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Old 05-12-2009, 12:02 PM   #1
Scooby Specialist
Member#: 54060
Join Date: Feb 2004
Chapter/Region: Tri-State
Location: N Jersey
Now: 16 FXT/04v8 207
Then:JRTuned fastest td04


ALL VF Series Sub-13.0 1/4 Mile Registry

With the VF series turbos being such a popular upgrade across all Subaru platforms, as well as OE on many, and seeing how similarly they perform across those platforms when taken to the limit, I've decided to start an all inclusive 1/4 mile registry. It will actually be two lists. One for the p18 housed turbos, as well as one for the p20's and hybrids.

P18 examples: (*also including smaller twinscroll turbos here as well)
VF24, 27, 28, 29, 30, 34, 36*, 37*, 38*, 39, 40, 41, 43, 46, 48

P20/hybrid examples: (*also including larger twinscroll turbos here)
VF22, 23, 42*, VF3X or any of the above with swapped P20 housing

Rules are simple and as follows:
Anything goes, including all fuels and meth injection, but please declare the type of fuel and if you have the following: turbo porting, nitrous, EWG, upgraded gears or diffs, built engine/heads/cams, drag specific tires including DR's

So YES, this means that all chassis and engine combos are included. Everything from a stock turbo STi to a built hybrid engine WRX to an EJ207 swapped GC. If it has a VF series turbo and runs 12.99 or better, it goes on the list.
The limitation of the registry is the compressor wheel, so if you have a 20g, diesel, etc wheel, then this registry is not for you.

A timeslip is required to be listed, but two or more timeslips within 1-2 tenths is better and two or more timeslips combined with video is best.

Please use the bolded format below to post your times. IF YOU CAN'T POST IN THE FORMAT, THEN YOU WILL NOT BE INCLUDED.

Please see post number 2 for how to list mods. I am trying to make this as easy as possible, so I can keep it as up to date as possible.

Now, go fast and have fun!



