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Originally Posted by SCRAPPYDO View Post
I cannot believe I am going to say this, but the military should have the first really useful hybrid powertrains. I mean if we can double or triple the mileage of our transports, it makes logistics much easier, and amount of fuel infrastructure could be vastly smaller, as could the support personnel. If there every was a good use for hybrids, it would be troop transport

Scrappy that is soo effin true, but the fact that oil is everywhere here (i'm in afghanistan at the moment) it will never happen. I can't tell how awesome it would be to not have to strap 6 fuel cans to the outside of our MRAPs. That space I could use for mortar and Carl G rounds. ( But really I would take an uparmored Chevy Suburban with a V10 if the unit i'm in would stop being pussies and buy them.)

Next let me say I smile when I read threads like this, you civilians really do care about us military folk, But then I cringe because most of you talk sideways out of your bums about things you have no idea about.

The MRAP vs. HMMV, since i've been blown up in both I can tell you the MRAP IS A MUCH NEEDED IMPROVEMENT. Sure the HMMV is smaller a wee bit faster, more nimble (somewhat) and easier to get in and out of, but after fighting from a MRAP and being ka-blamed in one (IED) I can say that the pros out weigh the cons. Both vehicles are loud and are ****ty infil platforms but for that you just get out and walk a few klicks. This war has turned to one thing and that is IEDs, so it serves its purpose well. Plus Its not as easy to roll as you think. Yesterday no **** i had it tilted so that the guy in the passenger seat was pretty much laying on me and i could look out the driver door window and see the ground as i was driving through some pretty hairy terrain. And an M1 tank would get raped by an IED. And for the record an RPG is still one of the most formiddable weapons out there about the only thing that can stop it is reactive armor and some of that good ol chicken wire.
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