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Originally Posted by SCRAPPYDO View Post
Nope, sorry, three to five good vehicles do not earn my respect. They milked the SUV profit cow for 20 freaking years and did nothing to diversify. Do not ask me for a break or a loan now that its too late. Its called personal responsibility. I do not owe GM, Ford or Chrysler CRAP...

You mentioned the Malibu, Cobalt SS and CTS. I will see you those and raise you the

Base model Cobalt

All ugly, all old looking from day one.

You want to talk trucks, okay, the trailblazer and equinox are but ugly, and look like they were built in the 90's.

...if GM, Ford, and Chrylser want my business, they have to earn it. Not just today, but for 20 years to come. They have to prove to me they have a vision of producing the best cars in the world, not just the most profitable. They spat on the US customer for darn near 20 years and now they expect us to say , "All is forgiven, here is my money". Nope. I want then to fell the pain of their own actions and reel in it. Agonize over what the greed did to them. Then after years of improvements, I may consider one of their products.
That's the core issue with GM and the domestic manufacturers. Generally speaking, they put the cart before the horse. What I mean is this... if you buy a Civic or Corolla and you have a good ownership experience what are you inclined to do later on when you have more money and can afford something nicer? Go to a Honda/Acura or Toyota/Lexus dealership. GM/Cadillac or Ford/Lincoln are unknown quantities at that point, but you know you'll have a good experience if you go with what you know.

When the domestic companies figure this out, they'll be far better for it. Because their up-model cars are all very good and very nice. It's just that they're lacking in the small car department. The base Caliber, Focus, Aveo, and Cobalt are all pretty "meh." Nobody *wants* to own those cars.
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