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Originally Posted by Snow Drift View Post
Why would you own a Sedan that your friends can't fit in w/o their knees digging into the seat-back and their shoulders being ontop of each other? What if you were a passenger in a friends car on a ski trip? You would be annoyed the whole ride. Or they could have a car that can fit 3 adult males comfortably.
This is EASY. I would own a COUPE IF THEY WOULD BUILD ONE!!!!

I already DO own a Subaru coupe, and I want another one.

I bought a sedan, because the Legacy was the only turbo manual AWD car with leather interior and good looks that Subaru sold in 2005. The impreza hasn't looked good since the GC, until this new Impreza Design Concept... and hasn't usually offered as nice of interior as the Legacy did between 2005 and 2009.

If all Subaru will sell is sedans... I can't BUY a coupe from them with AWD.

The current Impreza is a great size (ok, excessive head room).

Just about everday I used to drive my co-workers to lunch. 3 guys could comfortably fit back there.
Ok... if that is something important to you, you should buy a car that is mid-size or greater.

I eat a small sandwich box lunch at my desk while I work. I work alone. I don't burn gas for lunch or spend much money eating out. I certainly don't take anyone with me. Half the time, I car-pool with my wife, and she takes the car during the day, since I rarely revisit my car for any reason during the day, unless I have an outside-of-work appointment that can't be scheduled outside of work hours.

Thankfully, my job is such that I can simultaneously stay online, and work on other projects at the same time, it is one of the few saving graces, other than not wanting to go anywhere near an unemployment line right now.

My other co-worker had a 3 series. Good luck. 2 in the back, shoulder to shoulder. It is horrible shoving a third person inside.
That is fine. Your expectations are reasonable... for an appropriate car. If your appropriate car is the Legacy... then you should want Subaru to build you a nice Legacy. I wish they had built a nicer legacy for 2010. Maybe a Forester, Outback, or Tribeca would also work.

The Impreza Design Concept only has 2 rear seats, and isn't setup for 3 across, either. And yes, the current Impreza design is quasimodo, the hunchback of the auto industry. Far too tall and ugly.

As I mentioned, I am not a small person. None of my immediate relatives that are male are small people. I don't want a micro-car. My wife drives the Miata except during the winter, and it is too small to be a primary car. I don't want another car that small, especially for MY primary driver.

My SVX is just about right. My Probe GT many years ago, was the right size and shape. It just sucked for being FWD, other than that, I really enjoyed that car. My subarus are better, in terms of drivetrain, by far. I wish my 92 SVX was in the same shape as my 93 Probe GT was when I bought it. The Probe GT was in nearly new shape.

I rescued my SVX 18 months ago from an appointment with california crusher because of a cold-start emissions test failure, even though it ran fine. In CA, if it fails one category, it fails them all, and CA wants to relieve you of your failing cars that can't be road registered, and send them to a crusher.

The car has been hit and rebuilt long before I owned it, and the unibody is still not straight, and the re-paint was crap and has pretty much completely flaked the clearcoat off the repainted roof, and some other bits. But the car mechanically is quite viable, and drives straight, and I commute with it. I only spent 1000$ on it, and another 250 for gas and payment to the seller's friend to drive it to the midwest for me. It is not a prime example of an SVX, but I still thoroughly enjoy that car, and probably the lowest cost per mile car I have yet owned, factoring in the price I paid for the car.

If I had money sitting around for another fun car on the side, I would buy another, much nicer SVX, and enjoy it even more, and probably spend the money to swap a manual gearbox into it. But those cars are almost 15 years out of production, and mine is almost 20 years old. Not the best recipe for a daily driver, long term. I wouldn't subject a pristine SVX to all-season daily driver mileage that if I wanted to keep it pristine as a hobby car. I don't mind using my existing SVX up, since it will never be pristine again. But I do enjoy the car, and respect it, and it's design.

If Subaru won't offer a replacement for my SVX, as a new car offering, the only newer car anywhere near that from Subaru that I can buy is a sedan, and I certainly do not need anything bigger than my 2005 Legacy, which the 2010+ Legacy is.

I don't begrudge people their 4 side doors. I just don't need them. Not everybody does. Some people want a weekend fun AWD performance car since some weekends happen during the winter season... some people don't have large families... any number of reasons for people to prefer a more stylish and efficient coupe, but also live in climate regions that still make AWD a benefit.

I have to accept a 4-door as the only thing subaru still offers, if I want to stay in a car with a Subaru boxer engine, and Subaru high-grade AWD, and a manual gearbox. Nobody else offers that combination, short of a Porsche carrera 4, which is a huge monetary step up, and even to get affordable would have to be approaching 15 years old used, like a 1st generation 996 C4, and Porsche $$$$ parts and labor for support for said 15 year old, out of warranty car.
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