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  1. Who won the first presidential debate?
  2. McCain must hate America...
  3. Faux News: In McCain's Pocket
  4. Ladies and gents, we've been had - again - by the Bush administration
  5. If McCain wins... who is moving out of the USA?
  6. The Bailout: How much fear peddling?
  7. 634B FY09 budget AND a 700B bailout?
  8. Pledge your support for open debates
  9. Palin agrees with Obama, McCain retracts her statement.
  10. Sheehan for Congress! Sheehan on the economy...
  11. Do you agree with U.S entering Pakistan to conduct operations?
  12. Obama asking Missouri law enforcement to target Political Opponents
  13. Keating 5
  14. Liberals are stupid and morans!
  15. Venezuela to get Nuclear power
  16. House minutes away from voting on financial bailout
  17. Bailout fails, we win! Or do we...?
  18. What happens now?
  19. Obama is a leftist extremist and so many have no idea
  20. candidates positions on bailout
  21. Stop whining, the bailout was priced into the market already
  22. Does the candidates support of the bailout bill effect your view of them?
  23. my 2 step financial plan...
  24. Same day registration and voting in Ohio?
  25. McCain won't release his medical records?
  26. Obama Youth - WTF?
  27. Get your brackets in before the next congressional vote!!!!
  28. I've been rethinking the mortgage crisis in the last ~24 hours
  29. Sarah Palin vs. Miss South Carolina
  30. Ted Stevens trial thread (R-Ak)
  31. Anti Two-Party October Surprise? Throw The Bums Out!!
  32. America: Freedom to Fascism
  33. Palin 2012
  34. "I read all of them"
  35. AP: McCain hits political dead end; loses key states
  36. Can you vote for someone who befriends terrorists or other evil people
  37. Pelosi paid husband with PAC funds
  38. VP debate moderator Ifill releasing pro-Obama book
  39. The Sarah Palin mistake: McCain's daisy girl
  40. Burning Down The House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis?
  41. Bill Maher: Do not reject John McCain just because he's whtie
  42. Anyone looking forward to the VP debate
  43. Senate Version of Bailout has Wool, Wooden Arrow Provisions
  44. Andrew Halcro blasts Palin
  45. ACORN and Obama fraud match made in hell
  46. Warren Buffet endorses Obama (old news, newly relevant)
  47. So who plans to watch the comedy event of the year? (VP debate)
  48. So McCain and Obama's wife spoke in Kansas City today
  49. Sarah Palin on Hamas (another clip from the Couric interview)
  50. Who are you voting for? No loose "chads", please.
  51. who will you pick for pres + economic state
  52. October 11, 1984
  53. Would Ron Paul Supporters still vote for him if....
  54. Chuck Norris backs Ron Paul!!
  55. Little O'Reilly
  56. Next President will reshape U.S. courts from top to bottom
  57. McCain: “I Always Aspire To Be A Dictator”
  58. David McCullough on the presidency
  59. How can Biden win the debate... cons especially...
  60. My theory on why McCain will win the Election
  61. 11 Myths about Sarah Palin
  62. left wingers, right wingers this is why you're both stupid
  63. Franklin Raines And Obama=poor Decisions
  64. Get your bingo cards ready for tonight's debate...
  65. How Washington Cripples The Energy Industry
  66. Hey John, why is Obama pulling away?
  67. Harlem Survey of the Presidential Election
  68. McCain is cutting and running out of Michigan...
  69. It's October, right?
  70. Official epic PP -VP debate thread
  71. If you like or don't like Obama check this out.
  72. VP debate thread
  73. In your opinion who won the VP debate?
  74. How many of you are NOT voting for Obama because he is black?
  75. Sarah Palin = Christmas Critter?
  76. The BUSH/Republican war in Iraq
  77. what id you actually come away from the debate with?
