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  1. Who the hell do you belive? - Iraq news accounts
  2. If we left Saddam in control
  3. As a Chilean myself let me be the first to tell you that PINOCHET just passed away...
  4. Carter: Israeli apartheid 'worse'
  5. Holocaust Deniers and Skeptics Gather in Iran at Ahmadinejad's Behest
  6. Kremlin forces Shell to give up interest in Sakhalin gas field
  7. UN report on global warming, blame the cows.
  8. Iraqi pres: U.S. bipartisan report dangerous & 'an insult to the people of Iraq'
  9. Georgy sets a new record....AGAIN
  10. Why is Ahmadinejad denying the existence of the holocaust
  11. "impeccable national security credentials"
  12. FEC clamps down on 527s
  13. Senator Tim Johnson suffers apparent stroke...
  14. just some food for thought
  15. Some of my favorite quotes
  16. Looks like the Palestinians are going to take care of it for Isreal
  17. US Army might break Goodyear strike
  18. Pelosi wants to limit 'grassroots' lobbying
  19. WTF is this all about?
  20. Tony Snow can no longer keep a straight face...
  21. Video shows Timothy McVeigh in army reserves in summer of 1993
  22. US plans naval buildup in the gulf
  23. Israeli violence in Gaza
  24. U.S. not winning war in Iraq, Bush says...
  25. So scary it's funny ... or so funny it's scary?
  26. Report Says Berger Hid Archive Documents
  27. Va. Congressman Fears Election Of 'Many More Muslims'
  28. Bush's new war plans - from the Neocons
  29. London Braces for Attack; 'Miracle' If There Isn't One
  30. Presidential Pardons
  31. Per person cost of war in Iraq?
  32. Security Council approves Iran sanctions
  33. Washingtonienne
  34. who else wishes that James Carville was the next President???
  35. Saddam Hussein - the peace maker.
  36. welfare and common sense rant.... whaddayathink??
  37. Yey....
  38. Question about Schwarzenegger's leg injury and treatment
  39. When all else fails, blame your generals...
  40. Only 3rd day of the year, but this will be the funniest story of 2007...
  41. First CNN calls Osama "Obama" ... then
  42. Harriet Miers Resigns
  43. Prostitution - should it be illegal?
  44. Those tax and spend Democrats are at it again...
  45. Dear god, send help.
  46. Lunchtime funnies
  47. Pelosi's First Success in House - Forceful Changes in Ethics Rules
  48. Egos and presidents don't mix
  49. New Oil Law Means Victory in Iraq for Bush
  50. Cindy sheehan still needs to DIAF.
  51. Stem cells discovered in amniotic fluid
  52. U.S. launches airstrike in Somalia
  53. NYT: The Imperial Presidency 2.0
  54. CBO: EITC Increase >> Minimum Wage Increase
  55. Olbermann: Sacrifice
  56. Hooked on Drug Money
  57. Starving Afghans sell girls of eight as brides
  58. Bush takes the blame for messopotamia
  59. Soldiers doubt an influx of American troops will benefit Iraqi army
  60. Voinovich and Hagel Spar with Rice
  61. Apartheid in Israel?
  62. United States Pizza Places Now Accepting Pasos
  63. Ortega Joins ALBA, regains Nicaraguan Presidency
  64. Pelosi............the true San Franciso hypocrite
  65. Has you support for the war changed?
  66. Bush on 60 Minutes
  67. Carter - Our Worst Ex-President?
  68. I voted for Ron Paul once before...
  69. New Law Could Subject Civilian Contractors to Military Trial
  70. Guantanamo is "the most transparent and open location in the world." - US Official
  71. AP: Iran Gets Army Gear in Pentagon Sale
  72. Border Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean are just 24 hours from
  73. Fishin' Accomplished! (post-lunchtime funnies)
  74. Bill Moyers speech at NCMR
  75. Yeah, about those spy coins...
  76. Chinese Missile Shoots Down Satellite
  77. Where is the outrage?! The Dems are at it again?
  78. Pentagon: Detainees may be executed on heresay, coerced testimony
  79. the begining steps of war with iran?
