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  1. Jesus Camp
  2. How will Obama handle North Korea?
  3. Obama to name Sotomayor as Supreme Court pick
  4. fed govt power vs state govt power
  5. burris is neck deep in it now
  6. Great Right North
  7. Torture has cost thousands of American lives
  8. A tax by any other name...
  9. Political Favoritism in car dealer closings?
  10. Wired: The New Socialism
  11. Waterboarding we raped people?
  12. G20 coming to Pittsburgh
  13. new US Debt Clock
  14. For anti-Socialists - which country?
  15. A sincere thank you to General Petraeus
  16. How are those auto company bailouts looking now?
  17. Abortion doctor shot church.
  18. Too big to fail
  19. Peter Schiff on the GOP
  20. BO to the Muslim world:
  21. From: Russia, with love
  22. Economic Recovery: Place Your Bets
  23. This Thread Is Specifically For R_w!
  24. Culture of Hate Persists in Saudi Arabia and Egypt
  25. GM Bankruptcy Fills Michael Moore With Joy - Jalopnik is Pissed
  26. adrian rodgers 1931
  27. Chicago gun ban upheld
  28. USA “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world” According to BHO...
  29. Conservatives Warn Quick Sex Change Only Barrier Between Gays, Marriage
  30. GOP Plan Would Give GM, Chrysler Shares To Every US Taxpayer
  31. CA STATE Employees, proof that Big Gov't is destructive
  32. What Happens When Marxists Run The Show
  33. SEC charge Angelo Mozilo with fraud
  34. a question for the secular, leftist, liberal minded Americans...
  35. Kennedy Bill
  36. Newt Gingrich: Americans "Are Surrounded By Paganism"
  37. the federal reserve is not federal and it has no reserve.
  38. THE it!
  39. Think twice about 'green' transport, say scientists
  40. State's (CA) budget crisis opens rift between unions and Democrats
  41. and you guys say foxnewss bad
  42. Bill Kennedy
  43. NY Republicans broker deal to regain control of state senate
  44. New York State Senate changes party control in surprise coup
  45. REPORT: Cheney says Bush left GM bankruptcy for the next guy
  46. Republicans are supposed to be revamping their image, right?
  47. Obama Administration loves to lie
  48. Peter Schiff on the Daily Show
  49. Palin: Missed Opportunities
  50. Bank Accused of Pushing Mortgage Deals on Blacks
  51. Debate or unacceptable bigotry?
  52. Obama puts feet on desk. Picture taken offends Israelis.
  53. Miranda Rights for Terrorists captured on Foreign Soil ?
  54. Congresswoman Kaptur Grills Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke 6-3-09 - CSPAN
  55. The Republican Party Offers No Hope
  56. Moon Baseless (not from ARI or CATO)
  57. Obama's Weekly Address: Health Care Reform
  58. Judge: Terrorist can sue lawyer over torture memos
  59. Assessing the Iranian Election (not ARI or CATO)
  60. Crazy things going on in Iran at the moment.
  61. Seriously? - anti-stab knives?
  62. Dean on public healthcare option
  63. ABC to hand news over to Obama administration, or The start of ruskie media
  64. Statement on Global Warming Petition Signed by 31,478 Scientists
  65. Should we have a preemptive strike on N. Korea ?
  66. The Letter from Glenn Beck's show today
  67. Government Control
  68. Obama blocks list of visitors to White House
  69. Senate Dems pare back health bill
  70. ANyone catch the Sen boxer/ brig general exchange?
  71. How serious is all this N. Korea stuff?
  72. Hannity teaches us how to survive a terrorist attack.
  73. Why doesn't the ACLU ever do anything about 2nd amendment rights?
  74. Back door deals! Gettem' while they're hot!
  75. Just got back from the Iran rally at the Federal Building in Los Angeles (pics & vid)
  76. How the feds contributed to GM's problems
  77. FDA controls tobacco now!
  78. Under the Obama Plan, 95% of Americans will receive a tax cut, except for...
  79. Terrorist Watch List Hits One Million Names, no guns for them!
  80. Sarkozy : the burqa not welcome in France
  81. can't get healthecare? why don't you go find a job that offers it
  82. Does it seem like deja vu? (iran)
  83. Brain drain at government own...errr regulated banks *shocking*
  84. a robert reich blog on healthcare
  85. let's discuss the free market system
  86. Nothing on Sanford?
  87. 'Summer Sack Lunch' Program in Seattle paid for by......
