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  1. FS: Used Bronze TE37's 17x7.5 +48 with Yoko AVS Sports
  2. Do you want the WRX to become the next Si?
  3. Fast and the Furious - SUNDAY Matinee??
  4. Scoobies representing at T'hill (pics)
  5. SpeedRing practice today!
  6. Subaru of Santa Cruz "New Owner Clinic" - June 26th
  7. Street Racing Dumb A**es..
  8. Got a ticket
  9. Watch out bay area because I no longer burn oil. Part II
  10. Buying a car from out of state?
  11. Hot Blonde?
  12. Sac Folks: Wanna see fast + the Furious?
  13. BPM TT rear section for sale.
  14. quick question
  15. FS...Brand New BPM 3" Midpipe with High Flow Cat installed.
  16. Fast & Furious - 6/24 SUNDAY 11am Union City Krispy Kreme
  17. Past 1000 miles
  18. Nother roseville sighting...
  19. Anyone watch The fast and the furious on Sat?
  20. Sacto sighting - silver 2.5RS
  21. Sighting Blk. WRX Wagon in Mtn. View
  22. HomerJay, this is Marge speaking...
  23. City toyota Daly City...
  24. F&F today?
  25. Fixed up Black lumbering Forrester!!!
  26. How much for your WRX total?
  27. any good mod shops in San Fran for WRX?
  28. Drive tonight?
  29. Sightings: S101 10AM and N280 5PM
  30. Very Important, Please Read!
  31. Sightings in SF
  32. WRX oo7, I saw you~
  33. Housing in Berkeley
  34. Cops Harass FATF- Union City
  35. WR blue WRX @ Fantasia cupertino
  36. Damnit, got hit in a parking lot!!!
  37. Sactown's best body shops. I mean the BEST!!!
  38. whitewrx
  39. Drove a260hp 2.0gt (eurospec)!!!!!
  40. attn kneedragger
  41. Stenson Beach drive...
  42. WRX Back again from Carlsen w/problems not fixed, need serious advice
  43. black WRX wagon @ Target parking lot in Pinole
  44. just visitin' and looking 4 a scooby store!!
  45. It's Raining.
  46. AutoX this Sunday?
  47. Impreza stores?
  48. Who in Fremont owns the blue Rs with OZ's with I-club on the rear window?
  49. Another WR Blue WRX @ AMC 14 saratoga
  50. Im New!
  51. Rally Acropolis!!!!!!
  52. Getting smashed in Utah...
  53. Speed Shop in Sacramento?
  54. Rallycross in N. CA
  55. fs : 1 PIAA superplasam and 1 PIAA FX
  56. I'm also new!
  57. Test drove a black WRX MT sedan today, with no sales person in the car!
  58. How bout some boomers?
  59. Blue WRX on 280S 8:50am today
  60. Need a ride to Santa Cruz from South Bay on Friday
  61. Blue RS Spotted in Stoneridge Mall @ noon?!?!
  62. discriminated by cops!!!!!
  63. is this you? (sac)
  64. Yeah, Well... I kinda new also
  65. Sighting: BRP Coupe in the North Beach Area
  66. Running Redline
  67. its time for another BAM or Lunch Bunch!? (need suggestions!)
  68. BAIC Stickers
  69. got a job
  70. FREE Body Work Fraud Inspections (CA Only)
  71. Any Interest for an Installfest this weekend??
  72. Black WRX wagon at Blockbuster video
  73. Attn: Kevin (OnE)
  74. Need to borrow some rims that clear 4-pots
  75. Griffin Motorworks
  76. Why are the BAIC posts different from other forums?
  77. 91 octane at 76?!
  78. I seriously need some help July 5th
  79. Who works at INTEL SC SITE?
  80. Should I still Auto-X with my bashed up WRX?
  81. Freakmont Popo have no Gutts
  82. Whooot!: Laguna Seca Track Day Scooby Fest
  83. 91 Octane in CA
  84. Where to get a custom clear bra install?
  85. CODE needs pulling - volunteers?
  86. My first Subaru
  87. Sighting ( SAC, well Roseville actually )
  88. Philip, were you in Cupertino?
  89. Yellow (99 style) Impreza w/ WRX Stickers @ In & Out Races
  90. 02 WRX parts FOR SALE...
  91. Unmarked Fremont Cop Cars
  92. Hit already!!!
  93. San Mateo Bridge @ 10:40
  94. Reminder - Thunderhill Caravan July 2
  95. wings
  96. champange 2.5rs on 85N with WRX sticker and greddy plate frame
  97. Who was that that came up next to me on Homestead at about 220AM?
  98. BIG bust on friday
  99. Who's black Impreza wagon on Irving St. yesterday ....
  100. 2.5 Rs Sighting On 80 At The Toll Around 12:30
  101. Urgent: WTB: Stock 99/00/01 Exhaust
  102. Laguna: AMA & SBC races this weekend!
  103. Truckee Sightings
  104. attn: eddyrs
  105. Two sightings, SF and 280 s
  106. sighting: yellow wrx getting oil change on el camino
  107. Any one selling stock 02 WRX lights?
  108. Cracked Windscreen ... Help
  109. Speed Shop in Sacramento?
  110. Where to get some 3" pipes for a custom intake?
  111. FS: brand new -still in box- passenger side front fender
  112. 101 South by Moffett Field
  113. Another sighting
  114. I got my new WRX...
  115. Need some help: no luv in gen. forum
  116. Learning to drive a stick
  117. Got car accident this morning ....
  118. Spontaneous...
  119. Driving to Santa Barbara
  120. Door ding
  121. AutoX results are in
  122. Check Oil Levels when service is done!
  123. Hollar OuT!
  124. North Bay alignment recommendations?
  125. Attention RimRockaz!
  126. Saw 2 RS's yesterday near Turtle hill in SF, one BRP and one RBP.
  127. Cross: Joel quits law, works at M2
  128. Which one of you here is from HK ???(just a little research)
  129. blue WRX on Santa Cruz Road, Menlo Park
  130. 2:30 Sighting in Roseville/Riverside area
  131. How was T-Hill tuesday?
  132. USTCC Race #3
  133. any shops in sac?
