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  1. I think that Socialist immigrants are a bigger threat to this country than terrorists
  2. What say ye, Obama?
  3. Obama's Appointments
  4. Nation Finally ****ty Enough To Make Social Progress
  5. Bobby Jindal in 2012
  6. Obama's history on our 2nd amendment rights:
  7. Hey Pennsylvania
  8. WSJ Op-ed: "The treatment of Bush has been a disgrace"
  9. Motion to ban 24
  10. How to pay for the proposed tax cuts/new programs??
  11. Obama McCain Dance Off
  12. The More Things “Change” The More They Stay The Same
  13. President Obama's First Step: Reset Expectations
  14. Presidential Pardons on Bush's Last Day?
  15. Palin thought Africa was a country?
  16. A Special Message to PP's Republican Pundits
  17. Can an 'average Joe' ever be president?
  18. The Republican Circular Firing Squad begins in earnest
  19. Secretary of State...
  20. Start of the cold war again?
  21. Was picking Palin McCain's biggest mistake?
  22. Obama picks pro-Israel hardliner for top post
  23. Voter turnout...
  24. Is it all black and white here?
  25. Why's the black community homophobic?
  26. Jon Stewart: Is he going to rip on Obama?
  27. Three Predictions for Obama's America
  28. Yes We Can
  29. is anyone here at the prop 8 march in west la?
  30. Primer on the Current Economic Situation
  31. consumer confidence in obama: DJIA down 900 points since the election news.
  32. KLEMKE WINS! November 4 will forever be remembered as the day Alan Klemke won!!
  33. damn you, ahhnold!!
  34. Food for thought 11/07/08
  35. Obama picks Granholm...WTF!
  36. Bailing out the US auto makers
  37. PP Proposal: Admissions Test
  38. Post-Election Spew: Stop it
  39. Where the Republicans gained ground
  40. Obama is a stumbling, bumbling idiot
  41. Obama won, I didn't vote for him, he scares the crap out of me, but...
  42. Republicans F-d up........or............
  43. Obama: "I believe that the Constitution confers an individual right ..."
  44. The view of Obama from the real 'far left'
  45. Evidence of the Change (tm) is upon us!
  46. Hamas is ready to talk:
  47. Alex Jones assesses Obama on Russia Today 11-5
  48. Confiscating 401(k)s and IRAs
  49. Our president elect kicks ****ING ASS!
  50. Attn: rxer311
  51. Democratic leaders in the U.S. House discuss confiscating 401(k)s, IRAs
  52. Now That The Elections Over Can We Be Honest About The Meltdown?
  53. What my fellow conservative coworkers downplayed...
  54. Is Bush doing Anything about the Economy NOW
  55. Is the United States of America bankrupt?
  56. Won't you donate $140B more to help the poor bankers?
  57. great book on bad Supreme Court decisions
  58. China Treasury Bonds - The Paper Tiger?
  59. PP - Educate Me on Global Society, please.
  60. Change? Really, This Is Change!!
  61. Obama birthplace
  62. like this wasn't expected......
  63. Ron Paul's Hopes for Obama
  64. Gun sales surge after Obama's election OR ITT are a bunch of brainwashed gun nuts
  65. code name...
  66. Obama and public perception: Economy
  67. As much as I hate Fox News...
  68. Well if nothing else about our new President-Elect...
  69. So about those monkeys...
  70. Obama's have to decide what breed of dog to take in the White House.....
  71. Americas obsession with guns....I dont get it. Please, enlighten me!
  72. Funny...perception creates reality.
  73. Cindy McCain cheating?!?!
  74. so tell me, how exactly does the president have control over the economy?
