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Originally Posted by Coolingmist View Post
Our video is below. This video is our black pump, a M5 nozzle. The power supply is a 13.8V DC power supply. The gauge is designed for fluid, has a glycerin filled body. Its perfectly suitable for a postive displacement pump. To really make this clear we are using our vari-cool to controll the pump. We did this to show as we change the dutycycle more current goes to the pump. If you connected the power supply directly to the pump it would equal 100% dutycycle on the controller.

The pressure gauge only has upto 200 PSI shown, as I broke our 300 PSI gauge. You will see that it goes far beyond the 200 PSI. The PDA shows the dutycycle, we set the MIN to the controller to 1, the max to 22 and ran 22 PSI into the controller. By doing this, once we set the tune button to 10, 100% of the dutycycle will show. As you watch the tune setting change, the dutycycle increases and the pump pressure does as well. This is with a M5 nozzle.

I should make it clear that I take the other company at there word that the pump they use can only get 138 PSI with the same nozzle. This test is using our pump. I will also point out that we are using 3/16 ID hose (1/4 OD), not 1/8th as they listed.

Lastly, anyone that wants to repeat this test its easy. No controller is necessary. We used the controller just to show the relationship between dutycycle and pressure. We do extensive testing with our products and when I say that a M5 can do over 300 PSI with OUR pump, its because we tested it.


I dont recommend that any of you run pressures this high, it was just to prove a point.
Thank you for contributing. Will you be able to test the same setup up with a "on demand switch "un-bypassed"?

It will be more true to the system you sell to the end user. I presumed you are using a 2.5deg cam angle pump head on this test.
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