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  1. Obama named "Gun Salesman of the Year". Brucelee vows to contest findings
  2. Brady Campaign submits gun control strategy to Obama transition team
  3. Surprise!... Obama's Climate Czar Board Member of Major Carbon Offset Company
  4. Bush's last address
  5. Obama Implements Bush National Security Doctrine
  6. WTF Happened to this country?
  7. Armed Revolution?
  8. PedoBear Found: Saudi Cleric Says OK to Wed Young Girls
  9. Letterman:great moments in presidential speeches adios GW
  10. I have a dream - Dr. Martin Luther King
  11. No thread on inauguration costs?
  12. Texas to International Court of Justice - FU
  13. Bartering ... gold, silver, bullets
  14. Cheney fail
  15. Federal Reserve increases money supply by over 100%
  16. Any Live feeds of the Inauguration?
  17. *****The Inauguration Thread*****
  18. Today is the day! :banana:
  19. Obama's speech
  20. The "American Poet" after Obama's speech sucked ass
  21. Out with the Bush/Cheney hate, in with the Obama/Biden hate...
  22. Repeal the 22nd amendment?
  23. Here's yoar change, now bend over!
  24. He must be in the limo saying to his wife:
  25. Inauguration Prayer
  26. I heard the stupidest reason for not voting today.
  27. Obama Tightens Ethics, Lobbying Rules, Freezes Pay of Staff
  28. inaugural obama watchers: the cleanest people on the planet
  29. obama retakes oath of office because Roberts screwed it up
  30. Spotting the Losers...
  31. Dutch Court: Prosecute Anti-Islamic Lawmaker for Inciting Hate
  32. Rush Limbaugh: "I hope Obama fails"
  33. Here is my prediction for 2012!
  34. Proof BHO is the devil!
  35. Does a Glass Ceiling Persist in Politics?
  36. BHO vs SHO
  37. Drop in U.S. air pollution linked to longer lifespans
  38. At least someone is still trying to expand gun rights
  39. Can't believe anybody isn't whining about this
  40. Gillibrand chosen as Clinton replacement
  41. Offushul Obama did something right thread.
  42. Offushul Obama did something wrong thread.
  43. Man with AK-47 kills two, wounds seven on Miami street corner
  44. The Caliphate Is The Islamists Ultimate Goal
  45. Anyone remember this?
  46. 23 justifications, reasons and rationales to invade and liberate Iraq
  47. The Obameter - Tracking Campaign Promises
  48. The Obameter
  49. Islam: The problem or the solution?
  50. Can you believe most laughed at this guy
  51. Obama Hates Digital TV
  52. Woooo.. time for CHANGE~ Dem. controlled congress gives themselves a raise!
  53. Want to make money for your town?
  54. [DIY] R_W's guide to being a successful internet troll
  55. EU: Yore terrorist is our freedom fighter
  56. prease, someone explain what text book errors have to do with "liberalism"
  57. EFCA issue.
  58. Occult Technology of Power
  59. Iraq denies Blackwater an operating license
  60. Blago's Final Stand
  61. Military judge says NO to Obama
  62. Not all economists support the stimulus plan
  63. obameter: tracking obama's promises.
