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Default PhatBotti Tuning - Dyno Tuning Info & Pricing

please use my email. My other one is not receiving emails and I can't get a hold of yahoo support.

If you are inquiring about an e-tune, please see this thread PhatBotti E-Tuning (click me)

Here is our dyno facility

Please just PM your questions to my personal account so my partner mike doesnt have to sift through all the PM's. Or just post your question here.

Phatrons PM (click me)

Phone: 760-793-7924


AIM: Phatron WRX

Facebook: Ron Watson (PhatBottiTuning)
Facebook: PhatBotti (PhatbottiTuning1)

Im very busy and its hard to stop and talk on the phone all the time so text is good. That way i can take a break and answer all of them at once. Just put NASIOC your name then tune questions (Nasioc Joe tune questions) and i'll call/text you back.

AP, Power Pulls, OTS and AP+Tune Pricing:
APv3: $650
3 Power Pulls (hp,tq,boost,afr)(no tuning): $125
Apv3 + 3x OTS Map Dyno Pulls (no tuning): $725 ($50 savings)
APv3 + Stock turbo/injector Tune: $1000 ($100 savings)
APv3 + Bigger turbo or bigger injector Tune: $1100 ($100 savings)

AP and OS Tunes
Stock Turbo, stock injector Tunes: $500 credit / $450 cash
Upgraded Turbo, upgraded injectors Tunes & Swaps: $600 credit / $550 cash
Speed Density Tunes: $700 credit / $650 cash
Secondary Fuel Map (e85/race gas): $300 credit / $250 cash

Dyno Tuning Days
Thursday evening thru Sunday evening every other week (9/11-9/14, 9/25-9/28, 10/9-10/12, etc)
Friday evening thru Sunday evening every other week (9/5-9/7, 9/19-9/21, 10/3-10/5, etc)

Warranty & Liability Release - You will be required to sign this form at the shop

- We simply can NOT warranty tunes/motors. It would be impractical to do 10 tunes and make $2500 and be liable for $40,000 worth of motors. There are way too many variables ranging from leaks, maintenance, bad plugs, coil packs, bad fuel pumps, weakness of stock pistons/rings, all the way to machining and tolerance variables on built motors. The best way to take care of your car is to monitor its health via a wideband, EGT gauge, oil pressure gauge, coolant temps, and take periodic logs to check for knock and AF learnings that are greater than +-8%. We're not heartless and we completely understand the financial burden a blown motor puts on people. We will do everything we can to help out from parts at cost to highly discounted and possibly free tunes. Paying for a tune constitutes signature of the following waiver/release (this is a pretty standard form you must sign at most shops when getting dyno tuned):

I hereby authorize the road dyno tests and/or service work to be done along with the necessary materials, parts and labor and hereby grant you and your employees permission to operate the above vehicle and/or combustion engine on public roads, streets, highways or elsewhere for the purpose of testing, diagnostics, logging, road tuning, and any other work deemed necessary by Team Konquest Racing, INC (DBA PhatBotti Tuning TKR).

I hereby acknowledge and voluntarily release and forever discharge Team Konquest Racing, INC (DBA PhatBotti Tuning TKR), their employees, directors and officers from any and every claim, demand, action or right of action of whatever kind of nature, either in law or equity, arising from or by reason of any bodily or personal injury, death or property damage, known or unknown, resulting to or resulting from the aforementioned testing.

This release also includes, but is not limited to, any claim against Team Konquest Racing, INC (DBA PhatBotti Tuning TKR) for first aid, medical treatment or services rendered during participation in the test, tune, or operation of this vehicle.

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