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  1. FBI Raid unconstitutional
  2. A.C.L.U. May Block Criticism by Its Board - NY Times *hypocrisy at its finest
  3. Article hits pretty much every point on the head.
  4. Released Russian Guantanamo Prisoners Seized in Moscow
  5. My unrealistic idea for transitioning out of Iraq.
  6. Anyone think Dubya was hitting the sauce on Cinco de Mayo?
  7. Semper Fi
  8. What the Dili, yo?
  9. What's the deal with Chile?
  10. Had lunch with Justice Scalia recently...
  11. State sponsored religious programming?
  12. High Court Trims Whistleblower Rights
  13. Of Immigrants and "Real" Amurkans
  14. Fill In Alarmist and Armageddonist Factoid Here
  15. Borders - Nationalistic and Racist?
  16. GI'S Big Fat Suit vs. Moore
  17. The 9th Circuit Hypocrisy
  18. Bush Backs Gay Marriage Ban
  19. Review: "An Inconvenient Truth"
  20. Would you buy a new or used car from this administration
  21. Pentagon to scrap Geneva convention rule
  22. California election update
  23. Gay Marriage
  24. Personal Data of Nearly All Active Military Stolen
  25. Ann Coulter: Why does anyone care what she says?
  26. Iraq Live!!!!
  27. Zarqawi is dead.
  28. Here goes the borders folks....
  29. Meanwhile, back in DC...
  30. "I refuse to fight in Iraq" - Lt. Watada
  31. DeLays parting shots
  32. Take that!
  33. NJ senators try and reduce the pork.
  34. How is it that not one person has mentioned...
  35. Hoax in Haditha?
  36. futbol fiasco
  37. Citizens or Criminals
  38. Left Behind: Eternal Forces
  39. Hypothetical: The U.N. condemns the U.S., the U.S. snubs resolutions, U.N. occupies..
  40. Beach deaths 'not Israel's fault'
  41. BUSH goes to Iraq
  42. Rove won't be charged in CIA leak case
  43. Hitler quotes in yearbook prompt apology
  44. Fox News Feel good time!
  45. Why no USO shows in Iraq
  46. Can someone logically explain this?
  47. November elections (PP pundits predict future)
  48. Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)
  49. Return to Sender
  50. Kerry spokesman likens Rove to pig
  51. Bush to create world’s biggest ocean preserve
  53. Text of al-Zarqawi Safe-House Document
  54. LOL.............Bush no like shades
  55. Got any good reading material?
  56. what's wrong with air america?
  57. Detainees Released from Bagram
  58. What the hell is wrong with the News?
  59. The media is or isn't biased?
  60. No talk on North Korea?
  61. The Dixie Chicks "just don't get it"
  62. Bird Flu in Canuckistan
  63. Anglicans: Tell us about your female leader
  64. Wedge issues for November: found one
  65. 3 U.S. soldiers charged with killing of Iraqis
  66. "New" Supreme Court almost does in U.S. wetlands
  67. a nation divided..
