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  1. Define your underlying philosophy of human behavior as it pertains to politics
  2. PP books, recommendations, reviews, etc...
  3. A Q about the arab league voting on a no-fly-zone.
  4. Naaaaaa we're not broke! Let's keep borrowing.
  5. The second highest paid government employee is the...
  6. Gross Domestic Happiness or, Happynomics
  7. 5 Reasons Why the US Domain Seizures Are Unconstitutional
  8. PepsiCo Produces Bottle Using All-Plant Materials
  9. Why is there no looting in Japan?
  10. Will nations step up now and get Iran to stop nuclear power
  11. Rand Paul at DoE Hearing
  12. Committee Republicans Unanimously Reject Measures Reaffirming Science(climate
  13. Miami Mayor recalled
  14. Gas prices are Obamas fault
  15. Merit pay for teachers, why it doesn't work
  16. A new angle for Obama to control your internetz
  17. Former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer announces presidential bid
  18. Dem leaders charged in fake tea party scheme
  20. Brazil welcomes Obama 'warmly'
  21. Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill...part f***!
  22. Aaaaand here it is: Arab League condemns bombing in Libya
  23. What will happen when the USD is worthless?
  24. Pros/Cons of the U.S. policing/getting involved in what other countries do
  25. "You don’t regulate yourself to prosperity."
  26. Court sentences former Israeli president to 7 years in prison
  27. Castro to the World, "Oh hai there."
  28. Obama's Illegal War
  29. INET & The Bretton Woods Conference
  30. Rap News #7
  31. The Two Coming American Revolutions (warning: wall o' text)
  32. What would happen if I...
  33. Chris Hedges
  34. Is Michelle Bachmann better than Palin?
  35. Former Gov. Gary E. Johnson (R-NM) launches bid for GOP Presidential Nomination
  36. General Electric paid no Federal Taxes in 2010
  37. I am going to try to adhere to this for awhile
  38. Presidential Address Tonight
  39. GOP plans to create jobs by gutting worker safety protections
  40. More Arizona fun
  41. Medicare to pay for $93K for Prostate Cancer drug.
  42. Haha!!
  43. Unintended consequences
  44. Ivory Coast massacre claims 1,000 lives
  45. vanity fair piece on income inequality
  46. Obama launches re-election bid
  47. Delete this
  48. Poll for Obama's reelection
  49. Max Keiser- Raw truth
  50. Is teh yoar PP dumb?
  51. Top Political Donors from 1989-2010
  52. Path to Prosperity
  53. Beck to "Leave" fox news
  54. Soros,Pelosi and Sanders new financial order
  55. Alec Baldwin on Capitol Hill
  56. Al Franken's Pay For War resolution
  57. Iron Dome takes down 2 short range missiles in first operational deployment
  58. Shut R Down
  59. Serious question regarding budget crisis and war on terror cost
  60. PP anti-tax types, serious question
  61. Small government conservatives
  62. Planne parenthood should not be part of this!
  63. Obama Thinks $4 gas is Funny
  64. What's the purpose of the "debt ceiling"?
  65. military spending
  66. Are we a 3rd world country now?
  67. Oregon lawmakers take a swing at April 1st antics
  68. Great Scott!!!
  69. Obama budget outline
  70. Why is socialism a bad word?
  71. Ed Schulz
  72. so why is gas above $4 again?
  73. tea party congress on 'This Week'