1. Innovative Tuning/10.96 @ 123.4 MPH, 1.56 60'/Toronto Motorsports Park (NHRA track) Cayuga, Ontario/95 Impreza/VF48/Built EJ257/STi 6 spd/2600 lbs+driver/pump E85
2. John Gibbons/11.2@122mph/RaceWay Park, NJ/2012 STi/ej257/6 speed/3090 lbs/E-85/vf48
3. MPG103/Junior2jz/11.460@117.37/P&L Motorsports-Jrtune/GreatLakesDragaway/2010WRX/VF52/Stock 257/6MT/e85
4. STi Mikey (PhatBotti Tuning)/11.51 @ 117.8, 1.56 60'/Atco, NJ/07 STi/VF39/Built EJ257/STi 3.9 6 spd/3000 lbs/E85
5. 4WARNED/11.60 @ 115.36mph/Mid-Michigan Motorplex/2011 STi sedan/VF-48/P&L PS1 shortblock/Stock 6-speed/3200# estimated + 170# driver/E85
6. MikeeSingh/11.638@115.96/SantaPod,UK/GC8/VF37/StockEJ207/6MT/2800/E85
7. xdrian/11.642@117.01/RacewayPark,NJ/02WRX/PortedVF34/Stock257/PPG/2660/93/meth
8. Roly/11.7155@115.6194/Salinas Speedway PR/04STi/VF39/Stock257/Stock6MT/3100/C16
9. DownSTi/11.781@113.186/SacramentoRaceway/2006STi/VF39/Stock257/Stock6MT/????/mixVm109
10. Junior2JZ/11.78@115.9/Raceway Park , NJ / 04 Forester XTi /VF39/07 STI swap/HighCompression/Built Heads/3500/ PUMPGAS!!!!!
11. JULIEN/11.79@118.46/napiervilleDragway/98rs/VF30/ej205/StockRS 4.11/2780 or 3000with driver /petro-canada ultra94 + meth70-30
12. C J/11.89@116.20mph/KCIR/06STi/vf39/Stock257/Stock6mt/3300/e85
13. SenorDucK/11.95@116.4/Great Lakes Dragway/2013 GR/VF52/Stock EJ255/5MT/Full Weight/E85
14. Ctracer911/11.991@115.21/Island Dragway/05STi/VF39/Stock257/Stock6MT/3050/C16
15. Importfanatic17/12.00@118.44/SacRaceway/05STi/VF39/6MT/?/E85
16. dug-e-fresh/12.058@115.23/CecilCountyDrag/VF36/EJ207/RASpecC/3300/Pump/Pinks
17. juanmedina/12.063@120.13/Atlanta DragWay/07 WRX/VF39/EJ255/DS1 5 spd/2830/E85
18. Karlknaupp/12.08@114.63/AtcoNJ/04 wrx/vf34/Stock205/stock 5spd/2845/93 oct
19. RFoy91tsi/12.085@115/Atco/98 Impreza RS/VF34/EJ205/V4 STi 5mt/2800/93 pump/STi Pinks
20. IMPREZvWRX/12.136@113.33/Atco Raceway/1999 RS/VF37/EJ207/Version 8 6MT/3150 w/ me in it/93 octane
21. ScoobieSteve/12.166@111.53/Island Dragway/GC8/VF28/EJ207/RA 5spd/2850/C16
22. cireturbo/12.204@112.92/Byron Dragway/06 92x/VF48/Stock 255/Stock 5spd/3300/93/114 mix (30/70)
23. ScoobyDoo69er/12.2@109mph/SantaPodUK/GDB/VF35/STOCK EJ205/6 Speed/3420/Vpower+meth
24. mooneyes13/12.278@112.51/Byron Dragway/06WRX/VF39/ej255/5spd/Stock injectors/110oct
25. I'm Slow/12.279@111 mph/Bradenton motorsports park/04STi/VF39/Stock257/stock6MT/3200lbs/93/meth
26. *03wRx*/12.329 @ 110.44mph/Portland International Raceway/03WRX/VF39/257shortblock-205heads/v7 JDMSTi 6MT/3365/92 oct
27. Thorne/12.361@112.23/National Trails,OH/03WRX/VF39/Stockej205/STi-RA/stock/E85
28. blacktrail/12.38@110.78/MIR/'07wrxwagon/vf39/stock2.5l/stock trans/fullweight/pump93/stock injectors
29. OppositeLock/12.394@111.28/IslandDragway/2004WRX/VF37/V8EJ207/Stock5mt/3020/Q16
30. rek888v2/12.41@109.57/Lonestar Motorsports Park, Sealy TX (Hennessy Track)/2009 STi/VF48 @ 25 PSI/Manley Pistons 8.5:1, Manley H Plus Rods, King Bering's and balanced and polished crank/6 Speed/3480 (weighed at a Cat certified scale with me in the car and half a tank of gas)/E85/DW 65C Fuel Pump and DW 1300cc injectors
31. str8gone/12.429@108.89/CapitolRaceway,Md/04wrx/vf43/stock205/ppg5spd/2900/93
32. Super Nintendo/12.45@109/Byron Dragaway/07STI/VF43/Stock257/Stock6MT/~3300/100oct/
