashing
  176. Border fence? Not the greatest idea...
  177. Bolten's Five Step Plan
  178. What Rumsfeld Knew
  179. I'm the DECIDER, and I decide what is best!
  180. Illinois begins Bush impeachment
  181. Of the 12 million illegal immigrants...
  182. Shining Example of the War on Drugs
  183. More Eminent Domain Goodness
  184. 1234Fitz! - Rove testifies before grand jury again.
  185. Ooops. Double post. Ignore this one
  186. $100 gas checks? Are you kidding me?
  187. Iran has missles that can hit Europe. War at 11.
  188. I'm no romantic....
  189. Just a "few bad apples" ...
  190. Interesting article with some real research into immigrations and its effect on wages
  191. History lesson - don't expect a short war
  192. Mexicans love coke/E/mesc
  193. The penalty for treason
  194. kapowell! condoleeza side swiped..
  195. Three years ago today...
  196. Anyone catch Stephen Coulbert at the WH Correspondents Dinner?
  197. Somehow, the word douchebag comes to mind...
  198. Death penalty
  199. military to use use hybrid tech..
  200. In all honesty, what is Iran's newest strategy?
  201. The WSJ Editorial Page Reaches a New Low
  202. Moussaoui: LIFE in Prison
  203. House approves penalties for gas price-gouging
  204. never mind.
  205. Why are republicans so dumb?
  206. Documentary - Hemp and the Rule of Law
  207. Hate crime laws are good
  208. VIDEO: Rumsfeld called out for lying
  209. Porter Goss out at the CIA?
  210. U.N. grills U.S. on torture ban
  211. What are these guys doing?
  212. Immigrant Issue is personal to W.
  213. The myth about Ethanol
  214. New USDA talking points
  215. Saving Darfur
  216. EPA to citizens: Frack You
  217. Tal Afar this!
  218. Dear Mr. President, From Iran.
  219. Only for those who care about the USofA
  220. AMT To be revised?
  221. Rumsfeld to make Millions off of Bird Flu Scare
  222. NSA's Warrantless eavsdropping case ends!
  223. Jebidiah Bush for next President.
  224. The Net Neutrality Thread
  225. What's scarier than Christian Fundamentalism?....
  226. Murdoch & clinton...
  227. Rebuilding contract in Iraq being cancelled
  228. Well, Ahmadinejad Convinced Somebody
  229. Rove blames Bush's low approval on Iraq
  230. What was the purpose of tonight's address from Bush?
  231. 9/11 Pentagon video released
  232. OK, the illegal immigration thing has officially gone plaid!
  233. Da Vinci Code
  234. Big Brother get even bigger
  235. Making Colbert Go Away
  236. Immigration Reform - where can I read the whole thing?
  237. 1st official to admit pressures on Intel results
  238. Bush on the Border
  239. English, It's official
  240. Iran's new law. Jews must wear yellow badges.
  241. Carbon Dioxide: They call it pollution, we call it life...
  242. Should farm welfare end?
  243. Mexico really...REALLY...needs to drop this crap
  244. This is a Saudi textbook. (After the intolerance was removed.)
  245. Wired: Why We Published the AT&T Docs
  246. What did Ronald Reagan do that was so wonderful?
  247. RIP: Lloyd Bentsen
  248. Who is this Hayden guy?
  249. CO2 - They call it pollution, we call it life
  250. Da Vinci Code