  80. Today's Crock of ****: Bob Ney Sentenced to 30 months in Prison
  81. An Impartial Interrogation of George W. Bush
  82. NYT Op-Ed: Surging and Purging
  83. Arar affair a 'black mark' on America
  84. So funny - Pelosi vs. White House spokeswoman
  85. Alberto Gonzales says we have no right to Habeas Corpus
  86. All bets in! When will the feds kill him?
  87. The deadliest day for US forces in 2 years
  88. Saddam's Iraq and Islamic Terrorism: What We Now Know
  89. our allies the pakistanis
  90. UN bankrolling NK?
  91. Am i the only one who feels worse about the cost of Iraq vs lives lost?
  92. Upcoming IPCC report to unveil "smoking gun" of climate change
  93. Is this obscene?
  94. Truth finally surfacing in Northern Ireland
  95. I'm in ur Senate, Being a Socialist
  96. Save the cheerleader, save the world.
  97. Hillary just sucks. Period.
  98. New Al Qaeda tape released
  99. Hezbollah riots in Beirut.
  100. Sixteen Words and the Trial of Scooter Libby
  101. Operation Return to Sender
  102. Everybody ready for this circus?
  103. Tonights State of the Union address
  104. So Kerry is not running for the president.
  105. Can a Black Presidential Candidate actually win the election in America?
  106. Senate blocks minimum wage increase
  107. We
  108. Chuck Hagel is my favorite Republican!
  109. Is there a general website listing all Yes/No votes from the house and senate?
  110. Another senseless loss
  111. Email foward I got from my dad...I'm sure even you LiEberals will agree.
  112. vid. military hummer plays bumper cars with iraqi traffic
  113. Bush Allies Warn Iraq Vote Could Harm War Plan, GOP Future
  114. Brass balls: the kidnapping of 4 US soldiers
  115. Dave at work on another forum?
  116. The Angry One - GQ interviews Chuck Hagel
  117. can one liberal here tell me the goal of radical islam?
  118. The Decider to America: Representative Government is for wusses.
  119. Presidential Pardons ?
  120. OK, so let me get this straight...
  121. GOP fears war could help Dems for years
  122. Elliot Spitzer for President
  123. Bernanke talks, no one listens
  124. UK arrests 9 in terrorist plot...
  125. Michael Barone: Royalism in Amercia
  126. In Iraq, Bush's Rent-An-Army
  127. Another one bites the dust...
  128. "we're all gonna die"
  129. The Libby Trial play along at home game
  130. I'm glad our economy is in such great shape...
  131. Sen. Biden comments on Sen. Obama
  132. Gore nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
  133. How much of the judgement has the Islamic charities and Mohammed Salah paid out?
  134. Bush Wants ANOTHER 245 Billion for the War
  135. Ron Paul in 2008
  136. The Last Days of the American Republic
  137. McCain's 2008 Campaign: If ya cant beat 'em, hire 'em
  138. Stratfor: Mossad killed Iranian nuke scientist two weeks ago
  139. States Challenge National Driver's License Law
  140. Interesting article regarding climate change and the media
  141. How should we end the war?
  142. Thoughts on the 2008 presidential election - political gridlock
  143. Political Gridlock - Part 2 (a little clarity)
  144. Attn: is bad, m'kay?
  145. Bernanke: focus on skills to widen opportunity
  146. What happened to $9,000,000,000...
  147. upcoming democratic candidates..