33. Rsw0124/12.48@111.49/cecil county/2008 sti/vf48/ej257/full weight/93oct
34. 2002WRXSTI/12.51@108/RacewayPark, NJ/2002WRX/VF30/V7SpecC207/JDM6MT/~3200/
35. Miercoles Cansado/12.556@110.15/Great Lakes Dragway/05STi/VF39/EJ257/6MT/3300/93oct
36. CSCSATCWRX/12.60@107/Pittsburgh Raceway Park/2006wrx/vf43/stock2.5/ra1-5/weight-N/A - no jack or spare/93oct
37. thefoos/12.63 @ 111, 1.91 60'/Osceola, IN/02 WRX/VF43/Stock EJ205/FXT 4.444 5 spd/Stock weight + 225lbs/E85
38. 424wrx/12.67@108.8/island dragway,n.j./2008 wrx sedan/ej255/5 speed/3600 lbs/93 octane/ vf52-22psi tp stage 3 tune
39. Prevent/12.696@106.40/Bryon DragWay/05STi/VF39/EJ257/6MT/~3300/100oct
40. Black94Snake/12.708@108.45/New England Dragway,NH/07WRX/VF43/StockEJ255/3.7/3370/93Oct
41. FG2toGDF/12.709@108.89/GreatLakesDragaway/04STi/VF39/Stock 257/6MT/No Back seat (unk weight)/93OCT/Factory Injection
42. mcmanalot/12.720@106.76/Firebird Raceway/05 WRX Wagon/VF30/Stock EJ205/Stock Tranny/E85
43. subaru_sti293/12.721@112.46/Cayuga Dragway/07STi/VF43/Stock257/Stock6MT/3300/110oct
44. rpeirats/12.723@106.91/CarolinaSpeedway,PR/05WRX/VF39/stock205/stock 5spd/~3200lbs/93oct
45. kendostick/12.731@105.99/No Problem Raceway/04STi/VF43/Stock257/Stock6MT/~3300/93 octane
46. Supraru/12.7@107/Maple Grove Raceway/Gc8/VF-34/Ej205/05 lgt gears/27xx/93 octane
47. achavez/12.734 @110.893/ Sac, CA/06wrx/vf39/ej255/5spd/full weight/91oct
48. AKLGT/12.749@106.40/Alaska Raceway Park/08 STI/VF48/stock257/6MT/3400lbs/100 oct/
49. FCmaniac/12.76@106.44/Island Dragway NJ/04 STi/stock VF39/stock 257/stock 6MT/full weight/pump 93/
50. csibbs/12.79@107.7/ProcomRacing/Lou Lieberman/Atco Raceway/2012STI/VF48/Stock 257/6MT/Full Weight/93oct
51. Blk25rsti/12.80@110mph/Rocky Mountain Raceway/02 Bugeye/VF39/EJ205 stock/ 5mt stock/2972lbs/E85
52. Nathan Mino/12.81@107/NYIRP/2008 STI/Stock/EJ25/6MT/Full Weight/93 Oct.
53. theSlothy1/12.81@105mph/Cape Breton Dragway/07 wrx/VF48/stock motor/stock 5spd/~3300/91oct
54. calmdev/12.82@106mph/OrlandoSpeedWorld/2006WRX/VF39/EJ255/PPG SC 1-4/FullWeight/93OCT
55. gaveup/12.83@106.14/PBIR/07WRX/VF39/Stock255/Stock5mt/~3100/93oct/
56. RCOOLB2002/12.85@107.7/Cecilcounty Dragway/02wrx/vf30/stock205/stock5MT/3200driver/93oct
57. AKLGT/12.865@105.43/Alaska Raceway Park/Legacy/VF39/stock255/5EAT/3400/90 + torco/
58. Arch4life/12.88@109.31/Mid Michigan Motorplex/05 Saab92x Linear/vf39/stock257 swap/5spd/3140/93oct
59. Steve.804/12.9164@104.70/RichmondDrag/07STI/vf43/StockEJ257/Stock6MT/3300/93oct
60. Noah/12.954@105.17/Byron Dragway/05 WRX/VF39/EJ205/5MT/Full weight/93oct
61. Guy on the corner/12.96@107.20/Bandimere 5860' elevation/05LGT/VF52PPC/stock255/5MT/3430/E85
62. scoobiesnacks22/12.96@105.98/greatlakes/06wrxwagon/vf30/ej255/5mt/3300/93oct/stock06 injectors

1.ScoobieSteve/11.87@112.88/Island Dragway/GC8/VF22/EJ207/RA 5MT/2850/C16
2.djoye/12.36@112.4/Beechbend KY/03WRX/VF22/Stock205/RA 5MT/3100/100oct
3.Clark Turner/12.70@108/SpeedworldInt/02WRX/VF22/Stock205/Stock5MT/~3100/93oct
4.Davenow/12.78@107.89/New England Dragway/02WRX/VF22/Stock205/Stock5MT/~3100/94 octane
5.midnite_wrex/12.94@104.4/island dragway/02WRX/vf-22/stock205/stock5MT/3300/pump 93

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