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  1. Your Favorite Army General Actually Sucks
  2. Hurricane Sandy Political discussion
  3. Political campaigning went to new heights in Ohio this weekend
  4. The Not Voting Thread
  5. [Official] Election Day
  6. 2012 Ballot Initiatives
  7. Ballot fraud: projection?
  8. Ohio
  9. The Official 2016 Election Thread...
  10. How will America end if "insert candidate here" wins?
  11. It looks like a penis.
  12. How far did you travel to vote?
  13. the who'd you vote for thread
  14. Hillary 2016-2020
  15. Obama 2.0
  16. Rand Paul 2016
  17. Rexxyou, time to pay up.
  18. does this mean white people have to riot now?
  19. Susana Martinez 2016
  20. Where does the GOP go from here?
  21. Not sure where else to ask this, so: Why did GJ have such low numbers?
  22. Why I voted Obama
  23. The upcoming Fiscal Cliff fiasco
  24. Geoengineering - Please, just stop
  25. So it begins... (firing people because Obama won)
  26. Puerto Rico... the 51st state?
  27. Uncle Obama and Mitt Romney Style Videos
  28. The Amazing Incredible Evolving GOP: Immigration
  29. Mark McKinnon: the only GOP with a clue?
  30. Glen Beck at it again
  31. CIA Director David Petraeus resigns, cites extramarital affair
  32. Texas petition to secede
  33. its been a week, seems the GOP still doesnt realize how or why
  34. 40 Denny's restaurants to add a 5% surcharge
  35. Today's (11/16/12) meeting-"it's the economy, stupid"
  36. Twinkies ARE political: put your Hostess (pics appreciated) comments here.
  37. 170mil aid to Myanmar...
  38. This never would have happened under Bush
  39. 19 years later, Reagan was right.
  40. Social equity
  41. Happy Thanksgiving 2012
  42. Who the heck is Grover Norquist? And why does he have so much power?
  43. ACLU sues over policy barring women from combat
  44. Texas, the land of small less intrusive government, the non bedroom edition...
  45. NPR - "National People's Radio" or "Fair and Balanced?"
  46. Olliver Stone is at it again (fixored)
  47. Climate Change
  48. Why $16 Trillion Only Hints at the True U.S. Debt
  49. Susan Rice as Secretary of State
  50. Next up on the Democrat Buffet: Yoar 401(k)
  51. Palestine Becomes UN Non-Member Observer
  52. Super Sleeper Agent Identified ya'll
  53. Revenge of the Reality-Based Community
  54. Even PAT ROBERTSON believes the Earth is more than 6,000 years old.
  55. Barney Fwanks acts like a fairy while paying ferry fare.
  56. Germany and Green Energy
  57. Stock "Dividend Cliff". dividends coming in early to avoid the capital gains tax hike
  58. (Heritage) "Do you think you can destroy us?" (Jim DeMint) "Challenge accepted..."