  64. Putin says, "too much government involvement can be "dangerous."
  65. Monument to Bush shoe-throwing - Iraqi orphanage
  66. We all agree that CO2 doesn't cause GW...
  67. Michael Steele
  68. *Official* Obama nominees who don't pay their taxes thread
  69. Oh, look. It's "Black Like Me" days at yoar local RNC Dealer!
  70. Outreach, Yes. Apology, No. (Obama's Arab TV interview)
  71. Holy hell, Sen McCaskill is an O.G., id vote for her in 2012
  72. Inside Iran's Fury
  73. Still wanna support Palin ? Get out your checkbook...
  74. Even left now laughing @ Global Warming
  75. How long has it been now....
  76. Daschle's out - How about Howard Dean?
  77. AP Investigation: Banks sought foreign workers
  78. Early Video Reveals Rush Limbaugh’s Formula for Success
  79. Surgeons remove healthy kidney through donor's vagina
  80. This is a thread about Obama nominees dropped because they weren't acceptable
  81. Trojan Horse
  82. Will Obama uphold the law and deport his aunt?
  83. I would say she's as dumb as a bag of rocks....
  84. America has become the world leader in wind power
  85. Cheney warns of his next "possible" attack on America
  86. FEMA act H.R 645
  87. Congressional leaders, trying to quell a dispute over “Buy American” provisions
  88. Volcker Chafes at Obama Panel Delay, Strains With Summers Rise
  89. spotlight on the beotch (pelosi)
  90. Who thinks the government can spend your money better than you?
  91. I can see the next election ads already....
  92. Can we just legalize pot and tax it already?
  93. The Job: Urine Test
  94. Peter Schiff
  95. Obama using fear mongering tactic already...:rollseyes:
  96. Are Indebted States Up A Creek? And other stim cuts discussed
  97. ****states Declaring Sovereignty****
  98. Support the Second Amendment
  99. The "I put Rally_wannabe" on my ignore list thread
  100. Hypothetical Obama Question
  101. The stimulus package - representatives not listening to us
  102. Life without the bailout question
  103. U.S. national debt: Will we eventually renege on it?
  104. Sued for helping stop illegal immigration
  105. Someone answer dumb to me about the stimulus package!
  106. Republicanism Explained
  107. Obama news conference?
  108. Gun Ban/Confiscation
  109. Truth Commission anyone?
  110. Enough, Repubs. The New Deal did work.
  111. Bush rewarded faithful with jobs on the way out
  112. The International movie
  113. And so it begins, as predicted: firearm registration, and a whole lot more!
  114. Totally hypothetical, and I don't think it will work...
  115. State Sovereignty is Back??
  116. 10 dirty tricks to jump-start a new bull, fast!
  117. Survey: Senators on Paying Taxes
  118. Sessions: GOP Insurgency "May Be Required"
  119. Stimulus benchmarks
  120. Attn: KGVR4
  121. Obama to Detroit: Get me a plan that works
  122. Glen Beck: Twelve Values
  123. Who wants to be Commerce Secretary?
  124. Jim Cooper (D-Tenn) on the deficit and healthcare
  125. Feinstein outs Paki Gov't re: Attack UAV's based in Pakistan
  126. The stimulus package...
  127. Politcs as usual, why read the bill before you vote?
  128. Video: Simon Johnson makes a lot of sense
  129. If only...
  130. Title given to stimulus plan
  131. Shocking news: American military officers involved in bribery, graft in Iraq
  132. House of Cards on NBC
  133. EightMaps: Prop 8 retribution
  134. Dear PP people, I have a request
  135. California's budget is screwed up
  136. Hahaha!
  137. Wait ... wat!? Communism? Not? WAT!?
  138. Reinstating the Uptick rule
  139. Biden is a ****ing embarrassment
  140. Houston-based financial sercives company charged today with "massive fraud"
  141. Assignment: find something beneficial in the stimulus plan
  142. Palin: she just won't go away
  143. Transparency?
  144. Connecticut Governor Plans to Charge Drivers $171 Million
  145. As the world economy lurches towards the next disaster
  146. A question of morality
  147. How Democrats Destroyed the Auto Industry
  148. Proud to be White
  149. NEW...Improved... Urban "Black" GOP
  150. Lansing Mayor tells it like it is!
  151. Can we at least agree that Obama works hard?
  152. CNBC Rick Santelli lays into new administration policies
  153. Iran set us up the bomb
  154. Banning Drive-Thrus ?
  155. Serious Question!
  156. I got it! I know what is missing from the GOPs message
  157. GOP fighting hard for stimulus money they opposed
  158. Chimp cartoon in New York post
  159. smoke this recession
  160. Still living the dream, AKA SQ3.0's 1year anniversary in nippon
  161. "Dr Fadl" on Bin Laden..