  74. S&P to the US, "Yall fiscal policy be bull****ing!"
  75. Nice public beach... i think ill privitize it. along with your town
  76. China and the End of the Deng Dynasty
  77. Warren Buffett is a douche...
  78. Cape-A-Bility
  79. The Donald
  80. I dont care your politics, this Political ad is gold
  81. Where'd my tax dollars go?
  82. Paul Ryan having a bit of a problem selling his budget in home district
  83. Apropos of Everything (monetary policy paper)
  84. Gary Johnson declares presidential candidacy
  85. Sports & Racism: Really?
  86. Tackling Recidivism
  87. Detroit EFM closes school for pregnant teens, unless it cam be privatized
  88. ACLU: Michigan State Police Using Cellphone 'Extraction' Device
  89. Does anyone else feel like they would vote for Palin at this point, because...
  90. MIT's Billion Prices Project
  91. Search for recent digestible Federal legislation.
  92. This is why we HAVE to fix health care and SS
  93. The 2012 Presidential Candidates Thread
  94. "Mr. Y" - Military reduction policy released by top military brass in Pentagon
  95. White House releases Obamas birth certificate
  96. Paey's prosecutor will be a Judge.
  97. All birthers can go to hell and die of dysentery
  98. Trump: Obama not qualified for the Ivy League
  99. the bernak, live on teh intrawebz
  100. High Court kills the Class-Action
  101. Socialists poised to take over Canada
  102. Jimmy Carter accuses US and S. Korea of human rights violation ...
  103. How Bob Lutz saved GM from Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and itself
  104. The Real American Exceptionalism
  105. Good article about why politics are so screwed up right now
  106. How bout them Obama gas prices?
  107. IN to defund planned parenthood, will COST state 4m a year
  108. So, how does all that disaster relief money defunding look in hindsight?
  109. President Obama to make stament shortly (late PM Sunday, 5/1/11)
  110. Bin Laden Killed
  111. Illinois house passes DREAM act
  112. I thought there was already a tax on gasoline?
  113. SNP gets majority in Scotland
  114. An accidental president
  115. American Exceptionalism!?!
  116. Plurality of Americans believe capitalism at odds with Christian values
  117. Raj Rajaratnam found guilty on all counts!
  118. After approving NBC buyout, FCC Commish becomes Comcast lobbyist
  119. In Texas schools, a picture's worth 1,000 calories
  120. Over reaching school district or not? PP decides
  121. GM announces 2,750 new jobs, to save 1,357 staff Read more
  122. The Geopolitics of Israel: Biblical and Modern
  123. Head of IMF arrested for forced head
  124. This vid for cwb124 (J. Perkins, Keiser, CIA drugs, Buffett douchebaggery, etc...)
  125. Indianapolis, No right to resist unlawful police entry
  126. Worldwide War bill?
  127. UAE hires on blackwater
  128. Santorum: McCain doesn't understand torture
  129. 10 Indications The United States Is A Dictatorship
  130. Fed Mandated Lightbulbs.... coming soon!
  131. Japan returns to recession - economy shinks 3.7%
  132. sometimes, these things just kinda sneak up on you
  133. Can Reid be any more of a hypocrite?
  134. English mother ****er, do you speak it?
  135. "Cyber bullies"
  136. Anyone listen to Tom Hartmann?
  137. Patriot Act extended.....again
  138. Why is America the 'no-vacation nation'?
  139. Ny 26
  140. Cantor Says Congress Won’t Pay For Missouri Disaster Relief Unless Spending Is Cuts
  141. Red Tape Gone Wild: California Edition
  142. Is it a "scanner" or not?
  143. you can hate obama all you want, but you have to love this moment
  144. Weiner tweets a picture of his weenur.
  145. Utah embraces the gold standard. Others to follow.
  146. GOV'T run post office has a huge problem....
  147. Cheaper to eat well now than pay for health care later?
  148. Florida to test all welfare recipients for drugs
  149. Will world banks ever raise rates?
  150. TV Execs Admit Hollywood Pushes a Liberal Agenda
  151. Lobbying Group For Lobbyists Demands Obama Drop Executive Order...
  152. Wikileaks cable -- North American Initiative
  153. How and why is Syria any different?
  154. Why PP no Rick Santorum?
  155. Nah, we got plenty of oil still, nothing to see here...
  156. Anonymous claims control of Iranian gov’t servers
  157. Anyone else feel that China is heading towards a large scale civil war?
  158. Official RIP 4th Amendment Thread
  159. America's own 'Lost Decade'
  160. Left, Right, Third Party in Sight?
  161. PRIORITIES: Senate moves to outlaw lip-synching on YOUTUBE videos...
  162. Shaky Libya campaign shows NATO's weaknesses, Gates says
  163. Tennessee bans the internet
  164. Thomas Drake Plea Deal In NSA Leak Case A Blow To Obama Administration
  165. 6/13/2011 NH Republican Debate Thread
  166. Our government wants to be able to shut off our internet.
  167. voter fraud and Romney......?
