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  1. New Bull, New Bubble, New Meltdown by 2012
  2. Ask Obama about Healthcare....
  3. The Whole Foods alternative to ObamaCare
  4. How come our neighbour Canada can have Universal Healthcare but we can't??
  5. I Love the Cato Institute
  6. Give me CANADIAN healthcare now!!
  7. Who/what is the militia as referred to in the 2nd amendment?
  8. Finally, we are starting to see some oversight of Derivatives
  9. Cheney Uncloaks His Frustration With Bush
  10. Incompetent Leaders are the Biggest Threat to Recovery
  11. Internal Memo Confirms Big Giveaways In White House Deal With Big Pharma
  12. Article 1 section 8
  13. Bring John Shadegg's 'Enumerated Powers Act' HR 450 to a Vote
  14. Grassley et al were in support of "death boards" in 2003
  15. LOLer
  16. this whole death panel thing...
  17. So i went to the emergency room this morning or OMG socialist medicine
  18. 30% rate increase, thank you cap and trade
  19. so birthers failed, death counsels failed, i now bring you VAXERS
  20. Rep. Meek: There are members of Congress telling health insurers, ‘We have your back.
  21. Wendell Potter, industry whistleblower, on Insurance co. tactics
  22. Healthcare protesters
  23. Healthcare debate: Insight from an insider
  24. Cash for Clunkers Driving Up Prices
  25. Obama is a socialist, marxist, kid toucher and health care is the Debil!!!
  26. Seriously? a ****ing AR-15 at a town hall meeting?
  27. 2nd Ammendment people
  28. New Management at AIG
  29. BATFE goes door to door inspecting homes and recording serial numbers of guns.
  30. Comets are the chariots of the heavens
  31. The case for Single-payer and/or public healthcare
  32. Woman Yells Heil Hitler To Jewish Man at Town Hall Re Up Unedited
  33. Dems give up on compromise w/ Reps, will go it alone on healthcare
  34. Barney Frank lays the smackdown to one of those obama=hitler fools
  35. I think we need a healthcare containment thread.
  36. Gov. Run Healthcare + my employer savings = I get a raise?
  37. i thought this was very telling, FOX vs. other cable news viewer poll on health-care
  38. HR 3200 Link....aka Gov't Health Care Bill
  39. What does the U.S have in common with Turkmenistan ?
  40. She's just racist
  41. Rush Limbaugh on Family Guy
  42. Bernanke, a Hero to His Own, Can't Shake Critics
  43. GM/Ford increasing production due to Cash for Clunkers demand
  44. Rand Paul money bomb today!
  45. Tom Ridge: I Was Pressured To Raise Terror Alert Level To Help Bush Win
  46. SC - Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission
  47. Good non-political article about health insurance
  48. New Poll: 77% Support "Choice" of Public Option
  49. Dear Tedward: yoar cancer-riddled brain has no place in the Senate
  50. thoughts on al-Megrahi release
  51. Mercury found in all fish caught in U.S.-tested streams
  52. the blame game
  53. Differences between conservative and liberal.
  54. Exclusive - John Stewart &Betsy McCaughey *Death Panel* Rumor starter
  55. You can't tell me that these members of the House aren't compromised
  56. Hyperinflation is possible!
  57. "I have to sacrifice me."
  58. glenn beck= genious!
  59. TORT reform is not enough !
  60. Dear Rastamon, I have bad news
  61. Remember me? Wall Street repackages debt for sale
  62. High Speed Rail?
  63. White House projects bigger deficits, bigger debt
  64. Reducing Black Carbon Emissions and Ground-Level Ozone and Climate Change
  65. Consumer confidence up
  66. looks like a duck quacks like a duck.....
  67. This just in: Michael Steele is a moron
  68. Goldman's Town Hall
  69. Dems employing agent provocateurs?
  70. New Jersey suburb outraged over Gaddafi’s tent plan
  71. Where's the Economy Headed? Insiders Watch This Key Index
  72. 5 Myths About Health Care Around the World
  73. We The People Stimulus Package
  74. So whats the deal with this new FCC Chief Diversity Officer guy?
  75. We The People Stimulus Package
  76. GOP Congresswoman:"Republicans are struggling right now to find the great white hope"
  77. RNC warns Republicans would be denied healthcare
  78. dammit obama, you better not turn off my internets
  79. Food for thought, yes its about 9-11.
  80. The brainwashing squad
  81. these guys really have no clue or find the stupid
  82. here's yer death panel
  83. where are they?
