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Originally Posted by WRXt4cy View Post
1. I installed a flex fuel sensor and gauge in my 2011 for some piece of mind when I initially switched to E85. For a while I was testing every couple fill ups to check for changes in blends. Now, after tuning many cars on E85 at various blend levels, I learned that if you target the correct AFRs for a known blend percentage, AFRs stay with in a good range even if you run higher or lower ethanol blends. I've tested and verified this within 70% up to 90% ethanol blends. I haven't encountered anything higher or lower from a pump. I always strongly recommend having wideband o2 gauge with E85 so you know if you get a bad fill up (less than the normal 70% minimum) for some reason.
For the record, I tested all the time when I first started running E85, but after realizing that the ethanol content variation never pushed my afr outside the acceptable ranges, I stopped testing it. I usually try and use the same gas station(s) when possible to keep things consistant, but from my testing, it really doesn't matter too much if tuned properly. I played around with mixtures awhile back, and I didn't get any negative effects (including knock) with anything ranging from 60-90% ethanol with zero changes to my tune. Like you said, if the tuner properly targets afr to begin with, then pretty much no matter what the ethanol content is from the pump, you pretty much will run an acceptable afr. This also means that someone only needs 2 maps essentially when they are planning to switch back and forth instead of 4 different maps (one for E85, one for E15, one for E70, and one for 93oct). This makes things significantly easier on the customer.

Originally Posted by Squidz View Post
Only thing i don't like about E85 in the winter is i can't use my remote's actually really annoying. The car wont start unless you touch the gas pedal and give it about 5-10% throttle. Once you touch the pedal, it fires right up and idles great...

Stupid cold weather.
I ran into this same issue over here in GA. I tried playing with the cold start enrichment tables for a long time. Eventually I got it about as good as I could get it, and finally just decided it wasn't worth messing with anymore. I really don't mind it at all since my car doesn't have a remote start on it, but I can definitely see where it would be annoying not to be able to use a feature on the vehicle during certain times of the year, when you paid good money to have this feature available.
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