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Default Closed ROTA Thread

Well, yeah, that did get a little rediculous. I am curious as to why thread that generated so much interest and opinion got closed, as opposed to so many other pointless posts here. Is thought provoking dangerous? Since when?

Sorry to all the rota owners out there if I offended you. I think they are fine wheels for 1g eclipse or a 90 civic hachback that can be bought for $1500. My issue is that so many Sube owners, who are clearly not opposed to spending serious money on their cars, buy Rotas as cheap alternatives to better wheels.

I am selling my wheels because I have had them for over a year and am interested in getting somthing new. Not sure what that has to do with my Rota complaint.

Kumho Tires are great tires. Good wet/dry weather traction, lasted for a year and a half on my hard-driven rig, and they are not too expensive.

TIRES are a wear item=cost is big factor. WHEELS are a durable item=cost SHOULD be a one-time factor. If you guys are jacking up your wheels THAT often, learn how to drive better.

Last point......If I said, "You can have a free set of ROTA wheels, or a free set of SSR wheels" which would you choose? Cost not being a factor, the BETTER wheels, right? So, they are better, hence worth more money. I would rather pay more for the SSRs and get a better wheel, and you guys would rather skimp and get Rotas. Let me guess, you buy a cheaper back-busting matress and the cheaper less efficient dishwasher, too.

This post will prolly get locked/flamed/booted/deleted, but I thought I should reply to all the silly comments that were made.
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