  88. Why is the Cap and Trade vote tomorrow not being covered?
  89. Fox News gets okay to misinform public in court ruling
  90. Ohhhh Pat Buchanan!
  91. CNN is officially retarded
  92. another fantastic program brought to you by a Leftie Congress
  93. DenverPost article: Debunking myths about Canadian healthcare
  94. a question for the christian, rightist, conservative Americans...
  95. Exempting unions from a tax on the middle class
  96. Conservative Rep. with a bill to blame the economy on homosexuallity
  97. US Troops pulling out of urban areas in Iraq
  98. EPA Suppresses Internal Global Warming Study
  99. bank crimes and stealing from cooportations is a legit crime
  100. Britain's queen orders count of swans
  101. Broken campaign promises, list them here
  102. Palin interview in Vanity Fair
  103. Volunteers for National Guard on Mexican border drug problem?
  104. Bill Ayers Ghost-Wrote Dreams From My Father.
  105. Russian Troops Prepare for Anti Terror Drills w/China
  106. California is violating the Constitution
  107. Interesting: Why a Supermajority isn't necessarily a slam-dunk
  108. jobless rate at 9.5 percent
  109. while you and I stay home and save money, look where congress is going on your dime!
  110. Comrade Obama wants your money any way he can get it
  111. Operation Khanjar, or "Strike of the Sword". Or, go on with your bad selves USMC.
  112. Washington Post brokers off-record talk between healthcare lobbyist + Gov't
  113. More stagged propoganda
  114. Palin: Steppin Down
  115. The Great American Bubble Machine
  116. Palin plans to sue the entire Internet via Twitter
  117. so what about Honduras?
  118. I have had it with these mother****ing snakes in this mother****ing senate!
  119. I recently asked my friends' little girl what she wanted to do when she grows up.
  120. Seattle doctors try flat-rate no-limit primary care
  121. this is EXACTLY how the economic crisis will unfold
  122. Is this True? It seams way to deliberate. Chrysler GOP dealers getting screwed
  123. Great American Bubble Machine (Goldman Sachs article in Rolling Stone)
  124. Fox News thinks that Americans should stop marrying "other species and ethnics"
  125. Will PP and OT be shut down if this passes?
  126. Stimulus II??
  127. if Israel attacked Iran... what exactly would they do?
  128. Obama & Sarkozy priorities for G8
  129. Robert Reich says we are doomed
  130. A REAL ID by any other name would smell as foul
  131. Good Obamanomics
  132. Healthcare Industry Whistleblower
  133. Would you change your vote for President?
  134. Steele willing to give blacks fried chicken and potato salad if they join the GOP
  135. This is disturbing..
  136. The Obama Deception
  137. Stratfor update: CIA assassination program
  138. U.S.A. - more or less "socialistic" now vs. Civil war period?
  139. Am I the only one who'd hang out with Joe Biden?
  140. Wendell Potter, former health care insurance exec
  141. Conservative group, UPS involved in "Pay to Play"
  142. California vs. Texas
  143. Every Single Republican Congress Member Has Now Co-Sponsored Bill to Audit the Fed...
  144. An "I told you so" from the past
  145. Impending showdown: Fedzilla vs the States [TN] (10th amend)
  146. I can't think of a name for this thread about something in Pakistan
  147. F insurance lobbyists
  148. Tax increases, not just for the rich
  149. You don't actually think they spend $20k on a hammer, $30k on a toilet seat, do you?
  150. Stratfor: Russia, Ahmadinejad and Iran Reconsidered
  151. ATTN all OT-PPers: please write your Senators about getting behind this gun bill
  152. The crime rate is NOT linked to the economy.
  153. Federal law that protects workers from not being paid?
  154. The Fourth Reith Lecture
  155. How many of you regret your Obama vote?
  156. Health Insurance Lobby Cherry-Picks Data in Fight Against Public Plan
  157. about that low crime rate and poor economy..