  78. Obama will be President and Palin will be VP!
  79. FDIC raised to $250,000
  80. What's the differences between the Republicans and Democrats again?
  81. Is global warming solely man's fault?
  82. Palin, listen to this, for the last ****ing time
  83. congress screws us again
  84. Palin slams Couric's questions, call Obama unfit as CIC
  85. Harlem obama supporters.....
  86. sup Comrades
  87. This Video shows how liberals view race in America
  88. do you visit
  89. Why Some Women Hate Sarah Palin
  90. Article 1 Section 7 of The Constitution
  91. Family values
  92. Palin says Obama pals with 'terrorists'
  93. Any mod care to explain the locked "sup comrades" thread?
  94. Anti-abortion? Vote Obama sez Catholic Scholar
  95. I'm a moderate!
  96. Reagan's legacy...
  97. Mysterious contributions.....
  98. Joe Biden says Obama is not ready for the white house
  99. The Bird is the word!
  100. Q: Why hasn't Biden been given the nod earlier ?
  101. What is occuring in Europe?
  102. PBS Poll: Is Sarah Palin Qualified to be VP?
  103. Financial bailout is to laissez-faire as fall of Berlin Wall was to Communism
  104. Question about Voter Registration
  105. :Facepalm: Lehman Brothers exec rakes in $480 million.
  106. Ralph Nader or Bob Barr
  107. Keating Economics
  108. Maybe we should blame God for the subprime mess
  109. Possibility: an electoral tie
  110. Obama widens lead over McCain; Bush hits a new low.
  111. Make-believe Maverick
  112. unbiased news source??
  113. Business leaders, Princeton economist prefer Obama's health care proposal
  114. Two eyes showing? No way.. just too sexy!
  115. Expert Panel on the Financial Meltdown
  116. Kenya detains Corsi during Obama probe
  117. press denied access to Palin supporters
  118. Whoa, I think Ben Stein got it right!
  119. John McCain, the original maverick. Or not....
  120. The New Yorker's Endorsement
  121. ACORN Vegas Office Raided in Voter Fraud Investigation
  122. AIG Executives Blow $440,000 After Getting Bailout
  123. VIDEO - CNN's Anderson Cooper: Obama Is Lying
  124. Homeless 'driven' To Vote Obama
  125. McCain has ties to a terrorist organization?
  126. Barack Obama filed a lawsuit to require banks to "make loans to poor people"
  127. More Obama news:"My government is my worst enemy. fight them with any means at hand"
  128. Blame the Short Sellers + poll FTW
  129. OFFICIAL: Obama v. McCain Town Hall Debate Thread
  130. Official "Who won the Presidential debate"
  131. My friends...
  132. "that One"
  133. America and the New Financial World
  134. Medicare, Social Security Question in Debates
  135. Three things that annoy me about PP and recent political discussions in general
  136. Anything you can do, I can do bigger,
  137. Domestic Issues vs Foreign Policy
  138. This nation is so freaking ripe for a third party.....
  139. How AIG's Collapse Began a Global Run on the Banks
  140. Man shot three times in street by racist gunman - for wearing Barack Obama T-shirt
  141. Screw Ayers and Wright : Lets talk about McCains "Associates"
  142. Cindy McCain :Obama has "waged the dirtiest campaign in American history."
  143. Wow, My Congressman actually wrote me back.
  144. No Hand Shake
  145. ACORN at it again....
  146. McCain RickRolled
  147. David Brooks: Palin is a Fatal Cancer to the Republican Party
  148. McCain is losing his mind
  149. has anything ever written in the PP changed your mind?