  68. earshot is a stupid neocon
  69. Safavian convicted (Abramoff scandal)
  70. Is this something we should be worried about as Americans?
  71. Where does the Pee Pee stand on this?
  72. Oversight? No Thanks
  73. A North American union is coming.
  74. Wmd Found! Ya Rly!
  75. Can we leave Iraq
  76. +1 for secrecy
  77. It all makes Perfect Sense
  78. Drunkadave Strikes Again!
  79. noOb Intro & Suggestion
  80. Bush moves to limit US gov't taking private land
  81. How about catching terrorists just before the election
  82. Unakdave, AKA every drunk poster
  83. Warren Buffett gives away his fortune
  84. Listen to the words, not the facts or you are unpatriotic
  85. What'd I miss?
  86. Japan's latest plan to curb greenhouse gasses
  87. UN Diplomats, John Bolton agree with Bjorn Lomborg
  88. National Debt?
  89. Limbaugh held for having Viagra without prescription
  90. Supreme Court to hear landmark global warming case
  91. What do Bush & chaves have in common?
  92. [Pew Poll on] How Muslims Think
  93. Texas politics again infiltrates the US
  94. Immigration litmus test passes: Illegals to get amnesty
  95. Bush admin to offer $170 mln for solar energy
  96. Propaganda machine at work: "Loose lips"
  97. Do you want the UN dissolved?
  98. Supreme Court in Bush's Pocket
  99. Status of Permanent Bases in Iraq?
  100. US CO2 Emissions Grow 0.1 Percent in 2005
  101. So a Penny costs the govt 1.3 cents to make...
  102. Watch CNN around 8:45-9
  103. House approves funding for Mars missions...
  104. Israel warns: Free soldier or PM dies
  105. It was his plan all along!
  106. Interesting Cuba planning Document coming soon
  107. Would you trade President Bush in for Putin?
  108. Car bomb slaughter at Baghdad market
  109. Message promoting sectarian violence a change for al Qaeda
  110. Skyrocketing Gas Prices, democrats please do something
  111. Stop Arming the F'n World!!!!!
  112. More Fun With Ag Subsidies
  113. Where in the world is Osama bin Laden?
  114. More Fun With Spreading Democracy Subsidies
  115. Judge bars Navy sonar use in Hawaii war games
  116. George W Bush's Resume
  117. N.Korea shoots self in the foot
  118. Enron Founder Ken Lay, 64, Dead of Heart Attack
  119. Support the troops..
  120. Wait - Maybe someone at Foxnews does get it
  121. CIA flights: Italy seeks arrests
  122. Oh noes! Not another article!
  123. The Ken Lay conspiracy
  124. Wiccan soldier dies in combat: Military will not honor his religion
  125. Joe Biden: Open Mouth, Insert Foot
  126. Were Literacy Tests for Voting Rights a Good Idea?
  127. Iraq's missing billions
  128. Forcing China on NK Scenario
  129. In Cold Blood: Iraqi Tells of Massacre at Farmhouse
  130. how Eisenhower solved the illegal immigration problem
  131. Anyone here think Instant Runoff Voting could be a good idea?
  132. wth is bush talking about
  133. Are most NASIOC members left wing nuts?
  134. Bush press confrence today
  135. Left Wing, Right Wing, wth Dark wing? RANT
  136. Strange, this is the first PP post on
  137. Stephen Hawking has a question for you
  138. Some US economy news you may not have read
  139. Anyone else slightly disappointed in the Mexican presidential election results?
  140. Ann Coulter the plagiarist
  141. New border patrol technology?
  142. American filmmaker sues Rumsfeld over detention in Iraq
  143. Once again, W trying to run the US like a dictatorship...kept "major program" secret
  144. IAEA Chief Iran Inspector Removed
  145. Gay Staffers at Boston Globe Finally Receiving Equal Treatment
  146. Iraq - This is not a Civil war Series - Part 37 of 94
  147. Iraq al-Qaeda chief jail mystery
  148. The Terrorism Index
  149. And you thought bush was bad...
  150. Uh yeah, wow...
  151. Guiliani & La Raza FTW in '08!
  152. White House: Detainees entitled to Geneva Convention protections
  153. Anti-abortion blogger gets owned...
  154. Confusing story breaking - Novak - new news?
  155. Now we have a train accident in Chicago
  156. Hackers target State Dept. computers
  157. The Economist is Funny
  158. Israeli troops enter Lebanon amid kidnap reports
  159. Middle East: How long until it gets really bad?
  160. Screw South Korea!!
  161. NHTSA Causes Toyota to Recall Trucks, Make Them More Dangerous
  162. Flag draped coffins
  163. The Iraq war is over. Halliburton signs off.
  164. Ok, someone explain to me why this had to be blocked?
  165. Fox News Drinking games!!
  166. That didn't take long #473: Plame civil suit against rove,libby,cheney
  167. I'm concerned with the middle east situation
  168. National Budget peoples
  169. Blasts Hit Nigerian Oil Pipeline
  170. What happened to unkadave's exterminate Pashtun thread?
  171. Katrina Fund Shenanigins
  172. Civil Rights Victory In Congress
  173. Disturbing though: Bush, 3rd term
  174. A future PP'er meets Dubya....
  175. Would you vote for hillary
  176. Pakistani Intelligence agency (ISI) planned Bombay train bombings
  177. Patriotism distinguished from nationalism
  178. US going bankrupt
  179. Please Bush - Think before you speak
  180. UN Approves resolution on North Korea Missle launches
  181. It's not happening here but it is happening now
  182. what's the point?
  183. Israel: Arming the Axis of Evil
  184. Vladimir Putin - One on One Msnbc
  185. Why Arabs Lose Wars
  186. Candid comments from Army Chief
  187. Bush Curses Hezbollah During G8 Luncheon
  188. Should we get involved?
  189. Hezbollah and the Zionist Occupational Government
  190. Y2kthug, what's wrong?
  191. If the Constitution changed, and The President Could serve a 3rd term..
  192. Foreign companies buying U.S. roads and bridges
  193. Where Have All the Parents Gone
  194. Never gave him enough credit...
  195. Recent Political Books
  196. Iraq holy city bombing kills 45
  197. Israeli/Arab Conflict for Dummies
  198. A Cartoon
  199. Hmmm, so what's Kim going to do now?
  200. Israel's Unnecessary War
  201. Wow.
  202. A First hand account of what it's like in Beirut.
  203. experiment
  204. How Much Do You Know About Muhammad?
  205. Sudan updates - closer to allowing UN in
  206. Teh pp done become israeli!
  207. Clip of Bushs german chancellor shoulder rub?
  208. Stuck in Lebanon, Surprise!
  209. Bush at g8 video clip
  210. Historic day today...
  211. Turkey Signals It's Prepared to Enter Iraq
  212. Bush moving away from neoconservatives?
  213. Lou Dobbs asking the right questions
  214. Freedom vs. Unlimited Majority Rule
  215. PP people: who are you?
  216. The Indispensable Condition of Peace
  217. Cover-Up Exposed?
  218. Corruption Cited in Iraq's Oil Industry
  219. Recent stats from Iraq on sectarian violence
  220. If Bill Kristiol ruled the world
  221. And now - for a little Russian Propaganda
  222. How the Bible talks about Terror
  223. Cythia McKinney
  224. Which would make you the most nervous ?
  225. It's Time to Stand Against Israel
  226. The War Tapes
  227. What to do about Israel?
  228. Seperation of Church, State and.... Business
  229. Nasrallah's strategy (?)
  230. New "free trade" agreements
  231. Israel: Uniting its enemies against itself
  232. Saudis taking "Hate" out of the classrooms
  233. Proposal to Reduce Gov't Waste
  234. How far apart are US diesel regulations from those of Europe?
  235. Where is that wall we can make them build?
  236. Good history of the beginning of mid-east conflict.
  237. Above the law
  238. Blame the terrorists, not Israel
  239. Fighting terrorism: Not just for Israel and the US anymore
  240. was there ever a "good" war??
  241. UN Humanitarian Chief to zzyxz: Hizbullah is blending cowardly with civilians
  242. Hizballah and a certian other group wants destruction of the Jews........
  243. Marshals: Innocent People Placed On 'Watch List' To Meet Quota
  244. israeli report about human shields
  245. Dems: New strategery...
  246. The Saudis to the rescue...
  247. Privacy is your own business!!!
  248. economy booming?
  249. Lou Dobbs: Why is the president ignoring our laws?
  250. UN wants a global tax...again.