  158. on a lighter note,'in god and healthcare we trust" i lol'd a few times(lewis black)
  159. this isnt a time to play polotics and tally
  160. Gee, for some reason this hasn't had much news coverage...
  161. Rep. Blackburn: "We're not going to cry 'emergency' every time we have a Katrina.'
  162. Obama: Cops acted "Stupidly" for arresting his buddy.
  163. Stratfor: Examining Jakarta Attacks
  164. Outliers - A study of success (and why hard work isn't enough)
  165. times not wasted, when ur getting wasted
  166. Almost props to Bush Re: libby pardon
  167. New Rule - Not Everything in America Has To Make a Profit
  168. Don't expect lower drug prices with health reform.
  169. How many racist things will Obama do before people call him on it?
  170. GOP Congressional Report Accuses ACORN of Political Corruption, Widespread Fraud
  171. Stockholm model (swedish healchcare system)
  172. Another fail for the proposed health care reform...
  173. Health Care reform: stupendously retarded
  174. William Shatner Reads Sarah Palin Farewell With Bongos on Conan
  175. US Terrorist Suspects
  176. Bill "The Oracle" Kristol on Government Run Healthcare
  177. Bill "Creative Math" O'Rielly
  178. Obama: 5 years ago as a rookie Senator
  179. Healthcare Triad
  180. The Obama administration ignores voter intimidation
  181. I do not think that word means what you think it means
  182. So if you were the cop (crowley) would you accept the president's invite for a beer?
  183. Unrelated to Crowley/Gates cop thread
  184. Official split America thread!
  185. I need a little bailout of my own.
  186. Calling out the BS, Anthony Weiner introduces amendement to repeal Medicare
  187. Government Run Cash For Clunkers, Same People Want To Run Your Healthcare!
  188. Chris Dodd has prostate cancer!
  189. The Government will now control your pay..
  190. Czars thread!
  191. Best reason to say f no to socialized medicine
  192. eff the Blue Dogs
  193. The Cost Conundrum - Healthcare in McAllen, TX
  194. screw the Blue Dogs
  195. By clicking on the website, your computer is now owned by the federal govt?
  196. Palin
  197. What did the SEC say to BofA?
  198. Maxine Waters, this Bud's for you
  199. you know your HMO sucks when...
  200. Brief me on Ron Paul's basic platform.
  201. Bill Clinton in North Korea to discuss U.S. journalists
  202. Keith Olbermann - Special Comment (Republicans, bring your Advil)
  203. Which Founding Father do you like best?
  204. BO's unintentional stimulus package
  205. Happy Birthday Mr. President!!!
  206. Stratfor: 10 Years of Putin
  207. Political Cartoon Thread
  208. PP BBQ get together!!!
  209. The South is ruining the GOP
  210. blog post about astroturf
  211. What happened to C-SPAN junkie on Youtube?
  212. Best July in 20 years for the stock market
  213. Alternative healthcare reform solution
  214. People that watch FOX news and people that RUN FOX news are so stupid?
  215. Since there's a thread for every GOP member nailed for corruption...
  216. Rand Paul and Peter Schiff
  217. Obama naming Communist Czars?
  218. Highway A Cross Section Of Cuba
  219. Why so serious, GOP?
  220. Think Progress, MSNBC 'Manufacture' a Story With Putative Smoking Gun 'Mob' Memo
  221. Is this a movie synopsis?
  222. I wish to make a request of all PPers reguarding Obamacare
  223. We the People - A Pledge
  224. Aww the lefties cry when the tables are turned on them WAAAAAAAAAAH!!!
  225. Is liberalism is a mental disorder?
  226. Bill O'Reilly <3's Obama
  227. Dear Representative Edolphus Towns
  228. Start Snitching!!
  229. The Gulag Wealth Fund
  230. Palin: Obama health plan is 'downright evil'
  231. I love how nobody here has said anything about this
  232. Dear PP Conservatives,
  233. If healthcare isn't a right, then why are people up in arms about letting old people.
  234. Lawmakers' Global-Warming Trip Hit Tourist Hot Spots
  235. Quick poll, PP's Federal Government approval rating
  236. something something police state something something
  237. Does the Senate reflect the founders' vision?
  238. Geithner Asks Congress to Increase Federal Debt Limit
  239. Say No To Socialism!
  240. July's climate: Chilly USA, torrid globe
  241. There are nut jobs on all sides.
  242. Fault Lines: The Battle To Transform Health Care In The US (Graphic Content)
  243. The National Guard needs "Internment/Resettlement Specialists"
  244. Obama says health care critics use 'scare tactics'
  245. I love cranks
  246. Bible promotes socialism?
  247. Obama is literally Hitler!
  248. The Iraq war was a preemptive war or a preventive war.
  249. Man brings loaded gun to Obama Town Hall Meeting
  250. New Bull, New Bubble, New Meltdown by 2012