  84. Questions for the Conservatives
  85. Fla. court OKs force against retreating attackers
  86. Texas Gov. Candidate Medina Talks Weapons, Secession, Bloody War, Decisive & Fatal
  87. Confessions of a Health Care Rationer
  88. unprecedented event Obama addresses yo kids
  89. Obama v. Bush '08
  90. Who is going to DC on 9/11-9/12?
  91. Peak oil postponed
  92. Anti-Healthcare Protesters
  93. Breaking: CNN Reports White House Negotiating A 'Trigger' Public Option With Olympia
  94. Russia ship mystery editor flees
  95. who thinks the Obama administration is imploding
  96. Pro ObamaCare Protester Targets 65 year Old and Bites Off the Senior's Finger
  97. Obama's Green Czar Van Jones Is A Stone-Cold Troofer
  98. Al Franken subdues and caresses anti-healthcare protesters
  99. Supreme Court to Revisit ‘Hillary’ Documentary
  100. How Team of Geeks Cracked Spy Trade
  101. FDR: I welcome their hatred.
  102. Article: Is Health Care Reform Doomed?
  103. Myths of the Heathcare Bill
  104. Moyers Special Comment to Obama: "No more Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. President."
  105. The Next Cash For Clunkers Program
  106. James Carville: "You Cannot Run A Country Based On Birthers & Creationists!"
  107. just realized there was a 'kicker' for prescription drugs in 2003 + other stuffs
  108. Marx and Stalinism = Jesus and the Inquisition
  109. more repub healthcare BS
  110. CBO Scoring HR676!
  111. Why are there no threads about Health Care?
  112. Gee, I guess no one saw this comming: UN wants new global currency to replace dollar
  113. California's Real Death Panels: Insurers Deny 21% of Claims
  114. really? no one made a thread on this yet......
  115. Fines proposed for going without health insurance
  116. Taxpayers will lose on auto bailouts
  117. Free Cellphones and Minutes!!
  118. Hey Cass What's Happenin'?
  119. GANJGAL, Afghanistan - cant artillery the village b/c of civilians but...
  120. Arrests Made In Acorn Voter Registration Fraud Case
  121. Obama's healthcare address...
  122. GOP Lawmaker's Graphic Sex-Bragging Caught On Tape(oops, X-lawmaker now)
  123. Whip Count
  124. More ACRON crap. Pimping?
  125. Israeli soldiers fire tear gas on Al Jazeera correspondent
  126. A modest capitalist proposal
  127. Censure... what does it actually mean?
  128. Michael Savage Removed From Radio
  129. read this sf novel _The Road To Damascus_
  130. Liberal: A word I would like to see get back to its original meaning.
  131. USCG says "bang", CNN reports shots fired during drill
  132. Can we ban terms like strawman and ad hominem here?
  133. Are corporations people?
  134. Obama slaps a tarrif on Chineese tires
  135. 9-12 Project
  136. This must be false.. how could these numbers be correct.
  137. Political dynasties
  138. Race Card, R.i.p.
  139. Afghanistan by the numbers
  140. Only 29% of Americans trust mainstream media/news
  141. because noone really answerd what they thought of it in the obama thread: GOP HCplan