  59. Attack on the fillibuster
  60. Gun Control and mass shootings (you got Piers in my CT thread!)
  61. Andreessen: Middle class was a dream and the GI bill was a failure.
  62. Rice pulls out of Secretary of State race
  63. Is there room for a third party?
  64. John Kerry expected to be the next Secretary of State
  65. Hawaii's senator Daniel Inouye, dies at 88.
  66. Ownership Poll
  67. FTC: Its ok for Advertisers to behavior market to your minors.
  68. Your prediction! What will Joe and Obama do?
  69. Robert H. Bork, Conservative Jurist, gets Borked at 85
  70. How would you approach gun laws?
  71. NRA Speech (text)
  72. I hope Chuck Hagel becomes Secretary of Defense
  73. asshat NY newspaper publishes names, address of handgun owner licences
  74. Mali, another place we should have payed more attention to.
  75. Occupy Wall Street? Terr'rism!!
  76. Any tips to avoid the new payroll tax?
  77. Massachusetts runs out of problems, bans sale of water bottles
  78. Pravda: "USA takes the lead in killings of children"
  79. John Boehner infuriatingly survives the mutiny. He cries at the end.
  80. This young girl actually deserves the Nobel Peace Prize
  81. John F Kennedy
  82. Guns don't kill people, leaded gasoline does
  83. Are you a whig?
  84. Al Jazeera buys CurrentTV
  85. Debt Ceiling Redux / Trillion Dollar Platinum Bling Option
  86. Is this a bad sign?
  87. Discrimination, Racism or............ Just Gov't Sloppiness?
  88. Jon Stewart slams GOP on Hurricane Sandy Relief
  89. Obama to appoint Jack Lew to replace Geithner as Treasury Secretary
  90. Nothing on the early exit date from the sandbox?
  91. Another war with western troops against Islamists
  92. Detroit
  93. Saudi Arabia Beheads Maid
  94. George P. Bush can eat used toilet paper
  95. If there is an executive order on gun control....
  96. Rick Scott Only Kept His Dog Through His 2010 Campaign for Governor
  97. You're not getting rid of us that easy; alt: we're not getting rid of you that easy
  98. 41 (?) taken hostage at BP field in Algeria
  99. Explain the Allure of Socialism and Communism.
  100. metals
  101. The 8 Greatest Wars Ever Fought by Fox News
  102. NY takes it one step further - machine scans for guns on the street
  103. Get ready for gas prices to... decrease
  104. Appeals court panel rules Obama recess appointments are unconstitutional
  105. n00b question
  106. Federal appeals court overturns EPAís biofuels mandate
  107. So I guess Iran shot a monkey into space.
  108. The kind of class warfare we don't talk about
  109. Life doesn't start at conception if it's going to cost us money
  110. Teacher Evaluation courtesy of Bill Gates
  111. The new, non-surrendering France gets some
  112. Crime rates strongly correlated to organic lead levels
  113. The most regressive tax systems in the US
  114. Ex Seal Chris Kyle murdered
  115. Impregnate Our Way to Freedom and Glory!11
  116. Trump to Mahr: Pay Up
  117. DOJ to file lawsuit against S&P over 2008 ratings
  118. Texas, not even once; alt. Texas trying to be the new New York
  119. 2013 State of the Union - The Drinking Game
  120. The Department of Injustice
  121. PP's take on this new law?
  122. Homeland Security orders shooting targets depicting citizens
  123. Prescription Drugs Linked To Most Fatal Overdoses
  124. Lee Camp
  125. Is snopes a left leaning site?
  126. 1st Amendment
  127. John Kerry: The new Biden
  128. Remember warrantless wiretaps? Neither does SCOTUS.
  129. Please enjoy this delicious cup of Halliburton fracking fluid with me.
  130. Justice Scalia can lick my God damn nutsack...
  131. CDC Says Prepare for Yucky Bugs
  132. John Boehner Refuses to Allow the House to Vote on Sequester Replacement Bill
  133. Has Scalia jumped the shark?
  134. France second guessing its 75% tax on the wealthy
  135. The Politics of Obama's Afgan War
  136. New minimum wage standard...meh
  137. Chavez is dead
  138. Should John O. Brennan be confirmed as CIA director
  139. Breathing and Global Warming
  140. North Korea vows preemptive nuclear strike on U.S>
  141. 6/27/13 event on facebook - Mass Citizens Arrest
  142. Is Obama in violation of the NDAA?
  143. Army suspends tuition assistance for soldiers
  144. One study explains why itís tough to pass liberal laws
  145. Scarborough v. Krugman: Battle of the Derp
  146. Senate to pass a budget for the first time in 4 years.... or not
  147. EU Bans Sale Of Animal-Tested Cosmetics
  148. R.I.P. InTrade
  149. videographer of 47% hidden cam video meets Ed Schultz
  150. Paul Ryan
  151. Ted Cruz...
  152. Rob Portman
  153. SC dont take too kindly......
  154. Cyprus Kill
