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Ok guys - finally an update.

The blue car will be getting a new motor soon as the old stock one is old and tired. Now, since I don't exactly get to work on my own car each day that means the blue car will be down for a bit once I pull the motor. Despite doing the shortblock ahead of time and such it will be a bit before I can get it back on the road.

Now, since you guys like for me to ship your parts I do need SOMETHING to get me to the shop in the morning.

Thus I started working on the white svx (FINALLY) after it's been sitting out back for more than 2 years.

Anyway, after last night and tonight I have the tranny from the 95 svx in it, driveshaft in, throttlebody, intake and the like back on.

I've done the oil and rear diff.

Need to fill the front diff, and the trans, the coolant, and change the brake fluid.

I also need to put the exhaust back on.

From there I will daily drive it while I work on the blue car.

Once the blue car is done the wife's outback comes in for some love. I need to get the front bumper repainted, and fix the sunroofs. while I do that she'll drive the white svx.

After that we'll likely sell the outback and replace it with something like the twin turbo flex.

once that is done I'll bring in the SVX and change the bushings, put the bigger rear bar on it, and go from there.

I am also going to see about doing something with the dampers. I know koni doesn't make them any more, but I might be able to make something work as we know the guys there pretty well.

If that doesn't work then I'll need to figure out something (maybe see if I can convert some AST coilovers).

as a side note the front BRZ dampers LOOK like they may actually bolt in, but I have yet to confirm.
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