  75. "Leaked" Palin comment about Africa was a (brilliant) hoax
  76. Tomorrow's Time Magazine
  77. Enough with the dog already!
  78. Obama Application
  79. Want to be a part of Obama's Cabinet? Be prepared to tell all...
  80. Al Franken stealing MN Senate seat?
  81. GOP sues to End Soft Money Ban
  82. Obama resigns senate seat?
  83. Stop Blaming Capitalism for Government Failures
  84. We Blew It (good P.J. O'Rourke piece)
  85. Clinton(Hillary) may be the next SOS
  86. my coworker bitter about the election
  87. Condi sez: Change is a good thing (with bonus picture shocker)
  88. Obama to meet with McCain
  89. News Flash: Al Sharpton is a tax-dodging scumbag
  90. Do you think Obama will have a monument in DC for being the first black president?
  91. G-20 Summit TODAY (11/15/08)
  92. Obama the "Messiah"...
  93. Iraqi Cabinet approves date for US Withdrawl
  94. The Dumbing Down of the GOP
  95. Purple America
  96. Why the left is so scary to the right
  97. What happens if Obama dies before his inauguration??
  98. No more email for Obama?
  99. Automotive Unions "UAW"
  100. Countdown till the GOP starts hooting and hollaring about the deficit...
  101. I’m against Gay Marriage …
  102. Don't ban guns, ban baggy clothing.
  103. When Seconds Count: Stopping Active Killers
  104. So I wrote my Congressman about the GM bailout thing...
  105. Who expected a DNC spanking of Joe Lieberman and is shocked
  106. Cheney Indicted in Texas!
  107. Bush's Midnight Regulations...
  108. al Qaeda calls Obama a house negro
  109. What does the First Ammendment mean to OT??
  110. Reflate the Economy - Now - Ben Stein
  111. Afghan article says US Bin-Ladin hunt phoney
  112. Interesting read on the "subprime" mess.
  113. Change comes to the House
  114. Life after oil...
  115. A politin00b wants to know...
  116. GOP "Dirty Trickster" Has Second Thoughts
  117. Bail Out Tax Payers Petition
  118. "Do you or any members of your immediate family own a gun?" - LMAO
  119. Timothy Geithner to head Treasury; Bill Richardson gets Department of Commerce
  120. an open letter to obama, from chuck norris:
  121. Ron Paul Answers Your Questions
  122. The Obama Economic Team: Clinton Retreads?
  123. CNN:Iran Nukes Funded By the US Taxpayers
  124. Petition to bailout taxpayers
  125. How Obama Got Elected
  126. Fed Pledges top 7.4 Trillion
  127. waiting for an inevitable move from the right
  128. its off by 2%, but its still funny
  129. Fed increases money supply by 75% within the last 3 months
  130. Eve of Destruction: How the Financial Crisis Was Built Into the System
  131. Obama kids will attend (big surprise!) a private school
  132. Has the class war already begun?
  133. Obama picks Volcker to head economic group
  134. OBAMA: DAY ONE (economic plan)
  135. They finally found a way to shut up Ann Coulter
  136. oh, that's how Palin got over 40% of the popular vote!
  137. Subprime lenders, at it again
  138. Billy Graham's Prayer For Our Nation
  139. What to Expect in the Next 4 Years
  140. Oh Hai Hillary. Wanta b meh secretary of statez?
  141. Blame and a bridge
  142. my tool shriveled up when i saw this
  143. Really, Kentucky? Really?
  144. Amero here we come!
  145. Bush Administration diluted loan rules before crash
  146. Pentagon to Detail Troops to Bolster Domestic Security
  147. Some idiot in my office expected me to donate to the Salvation Army
  148. Pet Peeve: the kaffiyeh as a fashion statement
  149. Is there an "org chart" of the federal govt?
  151. "Obama nominates Richardson", or "How Obama can prove he doesnt know the economy"
  152. As genocide raged, general's pleas for help ignored
  153. The auto industry...seriously?
  154. Ammunition Accountability Act
  155. Does the free market corrode moral character?
  156. I can turn the economy around with a $350 million stimilus
  157. People’s Inaugural Project
  158. libertarians rejoice...