  148. President pushes boost in funding for national parks
  149. Global Wind Energy Markets: 2006 Another Record Year
  150. Edwards dumps trash-talking bigots
  151. Watada case ends in mistrial
  152. b3ta has teh friendly fire funn4y
  153. The US sent $12B in cash to Iraq...
  154. Blackwater USA Takes Congressional Hot-Seat
  155. Charles dawkins documentary The Root of all evil
  156. The 21st Century Sucks
  157. Texas Baptists turning green - but not all the way
  158. Home-Grown Gitmo
  159. Can someone give me a simplified explaination of how the electoral college works?
  160. Obama announces White House bid
  161. Pork barrel spending goes under the radar
  162. Cold War Pt. II
  163. Aussie PM slams Obama on Iraq policy
  164. Beyond Treason
  165. The Digital Media Revolution and the Economics of Abundance
  166. Fleischer - scapegoat with immunity...
  167. U.S. gov't moves to lower tailpipe pollution
  168. Cosmic rays tied into global warming
  169. The IPCC's report on climate change, vs. what the media is spweing
  170. Ulster on the Euphrates: The Anglo-American Dirty War in Iraq
  171. Question for teh Peepee
  172. Crazy Anti-Athiest vid from CNN.
  173. Whoever gave this speech should be President
  174. Would you vote for Hilary?
  175. Why we fight
  176. Iran getting a taste of its own medicine?
  177. OK now, this is serious...
  178. Was that mall shooter a Muslim?
  179. Hey Look Iraq Really is Another Vietnam!
  180. Giuliani in 08? I think so.
  181. "Britain worst place for children" - UN
  182. Iraq invasion plan 'delusional'
  183. Black SC Senators back Clinton not Obama
  184. America's Quiet Efforts to Cut Greenhouse Gases Are Producing Results
  185. Take that Bush. Democrats are finally showing some spine.
  186. Interesting quote. Can anyone document it?
  187. Jailed 2 Years, Iraqi Tells of Abuse by Americans
  188. Chris Hedges on “American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War On America”
  189. Blair announces Iraq troops cut
  190. Gallup poll shows factors in electability
  191. Prince Harry in Iraq
  192. David Geffen Mouths off: Hillary & Barak get pissy
  193. Noam Chomsky... Still Furious at 76
  194. “No Substitute for Victory” The Defeat of Islamic Totalitarianism
  195. Soldier sentenced in Rape Case
  196. As Asia Keeps Cool, Scientists Worry About the Ozone Layer
  197. Nazi Rally in Fla. Organized by FBI Informant
  198. Gates orders review of patient neglect at Walter reed
  199. Well at Least the War is Going Well and We Caught Bin Laden
  200. Most Iranian intel is false
  201. Forced conversions in Britain
  202. Interview with Abu Ghraib whistleblower, Joe Darby
  203. The Sunday Times: US Generals "will quit" if Bush orders Iran attack
  204. High price of free parking
  205. Iran's actions and rhetoric could be more legitamite than the USA's
  206. Inconvenient Truths
  207. oops I did it again...
  208. graphic representation of democrat v republican
  209. Al Gore: an inconvenient douche
  210. Bush Administration TOP 10 Part II:
  211. Ron Paul Running in 2008?
  212. Operation Mideastwoods?
  213. Tree-huggers at the gate
  214. America Freedom to Fascism
  215. Bernanke renews call for action as population ages
  216. how come this thread is "Closed" ?
  217. Obama says soldiers lives "wasted" = Outrage. McCain says it = nothing?
  218. Poll: N.J. Voters Prefer Giuliani
  219. Obama's family owned slaves?
  220. Bush fuel standards would cost industry $100 billion over seven years
  221. Mars Melt Hints at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist Says
  222. U.S. proposes regulations that would slash diesel particulate emissions.
  223. another dumb thread
  224. I Am Not A State Secret
  225. Muslim Plane Hijacker Converts to Judaism
  226. Oh Hillary.
  227. Step 1 - ban guns, Step 2 - ban swords...
  228. Asian pollution affects Pacific storms
  229. Libby found guilty
  230. Interesting commentary on the media
  231. China about to pass U.S. as world's top generator of greenhouse gases
  232. Our falling standard of living should be the issue
  233. Guidette showdown
  234. 'Atlas Shrugged' – 50 years later
  235. Montreal Protocol slowing warming
  236. HI Fellow Libs!
  237. Bush's New US Attorney A Criminal?
  238. SCORE! Iranian defense minister in US hands
  239. Democrats want to pull out by August '08
  240. The Private War of Women Soldiers
  241. Best Candidate - Ron Paul '08
  242. Report says FBI violated Patriot Act guidelines
  243. Gingrich had affair during Clinton probe
  244. Rambo in Kabul
  245. Most youth ineligible for Army, survey says.
  246. DC Gun Ban Ruled Unconstitutional
  247. Renewable Energy Markets to Exceed $220 B by 2016
  248. DOE Selects 13 Solar Energy Projects for up to $168 Million in Funding
  249. Residential Green Building Slow to Gain Momentum
  250. The “Forward Strategy” for Failure