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Originally posted by jehcpa
I have and use the Xede - but I really don't see any reason to jump any ships. If I had already had a UTEC I probably would have stuck with it. I would like to see more active users of Xede to create an alternative ship for those that haven't boarded.

Timing is just one of UTEC's big pluses. It takes over timing and provides knock correction even along the ragged edge very well. Though the comments from some users would indicate to me they aren't well prepared for what that means with comments like - "I am getting a lot of knock, is knock bad?" To some extent having a tool that rides the conservative safety features of the ECU could be a plus for some users. Tuned properly there should be no sacrifice and some self-tuners would be protected from their own agressiveness.

I went with Xede because I like the TPS transitions I have been able to map, its boost control is much more intuitive to me resulting in smooth curves with little effort at POT or WOT, the available loads and load points provide me with options I like, the interface is great and I can see visually in real time where I am on any map.

Do I wish I had the option to take over timing - yes. But I am pleased with my current experiences with a timing overlay map (hmm how many timing maps are involved in determine my timing now is it 3 or 4 )

Do I wish there was more documentation - absolutely and anyone who has followed other threads knows how emphatically and continuously I am begging for some. (How many years has it been waiting on the WRX tuning guide? Oh wait they pulled those references right... )
It makes for a smooth transition... but a dangerous one... the TXS unichips were originally TPS, and our first gen UTEC (which I still have the beta board at home) was TPS based.... but that smoothness quickly became a liability...

Case in point.... if your go to 50% throttle in first, that may be 5 PSI... but in 5th that's 25 PSI.... if your running the same timing... that's bad.... very bad....

It became aparent quickly that MAP based loading would the way.

As for MAP/MAF.... personally... I think for a day to day, MAF is FAR superior to MAP based loading... it's crankier in regards to leaks, etc... but it makes for much more accurate fueling conditions.

MAP serves for 90% of the situations though, and is VERY adequate on it's ability to map a car.. but MAF based will allow for a more "ragged" tune that doesn't cross that line..

Another case in point....

If I tune a map for 20 PSI, and it works great on a 29 in/HG day, and it's on the edge, it'll run great!

But when it's a 30 in/HG day, it'll knock, since I'm drawing that much more air per PSI now, and I'll be pushing the envelope... that's why I only tune on the higher end of the barometric days here. That way I've covered the worst common denominator.

Jorge (RiftsWRX)
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