  159. In Defense of 'The Rich' -Larry Elder
  160. Obama worries liberals....
  161. Blackwater arrests
  162. I wrote my congressman again, about the Detroit bailout
  163. Bill O'Reilly thinks Christmas belongs to Christians?
  164. Obama and Gore
  165. Illinois Governor Arrested
  166. Wasteful Military spending...
  167. If Bush said it, it must be true!
  168. Ohio calling for constitutional convention?
  169. Hizbullah refuses to meet with Carter
  170. Federal funded privatized prisons - good or path to slavery?
  171. Obama to pick Nobel Prize winning Physicist as Energy Secretary
  172. Bank of America too?
  173. Too big to fail
  174. The Bailout in Perspective... mother of god.
  175. Countdown: GOP Internal Memo Shows Intent to Punish Unions
  176. Anthony Weiner Renews Call for Clemency for Jonathan Pollard
  177. Who will be the next TARP beneficiary?
  178. 48 Liberal Lies About American History
  179. this is a goodbye kiss from the Iraqi people, dog
  180. Powell on Fareed Zakaria - What's Wrong With Republicans
  181. Caroline Kennedy to seek Clinton's seat
  182. Times are really tough, what will Mr. Silverstein do now?!?! sue the airlines?!?!
  183. Will civil unrest put congress critters / Paulson / Bernanke in danger?
  184. We can call him Barack Hussein again!
  185. U.S. Vice President admits he authorized torture, and that he actively supports it.
  186. Gingrich, McCain defend Obama... or did RNC gone off the deep end
  187. A passage from "Confessions of an Economic Hitman"
  188. Finally, a real solution to Illegal Immigration
  189. "I've abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system"
  190. FDA: Betting pool anyone?
  191. [dr. evil]One trillionnnnnnnn dollars![/dr. evil]
  192. most overused word in the PP
  193. Brett Favre for President?
  194. Time Magazine's Man of the Year: Barack Obama
  195. Franken Projected Winner in Minnesota Recount
  196. "With economy in shambles, Congress gets a raise"
  197. Jihad from within?
  198. Cabinet appointment speech has to be in spanish too?
  199. More news about the trailer trash in Anchorage
  200. In Katrina's wake, white neighborhood 'militia' murdered blacks(IB2ndamendment)
  201. Should this administration be brought up on war crime charges?
  202. Mike Connell: Victim of Republican Foul Play or ****ty pilot?
  203. Yelling FIRE in a crowded theater
  204. The Generic "Progressive" Hypocrisy Thread
  205. Why some women's groups are miffed at Obama
  206. What happens when white people become the minority?
  207. Obama's Science Advisor Spectacularly Wrong About Major Issue in Field of Expertise
  208. The Feminization of America
  209. How Obama Can Win My Support...
  210. Bush Administration enabled Madoff to execute $50 billion scam
  211. Hey California! Pay your friggin mortgage!
  212. How to win the war in Afghanistan: Blue Pills
  213. Place your bets: Pakistan Vs. India
  214. Biggest News Story In The History Of Earth!
  215. News Flash: (Parts of) GOP still racist scumbags
  216. Nice job, Mr. Suicide Bomber!
  217. If you're an American, YOU need to watch....
  218. voter turn out map thread?!
  219. How is Obama going to handle China?
  220. Israel
  221. Today's RNC "socialist" target? Bush, of course. Ironing inside.
  222. Staring Into The Demographic Abyss, Some Euro Multi-Culturalists ReEval Priorities
  223. Media Neuro-linguistic Programming
  224. Blago names Obama successor
  225. Islam is a totalitarian supremacist idealogy
  226. In 3 years...
  227. I may be a liberal
  228. What's the difference between Cuba and China?
  229. Richardson is withdrawing his nomination for Commerce Secretary
  230. Richardson = Blagojevich?
  231. What are the chances? (Amero)
  232. Democracy is a good idea, but...
  233. Interesting explanation of over-regulation causing the financial crisis
  234. Obama's big package...
  235. government revenue
  236. Sanjay Gupta to be Surgeon General?
  237. Russia and Ukraine
  238. Did we wake up to a new Cold War this morning?
  239. 'California's Bad Santa exposes the complete and utter failure of gun control laws'
  240. Panetta?
  241. Porn industry asking for federal bailout
  242. Blago gets the boot
  243. Is "stimulating the economy" just a total BS blanket term for wasting money?
  244. OK Republicans...explain to me why we should be sad to see Bush leave?
  245. CIA Director Nominee
  246. Who wishes Rhodesia was still a country?
  247. January 2009 Event Prediction Thread
  248. The Tax Cut Mirage
  249. Citizen's Self-Defense Act of 2009 (alternate: suddenoutbreakofcommonsense)
  250. Obama named "Gun Salesman of the Year". Brucelee vows to contest findings