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Originally Posted by soslow View Post
This is true, but there are several reasons I don't
1. I don't quite have enough money for a decent STi I can on the other hand afford a nice 02-03 WRX; not to mention lower insurance over the STi (not that my insurance won't be high anyway!)

2. Not ready for an STi yet, more power and lower gas mileage than I really want for right now, and I like the bugeye's better.. Is it just me or do the 04-05 headlights look like they came off a corolla imo?

Seeing as largely despise most every new car I've driven or seen for one reason or another be it styling, to many electro nannies etc. I've more or less decided to get something I really love and keep it rather than continually buying cars.. for me the 02-03 WRX is it; very good part availability and aftermarket support and it's completely upgradeable under the hood and inside to at least the 2007 model year.. Eventually I'll have an STi (or better) in a bugeye body; more expensive in the long run but upfront cost (I have to eat now principle) and getting the exact car I want is more important to me.

for Uncle Scotty: I have searched this forums many times looking for information and opinions on this; I've not found it.. I'm not asking to be spoon fed I'm trying to ask for opinions and input on whther people think it's better to just lighten their car up as much as possible anywhere you can (and yes you can find plenty of good threads on this) or would it be better to be more selective in the weight dropping process to aid handling balance? I have yet to see this covered. I'm not saying it has or hasn't been covered before, but I can't find it. If everything has already been covered before then hell why even have an active forum at all? Just archive everything and get a better search feature..

EDIT: thanks jack

and yes I'll stay away from CF, not a big fan of it anyway.. (excepting the roof skin, I'll use alumanim if I can find it)

I pm'd you......and the thread, below, is long....but covers things pretty well
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