  150. Blast from the past... my how things have changed.
  151. McCain camp making news in the morning
  152. Obama's Overhead Projector
  153. FCC deepens probe into Pentagon TV analyst payola for spinning the Iraq war.
  154. Who would you PREFER for our next president?
  155. Thoughts on putting money in the bank& the bailout,if thats what they want to call it
  156. Patriot Act: What do you want them to do about it?
  157. Obama's bull**** tax reduction
  158. McCain's 1st wife
  159. BJ Lawson - Running for Congress in North Carlina's 4th District
  160. Do you think Hannity will send John Cleese a christmas card?
  161. Virginia going Obama?
  162. Where would you cut spending?
  163. Liberals wave the white flag again... US would be prepared to reconcile with Taliban!
  164. Obama National Address: Oct. 29, 2008???
  165. Questions for Obama supporters, others welcome too.
  166. Obama Campaign Unlawfully Misuses Proprietary Firearms Industry Media List
  167. FOX News: un-retouched photo of Palin is a slap in the face!!
  168. Alaskan Independence Party sponsored By Iran
  169. Zombie Voters
  170. Obama tried to inappropriately sway Iraqis on Bush deal
  171. Anybody lose their shirts?
  172. Memory Hole in Danger of Clogging as Obamatons Go On October Whitewash Spree
  173. watch your ACORN hole
  174. Prosecuting Weathermen - A letter from the Attorney who prosecuted Bill Ayers
  175. Berlusconi Says Leaders May Close World's Markets
  176. The time has come to ask: What might happen to our country if we elect a black Muslim
  177. Obama sticker? Can't park here! (well, actually you can...)
  178. Troopergate: Palin kept in the dark by husband
  179. What if US Sold the 700 Billion Debt
  180. Palin guilty of abusing her power
  181. Palin Abused Authority
  182. The Obama, Obama doesn't want YOU to know about
  183. Is he like you and me - Obama
  184. "I don't trust Obama. I have read about him and he's an Arab."
  185. I hope you aren't ignoring your local elections
  186. Son of the late conservative icon William F. Buckley, endorses Obama
  187. What you need to know about the presidential candidates
  188. Angry White Man: "This is not passion...this is deep anger.."
  189. Sadly, I agree with this blogger
  190. Bush to Kim Jong Il, "It's all good"
  191. McCain voted against "the troops"
  192. Corporate accountability suspended
  193. "... I'm not asking you to marry Barack Obama...
  194. Why I'm Voting Republican in 2008 (video)
  195. the four gods
  196. Fed offering UNLIMITED $$$$$ to lend to private banks
  197. How can people be excited?
  198. McFast & McFurious
  199. Castro longs for Obama, disses McCain
  200. Obama: 5 new ideas for economic crisis
  201. where have the fiscal conservatives gone?
  202. Congratulaitons, Paul!
  203. Boy Scouts take on the Challenge of promoting the Early Detection of Breast Cancer
  204. I find the Michelle Obama Terrorist fist bump annoying
  205. So what if Obama is a Muslim?
  206. Argentina's Economic Collapse
  207. Hitchens on McCain/Palin
  208. Bush signs new anti-piracy law; RIAA quoted as saying "Excelent".
  209. Obama, Biden, McCain support "controversial" anti-piracy bill
  210. Dear Red States...
  211. Can we count on you for a contribution of $___?
  212. Can I still vote?
  213. All this talk of Communism and Socialism
  214. Can it get any more repetitive?
  215. Should Qcanfixit run for public office?
  216. JoeBama's talking points tonight
  217. Banks pressured to take bailout money they don't need
  218. Palin as President website!
  219. Let's set this ACORN bull**** straight, once and for all
  220. The official Oct 15 debate thread
  221. Who won the debate?
  222. Secret Service investigating threat from Palin rally
  223. Hotel in Maryland gets threatened by Obama supporters.
  224. Speaking of race...
  225. “I’m afraid if he wins, the blacks will take over."
  226. Who are you voting for in November?
  227. Are you promoting the candidate(s) you're voting for?
  228. Laws cahnge, Bill Clinton on the '08 ticket...
  229. Who is Richard Luger
  230. I'm anti-Obamccain!
  231. Obama and McCain roast one another at memorial dinner
  232. World Series is pushed back for Barack Obama
  233. Joe the plumber......... doesn't exist
  234. McCain on education; Troops to Teachers????
  235. Obama Food Stamp mock bill "not meant to be racist"
  236. Communist Party USA Endorses Obama
  237. Death Threat, Vandalism hit ACORN
  238. Male Obama Supporter Punches Female McCain Supporter
  239. Why hasn't Phil Gramm been brought up?
  240. A Liberal Supermajority of Obamabots
  241. What's your prediction for the next McCain campaign gimmick?
  242. Something weird I've noticed about Republicans I know
  243. More shady **** from the obama campaign....
  244. Text of John McCain robo calls running now
  245. I don't think the issues matter anymore...
  246. "My guy is losing, here comes the venom!"
  247. Palin on SNL tonight
  248. If newly elected president dies between election inauguration, who becomes president?
  249. Is Colin Powell still relevant?
  250. Shatner For President!