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Originally Posted by 2012subisport View Post
I now have 5,000 miles on my 2012 Impreza Sport premium 5 door with auto tranny. I drive it like a little old man and the best I get on the road and in town shows 26.8 MPG. That's what the digital readout says. WRONG. That readout is no way close. I filled up and my actual mileage was 24.2 MPG. I have checked this a few times and the digital readout is always a couple MPG higher than actual. I'm very disappointed in the mileage. Best I ever had on the highway is 33 MPH on digital readout but 31 in actual calculations. So I get 24 city/road and 31 road. That sucks! I'm going to go to the dealer where I bought the car and ask why. Not close to what it should get. Might sell it and find a car that gets good mileage.
how many miles/year do you drive? if your only reasoning for wanting to sell is MPG being 5 less than advertised then are you prepared to take the depreciation hit? the reason i ask is i think the standard depreciation hit is probably in the 4K range, if you are averaging 5mpg combined less (my guess, unless your numbers account for odometer error, then you are at 6mpg less), and if you drive 15,000 miles/year your current combined average will cost you 400/year more. which will take 10 years to make up (8 years @ 6mpg less @ average of 4/gallon)
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