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  1. Full Disclosure? Transparency in Government? Not with the $700B bailout plan
  2. Colin Powell Endorses Obama, "Troubled" by Direction of GOP
  3. Joe "Wormtongue" Lieberman's revenge
  4. Sarah Palin Pals Around with Anti-Americans
  5. Building a Better Bailout
  6. The message of Hate
  7. I voted this morning
  8. Virtualbox cheerleaders... help
  9. Why does ACORN = voter fraud?
  10. McCain staffer puts the smackdown on the "obama is a muslim" people
  11. A Vote For Death
  12. GOP voter fraud.....they need a catchy name too.
  13. Palin breaks with McCain on gay marriage amendment
  14. Why no Family Guy thread?
  15. Here sucker sucker sucker ...
  16. Protect your vote
  17. Possibly the most ignorant comment I've heard about the election candidates
  18. delete
  19. Barney Frank: Single-handedly undermining Obama's Campaign
  20. Joe Biden's other opponent
  21. Military Support for McCain: What's PP Stance?
  22. NC Early voters heckled by McCain supporters
  23. I <3 Religious Wingnuts
  24. Obama to media: Pony up for access to me
  25. Finally a candidate I can support!
  26. McCain to Russia: Pony up and help me win the election
  27. Voting machines switching votes
  28. I'll just leave this here...
  29. AP INVESTIGATION: Alaska funded Palin kids' travel
  30. Video of McCain supporters stealing Obama signs :unamused:
  31. Palin's Motorcade blocked!
  32. Not Racist, Just Redneck! Really redneck 10 yrs ago!
  33. RNC shells out $150K for Palin's (and family's) clothes
  34. BREAKING: Dark Night, rally_wannabe, and cwb124 are Democratic Operatives
  35. Does popular vote = electoral college vote?
  36. BERG v. OBAMA et al
  37. McCain: "Mortgage Crisis is A Drive-By Shooting"
  38. Al-Qaida-linked Web site backs McCain as president
  39. Uranium Yellowcake Found In Iraq?
  40. Palin - VP "runs the senate"
  41. Obama Supporters: What issues do you dissagree with?
  42. One Party control...
  43. Would the Last Honest Reporter Please Turn On the Lights?
  44. Spreading the wealth? US already does it
  45. Clean coal
  46. Hey there Joe don't cha know it’s not the 80's any more.
  47. Palin calls herself "intellectual;" Name of her next son announced...
  48. Palin is "just like us" question
  49. The biggest irony in the ideology clash between free market capitalism and socialism
  50. Seriously, what's keeping OT from running for office?
  51. How the Press Reported the 2008 General Election
  52. Too grumpy to think of a good subject line for this...
  53. McCain supporter gets "B" carved in her face
  54. Can Obama pick a Fantasy Football Team?
  55. Hypothetical: What Happens in the U.S. if McCain Wins?
  56. Iran Prefers Obama
  57. Obama... American or not?
  58. Airport Security
  59. I'm Joe the Plumber
  60. WOW, watchning the "republican's reaction" on larry king
  61. Obama just lost my vote....
  62. Taxes: The "shiny object" for the dim-witted masses
  63. At least Obama is consistent
  64. Will the Democrats reach sixty in the Senate?
  65. My new proposed Obama "counter-negative" ad
  66. lame duck Bush
