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Default To Rota attack owners please read

There are actually three attack versions. One is the first batch of attack wheels with a cavity at the back of the spoke and one with a cavity but with a thicker spoke cross section and one without a cavity at the back of the spoke.

THe one with the cavity has been tested with the JWL/VIA standard of 505kg for 5x100 PCD. These is the standard set by the Vehicle Inspection Authority of Japan for our Subaru.

The other 2 version has been tested to 5x114.3 and 5x120 PCD and is tested to more than 690 kg per wheel . These is more than adequate for our Subaru as this is already van and light truck capable.

Contrary to what others are saying, these wheels are not poorly casted. We have gotten hold of the first attack wheel that failed and the grain structure, aluminum composition, Heat treatment properties are all OK.

The wheels have been repeatedly tested with a cornering fatigue test machine simulating continuos cornering for prolonged periods of time.

For those with the first batch of wheels produced during April 2002, if you feel uncomfortable with your wheels, we will gladly replace them with the newer batch.

The way to check is to remove your wheels and see if there is a cavity at the back of the spoke. If you have a cavity at the back of the spoke, check your casting date. If it reads A4/02 or SVP, you can ask for a replacement if you wish

We think that there is no flaw in the wheels in the first batch given that we tested them to our Suby specs and we checked all casting data. But if you feel uncomfortable with the wheels, then we will replace them.

You can contact 510 786 1726 for your replacements or e-mail me at [email protected] for any technical questions.

The first batch are all 5x100 and with casting date A4/02 and SVP (sample production)
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