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  1. interesting article on the economy
  2. :unamused:
  3. Dear CIA, suck my balls.
  4. Stratfor: The Curious Case of Adlene Hicheur
  5. CBO finds dem bill with public option REDUCES deficit
  6. Grayson is a beast; schools Paul Broun
  7. Paterson: Gay Marriage Bill On Deck
  8. Nancy Pelosi: Eliminating a tax decrease isn't a tax increase.
  9. Arizona Considering Privatizing All State Prisons
  10. Obama declares H1N1 National Emergency
  11. Recession Over and it's Obama's Fault
  12. The senatorial elections in VA reak of desperation and fail
  13. The health insurance industry is not broken.
  14. Free market religion, vatican reaches out to ghey hating anglicans
  15. Birmingham, AL Mayor GUILTY on all Federal Counts!
  16. stratfor: Iraq, a rebounding jihad
  17. Hmmmm let's see.
  18. Obama and Dover
  19. If it was your Campaign.
  20. This should help the real estate market
  21. Cash for Clunkers costs taxpayers $24,000 per car
  22. What? No thread on the leaked Congressional Ethics Committee inquiries?
  23. In defense of health insurance discrimination
  24. For Fox Sake
  25. Kucinich is pissed, and we should all know why
  26. Mexico 'opens its arms' to legal and "illegal" immigrants :headassplode:
  27. We all know republicans give more to charity
  28. Give me an idea..
  29. Russia simulates nuke attack on Poland
  30. Sen. David Vitter, R-LA, Confronted By Rape Victim Over Franken Amendment Vote(walks)
  31. Nuclear Renaissance - Funded by the Government?
  32. The Glenn Beck Experiment
  33. Liberal Thuggery
  34. Election Results 11/03/09
  35. And the pendulum is beginning to swing back...
  36. Maine Speaks (Gay Marriage)
  37. I wonder how Obama will go about talking to Iran about this?
  38. Hypothetical Obama Regime Overthrow by Foreign Power.
  39. Teabagging Rep. Todd Akin Recites Pledge to “Drive Liberals Crazy,” Then Botches the
  40. Isn't this new economy great
  41. My Boyfriend is the PRESIDENT
  42. America Needs To Grow Up & Act Like Europe!
  43. Tom Tancredo Walks Off Over Deferment Insult!
  44. A very simple question for those in favor of public option healthcare...
  45. Welcome to the United States of Canada
  46. Maryland Politicians, Judges, Bureaucrats Drive Toll Free
  47. U.S. government switches role to shareholder
  48. Should people be suspicious of Muslims serving in the armed forces...
  49. House Passes Historic Health Bill
  50. Where did it go?
  51. Why fundamentalism will fail
  52. Stupak amendment, what say you?
  53. 150 activists arrested coast-to-coast for Medicare for All
  54. You sank my battleship!
  55. Obama to announce contact with space aliens
  56. White House: Obama weighs 4 options in Afghanistan
  57. What the Pelosi Health-Care Bill Really Says
  58. My own social experiment . . .
  59. Frontline - Sick Around the World
  60. Would the world be better off with or without the United Nations
  61. Does the constitution grant the federal govt the power of universal healthcare?
  62. Lou Dobbs leaves CNN
  63. More Beck!
  64. AMA urges Federal gov't to reconsider classification of marijuana as Shedule I
  65. Dodds banking bill, is it solid?
  66. Catholic Church gives D.C. ultimatum( will cut social services if gay marraige passes
  67. South Park & Glenn Beck
  68. Org files constitutionality charge on behalf of ACORN
  69. I Want My Country Back
  70. KSM to be tried in NYC
  71. Airport rules changed after Ron Paul aide detained
  72. Frozen Assets?
  73. Lou Dobbs, presidential candidate?
  74. Obama bows to Emperor of Japan
  75. US, ASEAN show extreme cowardice, drop call for Aung San Suu Kyi release
  76. Sorry we bulldozed your houses. Kelo vs. New London part two.
  77. Doug Hoffman 'Un-Concedes' From NY-23 Special Election on the Glenn Beck Radio Show
  78. Lou Dobbs on the daily show tomorrow, who else is excited?
  79. Study shows most balanced news network is...
  80. is this what universal healthcare should pay for?