  168. Congressional members to file lawsuit over Libya
  169. Life expectancy in the US
  170. Classy ad is classy.
  171. Hmmm.... isn't working.
  172. David Mamet, recent conservative convert and big fan of Sarah Palin
  173. Operation Fast and Furious (guns over mexican border)
  174. Obamanomics: No jobs because of ATM’s?
  175. Freedom State-by-State.....
  176. Anyone interested in ridding this forum of topguneagle1?
  177. Neo-Cons: Not Even Once
  178. What U.S. Economic Recovery? Five Destructive Myths
  179. Speak English boi
  180. Is Obama trying to define reality on his own terms?
  181. obama impersonator is 'racist'.
  182. Indignants
  183. Miss USA: Should Evolution Be Taught?
  184. The Official "What is your current employment status PP members" Thread
  185. talk show host Stephanie Miller attacks Palin/Bachmann on abortion.
  186. GM Bailout Hearing. 130 PM today.
  187. Obama's Address On Afghanistan
  188. RS: Bachmann's Holy War
  189. why one of libertarianism's most important intellectuals was wrong
  190. so Canter walks out on budget talks so he wont be tied to the tax talk
  191. The U.S. Monetary System And Descent Into Fascism
  192. Gay marriage bill passes in NY.
  193. Georgia missing its cheap illegal labor, lulz
  194. What are your political beliefs?
  195. Iran to send Ahmadinejad into orbit!!!
  196. Secret GOP gov meeting with Koch brothers
  197. $20 billion a year for air conditioning.
  198. Sen. Ron Johnson, business as usual..
  199. Pussification of America Glenn Beck edition.
  200. Ethanol
  201. How are the Teapublitarians planning to fix our deficit?
  202. Ben Stein makes Laura Ingraham's head explode
  203. Anyone got 14 billion dollars lying around?
  204. 4 Trillion dollars
  205. So how long before Marcus Bachmann gets caught in a gay act?
  206. 'Santorum' may no longer mean 'a frothy mix...'
  207. An Actionable Plan for 9/11 Truth and Justice
  208. Exxon fills Yelowstone river with oil, yeay
  209. Corporate Personhood
  210. Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job
  211. Obama to ask Cuomo to be 2012 running mate: sources
  212. shikataganai's thoughts on Libertarianism
  213. Moody's favors Jamie Dimon to Replace Geithner
  214. Is this why defense spending is so ridiculous?
  215. Will the debt ceiling be raised prior to Aug 2nd?
  216. Texas has a balanced budget...nothing to see here.
  217. US shoulders burden for Iraq War, China reaps oil benefits
  218. Section 8 Mortgage Assistance, or Tea Partiers and the "undeserving poor"
  219. Nothing on boehner sinking the debt deal yet?
  220. I don't care, this deserves it's own thread.
  221. Manila to China on spats: We'll go to UN tribunal
  222. Obama vs. Obama
  223. Australia likely to enact a carbon tax
  224. Recession proves asset price bubbles should be popped: San Francisco Fed
  225. Should Everyone Get Bonus For Paying Mortgage On Time?
  226. Ahmed Wali Karzai, Afghan President's Brother, Assassinated
  227. Vote 3rd Party Candidates 2012?
  228. Slumlords
  229. 2011 HBO Documentary: "Reagan"
  230. First patients treated in new human embryonic stem cell study
  231. Rand Paul puts hold on confimation vote for FBI head Mueller
  232. Rupert Murdoch/News Corp scandal thread
  233. Black men live longer inside prison than out
  234. pray for rain
  235. Want job security? Work for the Fed
  236. Ben Bernanke vs. Ron Paul. Is Gold Money?
  237. Dick Durbin and his supplement legislation
  238. Congress Forces Partial Shutdown Of FAA, Leaves Thousands Without Pay..HIAHB
  239. Oh yeah? Well I speak LOUD, and I carry a BIGGGGGER stick, and I use it to..
  240. i guess it's ok cuz he's not a member of the "family values" party
  241. Take Note Republicans...
  242. Will Obama face a Primary Challenger?
  243. Eisenhower had it right…
  244. Patent Trolls, and the patent system
  245. How do you vote vs your job approval rating of congress
  246. Six similarities between the Boner and Reed det plans
  247. Heath Care Law: Free Abortions For Everyone
  248. Dems: Teapartiers are terrorists
  249. Ron Paul Sounds Alarm on “Disturbing” Super Congress
  250. Americans are too free to choose