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  1. Who didn't see this coming?
  2. Homeland Security..
  3. Al Bawaba - Disastrous miscalculations
  4. Shooting at Jewish Federation in Seattle
  5. Israelis make the best hummus, the Lebanese make the best falafel...
  6. Israel's strike on power plant cause environmental disaster
  7. Environmental? Political? What the hellical!
  8. McCain's son Joins the Marines.
  9. A church for Christians
  10. very powerful movie about islam
  11. oh the irony....
  12. 34 youths among 56 dead in Israeli strike
  13. We Should support Hezbollah.
  14. Buhahahahah You tell em ROVE!
  15. Go Congo!
  16. Whatever happened to Donald Rumsfeld?
  17. Are we doing OK in Afghanistan?
  18. Fidel Castro hands power over to brother!
  19. Korean troops exchange border fire
  20. Record Wind Power Growth: From Texas to Europe
  21. UNSC Threatens Iran Sanctions, Iran Rejects Them
  22. The IDF's Secret Weapon in the War on Terror
  23. How do you win when...
  24. Old item with a new spin - 2004 elections redux
  25. Re-light your 9/11 fire...
  26. Hezbollah started the war?
  27. China Kills 50,000 Dogs, damn you communism!!!
  28. Blair's Speech
  29. Speaking of illegal immigration...
  30. Who will be Elected President in 2008?
  31. Flee
  32. What's the real federal deficit?
  33. 9/11 Vanity Fair article
  34. Israeli bombardment kills 40 civilians
  35. Taiwan breaks relations with Chad...
  36. You were wrong...
  37. Bedard of C&D Pokes at Gore
  38. Look out, teh j3wz are gonna riot worldwide!!!
  39. Human life isn't worth much.
  40. How bad is Rape?
  41. And when we thought gas wasnt getting higher...
  42. Red Cross: Israel denying safe passage
  43. New film by Aaron Russo
  44. OTers should show some respect to our prez
  45. N korea Supernotes
  46. Abramoff scandal, part eleventybillion and one: Buh bye Ney
  47. Lieberman Loses Connecticut Primary
  48. Politicians are campaigning EARLY in my state
  49. Dobbs: Bush spittin' in the wind at border
  50. UK police say terror plot thwarted
  51. Bush needs his vacation
  52. If all human beings were atheists...
  53. Observations on Iran
  54. Al Gore Article
  55. August 22nd Iranian Attack
  56. my new favorite blog
  57. DOE Announces $2 Billion Loan Guarantee for Clean Technologies
  58. Is racial profiling the answer?
  59. UN brokers a deal: War in Labanon is over
  60. I smell an election coming...
  61. Irans President Interview - 60 minutes tonight
  62. Interesting photo.
  63. Private Police Force
  64. Bush comments happening now
  65. U.S. and Israel planned to attack Lebanon before Hizbullah captured soldiers
  66. World War 3 scenario...
  67. The three stooges have an opinion on Lebanon?
  68. Iranian Cartoon Exhibit
  69. This was sent to me in an email...Discuss (war on terror, sensitivity warning)
  70. Sri Lanka Kills 61 Schoolchildren in Air Strike
  71. Hezbollah won?
  72. Israel vs. Hezbollah: Who won, PP? You be the judge.
  73. Propaganda war takes new turn...
  74. Ultra Conservative: Democrats right in 2004 cmpagn: Whitehouse fearmongers
  75. Was Osama Bin Laden responsible/involved in 9/11?
  76. Port of Seattle terminal evacuated
  77. British deputy prime minister calls Bush's policy on the middle east "crap"!
  78. A New perspective on the war
  79. 10 Afgani police killed by US bombs
  80. Accountability
  81. Iraq - Revisited
  82. U.S. warns against N. Korean nuke test
  83. Chinese ambassador to UN - comments on military
  84. Iran will launch a new round of war-games
  85. Judge rules Bush's wiretapping illegal
  86. Lebanon reconstruction efforts