  81. Hasan: Allah Akbar?
  82. Afghanistan: Most Corrupt Country In The World
  83. Hey richde, since I know you love Alexander Hamilton...
  84. This Is The Usa! You Should Talk English
  85. Al Gore wishes he never invented the internet
  86. Debate opened on health care bill
  87. Oops: Did Texas Ban Marriage?
  88. a little mind bending
  89. Beck re-education camps?
  90. Afghanistan War Tax
  91. Welfare pays for terrorism plot.
  92. What's so bad about a little socialism in your republic?
  93. Who do you trust more?
  94. What is wrong with a little greed in a society?
  95. Obama pardons turkey, proves he's weak on terror
  96. Sooooooo, what are YOU doing to reduce the national debt?
  97. Condoleeeeeeeeeza Rice
  98. Kakistocracy
  99. Ukrainian Black Lungs, what is it?
  100. Did congress do something right? (in 2006, DPW)
  101. Americans Toss 40% Of Food
  102. Navy SEALs capture wanted terrorist, put on trial for allegedly punching him
  103. Thomas L. Friedman: "we need better citizens -not just mindless angry populism"
  104. Obama's Afghanistan Strategy
  105. Cali Man Wants To Preserve "Traditional" banning divorce.
  106. United States forcing other nations to adopt "three strikes" Internet Piracy law?
  107. In Soviet Canada, wait...what?
  108. White House Crashers
  109. Projected Revenues From Marijuana Tax
  110. troops come home 2011?
  111. Can victory in afghanistan be achieved with a "Clean war"?
  112. Little Green Footballs Founder Charles Johnson : Why I Parted Ways With The Right
  113. Hello PeePee
  114. A possible alternative to our monetary policy
  115. What was this? A terrorist attack averted? A TSA drill? Nothing?
  116. The Left Destroys More Than It Creates
  117. Conservatives love teh pr0n
  118. this is how we are betrayed, this is why HR676 is the only solution
  119. Subcommittee OKs college playoff bill
  120. Karzai: We can't take on Taliban until 2014. lol wut?
  121. Health Insurers Caught Paying Facebook Gamers Virtual Currency To Oppose Reform Bil
  122. Don't think the MIC is out of control?
  123. North Carolina, religious tests, political positions, oh my.
  124. Th Folly of Economic Forecasts
  125. wooohooo! $6 million to save 3 jobs....
  126. Bring on the competition!
  127. This is why gun control does more bad than good
  128. Ron Paul's effort to audit Fed and block Bernanke renomination gaining steam
  129. ACORN funding ban injunction
  130. Anti-Reform Groups Have Astroturfed Mafia Wars & FarmVille
  131. Would it be politically incorrect to think Obama is the devil?
  132. The Noam Chomsky thread
  133. So how long until Israel bombs Iran?
  134. Good news everyone!
  135. Democrats Drop Medicare Buy In
  136. I love Al Franken
  137. Cost containment
  138. 20 GOP Senators Call for Investigation of Offutt Threat
  139. GOP to Obama, EPA: No treaties in Copenhagen
  140. in to save healthcare, Jeebus!
  141. Reason Magazine Supports Socialized Health Care
  142. Awww! How sweet! I love you too!
  143. Whitehouse: GOP Have Embarked On A Desperate Mission Of Propoganda, Falsehood, Obstru
  144. Joblessness up, Crime down?
  145. Copenhagen, Dec. 2009
  146. Yemen
  147. Best President in your lifetime until now?
  148. So much for BIPARTISANSHIP eh fellas?
  149. Popular News Media Corruption‏
  150. Baucus(is he drunk? lol) shouts down Wicker on health care
  151. Michele Bachmann: Welfare Queen(and other politicians that recieve gubberment funds
  152. A blank check for Fannie and Freddie
  153. NoBama 2012, 1 million strong
  154. more government stupidity
  155. Wait, all hell breaking loose in Iran again?
  156. leaked Pentagon Report (Engel Interview)
  157. 'Israelification' of airports
  158. Al Jazeera was right
  159. Happy New Year Pee Pee
  160. New US Policy - Negociate with Terrorists
  161. Ron Paul vs. Ben Stein on War
  162. Arianna Huffington discussing the 'Move Your Money' New Year's Resolution
  163. Problems keeping real estate inflated...
  164. "the death penalty in the United States is a moral and practical failure"
  165. Local Teacher's Union Co-opting Gadsden Flag
  166. The way I evaluate history textbooks is first I see how they cover Christianity
  167. Postal Service Employees Owed $300M in Taxes, IRS Data Shows
  168. I love neocons!
  169. Obama lying again, health care debate behind closed doors
  170. Dodd, Dorgan will not seek reelection
  171. Cancer Cured in Canada, But Big Pharma Says NO WAY!
  172. Quick poll question.
  173. Coakley only 9 pts ahead in MA Senate race
  174. Ron Paul on Maddow
  175. Giuliani: “we had no domestic attacks under Bush — we’ve had one under Obama.”
  176. miss me yet?!
