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  1. just installed apexi catless GC8 exhaust w/downpipe on WRX wagon...
  2. My EGT reading
  3. pivot turbo timer
  4. sightings
  5. Randy, you the man
  6. M2 Performance Exhaust for WRX.........
  7. Blue 4drs RS sighting on S 101...
  8. Installfest picts.
  9. ANOTHER accident..
  10. attn Randy Settgast = call me if you are in the Bay this weekend.
  11. OK what's the deal with cops and the Install Fest?
  12. Best deal for rear spoiler?
  13. 02 wrx front seats fs, 95 jdm sti rear seats fs
  14. 125 mph battle with impala ss!
  15. Soon to be FS: JC Sports 3
  16. idiots, 125 mph battle-red lineing in 4th gear!
  17. 93-01 jdm wrx aluminum control arms fs
  18. any hook up's on 02 wrx silver stock bump cover?
  19. WRX Wagon vs Sedan showdown
  20. oppinion on wheels?
  21. some @$$hole broke my rear passenger window!
  22. Anyone interested in a REAL FAST car?
  23. Spotted on Page Mill Road
  24. San Ho sightings
  25. Anybody want a stock L steering wheel?
  26. CAR 8 Participation?
  27. Subaru of Santa Cruz not responding...
  28. Motorcycle schools
  29. Hi all!
  30. Attn: Imprezer
  31. Anyone got a stock '99 intake tube lying around?
  32. Place to paint sideskirts in the Sac/Davis area?
  33. car for sale
  34. got my VIN and delivery week
  35. Who was looking for the sparco pro 2000?
  36. Where to get a flange welded onto the midpipe of a turboed RS?
  37. ENKEI rims for sale!
  38. trans rebuild
  39. M2 catback exhaust video!
  40. BPM TT exhaust for sale.....
  41. Way too HOT...heat minimization
  42. Bodyshop quote
  43. NJ to Ca Transplant..Helllllpppp
  44. FS: WRX Front Bumper Cover and silver aero kit
  45. Looking at a Scooby tomorrow
  46. Ran 15.109 tonight @ the Point
  47. How about a get together in the Northbay?
  48. what are drag races like at Sears Point?
  49. Good Alignment shop in Marin?
  50. Oh man, I wish I had a camera with me...
  51. Time again for another "Meet and Drive" in Sacramento
  52. M2 Turbo-Back Exhaust.... want one?
  53. Nocal events???
  54. Sighting on 680 North near Hostetter
  55. Where can I get cams installed?
  56. Subaru Dealership
  57. Sighting in Brentwood
  58. Taking my car to Griffin next week...
  59. Is there anything going on this weekend?
  60. June 2nd (Sat), Wild 94,9????
  61. Beep Beep!!! Hey Josh Nice wagon...
  62. Roll call: How much did you pay for your WRX?
  63. Wanna pull OBDII EC's!? I'd be glad to accommodate
  64. Sac Meet-Drive July 14th / Friday mini meet also
  65. anyone go to the montigue 500??
  66. NE1 know of nice dirt roads in bay area?
  67. High Performance Driving School
  68. 1995 jdm impreza wrx clip fs
  69. Another accident but an accident to be grateful for...
  70. Signting in Scotts Valley
  71. anybody going to the national subaru meet?
  72. Quick turbo question
  73. Can't make the Sunday drive? Other options?
  74. Rex Siting
  75. Any High Octane in Bay Area?
  76. Any bay area shops w/G-tech in stock?
  77. Anyone Bored???
  78. BAIC Members, Post Your Pic
  79. Watch out bay area because I no longer burn oil!
  80. Where can i get a BAIC shirt and sticker?
  81. how do i post decent pix on the forum?
  82. Sights on Sat's run!
  83. North Bay Meet: Accidents, Tickets, and General Mayhem
  84. Can I borrow your GPS?
  85. EJ20WRX sighting
  86. WRX sighted in SJ and SF
  87. Mendocino Rally Preview...
  88. Request for help in finishing up the mess of an MRT GB...
  89. Will be in the Bay area on the weekend of the 16-17th. Probably.
  90. M2 Performance Exhaust testers......
  91. sold the veggie
  92. Can anyone pick up my exhaust in Concord this afternoon?
  93. Smoking folks on 101,,,doorknob, necro listen up!
  94. ATTN: Imprezer
  95. USTCC Race this weekend at buttonwillow...
  96. Anything going on this weekend?
  97. WTB: stock BRP coupe wing
  98. are these rims worth the $$$$?
  99. Next install fest?
  100. Ok, which scca class would I be placed in.....
  101. What price for a WRX?
  102. Sighting in Downtown Sac
  103. URGENT. M2 exhaust people
  104. The Eagle Has Landed
  105. Window tint appt for 6/16 need partner!
  106. good alignment shop in pleasanton or mt. view area
  107. Autox This sunday, Golden Gate Fields. Afternoon runs
  108. i need parts please
  109. SMOGing my RS. Help
  110. true i club member
  111. Helmets and general race gear in Bay Area?
  112. laptop... how to use it?
  113. Non-dealer repair shop specializing in Subaru?
  114. Sac Friday...
  115. searching for 98-01 front grill.
  116. SJ sighting! GC8
  117. Anyone going to Thunderhill on the 15th?
  118. Anyone need a cold air intake?
  119. Silver REX sighting on Lafayette!
  120. Housing longshot... Davis area?
  121. Install Fest
  122. Tint installed at Driving Edge
  123. Installer/performance shop in the bay area?
  124. impreza rs vs gsr
  125. How the hell do you check your pm's?
  126. shout out to all BAIC members!!!