  155. Anthony Weiner - the ****ing man.
  156. Ronald Reagan- the ****ing Man
  157. The all poll, no posting gun thread
  158. Reid sticks his foot in his mouth again. Marines pissed.
  159. TED: "gangsta gardener"
  160. Monsanto Protection Act
  161. The Supremes Get Fabulous: SCOTUS Prop 8 & DOMA
  162. Proposed tax on e-mail
  163. North Carolina Attempts to Estabilsh Official Religion
  164. Didn't we learn the first ****ing time??
  165. Maryland Senate passes House version of gun control bill 28-19
  166. AP bans the term "illegal immigrant"
  167. President Obama Apologizes to Attorney General for being a Heterosexual Male.
  168. Yet another tax the rich thread
  169. How much do you think a 15 person bus shelter should cost?
  170. Margaret Thatcher dead
  171. If you film animal cruelty, your a terrorist.
  172. Mitch McConnell bugged by bugging
  173. No One Is Reporting on the Kermit Gosnell Trial
  174. Why is she laughing?
  175. PETA to use drones to spy on hunters.
  176. IRS: We can read emails without warrant
  177. Down the Memory Hole with Rand Paul at Howard University
  178. Obama's new budget offer: Smoker's beware....
  179. Can we all agree that this should never be legal because it's murder?
  180. NH TPers: Vote our way or be arrested
  181. Chavista regime might be coming to an end in Venezuela
  182. Boston Bombing
  183. Just because you didn't vote for Obama does not make him a dictator.
  184. Lies, damned lies, statistics and the GOP economic platform
  185. Go, George built a $250 mil. library
  186. Reducing Flight Delays Act of 2013
  187. Daniel Day Lewis to play Obama
  188. Ag gag laws trumping civil rights for corporate favors
  189. West TX explosion
  190. Zero immigrants should be collecting government assistance.
  191. Japan feeling nostalgic about the Rising Sun?
  192. Jesse Ventura 2016 for president?
  193. South Carolina Special Election: Derp Edition
  194. The DC Circuit is out of their goddamn mind
  195. "Rot" within the ranks of the Airforce's Minutemen
  196. F the baby boomers
  197. Govt obtains wide AP phone records in probe
  198. Student Loans Are a Profitable Endevor!
  199. Lookie Heere - Mexico hates brown people as well...
  200. Saudi gov't: If you do not help us monitor our people, you are a terrorist.
  201. Bro, do you even lift?
  202. Off with hese head!
  203. What is the end game/solution?
  204. Team Obama: World Police
  205. "We just need more regulation!"
  206. Erick Holder is a box of dum
  207. the bernak simulator
  208. China won the Iraq War
  209. Turkey
  210. Minimum wage $12.50, but only if your company grosses $1 Billion or higher
  211. IRS is the new "N" word. Martin Bashir going full derp.
  212. The PRISM Program
  213. Obama orders target list for potential cyber attacks.
  214. Are you proud to be an American?
  215. 2014 Ndaa
  216. Supreme Court Roundup--2013
  217. Nice to see House Republicans finally stop voting to end Obamacare every week...
  218. Orthodox Jews Rally Against Israeli Army
  219. Senator Elbert Guillory switches sides
  220. Tennessee Conservation Deputy Director: "only terrorists complain about our water"
  221. Massachusetts new K-12 Transgender rules.
  222. 501c4 White House petition
  223. Anyone watching the Texas Senate filibuster? (no longer live stream)
  224. Didn't we used to have a "Post Random PP Vids" Thread?
  225. Whistle blower vs. keep your mouth shut
  226. Immigration Reform Is Dead
  227. NC House republicans sneek abortion language into motorcycle bill.
  228. Texas executed it's 500th inmate last week...
  229. Barrett Brown
  230. Wrong forum
  231. Tampons and diabeetus supplies more dangerous than guns
  232. Liberal Libertarianism....
  233. NYPD: Its not our duty to protect and serve.
  234. Faqurug
  235. Women-owned biz snubbed on DOE contracts
  236. McDonalds' advice to its slaves: turn off heat, get 2nd job, live in slum
  237. The grievances thread.
  238. Liz Cheney v. Mike Enzi--Smackdown! Place your bets.
  239. The changing vision of america...
  240. The Shadow Banking System
  241. Shhh, ya hear that? Rush and Hannity dropped from the air.
  242. Fed Head
  243. Terrorists win...
  244. In other news Russia to Ban mens figure skating from the Olympics
  245. Immigration crackdown: Random raids on illegals incite UK uproar (but its working)
  246. 2 children banned for life from discussing hydrofracking
  247. Army: We simply can't cancel a contract because our contractors support the enemy.
  248. Rush said young bloggers are democrats and they hate on Apple.
  249. Senate staff caught modifying Snowden's Wikipedia page
  250. Police Militarization