  177. The Jobs Crisis
  178. Attn: PP Negros
  179. Double-Dip recession, what say you?
  180. Fox's newest contributor: Sarah Palin
  181. So let me get this straight...
  182. delete
  183. Obama campaigned against McCain saying no taxes on health insurance policies
  184. Fed posts record profit of $46.1B for last year
  185. What's the point of this executive order?
  186. Clunker math for healthcare?
  187. Pat Robertson: Haiti 'Cursed' By 'Pact with the Devil'
  188. Too Big To Fail Tax
  189. And here it finally is....a tax on your healthcare plan, but not ours....
  190. Who wants to discuss the Senator R.C. Soles shooting?
  191. Curses! My plan to homosexualize Uganda is being foiled!
  192. Lethal Moron: Climate Change caused Earthquake
  193. Obama Administration halts Haitin deportations
  194. More Corruption? Campaign Financing...
  195. if we can't get food to the haitians...
  196. Interesting video on central banking/Fed
  197. Naomi Klein Issues Haiti Disaster Capitalism Alert: Stop Them Before They Shock Again
  198. Vote Independent Tuesday!!!
  199. Who do you think will win the Massachusetts Senate election tomorrow?
  200. World Misled over Himilayan Glacier meltdown....
  201. Coakley Croaks
  202. please delete
  203. President Obama's one-year report card
  204. Mike Malloy: Rush and Beck responsible for Va shooting deaths.
  205. health care reform process via one small bill at a time?
  206. Supreme Court - corporate campaign spending free for all is a Go!
  207. Air America Bankrupt...agian.
  208. The National Enquirer - Who's Your Daddy?
  209. Bank Failures 2010, how many?
  210. Hugo Chavez accuses U.S. of using weapon to cause Haiti quake
  211. Rep. Barney Frank wants Fannie and Freddie eliminated
  212. dear: BHO;stop talking and ****ing do something tangible
  213. Chris Matthews and Dean go at it about MASS. :lol:
  214. Don't feed the poor. They'll 'breed.
  215. Can you help people who don't want to help themselves?
  216. 45 Americans claimed political asylum in the UK
  217. Communism vs Nazism
  218. Nazi Highway Litter Patrol?
  219. Freeze discretionary spending!...McCain?
  220. Discussion of Natural Rights
  221. Rush Limbaugh: I don't want to be alive anymore
  222. just for fun; Once upon a time.....
  223. CBO predicts federal deficit of $1.35Tn
  224. Prison Policy
  225. Thanks Obama
  226. Obama to ask Congress to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell in SotU tonight
  227. never let freedom fall. entertainment
  228. R.I.P. Howard Zinn
  229. Official SotU address thread
  230. SOTU pole thread... the PP responds
  231. FOX news.
  232. John Edwards. Dumbass or something else
  233. Does anyone listen to Andrew Wilkow?
  234. Bernanke is reconfirmed by Senate, 70-30
  235. Thom Hartmann interviews a corporation now running for Congress
  236. Get in on the Global Warming joke
  237. No thread on Obama smackdowns at GOP retreat?
  238. Government Motors. This is the beginning.
  239. Obama v. the First Amendment
  240. Indiana Congressman Steve Buyer (R) Quits! Amid Wife's Illness and Ethics Investigati
  241. Colorado Springs cutting back services
  242. U.S. deploying Patriot missile system to the M.E.
  243. guess Rush's ticker is just fine
  244. Leftist/Islamist Alliance Continues...
  245. Ironic car is ironic!
  246. Tea parties, tea baggers, whatever you call them...
  247. a non-paritsan budget question
  248. Obama doesn't care about moon people
  249. N.L. Premier Williams set to have heart surgery in U.S.
  250. Obama's Polemics vs. the Economic Facts