  142. Let's Celebrate Oil's 150th Birthday
  143. HRW caught with their pants down
  144. Jimmy Carter
  145. Honduras
  146. Interesting Op-Ed.
  147. Government Takeover of the Student Loan Industry?
  148. Hell Freezes Over; Bill O'Reilly Supports Public Option
  149. Finally, can we finally throw this woman out of office?
  150. Congress votes to cut all funding for ACORN.. Why stop there?
  151. Oh Noes!!! We iz teh problem!
  152. Sex Czar
  153. Mad Man: Is Glenn Beck Bad for America?
  154. George W. Bush: Palin "Disaster for GOP", Obama "unfit for White House"
  155. Wealthcare. The cult of Ayn Rand.
  156. Yore own Health Care Stories, Anyone?
  157. Hypothesis: American's sense of entitlement is what is hindering our prosperity...
  158. Katharine Hepburn 1947 Speech against HUAC -- WOW very patriotic speech
  159. Talking Heads vs. Blogs
  160. Hyman Minsky > Alan Greenspan, Milton Friedman, etc?
  161. They're illegal aliens because they're here illegally.
  162. Obama's sunday news tour. Hits all major news outlets....except Fox.
  163. Afghanistan Report
  164. Lieberman exposed...
  165. Republicans to Push Against Net Neutrality
  166. Osama oh whatever
  167. Want Less Corruption? Shrink the Size of Government
  168. Republican Voters Values Summit
  169. What if Obama Had Really Been a Liberal?
  170. Will Ferrell speaks out against the Public Option
  171. Govt bans sale of flavored cigarettes
  172. Perimeter - Soviet Doomsday Machine
  173. 2010 & 2012 Elections - Republicans take back power
  174. Obama must be an oil man
  175. NASIOC 2012 GOP Straw Poll
  176. The real NASIOC 2012 GOP Straw Poll
  177. Mandated flu vaccinations to travel? RFID identity bracelets for the innoculated? WTF
  178. Now for the lighter side...protestor signs!
  179. Hanged census worker: next week's political outrage?
  180. The dismissive and condescending...
  181. Kennedy vacancy filled
  182. Does this disturb or bother anyone else?
  183. Hugo Chavez "Attacks" FOX News
  184. Rod Blagojevich on The Daily Show
  185. Snatch and grab of G-20 protester
  186. mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama
  187. Obama outs Iran at G20(secret nuclear facility)
  188. make this known
  189. Get out your tin foil hats. (OKC bombing)
  190. Liberals seek health-care access for illegals
  191. Honor student beaten to death in Chicago
  192. cops caught disguised as anarchists
  193. Is Shep Smith trying to get fired?
  194. U.S. subsidizing foreign oil production
  195. Fed Proposes Tougher Credit Card Rules
  196. is this forum liberal or conservative?
  197. The U.N is not considered a "foreign state," right?
  198. Economic Data Day!
  199. Supreme Court on the Second Amendment
  200. No Obama outrage about him flying over to help win the bid for the olympics.
  201. Yup, Glenn Beck is on the same wavelength as Kirk Cameron
  202. Obama and the Olympics
  203. Article ...a last resort to resolve the “Obama problem"
  204. dem. vs rep. parents
  205. gliad shalit video released!
  206. Christian Bale IS Bill O'Reilly's Stage Manager - Strong Language
  207. Bill Frist Would Vote For Health Bill
  208. Containing a Nuclear Iran - Fareed Zakaria
  209. Your opinion greatly appreciated
  210. Maybe even Republicans like change.
  211. Joe Scarborough: Obama did the right thing by trying to help Olympic bid
  212. G20 protester held for tweeting
  213. Media Goes Nuts Fact-Checking SNL Skit Lampooning Obama's Impotence...
  214. Post Yer PP Pics Here
  215. Free Ivy-League lectures online
  216. Colorado terrorism fail.
  217. Democrats on Afghanistan
  218. 'Should Obama Be Assassinated?' Poll Pulled from Facebook Site
  219. Gun show loopholes...they are used
  220. Joe Wilson for president!
  221. White House hosted star party last night (that's astronomy, not celebrities)
  222. Fox News, Steve King and Karl Rove falsely accuse Obama cabinet member of NAMBLA ties
  223. Here's what happens when Government actually gets between you and your Doctor
  224. Here's what happens when you let idiots run you country
  225. You guys are idiots
  226. Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize
  227. Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize
  228. Thoughts on reporting facts vs. editorial comments
  229. Subprime Uncle Sam
  230. Principal is responsible for making sure your kid eats their food.
  231. Keith Olbermann Mocked On SNL
  232. Hannity vs moore
  233. Bill Press (America Left) - Spreading Hate
  234. World Police
  235. Todays "America's Health Insurance Plans" Numbers
  236. So, other Nobel Prizes got awarded, too . . .
  237. High court debates dog fighting videos
  238. Steve Wynn is bitchin.
  239. The economy has recovered, we made it...
  240. Forensic "Science" Lead To Execution In TX?
  241. I know I am going to get flamed for this but.
  242. Incredibly interesting article on what killed Bear Sterns
  243. Most of the time I roll my eyes when I walk into our breakroom.
  244. the: Why didnt Fox give the '=' march on D.C. tea party coverage thread
  245. The new Gun Control ad.....
  246. Ready to revolt: Oath Keepers pledges to prevent dictatorship in United States
  247. Interesting (but long) article about propaganda, fakery, partisan hackery
  248. Fed to issue new medical marijuana policy
  249. Bush declares the Huffington Post to be an enemy of the White House!!!
  250. Is Pakistan about to fall?