  162. Can WE the people shrink the government?
  163. Fire Consumes WTC 7-Size Skyscraper, Building Does Not Collapse
  164. The Alpha Strategy (book)
  165. The Earth, Plus 5% - Very Good
  166. convince me that I should disagree with this article
  167. Outlook Grim For Our Economy - Baseline Scenario
  168. Foreclosurees, would you entertain this idea?
  169. GWB almost accepts well-qualified position
  170. Quickest way to recovery, so simple we won't do it
  171. Chuck Norris said it. dont question it.
  172. Nationwide Tea Party This Friday
  173. TED: Great speech on the economy
  174. Should Taxpayers Really Be Funding 48 Year Old GM Retirees?
  175. about freaking time: Taxing pot could become a political toking point
  176. Boomers – Your Crisis Has Arrived
  177. Obama's speech.....
  178. Stupid is as stupid does, sheriff
  179. Omg Obamas Teh Devil!
  180. Where is the 09 Budget?
  181. Anyone here familiar with Aubrey de Grey or the Methuselah Foundation?
  182. on fixing housing and banking (attn:cwb124).....
  183. Is the GOP betting on even further economic failure?
  184. Nuclear Power
  185. The Green Energy Fantasy
  186. Chinese arresting Tibetans for downloading subversive music to their cellphones
  187. Let's critically examine an article of faith . . .
  188. Should USA Shoot Down North Korea Rocket
  189. Joe The Plumber's (aka Sam the Non-Plumber) 15 minutes officially over
  190. It's Official: Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban
  191. Joke time!
  192. Rick Santelli is a joke
  193. DC gets a House seat!?
  194. Mayor sends email with chopped White House pic, gets 9 points
  195. Ok....guns Bad, Drugs Good....
  196. At what point does California call it quits?
  197. Rush has spoken-CPAC
  198. .....
  199. Bush a four-letter word at CPAC
  200. Mexico - imminent failure
  201. Fiscal Conservatives - check out this chart
  202. Porn in the U.S.A - Conservative states are largest porn consumers
  203. Can we now agree that rich people don't create jobs?
  204. Is bailout money an Odious Debt?
  205. I'm stunned
  206. Has the Pakistan government lost control of it's country?
  207. Steny Hoyer is a worthless sack of crap
  208. OT Conservatives
  209. My Observations on the first 40 days of the Obama Presidency
  210. CNN: Obama's New World Order
  211. National Guard performing door to door private property searches.
  212. This just in: some high-income individuals are IDIOTS
  213. How would you rank the Obama presidency from inauguration until today?
  214. Does anyone take Hillary Clinton seriously? Especially foreign leaders?
  215. Bank CEO cartoon quotes
  216. Shun the Dali Lama
  217. A question
  218. America's New Currency Demonination!
  219. The Economist: Legalize Drugs
  220. Militias?
  221. Proposing a New Strategy - Combating the Source of Militants
  222. Cambio Libre Para Colombia?... why not?
  223. The Libertarian Party
  224. What where they thinking?
  225. Altruism: The Moral Root of the Financial Crisis
  226. GM sends letter to suppliers asking for them to lobby for money, gets this in reply.
  227. Citi profitable in 2009
  228. Interesting NY times article from 1999 about the start of subprime lending
  229. Stimulus Earmarks (organized by State and City)
  230. US ships and the Chinese
  231. Ten Square Miles
  232. "Tally of 'Millionaire' U.S. Households Falls 27% in '08"
  233. Political Science for Dummies!
  234. Palin family update
  235. How progressive are you? quiz type thing
  236. Obama's green jobs pick
  237. The Seymour Hersh bombshells - early claims
  238. More TARP fund woes, banks sending billions overseas
  239. John Stossel special on 20/20 tonight
  240. Political Tests
  241. ouch. Jon Stewart rips into Cramer
  242. Yay for supporting the troops!!
  243. Does anyone care what this idiot has to say anymore?
  244. Glenn Beck yesterday and The 912 Project
  245. Fighting Back in America's 30-Year Class War
  246. Stay classy Isreali soldiers
  247. larry king live. pro-drug debate Ron Paul vs..............................
  248. Okay, here's 2 things about Obama that are pissing me off
  249. Want to boycott Israel?
  250. I am convinced that films are nothing more than political agendas.