  127. Im back!
  128. Silver 2.5RS near DeVry Fremont
  129. Sears point drag june 13, 2001...whos coming?
  130. Sunday Buttowillow Trip
  131. ATTN: JulianH.
  132. Tickets to Fast and Furious, "Special Screening"
  133. Sparco seat split?
  134. WRX in today's Chronicle
  135. Anyone want a portable MP3 player?
  136. BRP coupe in the city...are you one of us?
  137. Caterham 7 in Berkeley?
  138. Clearbra, Invinca-Shield or Stongard Installation shop
  139. Looking for recommendations on performance driving class in Bay Area
  140. M2 Turbo back Exhaust so far...
  141. Import Saga- June 9th
  142. Name of the dent removing company?
  143. HPI question
  144. Wusup to Kelvin
  145. sighting: 880 silver WRX no hood or bumper!
  146. San Jose Window tint?
  147. Silver WRX at Sun Parking lot
  148. Any race events in July?
  149. picture post (test)
  150. Who goes to Hayward State?
  151. ThunderHill Street School June 16th
  152. Two P7 rims for sale
  153. bai fan
  154. can anyone spare 98 intake parts?
  155. silver Subie w/sweet bumper on San Mateo Bridge
  156. CEL Vanished!?
  157. SIghtings
  158. Leaking oil!
  159. Where for repairs?
  160. Trade,Trade,Trade, Anyone!!!
  161. Anyone else love this crappy weather?
  162. Mini Install Fest
  163. Stuff for sale giving first dibs to BAIC members...
  164. cusco hangers
  165. Request for compression test info and a group of guys who are willing to help figure
  166. who ordered a fender plug from Carlsen Subaru?
  167. Damn! Newark cops nabed my ass!!
  168. How do you post pictures ??
  169. 1987 RX-7 questions...
  170. Silver WRX Sighting
  171. Question for my fellow Californians: "CARB" approved header for 2.5 RS?
  172. Att. Dan_E
  173. Your Dream WRX is at Carlsen
  174. SCCA results are in ... and I got first place in my 4EAT Impreza!
  175. To the Sedona Red 2.5 RS i raced last nite on Blossom Hill..
  176. Atten: Skywalker
  177. how many pieces in a stock RS intake?
  178. who owns a red celica GTS?
  179. Where do you go for tire installation?
  180. Crazy man in traffic (mildly amusing)
  181. Attn : P.K. Motorsports
  182. Sighting (This time I KNOW your @$$ is on this board!)
  183. Roseville/Sacramento Sighting (and a funny race)
  184. Need a better sound out of my stock Muffler
  185. searching for a boot for the air intake on 98 rs
  186. Anyone have a 99RS Stock Air Box...
  187. Exhaust & BC Questions
  188. Silver 02 REX sighting 128 heading to Boonville
  189. any shops in bay area carry oz superleggeras?
  190. Attn Darwin - Are you still getting tint Sat.?
  191. WRX STi Version VI for the Sony Playstation 2
  192. Bay Area meet in Milpitas, June 23rd...
  193. Sighting in Santa Clara
  194. ne1 have P1s or P7s for sale????
  195. More praise to Sugar
  196. Where can I take my old tires to?
  197. Sighting: Sedona Red Rex on 880 Last night
  198. Porsche Owner compliments my rex =)
  199. Important, please read, be careful of this phsyco
  200. Sightings at Macarthy Ranch
  201. clubs/parties & DJs
  202. What were the results of weds Searspoint?
  203. Friday lunch bunch? (TODAY)?
  204. blue impreza sighting on san [email protected] 1pm today
  205. ATTN : Brucelee
  206. Attn: Imprezer
  207. 4 sightings today
  208. Laguna Seca AutoX this sunday?
  209. Any 98's for sale?
  210. Parts department open on Saturday
  211. is it still going on! the install fest???
  212. Sighting in Belmont
  213. Citrus Heights Police
  214. Whats going on this weekend?
  215. WRX spotting?
  216. Just testing. =)
  217. blue RS in Berkeley
  218. Double sighting on Geary yesterday!
  219. FS: TurboXS bov's for wrx
  220. American Le Mans @ Sears Point
  221. Downtown Subie - 12 week wait!
  222. Sac Town Area Sightings (sun/mon)
  223. Attn: Imprezer
  224. WRX sighting Pincrest, CA on sat afternoon
  225. 3 sightings and a brush with celebrity -- all within 2 hours!
  226. Anyone going to Pikes Peak?
  227. Looking for audio shop in South Bay...
  228. Turbo kit FS
  229. OT: Gaming jobs coming up where I work.
  230. Deadline June 29-Apexi Group Buy.
  231. Help, I need "00" RS bumpers
  232. Sev's B-Day on the 27th
  233. Thunderhill Raceway July 3rd
  234. I finally got my Sparco Evo seat in the car!
  235. brucelee, I feel your pain
  236. Mayday, Mayday! Wheel Spacers and longer wheel studs needed.
  237. Back From Santa Cruz Subaru
  238. Where to paint sideskirts in San Jose?
  239. Represented Scoobydom @ The Fast & The Furious Premiere in Sac
  240. 3 sightings and 3 weenies!
  241. Silver RS at WFB on Hengenberger...
  242. fast and furious
  243. Sighting - Yellow Rex ...
  244. yellow REX on Hostetter Rd! ( i know you are on the board!)
  245. Need somebody in San Francisco to contact me
  246. Visitor from up north
  247. Where to buy silicone tubing?
  248. I know this sudden, but I'm heading up to Fremont tomorrow (6/21) to get that bike...
  249. Spotted: bad a$$ white RS in Elk Grove
  250. is aftermarket leather any good?