  87. Two year old Darfur draft resolution moving along quickly
  88. Palestinian deputy PM arrested
  89. israel breaks ceasefire
  90. Anyone know the IRR numbers - (inactive ready reserves)
  91. Big Taliban Kill - NATO forces active in Afghanistan
  92. When is a threat a threat?
  93. The Evangelical connection
  94. Earshot reads the NYT
  95. Swiping at Industry From Atop the Stump
  96. "chut up!" - china
  97. Why no Iranian outrage at the anti Shiite violence in Iraq??
  98. Article 11 of the NPT and Iran?
  99. Place your bets! (Aug. 22nd)
  100. Revisionist history, gubmint style
  101. Bill Mahr returns August 25th!
  102. Federal Bill Would Give Solar, Fuel Cells a Boost
  103. IDF calls for resignations
  104. Hurricane expert - If you're gonna live on the coast at least have a plan
  105. A tale of a puppetmaster and his unwieldly puppet
  106. This Week in Legal Bulls**t: Asset Forfeiture and You
  107. just don't call it the draft...
  108. Amnesty International Slams Israeli War Crimes
  109. 43k Americans die in traffic accidents in 05. Meanwhile Bush pitches War on Terror.
  110. In the footsteps of Bin laden Airs Wednesday
  111. Two party - Six Party - No party talks
  112. Political News from the frosty north
  113. With the gaza and west bank issues couldn't
  114. Saddam's verdict on Oct 16. The official countdown...
  115. Why no 'Iran Attacks Romania' thread?
  116. Researchers claim 'ethical' stem cell breakthrough
  117. Captors of Fox journalists set 72-hour deadline
  118. Making Sense of Our Iraqi Disaster
  119. Refuse to be Terrorized
  120. Majority of Muslims in UK feel unaccepted... also have no desire to adopt UK culture.
  121. Lebanon war: military assessment / analysis
  122. What *is* France's problem anyway? (aka: reasons the world doesn't like teh Frogs)
  123. Guess who is buying nuclear-capable submarines?
  124. Enough of Jill Carroll?
  125. Dynamite found in college students luggage?
  126. Racial/Religious Profiling for better security?
  127. The defendants: Bush & Saddam
  128. 2006 Midterms: Get Your Bets In Now
  129. The UN Supplied Tactical Info to Hizbullah
  130. Plame Update: Armitage Almost Certainly The Leaker
  131. Palestinian Gov't Spokesman: We were wrong.
  132. Godless: The Church of Liberalism
  133. Katherine Harris II - The Revenge
  134. Anti-rocket laser
  135. California Formally Adopts Performance-Based Solar Incentives
  136. Can anyone explain to me...
  137. Who is hiding what?
  138. US Needs SUV Control
  139. Is my logic flawed?
  140. Approval Handed Down for Largest Federal Land Wind Project
  141. Rumsfeld: Bush critics similar to Nazi appeasers
  142. Richer for poorer
  143. Freedom of Speech? Man forced to change t-shirt to get on plane
  144. UN denounces Israel cluster bombs
  145. The mystery of capital deepens
  146. Prosecutors
  147. 20/20 Last Days On Earth
  148. Will there ever be another "Great" President?
  149. Bush's Speech at the American Legion
  150. Armed man infiltrates British Embasy Tel Aviv
  151. Solar power may soon bring the Web to remote areas
  152. Media
  153. EPA Becomes First Federal Agency To Buy 100% Green Power
  154. Syria claims they will cut off illegal arms flow to Lebanon
  155. Highly enriched uranium in Iran
  156. Friday Iraq report news release - please ignore
  157. Another Friday Report: Afghan Opium Production at Record Levels
  158. Are we making progress?
  159. Just a thanks...
  160. Focus on climate adaptation urged
  161. 25 minute vid of combat in Lebanon
  162. Troop levels in Iraq
  163. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to force liberal/progressive out of Universities?