  134. Roseville WRX buyers - Show No Love
  135. Northern California Meet
  136. OMG! Call your friends with Yellow WRX's
  137. ATTN: YELLOW RX's In Fatal car crash
  138. TFATF effect is outa control
  139. RBP RS coupe sighting in OAKLAND!
  140. Insurance Hell
  141. not sure where to post: smog certification
  142. OT, but Local: Anyone going to Laguna Seca This Weekend?
  143. Sighting - Winters, CA (Oregon Plates?)
  144. Attn Connie!
  145. Any thought about renaming this to NCIC?
  146. address to ground control
  147. Best subaru dealer for parts and installs?
  148. How come my brakes ......
  149. Love and Hate, 2.5RS
  150. Where's a good place for a stereo install?
  151. Connie's get well gift?
  152. Brucelee sighted at union city
  153. Bay Area FS: Impreza 2.25" performance muffler
  154. Perpetual Connie Thread
  155. Address and # for Inside Track?
  156. Good tint shop?
  157. GT3+Metreon = Too good to be true!
  158. Ncic
  159. Hah saw Brucelee @ Illegals
  160. Looking for 98' Gold Alloy? check this out..
  161. WRX Owners in Auburn-Grass Valley Area?
  162. *ATTN* those who bought the turboXS bov's for wrx
  163. Today's AutoX picts
  164. Any shop for install springs!!!Cheap?
  165. Who's blue WRX wagon on 580/680?
  166. Another RS joins the Turbo ranks
  167. FS locally: 96 AWD 1.8 coupe
  168. 98 gold or 99 silver rims for sale?
  169. brucelee
  170. Sacto sighting - no love
  171. another brucelee sighting!
  172. Thank You ALL for ur prayrs & support!
  173. Just want to get this Locally! Anyone?
  174. Reminder: Sacramento Meet this weekend
  175. which RS's were on 101 S in SF this morning?
  176. Need a body shop in the city.
  177. Sac Sight: K st. near 80 - RB WRX
  178. License Plates, when?
  179. Round 15 Autox results are in
  180. did every1 get a copy of GT3 yet?
  181. Sighting on the bay bridge going towards sac around 12-12:30 last night
  182. Mt. Hamilton: Drive and Bike
  183. OT: Filthy, dirty rock and booze BAM?
  184. SCCA Round 16, sunday 7/16 GGF whos going?
  185. Please help guys.....
  186. Recommended shops in SJ area?
  187. Need a MACHINE SHOP (CNC, etc.) in the area!
  188. Free stuff from Joe
  189. Sears Point Results....
  190. Just got my new ReX....
  191. I have been lost in the land of GT3
  192. UK300 Headlights !!
  193. Where do you buy synch oil locally
  194. auto-x on sunday at gold gate fields
  195. Have a Dilemma need suggestion
  196. Speedring NOW!
  197. Just picked up GT3
  198. Gt3 Lan
  199. Thunder Hill 7-3-01 Anyone Have Fun?
  200. Going away party for Necromancer at Speedring!
  201. brucelee sighting, don't think it's possible to miss
  202. The Mystery of the Self Healing Wheel Bearing and Other Tales (pics)
  203. A bit OT: Whose 94 GSR is at Carlson Subaru?
  204. Traffic School
  205. FS: 60mm black Greddy Mech Boost Guage
  206. Craig W, please post your pics! ;) (n/m)
  207. Shell is now at 91
  208. chip for wrx 02
  209. intake and exhaust for wrx 02
  210. attn: brucelee
  211. Brand new black WRX on 280S near Serramonte...
  212. Hey guys, I'm going to be picking up a 2002 WRX
  213. Sighting: 2002 Blue WRX Wagon
  214. Attn: Rimrockaz, here are the pics of my car
  215. Attn Alex Mr Imprezident?
  216. M2 Turbo-back... opinions?
  217. Who wants to buy initial D?
  218. Roseville Sighting: Silver RS.....AND he showed love!
  219. Sighting: Friday night Japantown
  220. Mt Hamilton
  221. Mt Hamilton Pictures Here!
  222. GB: WRX Injen Intakes
  223. Looking for advice on a personalized plate
  224. what time does gates open at sears point?
  225. New WRX In Town!
  226. Do anyone have RE92 for sell!
  227. whose wrx was that
  228. The group pic 4 Connie
  229. Yet more Mt. Hamilton pictures
  230. business trip to S.F.
  231. Stuff for Sale
  232. WTB 20mm sway bar for RS
  233. isn't it time for another install-fest?
  234. break in
  235. Silver WRX off Grand Ave - Oakland
  236. Install Fest/BAM at my place!
  237. The X-Factor GP of SONOMA @ Sears Point
  238. 2 sightings in the East Bay Sunday
  239. The official "Who the hell are you" thread
  240. saw my twin
  241. where I get at a windshield sticker.....
  242. Can anyone help me?
  243. Where can i buy rear skirt?
  244. Autox result is out for Round16
  245. black wrx sighted on El Camino, Palo Alto
  246. Radar detctor laws in Calif?
  247. SpeedRing practice today (Tuesday, 7.17.2001)
  248. Someone put a 3 foot scratch on my baby.
  249. Who wants the best Subaru technician job in northern California?!
  250. "Rally Night" at SpeedRing... You want it?