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Unhappy Engine Overheat, CE light problem

Hi there, first post so far, never needed to post anything coz the search function worked pretty well. I'm posting because I'm having a little trouble with my car this morning. MY00 RS went overheated yesterday, coolant tank was a little higher than full and my gauge told me the engine went overheated. I proceeded to check the fluids that's in the diffuser/radiator. May be I was stupid, opened the cap before the engine cooled down and the coolant shot up like 3 feet high (luckily I didn't get burnt!) The coolant was everywhere in my engine compartment and I wiped whatever I could but left some that was around the radiator. Filled the thing back with water and everything went fine, no more overheating. The excess coolant that was in the compartment evaporated eventually and when I was driving my car today, my CE light went off. I can hear some leaking sound from my radiator cap, so I tightened it again and also checked my engine oil. It was far lower than the "Low" line and I filled it up. Still got the CE light going. My question here is. What would be the cause of the CE light?
1. Engine overheated and needed service?
2. Coolant evaporated and damaged my intake?
3. Recall for 00 RS for O2 sensor?
4. New exhaust with an ECU reset?
5. My car had an accident and valves was totally replaced and had my engine repair, could that be the repairing guys' problem?

I'm still covered by the repair shop for another 6 months or so, should I send my car to the repair guys or go to the dealer first?

Please help me out, Thanks.
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