  164. Who has traveled to the middle east recently?
  165. What will happen on 9/7/2006?
  166. Iraq Civil War yet?
  167. STRATFOR update
  168. Why We Are Losing Hearts and Minds
  169. The Terrorists' Motivation: Islam
  170. Rare combat footage from Afghanistan.
  171. After Bush's three recent "OMG TEH OSAMA IS GETTIN' J00!" speeches...
  172. 9/11 movie on ABC
  173. Tactical Incompetence?
  174. New US Secretary of Transportation backs Highway Tolls
  175. Vote Now: Choose Your Science Idol!
  176. In the Iraqi war zone, US Army calls for 'green' power
  177. All in favor say "aye," all opposed, "neigh"
  178. Breaking News! (LOL) 'No Saddam link to Iraq al-Qaeda'
  179. A Monarch's Dire Warning About the Middle East
  180. Another Taliban attack near US Embassy
  181. GOP gets personal...
  182. Five years after the bombing of Pearl Harbor...
  183. Enviros give thumbs-up to Bush's pick for National Park Service director
  184. The end of Iraq?
  185. I used to think that I'm a centrist, but I may be moving.
  186. Keith Olbermans special Address tonight
  187. Dear Bush,
  188. ATTN: War in the name of a diety is archaic thinking at best...
  189. Abu Gharib, Iraqi style
  190. Why are gas prices falling?
  191. Valid science or a perfect storm for controversy?
  192. The malicious Conspirators
  193. evidence neither side wants open government
  194. Diebold Voting Machines proven INFALLIBLE!
  195. Round 2?
  196. More voting machine hijinks... this time with testimony video
  197. IDF soldiers die for spin
  198. What are Iran's intentions?
  199. US Iran report branded dishonest
  200. Renewables Making Progress on Capitol Hill
  201. Global Warming?
  202. Yay or Ney?
  203. Holy Papal double standard
  204. U.S. war prisons legal vacuum for 14,000
  205. The American dream...
  206. On the spy front...
  207. Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West
  208. Ties to GOP Trumped Know-How Among Staff Sent to Rebuild Iraq
  209. Political corruption broadcast for all to hear
  210. Bush 'prepares emissions U-turn'
  211. World Health Org. clears DDT spraying for malaria
  212. "most nations recognize the threat of Iran having a nukular weapon"
  213. Racial Profiling, Good Idea or Bad Idea
  214. Clinton on Daily Show
  215. Is Walmart really the devil?
  216. This will help the republicans in the fall elections
  217. Congressional Staffer Salaries
  218. What would your government have to do . . .
  219. Predictions: What issues will the GOP bring up just before election to win votes??
  220. U.S. prisons recruit Islamic Terrorists
  221. Illegal Immigrants and HR. WTF?
  222. CA sues automakers
  223. Violent Deaths in Iraq at Record Levels
  224. Should Chavez mind his own business?
  225. Abramoff contacts lead right to W
  226. Bombing Pakistan "Into the Stone Age"
  227. Clean-Tech Commitments Take Center Stage at Clinton Global Initiative
  228. Fox News Interview with Bill Clinton
  229. Bin Laden dead of typhoid?
  230. The war in Iraq has not made us safer
  231. Iran and Turkey prepare for war in Iraq
  232. Wal-Mart goes green on packaging
  233. Canada, U.S. are less competitive: report
  234. U.N. envoy says Gaza a prison for Palestinians
  235. Global Warming
  236. Public Expression of Religion Act
  237. Japan's New Prime Minister
  238. Paramilitary Police
  239. The West is losing the fight to preserve freedom against the terrorists
  240. Two goals that everyone left-of-the-fringe-right should work toward...
  241. Is WWIII coming soon?
  242. yay, Twin Cities gets 2008 GOP convention
  243. Iraqi poll taken...
  244. Lou Dobbs is absolutely right on.
  245. Dick Cheney behind the 9/11 attacks.
  246. Apparently, not all Republicans are dumb . . .
  247. What will be the "October Surprise"?
  248. Petition to change "Political Playground" to "Liberal Playground"
  249. What to Do About Gasoline Prices (ARI op-ed)
  250. Rumsfeld: No one anticipated insurgency's strength