  67. McCain can't even win the rural vote? WTF?!?
  68. Just heard a woman on NPR say "Im not a racist, but..."
  69. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Speech
  70. Latest Palingate: makeup artist highest paid staffer on campaign
  71. Remember the old “Wassaaaaaapppp” Bud Light Commercials? Same guys.
  72. Help the GOP by brainstorming excuses for Nov 5th
  73. November 5th and the stock market
  74. Joe McCain calls 9-1-1 to complain about traffic
  75. McCain supporters and Obama yard sign vandalism
  76. Wanted: Candidate for TOP job! No qualifications necessary
  77. House Democrats contemplate abolishing 401(k) tax breaks
  78. First comes bridges, now oil pipelines...Palin pipeline terms curbed bids
  79. Palin: Electing Obama will be like government 'moving in'
  80. This is the attitude...
  81. Palin Going Rogue
  82. Violent Crime up 22% as Home Office Admits Underreporting (UK)
  83. I'm having one hell of a time with this election...
  84. The High Rise of the First Metropolitan Candidate
  85. Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership - "2A Today for The USA"
  86. Breaking News - US raid inside Syrian Border
  87. Nobama 08?
  88. I nominate Joe Biden for Dodgeball Captain
  89. Dr. David Kamerschen point of view on taxes
  90. Don't let the Constitution get in the way of "Change"
  91. Found this POS in my inbox today...
  92. Ted Stevens Convicted
  93. GUILTY - Stevens guilty on corruption charges
  94. If McCain loses, it's because of massive fraud!
  95. Assassination plot busted in TN
  96. The Top Ten Reasons Conservatives Should Vote For Obama
  97. Who will you vote for? (if you vote) poll inside
  98. The rise of the Obamacons
  99. Jamie Dimon as the new Treasury Secretary
  100. Did Palin just call Israel a "Jewish Agency"?
  101. Obama's Change: Socio-Fascism
  102. Finally, the left gets a tough interview.
  103. Obama Says U.S. Constitution is the fundamental flaw of USA
  104. Bush's third term.
  105. Human Resourses, Hiring Obama.
  106. Halloween Palin Prop Sparks Controversy In WeHo
  107. John McCain's mental health
  108. An Israeli perspective on the US election
  109. Early voting
  110. The world's view of America... past and future.
  111. When you tax corporations you don’t tax the company, you tax the people
  112. Similarities of Clintons/Obamas tax plans
  113. Al Qaeda Recommends McCain
  114. Militia Leader Addresses Senate
  115. LA Times Refuses to Release Tape of Obama Praising Controversial Activist
  116. So how many people are actually running for president in 2008?
  117. "Southern States"
  118. John McCain struggling to win his home state...
  119. Obama "chose his friends carefully".
  120. Obama v. McCain Tax Calculator — see how much you'll save *come on in*
  121. Obama Commercial
  122. Obama's 30 minute infomercial was _____________
  123. Sarah Palin's greatest Hits
  124. Hank Williams Jr. - McCain/Palin Campaign Song
  125. Phony Fliers in Virginia
  126. Listening to Jack Welch on the News
  127. Fleeting Freedom: The Indecent Assault on Broadcasters
  128. another "Republican Revolution" in 2010 or 2012?
