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Originally Posted by fourmicah View Post
I'm sick of the fact that Subaru really hasn't changed the vehicle much over the last 8 years other than the exterior and they have increased the price of the vehicle $6000. I'm sorry SOA, but the changes you've made haven't warranted the increase in price. It's essentially the same car. I would love a three door, 5 door, or just keep the sedan. Any would be fine. There needs to be an increased HP, handling, push button start, moonroof and better front seats. These should be standard features on a $35,000 anyway. I don't really care about the audio system because I'll probably take it out anyway. Here's the part that sucks though, now that they are going to change the vehicle, add some of these things and increase power they are going to increase the price again. Guess what SOA, at some point the vehicle will not be worth what you want to charge and people will start leaving and buying something else. The new Hyundai Genesis Coupe is a perfect example of this. 348 HP, Leather Seats, Heated Seats, Push Button Start, Moonroof, Navigation all for $33,500. So where does the extra $6000 come from SOA? It's not the AWD system that's for sure. It's like they saw a chance to make big money quick and started gouging people. FAIL FOR SOA!!!!!
If you disagree with their pricing, then don't buy one.

However, you're also forgetting rising costs in raw material, and the weakness of the US dollar vs the Yen.

Hyundai's while OK, really are not built as well as Subaru's, regardless of what a few fanbois will tell you, while the outside package has improved, they have still yet to prove their long term viability. They still cheap out in a lot of places and still have silly failures that could have easily been avoided with a better investment in parts at stage one. I have 3 friends who have each has a Tuscan, a Santa Fe, and a Accent.

Tusncan was a lemon, electrical issues galore

Santa Fe started falling apart after 10,000 miles, rattles everywhere

Accent, alternator died at 38k miles, dealer refused to service as the 10/100 doesn't transfer owners, and forced her to replace the battery first before they finally gave in and agreed it was the alternator.
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