  129. What's wrong with the word Liberal?
  130. Why is Joe the Plumber an integral part of McCain's campaign?
  131. For a "socialist" that Obama sure can pull in lots of support from businessmen...
  132. NH Republican quits McCain campaign to back Obama
  133. How can we make a multiple-party system actually work?
  134. CA- Prop 8
  135. Attention Z1NONLY: Leftist Bias in the Press
  136. Don't piss off gun owners
  137. Attention: 904scooby
  138. By what margin will the next president win?
  139. I just voted early, curious who else did the same.
  140. As seen on digg - Red State Socialism
  141. McCain or Obama???
  142. Obama's Rain Speech vs McCain
  143. Hypothetical scenario - Hillary wins the democratic nomination...
  144. Obama has to win for at least this one reason alone...
  145. Obama to "certain" reporters: Get off my plane
  146. Palin to solar startup: "Drill, baby, Drill!"
  147. what the hell happened in the PP, all the idiots came out
  148. Voting for McCain or Obama is a wasted vote
  149. Elizabeth Dole's Dirty Campaign Ad includes a Fake Voiceover of her Opponent
  150. Double post
  151. McCain On Cheney In His Cabinet: "Hell, Yeah."
  152. McCain gets spanked by Neil Cavuto of Fox Noise
  153. Obama or McCain
  154. If McCain wins FL,OH,VA,NC,CO,MO; He Loses
  155. Palin so dumb it hurts
  156. Sarah Palin Endorsement Video - fully of LOLs
  157. Communist News Network reports: Obama's illegal immigrant Aunt.
  158. Four days to go: poll numbers close back up
  159. fox news powns Joe the plumber
  160. Barack the Hypocrite
  161. Electoral college question
  162. Just saw a "friend" demonstrating in favor of Prop 8
  163. Palin thinks she's talking to Sarkozy; she's talking to a Comedian
  164. Obama "reserves the right to party with Putin."
  165. Palin Pranked by Canadians
  166. Gun registration because we are only interested in protecting you from criminals
  167. GOP Offers Scant Proof of Voter Fraud (but...but...ACORN!!!!)
  168. Assaulted by Obama followers in Chicago
  169. **** these robocalls
  170. Even reliably red Montana in play as Election Day looms
  171. Hidden Audio: Obama Tells SF Chronicle He Will Bankrupt Coal Industry
  172. Breaking news!!! Obama is a CheaT! video proof!
  173. Civilian Security Force
  174. Dick Cheney Endorses McCain
  175. Jesus Christ....
  176. Another conservative for Obama. They just keep jumpin' ship...
  177. POS doesn't know when to quit:Bush team rushes environment policy changes
  178. I'm totally swayed!
  179. The Mac is back!
  180. Crisis Creates Opening for FDR-Like Economic Overhaul
  181. WTF is this yes on prop 8 ****
  182. Am I the only one NOT voting in this election?
  183. Sen. Barack Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, has died after a battle with cancer
  184. Obama's own words....
  185. How many of you will be hurt by Obama's tax plan?
  186. "I'm voting third-party!" Fantastic. Now die.
  187. 1 day before the election: Post your predictions!
  188. You can vote whatever you like.
  189. What are you doing to help your candidate win?
  190. ***Election Results thread. Official, and I ain't kiddin. ***
  191. This is the Official election results thread.
  192. Who did you vote for? Official PP poll
  193. 9/11: New WTC 7 Video Surfaces
  194. Meet Corey the well driller
  195. At the 11th hour Obama gets my vote. :mad:
  196. If Obama wins, and then screws up royally in office...
  197. Will there be a riot if McCain wins?
  198. what was the attitude of those standing in line with you to vote
  199. obama rally in grant park
  200. Are there any conservative mods in PP
  201. Official Voter Intimidation thread
  202. Let's be super clear here...
  203. OFFICAL **I R Stupit** Thread
  204. Epiphany in the voting line
  205. Tonight's official drinking game rules
  206. I would like Obama if his supporters weren't hustlers.
  207. If Biden re-elected to Senate he would resign with VP. His Senate seat will ......
  208. Nostradamus' Prediction for the '08 Election
  209. "Did you win?"
  210. Are there any, ANY intellegent McCain supporters in NASIOC?
  211. Cheesiest election coverage (aka CNN has a holodeck!)
  212. Declaring a winner in PA already?!
  213. Congrats to you Obama Supporters!
  214. Hey NON-Americans... what do you think of this election?
  215. Hateful election judges OT?
  216. Thank you Obama supporters
  217. If Obama wins, does that invalidate "the race card"?
  218. I thought the PP was not moderated?
  219. is it true that my absentee ballot doesn't count?
  220. Obama is one crazy S.O.B.
  221. The OFFICIAL, What is the next and last gun i should get? Thread
  222. I voted for him though....
  223. Barack takes Presidency!
  224. Anyone not watching Comedy Central...
  225. Obama Won
  226. HAHA this guy tried to delay the election
  227. Is FL really run by retards?
  228. Where does Palin go from here?
  229. we need a little bit of reality
  230. dear america: thanks for not ****ing this one up
  231. McCain's final speech
  232. So, are Bush and Cheney green-lighting a strike on Iran?
  233. thanks to you
  234. can we get some mods to start deleting duplicate threads?
  235. Canada applauds you!
  236. what exactly are the popular vote numbers?
  237. Senator Palin?
  238. Bill Ayers finally speaks
  239. 3 States Ban Gay Marriage; Michigan legalizes Medicinal Marijuana
  240. OK Dems, now that you have complete long until this "change"
  241. Old Greg for Pres in 2012' ..... im gold greeeeeg!
  242. The rules for the PP
  243. Nasioc Republicans Stand Strong!
  244. I'm assuming this is the end of affirmative action, right?
  245. Independents election reaction thread
  246. Can Obama make any real (big) changes in a first term?
  247. NC decided by 11690 votes :wow:
  248. Bush's Final Gift to McCain
  249. Business groups urge Obama to push for immediate economic stimulus package
  250. Exit Polling